All Aboard me hearties with pirate costumes

It’s all about the adventure and the glory in search for lost treasures when it comes to pirates. And you can have some high seas naughty adventure with sexy Pirates costume to add some piratical fun in your bedroom intimacies.

Pirates obey not the law of the land but only of the sea, and you can have your sex role play fantasies wet and wild coming to life for an unforgettable naughty and kinky night. Be it as the captain or the pirate wench who knows what she wants and willing to fight for it, your lover will be in for a night of conquest and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered and claimed among familiar depths. You can buy online for sexy Pirates costumes and other sexy costumes to add some role play fantasies into your bedroom intimacies for a more creative, pleasurable, and satisfying sex life, made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.

Sexy pirate costumes

Women’s Costumes – Pirates Conquest!

Nicole knew how Jack loved pirate movies, and it didn’t help that the last blockbuster series had a captain that was his namesake. But Nicole felt that aside from sharing the name, Jack had a crush on the strong female lead, to whom the main protagonist had a liking too. The female character was no pushover or damsel in distress, which was a refreshing take when it comes to women in pirate movies. Nicole and Jack enjoyed the series, and both had shared enjoyable nights watching movie after movie on the big screen. And it was from this observation that Nicole had an idea to give Jack some naughty pirate fun.

Nicole browsed through the site she visited before for sex toys and sex essentials, and found what she was hoping for from the sexy costumes, and she bought the Leg Avenue 3 PC. Pirate Wench sexy women’s costume. It arrived swift and discrete, and Nicole gave it a fit. One look in the mirror and she knew she was dressed for some naughty swashbuckling action, a perfect surprise for Jack.

The next day, Jack came home with the DVD releases of the hit series, and asked Nicole to join him for some pirate movie marathon. A marathon indeed, but definitely not a movie marathon. Nicole found the timing just pirate perfect: just as Jack would be all comfy in the living room, she would make her entrance.

Jack was calling out to her as he started the movie, and Nicole put the final touches to her outfit. The idea of teasing Jack out of his favorite movie was turning her on, and just as he called out for her again, Nicole was feeling hot and moist and decided to take off her panties, feeling naughty and kinky. Aye Aye my Captain Jack, she hollered back, and took her first steps out of their bedroom.

Jack was engrossed in the movie as Nicole stood behind him. She was horny now, in her pirate costume sans the undies and she felt her pussy juices flowing. She leaned over Jack, her chest against the back of his chest as she laid her arm over her shoulders to rest on his chest and Nicole started caressing him. Hmmm I love that fragrance, Jack complimented her, and Nicole smiled as she continued playing with Jack’s chest, inserting her hand inside his shirt to caress his nipples as she pressed and rubbed her chest closer. She was turned on, and the sight of Jack so engrossed in the movie was like a challenge she had no intention of surrendering to. She watched the screen, and there was Jack’s secret crush, the strong female lead coming into screen, and Nicole decided that was the perfect time to make her move.

Nicole walked to stand beside Jack and just as he turned to look at her she propped one leg on top of the sofa, and she knew she was giving Jack a nice view. Jack was taken by surprise, his eyes roaming from her head all the way down. Nicole positioned her leg on the sofa with her bent knees facing Jack face just inches away, and as his eyes traced the curves of her body, his eyes traced her knee going in, and saw her naked pussy. The costume had come with a dagger, and before Jack could say anything, Nicole pressed it against his chin and raised it up, so that their eyes met and held each other.

“Which would you go after, my Captain?!” Nicole asked Jack. “Their adventure?” as she pointed the dagger to the screen, “or would it be my treasure?” Nicole teased Jack as she run the tip of the dagger from her knee all the way to her thighs, letting him get a clear look at her pussy that was now visibly aroused and wet.

Jack was stunned and breathless at the sight of Nicole, but he was a man, and what man could not recognize a naked and wet pussy being offered to him? He swallowed a lump in his throat as he sent his hands to touch Nicole’s thighs but Nicole was quick to snap the dagger at his hands.

“Not so fast my Captain Jack, if you want your treasure, you have to work for it.” The movie was still rolling, but it was all forgotten by Jack. The sight and sensuality of Nicole had taken him by naughty surprise, and he was hard and raging. Thoughts were running through his head when he heard Nicole speak.

“Lick my pussy, my Captain.” Nicole teased Jack as she spread her legs wider, raising her costume to show him how wet she was.

Jack went on his knees and started kissing Nicole’s thighs, and Nicole got a good view of Jack licking and kissing as he traced every inch of her smooth thighs with his tongue until they were just mere inches from her pussy. Jack inhaled the scent of her pussy, his breath on her naked pussy making Nicole shiver in anticipation as she held Jack’s head and guided him deeper. His tongue found her pussy lips, tracing it with the tip of his sharp tongue until he was at her clit, and he started giving them slow soft kisses. Nicole knew how good Jack’s tongue was, and she braced herself for the onslaught of his tongue.

Jack’s tongue was like a sharp and thin sword as he deftly parted and licked his way on Nicole’s pussy. He sent gentle strokes that sliced through Nicole, and he loved the sound of Nicole moan and take a deep breath in. Jack cupped her ass, and used his tongue like a rapier and sliced through her pussy lips, enjoying the taste of her love juices.

Nicole was holding herself steady on Jack, his tongue and mouth on her pussy was making her weak on her knees, but she resolved to enjoy this as much as possible. She teased and encouraged Jack, Ahh that’s it Captain Jack, slice and lick my pussy more…ahhh deeper…deeper.. faster Capain Jack, shit your tongue is so sharp…more more…and with every command Jack was obedient as he licked and sucked her, and Nicole basked in the conquest that she was making.

Jack was all focused on her pussy now, even as the light from the movie showed some swashbuckling action and Nicole looked at Jack so intent of giving her pussy a good tongue sword fight that she shivered and felt her pussy quench, and Jack must have felt it too for he even increased the intensity of his tongue that Nicole knew she was just moments away from her first orgasm, and she was going to have it while standing up, a definite first and the thought sent her arousal even higher.

Jack knew that Nicole was close now as she felt her shiver. She got him so hard and excited, and his cock was raging like a monster of the deep in his cock, but that can wait. He took a glance up while his tongue was pressed against Nicole’s pussy, and he liked what he saw: meeting Nicole’s eyes, her mouth open as she took her breaths, and Jack gave his tongue some serious sword play on her clit that made Nicole moan as she arched her head back. Jack knew that Nicole was almost there, and he licked and kissed her clit even more, hearing her moan louder only made Jack taste her even more.

Nicole was moaning and cursing that she was about to come and Jack gave all his focus on his tongue in her pussy as she felt her gripped his shoulders tight, her fingers digging deep and the sensation made him lock his mouth on her clit just as Nicole gave a loud cry as her orgasm finally broke over her with Jack still between her legs.

Nicole held herself gripping Jack’s shoulders as her orgasm flowed over her in waves, and Jack’s continued licking even as she came only mad her cum even more. Her knees felt week, but Jack was there, holding her in place until the last tremors of her orgasm passed and run all over her body. She was sopping wet, and she loved it, and she saw Jack looking at her, a naughty smile on his face, just as she noticed his raging bulge in his trousers. Nicole smiled back.

“I’ll have to claim that” Nicole pointed at Jack’s cock “treasure in the bedroom!”

Jack scoped up his bride in his arms and carried her to their bedroom, the tv still on, and all forgotten.

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