Though the thought of being or meeting one is indeed scary, zombies have not gone of style. There must be something appealing about the idea of the living dead, of their relentless and single minded purpose. And what if you translate a zombieís relentless drive to savor the exquisite flavors and sensation of human flesh for a different kind of hunger, something like naughty hunger for sensations that only another body can give?

Well, it may sound and feel weird, but if you want something kinky and different, and definitely arousing, then you can indulge in the thrill of being the zombie, and feast upon your lover with a passion unlike any other. You can buy online for sexy Fairies costumes and other sexy costumes to add some role play fantasies into your bedroom intimacies for a more creative, pleasurable and satisfying sex life, made available for you by Thatís Naughty Australia.

Sexy zombie costumes

Rob loved zombie movies, and though Elle wasnít a fan before, her love for Rob has somehow made her one. It did help that she was easily scared, though this only added intimacy to the two lovers for Elle would always cringe during scenes, and Rob would be there, holding her, telling her itís perfectly okay and that she is safe. Her jumpy nature would often times find her clinging to Rob, which Rob didnít mind as he took advantage and played naughty, his hands roaming around her just like zombies do, as if they had a life of their own and usually after a movie or episode the two lovers would continue the naughty passion in their bedroom.

Robís birthday was due in a week, and though Elle had bought Rob blue ray edition of his favorite zombie movies and series, Elle felt something was missing. She wanted to surprise and give Rob more on his birthday. She tried to think of what else to buy him as a gift, and it was after some time spent thinking that she remembered one of their conversations that happened after they made love, which was after they had watched a zombie flick, Elle cringing and clinging to most of the scenes, with Rob and his naughty hands keeping her ďsafeĒ.

She just asked it out loud that night, when she wondered if zombies made love. Rob was just silent, thinking about it. It was one of the things Elle loved about Rob: even when sometimes she asked weird questions out loud, he would always give it a good thought, just as he did with her question about zombie and their mating habits. In the end, the two lovers giggled as they discussed that, who knows, zombies must make love, in their own zombish way, and talking about how that might be left the two enjoying a good laugh. It was the memory of her weird question that gave Elle just the perfect idea.

Elle checked her favorite website for sex toys, Thatís Naughty Australia, and browsed through the womenís costume and there it was, just at the bottom: zombies costume! It was just perfect for her plan, so Elle bought one. It arrived discrete and swift, as promised, and Elle tried it on. She did get the right size, and slowly the idea for Robís extra birthday gift started to gain life.

Robís birthday came, and the two enjoyed a private dinner, just the two of them. Elle had hinted that she had Robís birthday gift for him back at their apartment, and the two proceeded home, Rob curious at what his gift was. When they arrived home, Elle made Rob sit on the living room as she brought out and offered Robís present. She told Rob take his time unpacking his gift while she would just change clothes, and left.

After Elle left, Rob unpacked the gift, and gave a shout out to Elle, the joy in his voice evident at the present he got. Elle was busy getting into the costume. Rob on the other hand, found the note that Elle left. It instructed him to play take his pick from the cds and play it on, and that Elle would join him shortly. It had a postscript that read: P.S. donít mind what you see. Promise. Okay? Rob was even more curious, and so she called out to Elle, and when she replied back, he hollered ďI promise!Ē

Elle was now in costume when she heard Rob call her name and said ďI Promise!Ē She waited a few more minutes to let Rob be engaged with his movie pick. She heard the movie getting into the good part, and just as expected, Rob was engaged, his eyes locked on the big screen. Elle took small steps, and stopped when she was near Rob. She was waiting for Rob to see her, and then he turned to glance.

Rob saw Elle with a finger on her lips, a sign for silence, and though Rob was definitely surprised, he was more curious as to what was Elleís plan. Elle had bought the Leg Avenue 3 PC. Officer Armbiter, and she did look like one of the zombies that Rob loved to watch. Rob got back his composure, and just like he promised, he turned his eyes back to the screen.

