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There is something gratifying about the idea of having a servant looking after your needs, and nothing can be kinkier and naughtier than having that servant assist you and offer her services for some extra needs, and none can compare with the delight of having your own maid serve you in all ways possible, not just dusting corners and surfaces but making sure your pole is spotlessly clean, preferably with using her tongue.

And when it comes to sex role play, nothing ignites the passion that the contrast of roles, of master and servant, and no better than enact this classic role playing experience than with French Maid costumes. With you garbed in this costume, your lover knows he is in for a treat. Get into the servant frame of mind as he plays the role of the naughty master, and it’s a guaranteed intimate night of naughty and orgasmic fun.You can buy online for French Maid costumes and other costumes to make every sex role play fantasy experience with a touch of realism, for a more satisfying and enjoyable sexual exploration made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.

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Women’s Costumes – French Maids Hear and Obey

Isabel was busy making sure everything was tidied up before the Master of the house came home. She was a maid, and like all maids she has her own uniform. She was wearing a French Maid costume, in plain black and white. The master of the house was kind, and the payment for her services was far better than the last house she served. Except that, sometimes, she noticed the feeling that her Master would be looking at her while she was at work. He had all the right to do so, but there was something in his eyes that Isabel could not discern. It could be that the Master was trying to make sure everything was spotless, and it was her job as a maid to do just that. It didn’t creep her, just made her feel a little bit uncomfortable, as if his gaze was like a knife, or sunlight,s finding its way to places.

Isabel was bent over, dusting and fixing up things, all intent on finishing her chores. Her ass was propped high, and the short hem of her uniform rose to reveal her long smooth legs. She usually would not do things like this in public, but the master was out, so no one was going to take a peek at her legs and ass anyway, and she continued on, unmindful of the view her legs and ass was giving.

Soon she would be finished, and she stood up she let out a long breath, satisfied with the work she had accomplished, just a few more and she would be done.

“You have been working really hard Isabel, my house is lucky to be under your care. And for this I am very grateful.”

Isabel was taken by surprise, even though she knew that voice. She spun and turned around and there was Philip, the master of the house. Isabel greeted Philip as customarily, as she began to wonder what he was doing there. But more importantly, how long was Master Philip standing there!? And what he must have seen with Isabel bent over, her thighs and her legs, even her ass, for all of him to see!?

And yet, Isabel did not really feel ashamed. For some reason, he found the idea of her master watching her, his eyes roaming her body a little bit kinky. It helped that Philip was handsome, with a finely sculpted face that had a blend of soft and hard lines. He was wearing a bathrobe, and Isabel’s heart skipped a beat when she saw his chest as she greeted him earlier. He must have come home to freshen up and she did not even hear a thing!

Philip stepped forward, and took a sit at the sofa in front of Isabel. For a moment, Isabel did not know what to do, her naughty thoughts still swirling in her mind. There was a slight flush of her cheeks but she did well in keeping it under control. Philip must have noticed her just standing there, and called her name, which broke her reverie, and told her to go on, not to mind him.

Isabel nodded in understanding, and turned back to continue her work. She was about to bend over when she realized doing so would make her bend her ass facing Philip, who was only a few feet away. For a moment she froze, unsure what to do, but perhaps it was her naughty thoughts that made her decide her course of action. If you want to take a look, then get a good long look, and closer, Isabel thought to herself as she bent over to do her work.

The feeling of having her master just in front of her was turning Isabel on, but it should not matter, let him look if he wants to. For all she knew Philip may not be looking at all, since he had a distracted look once he sat on the sofa. He had a faraway look on his face, as if something was keeping his thoughts occupied. And he was looking the other way anyway as he told her not to go on and not to mind him. Isabel still felt turned on, but reminded herself to get her work done, lest Philip may think she was exposing herself to him longer than necessary.

Philip indeed had a faraway look, and there was something that was occupying his thoughts. And it was right in front of him. When Isabel bent over, Philip let his eyes roam to the side without turning his head, and saw up close how smooth and creamy Isabel’s thighs were. He has had servants before, and beautiful ones too, but there was something about Isabel that made him feel hard. He could not really explain it, only that she liked watching Isabel. And now here he was, just a few feet from her, admiring the view.

And what a view it was.

Isabel on the other hand started feeling that certain atmosphere that told her that Philip was indeed watching her. It did make her uncomfortable before, but right now, she felt naughty, and moved her ass just a little bit, something to give his eyes to look out for. She felt even naughtier and more turned on, and bent over more than necessary, knowing that she was exposing much more than her thighs and ass to him, and her decision left her feeling hot.

Isabel was busy with her work, and Philip decided to turn his face, and watched as Isabel was working on finishing her work. Seeing her legs and her thighs, and the soft curve of her ass was turning Philip on, but even as he was the master of the house, and he did not want to abuse his position, and so he just sat there, admiring the view even as she felt his throat parched dry by his desire and lust for his French Maid.

Oh how I wish you would dust me clean as you do with my house, Philip mused to himself. And was surprised when she saw Isabel freeze as the last of his words left his thoughts…no, he was not just thinking it, he actually said it out loud!

