Kinky Schoolgirl Costumes

Because in every school, just when hormones started aging, there will be that one school girl whose young lines and curves promises the delightful shape that a woman would one day have. For all the other girls she is someone to be envied, while for all the boys, she is their fantasy that has just become real.

Add to that the kinky angle of teacher and student “extra-curricular” relationships, and you get one hot role play sex scenario just waiting to unfold. Ignite the passion and desire as you let your man travel back in time to his youth, and to his young cock that just wanted to discover the delightful treats of a sexy school girl, definitely high on top of any man’s fantasy, including your own.

You can buy online for School Girl costumes and other costumes to make every sex role play fantasy experience with a touch of realism, for a more satisfying and enjoyable sexual exploration made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.

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Women’s Costumes – School Girls Making the Best Grade

Mr Johnston was checking to the papers of his students. Kid’s these days, always thinking of parties and not taking their studies carefully. Quite a number of his students would have to do some extra work just to make up for it, oh well, it’s their future they were playing with. Then there was a knock on his door.

“It’s open, come in.”

“Good afternoon, Mr Johnson.” It was Julia, one of his students.

She was one of the intelligent and studious ones, and had her sights for some scholarship grant. She was also active in other school activities. She was also one of those young school girls with a body one would love to spend the afternoon exploring, but Mr Johnson quickly smashed the thought. He was a teacher, and she was his student.

“What brings you to the office, Julia?”

Julia explained about an exam that she failed to take, and a low mark was not something she wanted since it would affect her scholarship chances. She didn’t make any excuses, but she was asking if there was anything she could do to make up for it, homework or extra projects just to maintain a passing average.

“I’m sorry. But you know our school policies. You make your grades, I just record them. I know you are a good student, but I do not want to be accused of playing favourites and being unfair.”

Julia was panicking, since that exam was going to pull her grades down. She knew it was her fault, staying up late and waking up late equals missing the exam. She hated herself for one silly mistake that could ruin all that she had worked for in class. But she had to make up for it.

“Please Mr Johnson, I’m begging you. I am willing to do anything just to make up for the grade. I will do anything.”

The last word tugged at Mr Johnson. And the naughty thought flashed through his mind, made worse by the sight of Julia in her school girl uniform that made her legs look even longer, her short skirt that hid a pussy that was as fresh as they come these days. Mr Johnson gave Julia a sharp glance, seeing her desperation. The idea was dangerous, but his cock twitching in his pants was making his judgement cloudy. He was still trying to decide what to do when the next words from Julia finally decided it for him.

“Nobody has to know, Mr Johnson.”

Mr Johnson ran his eyes over Julia’s body, and the sight of her in school uniform, and her desperation was turning him on. She said she was willing to do anything, and nobody will know. Time to test if she was really that determined.

“Please lock the door, Julia.”

Julia at first thought she was being asked to go out, but her quick mind told her that he only asked her to lock the door, nothing about leaving the room. Julia stood up to close the door, and Mr Johnson had a nice view of her ass and her long legs while she went to lock the door. He waited for her to come back and sit down again.

Mr Johnson asked her again: Are you really sure you are willing to do anything. Julia nodded. And no one would ever know, and again Julia nodded. He asked her one last time if she was sure, and Julia said yes. His cock was raging in his trousers now, and he had already decided.

Julia felt there was something wrong about the request, but she was just being asked to do a simple thing, and she was determined to get a passing mark, so she stood up, and slowly turned around. She knew her teacher’s eyes were glued to her, and she knew she had a hot body. She never knew kind and soft spoken Mr Johnson had a pervert in him, but seeing him sit there, admiring the angles of Julia’s body made her feel a certain power over him, and it aroused her. She made one complete turn, and Mr Johnson signalled with his fingers that she turn around the other way, and Julia did, making sure her teacher got a good long view.

Mr Johnson enjoyed the view, and yet he was worried about going too far. So he decided that would do, “You now have a D instead of an F for the exam”

Julia was glad for the grade, but it just won’t do. She needed a better grade, and she was turned on. Perhaps if she did a little more she could notch it up? So she decided that a little more would not hurt.

“Mr. Johnson, i want my application for the scholarship secure.” She glanced at him. Mr Johnson returned her gaze, and Julia thought to playfully lick her lips. Mr Johnson wasn’t so bad looking, for a teacher he was handsome, not too shabby or fat unlike other teachers. And he dressed well, and with a body that was fit, as far as Julia could say.

“Please stand up Julia. Turn around. Do it slowly.”