Elle saw that as a sign, and so she shumbled her way and then got on her knees a feet away from Rob. Rob was still watching, intent on keeping his promise, and Elle loved how Rob was playing her fantasy out. She imitated a zombie reaching out, and reached out she did to Rob knees, then crotch. Her hands found his belt, and she unbuckled him, followed by the button, and his zipper.

Rob at this time was getting an idea of what Elle wanted to do, so he feigned not noticing, just as he promised. He could feel Elleís hands on his crotch, and soon he felt her hands on his cock. She got his cock out, and boy was he hard. Even though he wanted to take a glance he didnít, and this made him concentrate on the sensations even as he tried to keep his attention on the screen.

Elle squeezed Robís cock, getting a feel of it, and Rob didnít mind, save for taking a deep breath. Elle was intent on making Rob take more than just take deep breaths, and she started her plan by taking his cock into her mouth.

She started sucking his cock the moment she got it inside her mouth, her tongue snaking over it and she heard Rob gave a grunt. She sucked it some more before taking it out, and started licking every inch of it. Elle treated Robís cock like a lollipop, like an ice cream, licking each and every inch then inserted it into her mouth again, and slowly started sucking him back, increasing the pace.

Rob was delirious at what Elle was doing. Without wanting to, he placed his hands on Elleís shoulder, which made Elle stop and made a guttural sound even with Robís cock inside her mouth. Rob quickly took off his hands, and Elle resumed sucking him, this time sucking him faster, as if punishing him for that touch. Elle went on sucking Robís cock relentlessly for a few more seconds, making Rob heave at the sweet torture sensations before Elle slowed down.

Elle started sucking Robís cock slowly while her hands were tugging down Robís pants. Rob eased a little just in time as Elle pulled, and she continued pulling them down until Rob was naked from waist below. Ellen cupped Robís ball in her hands, caressed and squeezed as she was sucking Robs cock, and hearing Rob grunting with pleasure was making Elle even hornier, her pussy now starting to get wet. She gave his balls a good squeeze before taking hold of Robís cock, and started pumping it as she sucked it.

For Rob, this was a birthday gift he would never forget, he was so hard, and he was itching to fuck Elleís pussy, especially after that torture fast suck she just did on him. The idea of not being able to do anything and letting Elle have her way with him was turning him even harder, and he was so eager to bid his time until he would return the favor and the naughty payback later on. Elle was now sucking him faster, and he could feel himself getting nearer if she would not stop, so he breathed out loud, hoping to get Elleís attention. She evidently did when she slowed down to a stop, and took Robís cock off her mouth, but not before giving it a gentle bite that made Robís cock twitch.

Elle stood up, turned around, and bent down as she pulled her panties down. She knew Rob must be watching her ass and her juicy pussy, and she didnít mind, knowing he was watching was turning her hornier. She got the panties up to her feet, and she stepped off it, then slowly turned back around, and Rob was quick to dart his eyes back on screen.

Elle was so horny now, and she wanted that cock inside her. She then positioned herself astride Rob but not covering his sight as she took his cock and guided it into her pussy. She knew she was so wet, and without warning sat her pussy down on Rob. Rob was just still, his eyes on the screen but his mind definitely on the sensation of Elleís wet but tight pussy squeezing his cock. Elle started humping on Robís cock, slowly at first, but she was so horny and wet that after a few pumps she started pumping herself up and down Robís cock pole. Rob was still playing her game, and Elle loved him for that. It was also making her even hornier so she started pumping and pumping faster as she also felt Rob meeting her thrust. It hit her sweet spot, bringing her closer to orgasm, and so she decided to give it all like a zombie, started humping herself, digging her fingers on Robís shoulder.

Elle was lost in the sensation now, grunting with every hump until she could take it no more and gave it one good hump, burying Robís cock deep inside her pussy as she bit Robís shoulder, just as her orgasm exploded out of her.

The lovers were silent, breathing heavily. Elleís orgasm subsided, and she looked into Robís eyes, smiling.

ďDid you like your zombie birthday treat? Happy birthday love!Ē

Rob kissed Elle back, and laid her down on the sofa. He was still hard, and as he raised Elleís legs up, his cock getting into position, Elle knew she was in for a zombie fuck like no other.

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