Isabel heard the words, and she thought she imagined it, but she didn’t, and the reality of it froze her. She was just a lowly maid while he was the master of the house, and yet she was a woman, and what better man to desire than her master? Isabel was unsure what to do next, perhaps she should just act as if she didn’t hear it, but the words made her horny, not to mention the pose she was in now, and the thoughts she had in her head.

Bent over, not knowing what to do, Isabel then felt something cup her from behind. Philip realized his mistake, and the desire for his French maid was too much that he forgot his position as master of the house and just became a man, and maid or not, she wanted this woman. He had taken a quick dash to cover the distance, and cupped his hands between Isabel’s ass. He expected her to scream, but she didn’t, and this emboldened Philip to touch her more, cupping her ass, squeezing them, brushing his fingers against her panties, and was surprised to find that the spot was wet.

Isabel wanted to moan, but the hands were too gentle, and they touched her where she wanted to, and she basked as her master had his way with her. He was slow and gentle, caressing her ass that made her squirm her ass some more, which he cupped now with both hands. His fingers were playing with the edge of her undies, slipped a finger in and knew that his finger would be wet with her juices. And then suddenly the hands were gone, and Isabel was jolted back to reality. She turned around to find Philip had gone back to sit on the sofa, with his robe open, and looking at Isabel.

“Attend to me, Isabel...” was all Philip said before he closed his eyes.

His tone was different, husky, and the last word triggered something in Isabel that made her come near. His chest was finely shaped, sculpted, and Isabel longed to caress it. Isabel knelt in front of her master, between his parted legs as she lowered her face to his chest, licking his nipples. Philip let out a moan, and Isabel noticed the bulge that had grown between his legs and she felt a lump in her throat. She went on kissing and licking his chest, soft kisses like feathers. Isabel wanted more, but decided to ask what her master wanted. Philip opened his eyes, looking at Isabel, then glanced down to his cock before looking back to meet Isabel’s gaze.

Isabel nodded, and parted the robe to reveal the bulge that was Philips cock. She went down, breathing on it, and it twitched, which made her smile. Their eyes were still locked as Isabel gave it a soft lick upwards, Philip just nodded back in return. Isabel made her tongue grow wilder, licking his cock even more, making sure she got every inch kissed and licked. And then she started to take it into her mouth.

For Philip, seeing his maid now sucking his cock was indescribable. Her lips were so soft and gentle as she took him inside her mouth, and she worked her way up and down, making sure his cock pole was clean and wet. Philip basked at the stimulations he was getting, his needs being served by his French maid, and he stroked her head while she was sucking him, and sucking him well. Philip felt himself grow harder, and he wanted to return the favor.

He loved seeing Isabel bent over, and he asked her to do so again, this time in front of him. Isabel wasted no time following Philips words, her ass bent up for him to see. She felt Philips fingers on her undies, and he tugged them down, revealing her wet pussy. And then Philip went on his knees behind her, face on her ass, then started licking her pussy.

His tongue on her pussy drove the breaths out of Isabel’s lungs, and her bent position made her head lighter as his tongue began licking her wet pussy while his hand cupped and caressed her ass. She never though her master would do this: going down on her, and yet here he was, and she was getting wetter and hornier. His tongue was so good, and the stimulations were so exquisite that Isabel felt her knees weaken, but she was held by Philip in place as he gave her pussy one good lick before standing up to sit down on the sofa again. He sat with his legs spread, is cock standing hard, and Isabel did not wait for any words as she went to him and impaled herself on Philips cock.

God he was big, but she was wet, and his cock slid in hot and filled her pussy. Phillip told her to pump, and Isabel pumped herself on his cock, and when he said faster she started pounding herself faster, feeling her pussy squeeze and quench with the sensations. His cock felt so good, that whatever Philip wanted she would do. He told her to play with her breast and she did while he pumped her and rocked his cock up and down on her pussy. Philip told her to play with her clit and she did, even with his cock impaled deep inside her. Philip told her to give him her breast, and she did, feeling Philip’s mouth sucking her breast as his hands was squeezing her ass, making sure their hips stayed joined together.

“I want you to fuck me hard, and come in my cock.” Isabel was so horny now, and she complied with her master’s command, and started pumping and humping her pussy on his cock, feeling him meet each of her thrust. More..deeper..harder… she heard him say, and Isabel was delirious with sensations as she complied, working her pussy harder and faster and deeper into Philips cock until she felt she was going to come and she whispered so, and Philip only nodded, and Isabel kept on pumping until she could not take it anymore and her orgasm ripped through her, her pussy juices flowing down on Philips’s cock.

“Was it good, my master?” Isabel asked Philip as she pressed her pussy against Philips’s cock.

“Ahuh. So that’s what a French maid can do, hmmmm” Philip replied as she squeezed her ass.

“Next time, you play as the house gardener Philip! And I would be the Mistress of the house!”

Philip nodded at Isabel, and the two lovers hugged. It was a new territory, role play sex, and together it was only going to get even better.

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