Naughty and kinky fun is like enjoying your favorite drink, be it alcohol or beer. You know you are going to get intoxicated in time, but the real pleasure is in getting each glass, or mug or gulp in easy strides, enjoying every drop. When it comes to naughty and sexy womenís costume for some slow sexual thirst and intoxication, you can start the serving the naughtiness perfect with German Beer Girls costume.

For one, the costume looks great, not to mention it makes you look sexy and highlights your legs.

And then thereís the thing about drinks and sex, one good round deserves another. Of course, not too much drink, or you might pass out and miss out the naughty fun sex fuck that may come later. Get yourself dressed in this costume, and the night is out for some good drinks, some naughty passes, and intoxicatingly great and hot sex.

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A naughty story about german beer girls?

Naughty Servings

Dave and Pam were hosting the monthly card game of the boys. It had been a practice among the close friends to hold their card sessions from house to house instead of going out, and the homey and comfy atmosphere ensured that games were enjoyed as much as possible.

They have been married for just over a year now, and Dave was proud of his wife, she had the brains and the body to match it. Since he was hosting the event for the month, Pam agreed to help out, and when the topic about the drinks for the night would be beer and not hard alcohol drinks, the idea of the hostess serving the boys as a German Beer Girl was brought up. Both had recently tried adding costumes to their raunchy and kinky sex life, and knowing that Dave can hold his beer, Pam agreed, knowing that after the game she and Dave will be having one horny fuck.

Game night finally came, and Pam greeted each of the boys welcome with dressed in the Leg Avenue Gretchen German Beer Girl costume that features a peasant top dress with satin ribbon trim. All of them complimented her on her looks, and Gretchen could feel their eyes following her as she left to attend the preparation of chips and drinks for the game ahead. Pam knew she looked hot and sexy, and knowing what was in store for the night only made her look forward to it.

The game went on, and Dave was secretly enjoying the distraction that his friends were having every time Pam would arrive refilling their drinks and bring them chips, playing the party poker hostess quiet well. Seeing his friends admire his wife was a thrill for Dave, and though they were his friends, they may be having some naughty thoughts in their heads, but that was okay. The guys were enjoying the view alright, and he was winning some hands. All was good.

Until the bad luck bad beats came, or he had to fold his hand deal after deal. Not getting enough table action gave him more time to watch his wife. She was a beauty for sure, and being able to see her much better and up close while he waited for Lady Luck to pass his way, he somehow saw his wife as how his friends were seeing her. He could feel his cock twitch at the thought of getting his hands on her and drinking her pussy juice as if it was beer. The costume fit her perfectly, not too revealing, but just right in accenting her fine feminine form, from her breast all the way to her legs.

Finally, Lady Luck seemed to have passed by and Dave got a killer hand. He went and raised the bet, feeling like a high roller as images of his sexy wife and the fuck fun they will be having soon crossing his mind, and felt that this turn of luck and winning the pot that had now grown big was just a sweet extra. His friend Paul called his raise and went all in, and just as expected, Paul got blown out. Dave hollered as he showed his winning hand. The guys all cheered, even Paul who just lost. The game was now down to two players, and Paul asked for directions to the bathroom. Dave pointed towards the kitchen, and while the other guys stayed to watch the heads up match before the next round, Paul excused himself.

Paul was feeling sorry for the lost hand, but it was a gamble, and some gambles are meant to be lost. And on the way to the bathroom he saw something that somehow lighted his spirits.

Someone. Pam. Who was busy bending over the ref, and Paul saw a good view of her legs from behind.

While Paul walked closer to the bathroom and closer to Pam, he could feel his cock bulge. He knew it was normal, but he was having the hots for Pam even from the start, and seeing her bent over the fridge made his mind flash some naughty thoughts. It must have been the beer, or perhaps lust, but when he was just about to pass by Pam his hands gained a life of its own, and found themselves cupping Pamís ass.

Pam didnít react. She actually knew it was Paul, and thatís why she was bent over and doing nothing, knowing she was going to give him a naughty view as he heard Paul ask for direction to the bathroom. She too found him hot, and the way he was looking at her earlier made her feel desirable. But she wasnít expecting him to do this. And yet feeling horny about the fuck later tonight, seeing the boys ogle her, and now with Paul cupping her ass through her costume, Pam actually felt horny, and the thought of one of Daveís friend having his hand on her ass made her pussy wet.

Paul was shocked at what he did, but seeing Pam not objecting made him freeze, and his hand was still on her ass. He couldnít believe what he had just done, but more so on what was happening, on Pam not reacting or saying anything. It even felt like she was enjoying it, so Paul gave her ass a soft squeeze, and she heard Pam moan, or was it his imagination? He squeezed again, and this time it was a definite moan. He still wasnít sure at what he was doing, and somehow sanity came back and he took off his hands, cleared his throat and as if nothing happened, asked Pam where the bathroom was.

Pam turned around and locked eyes with Paul. God she was feeling horny, and his hands just made her even hornier. The seconds were like eternity, and she saw in Paulís eyes that he wanted her. She pointed the way to the bathroom, to which the now sane Paul nodded and started walking to. Pam got even hornier, and so she did something she didnít thought she would do: she went after Paul, as if to show him where the bathroom was, and once they were at the door, she asked Paul.

ďCare to guess whatís underneath?Ē

Paul could not believe what he heard, but his lust overcame him, so he reached down below Pamís legs, and where he touched her was warm, and definitely wet.

And Pam wasnít wearing any panties!

Paul didnít think twice. The bathroom door was open, and she grabbed Pam and bent her over the sink. Pam was so horny right now that she bent and raised her skirt just as Paul unzipped to reveal his now massive hard on. The two didnít miss a moment, as Paul guided his cock and in one push slammed it into Pam. The sensation was exquisite, and Pam stifled a moan as Paul grabbed her breast and started fucking her pussy with quick deep thrust. He was huge, but she was so wet by now that she felt his cock slide all the way deep into her horny pussy. Pam gripped hard on the sink as Paul started fucking her faster, harder and deeper. The thought that they were doing it while there were other people just meters away was a real turn on, and Pam met each of Paulís thrust. Not a word was said as Paul fucked Pam faster and faster, both so horny and turned on that Pam was able to squeal she was near and Paul asked if she was safe to which Pam nodded, and Paul pumped and fucked her faster and harder until he felt her pussy squeeze and he slammed it deep and filled her pussy with his cock juice.

The two were still as their orgasms faded, and then reality came back as they heard the boys cheering, someone had won the first round, and Paul was quick to pull out his cock and zip his pants and stood outside the bathroom as Pam closed the door. Pam was quick, and she got out as if nothing had happened, except for the sheen of sweat on her forehead. They just smiled at each other as Pam went to the kitchen and Paul went inside the bathroom.

When Paul came out, Pam had a tray ready and some more beer, and asked Paul to bring it to the boys. The two shared a naughty smile at what had just happened, and Paul took the tray containing chips and some more beer for the boys, just in time for the next round.

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