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Most sports have been dominated by men, be it the players or the officials who preside over them. And there is nothing sexier than seeing a woman who knows how to play rough, and when it comes to bedroom intimacies, nothing speaks of game time of a different and naughty kind than with Sports costumes. Strap on one of these costumes and your man will surely know that a new and different kind of game is on, the precious clock is ticking and he has precious and exquisite some points to score.

Letís face it, sex is so much like sports, and bring the sports into the sex, or is it bring sex into sports!? However you want to see it, playtime just get naughtier with these costumes. For some, sex is also game time, but in this sport, there is no kicking the balls, only licks and sucks. You can buy online for sports costumes and other costumes to add the thrill of fantasy and role play into your bedroom intimacies, made available for you by Thatís Naughty Australia.

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Womenís Costumes Ė Sports Game Time Australia

Emily understands that Tom loves his baseball games. Itís a guy thing, and even when Emily is not really a fan of sports like baseball, she knows that Tom does, and she accepts that. Itís just that sometimes she canít help feeling a little bit left out, especially when she is in the mood for some cuddling and intimate moments in bed which usually coincides with a game that he just has to watch. She tried to be patient when these moments arrive, but usually her waiting for the game to finally end finds her not in the mood anymore, and she usually just sleeps, feeling unsatisfied.

Surfing around the net, she came upon an adult site that offered costumes to spice up intimate moments, and she found a costume that made her mind spin at the possibilities. It was worth a shot, better than being unable to do nothing. Emily bought the Leg Avenue 6 PC. Star Player baseball costume that came with everything she needed to look like a bona fide baseball female star. The package arrived swift and discrete, and Emily gave it a fit, and it was perfect. Now it was just a matter of waiting for the perfect schedule for her to unleash her own game.

She was at work, and it had been a week since she and Tom hit the bed, and for some reason she was feeling horny. Must be the hormones, and she could not wait to get back to their apartment for some hot and naughty moments. When she arrived, she knew a game was on, the tv loud with Tom cheering for his team. But unlike before, Emily was not easily discouraged, for it was just the perfect game for her to make her appearance.

Tom was quick to hug and kiss her home, but he was also quick to go back to his game. But it was ok, as Emily told him she would first take a shower to freshen up. Knowing Tom was so much into the game tonight, and the thoughts of her making her own moves only served to make Emily even hornier. A girlís gotta do what a girlís gotta do, and as much as she loved Tom, she was not allowing any game to win over her, and definitely not tonightís game. Shower done, Emily went to prepare and dress up for the real game that was about to begin.

Tom was so engrossed with his game, and it was just perfect. Emily gave her costume one more look to check if she had everything she needed: crop top, capri pants with baseball pocket accents, gloves, belt, and the cap that she adjusted on her head. She waited for Tomís to be glued on the tube, and Emily took that moment to walk and stand beside the television.

She didnít look at Tom, just gave him her sexiest pose clad in her sexy baseball sports costumes. But in her peripheral vision she did notice that she had his attention, and she was bent on keeping it. She exhaled loudly, and took off the cap from her head, letting her blonde hair fall. She fanned her hands against her chest as if it was scorching hot, and she unbuttoned one of the three buttons in her top, revealing her cleavage and breast. She made sure he had a good angle and look at her body before she crossed the TV screen, paused to glance at the direction of their bedroom, and went on to leave Tom with his game.

She entered the room and lay down on the bed, not knowing if the trick worked. She was feeling so naughty, so hot and so horny, and as she closed her eyes she imagined that Tom had left his game and had come running quick to their bedroom, stopping by the door to admire the view that he must be seeing, and she felt the bed shift, and she opened her eyes.

Like imagination that just got real, Tom was indeed there beside their bed.

Emily didnít say anything, just met Tomís gaze as she stretched her body in their bed. She gave him a good show, and the costume helped in enhancing her lines and curves. She again closed her eyes, and lay still. She had made her play, and she was waiting for him to make his moves.

Tom made his play, and Emily felt his first moves with his breath in her mouth as he started kissing her with soft kisses while his hands roamed her exposed abs, tracing every inch of it before they went for her top, his kisses getting more insistent in her mouth. She opened and welcomed his tongue in her mouth as she felt him unbutton the 2nd, then the third and last button, before she felt his hands grab at her breast, cupping then softly squeezed them, making Emily moan, sigh, and arc her neck. Tom was running his fingers across the edge of her bra, and Emily basked at the slow and detailed attention she was getting.

She felt his hands separate the top, deft fingers unclasping the front of her bra that revealed her restrained breast, her nipples getting stiff with the contact of air. Tom left her mouth, trailing soft pathway kisses down her chin, her neck, and Emily could feel his tongue was making a slow and arousing run towards her right breast, and she felt herself get more aroused as his lips and tongues began their climb on the peak of her breast. Tom let the tip of his tongue touch her now hard nipples, the soft sensation making Emily sigh in approval, and Tom started easing her breast into his mouth.

Tom was cupping her other breast, fingers encircling the base, gently pumping it as she felt his other hand working on the belt on her waist, getting it off and unbuttoned and zippered her down just as his mouth left her breast and trailed soft kisses towards the other one, taking his time licking around her nipples, giving it a few good licks before again taking it inside his mouth. Emily stretched her arms, enjoying the sensation as if she was a baseball field and Tom was playing on it, his tongue and lips running from base to base, getting closer and closer, turning her on even more.

Emily then felt Tom move felt her legs raise up before it rested on his shoulders. She felt his hands tug at her waist, pulling the pants slowly off her. Emily still had her eyes closed, and she basked at the slow sensation of getting the tight pants off her, inch by inch until it was gone, then followed by the soft pull at her panties. She knew she was wet, and she imagined Tom discovering her wetness, and she let herself be guided by Tom. Her legs came down, spread wide as she again felt Tomís mouth on her breast, giving it a good lick, then onto the next one, licking and kissing, giving it one good suck before she felt his tongue trail downwards, the sensation making her stretch and heave.

Tom replaced his mouth with his hands, caressing and cupping each of Emilyís breasts while his tongue was blazing a hot trail of kisses and licks going down. Emily could feel herself get hornier as Tomís tongue made a short stop on her belly button before making a dash all the way down, his lips and tongue stopped just barely touching her clit. She felt her breath between her legs, hot and then came his tongue that gave a sudden flick against her clit that took Emily by surprise, making her moan his name. Tom liked what he heard, and let his tongue run circles on Emilyís clit, each lick and flick making her pussy wetter, making Emily hornier.

Emily opened her eyes and glanced down just as Tom looked at her, naughty eyes while his naughtier tongue licked and kissed her clit and pussy lips. Emily rocked her hips against Tom that only made her feast on her some more. Emily was so aroused now, and she felt she was almost at her peak, all those little kisses and touches bringing her closer to coming, and she just had an inspiration on how to tease Tom even more.

ďTom, hit me with your big hard bat, please, give me a deep home run baby!Ē

And Tom was just so happy with glee as he went and positioned himself, and started swinging and pumping.




ďDid you enjoy your game baby?Ē Emily asked Tom who was lying on top of her, and clearly catching his breath from the long ďinningĒ he just did on her.

Tom could only nod and smile, as he pushed himself up and snuggled closer to Emily. Emily felt warm and satisfied. Tom can have all his baseball games, but now she knew she could have him playing baseball with her, in her, and the naughty games have just began.

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