Mr Johnson found is mouth dry at the sight of Julia licking her lips. She was teasing him. The” turn around glance” would have done, but she seems to be willing to do extra. And his cock was twitching even more.

“Show me your bra, and your undies.”

Julia was feeling hot, and she decided to give her teacher a good show. He didn’t ask for her breast anyway, just her bra and undies, and she slowly undid the knot in her school girl uniform, slowly revealing her pink lace bra. She loved the way her teacher was looking at her, as if hungry for her, and Julia let the top part, and held her breast at the base, gave it a squeeze as if she was making herself comfortable. Mr Johnson was silent, and just nodded to her. She stood up, parted her legs, and slowly raised her skirt, the sight of Mr Johnson eyes were like her fingers as she raised the skirt higher, to reveal her matching pink lace undies.

Mr Johnson felt a lump in his throat at seeing Julia smooth thighs and her lace panties. He could see a dark spot, or he must have imagined it, but if it was, then Julia was enjoying this, and the thought of his student being not just a tease but a little horny made his cock harder. But that would have to do, he was a teacher after all. Taking one good look, he lowered his head as he told her she now had a C+ instead of a D.

But Julia was feeling so horny now, her pussy juices flowing, and though a B would do, she wanted it sealed and secured, so she walked towards Mr Johnson and kneeled in front of him. She placed her hands on his bulging cock and started rubbing it. Mr Johnson moaned at the sensation, and Julia loved the power she now held, and asked Mr Johnson if he was willing to reconsider her grade, again. Mr Johnson looked at her horny student kneeling in front of him, smooth hands against his trousers, and told her that it depends on her performance.

The hardness of her teacher’s cock was arousing Julia even more, and hearing her teacher say it depended on her made her make up mind to give him a very good reason to grade her up. Julia unzipped her teacher, and out sprang his cock. The sight of it made her throat dry, and she wasted no time and began licking it, feeling Mr Johnson stretch on his chair. Julia licked it some more, giving it small bite and sucks, and seeing her teacher enjoy it made Julia even hornier, and so she started taking her teacher’s cock into her mouth. Julia started sucking it.

The sight of it was too much for Mr Johnson and the sensation of his horny student’s mouth on his cock was exquisite. He reached down to fondle her breast, freeing them from the bra and he fondled and squeezed Julia’s breast in his hands. Her nipples were small, and so he started twirling them between his fingers that made Julia moan and suck on his cock even more. After a few moments Julia took of the cock from her mouth, grabbed the base and pumped it and asked if it was good enough for an A mark.

“I’m sure you can do better...” Mr Johnson told her as he reached out and fondled her breast.

Julia was so hot now, tasting the cock in her mouth was good, and her pussy was now drenched and she hungered to have it inside her. Julia stood up as she took off her undies, and leaned over the table, skirt raised high, legs parted.

“Fuck me Mr Johnson.”

Mr Johnson didn’t have to be told twice, the sight of his student’s ass and legs spread, her dripping pussy was like a magnet for his iron hard cock. He positioned himself behind her, teased and poked the head between her pussy lips that made Julia moan, pushing her ass back to get it in. Mr Johnson played it some more, rubbing the head up and down her pussy lips and this made Julia swear, the sensations torturing her, and she looked back to meet her teacher’s gaze, and began to open her mouth to say something.

And that’s when Mr Johnson shoved his cock deep into his horny student’s pussy, stealing the words out of her mouth. Her student’s pussy was tight, and he kept his cock inside, savouring the sensation before pumping it slowly. Felling Julia get accustomed to it, he started pumping it in and out, squeezing her ass.

Julia was drowning in the sensations she was getting, her pussy stretched out with her teachers cock, and she loved it. She started humping back, meeting his thrust and was answered back by powerful deep thrusts. She could feel her pussy drenched with her juices, felt it quench, and she knew her orgasms was near. She started humping back harder, moaning that she was near. Upon hearing it, Mr Johnston pumped and fucked his student’s pussy even harder, deeper, her tight pussy squeezing his cock even more that he felt he was going to cum soon too, so he grabbed her waist and pounded her non- stop until Julia started screaming her orgasm and he gave it one hard thrust, burying it deep and unloaded his cock juice inside her pussy.

“You are one bad teacher, you should be fired, Mr Johnson!”

“And you are one horny student, Mrs Johnson. And you just got yourself an A+”

Husband and wife hugged and kissed each other. Their sex life was going slow lately, until they decided to start sex role play, and the costumes just gave that added push to add something spice and everything naughty nice to their sex life, and they have just began exploring naughty costumes as part of their intimacy.

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