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When it comes to fetishes, there is one that sends a kinky thrill, not to mention very ticklish, erotic, and arousing sensations as meeting someone with a kinky naughty craving for your foot. It must have something to do with the way a woman’s feet looks very much different, not just in terms of size but also in shape that some men find it irresistible, arousing, worthy of patient and long hours of their loving and stimulating attention.

And what better way to get him raging and craving to make love to your feet than with our selection of shoes, perfect to tease, entice and please, stroking that hunger of his for your feet? They come in various colors and designs for you to choose from to complete your costume, and for the man who is after your feet, they are just perfect, even without the costumes!

You can buy online for sexy shoes and other sexy costume sets, costume kits and accessories to add role play fantasies into your bedroom intimacies for a more creative, pleasurable and satisfying sex life, made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.

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When Sandra met Mike, she had this feeling that he was different. And for the most part, he indeed was, and what she thought would be just a date become two, and three, and soon they both hit the sack. And if Mike was different and a refreshing company outside, was she surprised with how he was inside the bedroom.

He made love to her feet.

Sure, like any man, he did go for all the other parts, and Sandra was proud of the sexy body she worked out diligently to maintain, not to mention her breasts that was not too small or too big, but just perfect in complementing her body. Mike did touch her, kiss, lick, nibble and stroke her all over, but it was how he took great care and attention to her foot that Sandra found unforgettable. She actually had an orgasm while Mike was doing her feet, and when her pussy welcomed his cock, the fuck was so intense.

This made Sandra curious, since she had heard of foot fetishes before, but Mike was the first one she actually met that possibly had one. Their relationship was getting serious, though she was hesitant or not sure how to pop the question about his fetish. Sandra happened to be like ordinary women who love shoes, and with Mike’s possible kinky fetish, she had the perfect idea for her next shoe purchase.

Before Sandra met Mike, she had sex toys to keep her company from her favorite site, That’s Naughty Australia. She was hoping that they had something for her, and they did! She found the shoe collection in the costumes category. She might not need any costume for now (though the idea of getting one soon was planted on her mind), but she definitely could use one of the pairs she found there. It was not the usual kind of shoe she wears, but for Mike’s fetish, it would just be perfect. The pair arrived just as always, discrete and swift, and when Sandra put the pair on, she knew it was just the one she needed.

She had invited Mike to her place after they had dinner, since last time they made love in his apartment, and it was a Friday night and Mike sometimes slept over that made for some naughty weekends, only this one was going to be different. Arriving at her place, they both took a shower, and while doing so, Mike was soaping every inch of her body, and he gave special attention when she was doing her feet. After rinsing off, she asked Mike to go to bed ahead, giving him a naughty wink while biting her lips. With Mike out, she toweled herself dry, and got the boots that she had hidden among her shoe rack. She put them on, and walked out to give Mike his surprise.

Sandra came out of the bathroom wearing nothing except the shoes at her feet. And it was not just any shoe. Sandra had bought the Leg Avenue BANDIT - 4.5" Faux leather and microfiber boot. It came with a .75" concealed platform, inner zipper, and buckle accents. Since Mike loved her foot, what better way to tease and please him than denying him what he wanted best?

Sandra knew she picked the right pair, for though Mike’s eyes appreciated her naked entrance, his eyes lingered long along her sexy legs and the boots that hid her feet. Sandra paced around the room, knowing the platform made her legs look even sexier, and coming in naked with only the boots on, and seeing Mike’s eyes lock on it was making her horny. She knew she was giving Mike a good look from different angles, and with his eyes following her, her boots, Sandra knew it was going to be an unforgettable night.

She approached Mike, and placed her foot on top the bed. Mike’s hands was quick to caress her thighs, fingers patiently tracing down until he was on her knees, and then trailed downwards to trace the edge of the boots. Mike started to unbuckle the boot, but Sandra stopped him.

“I will let you unbuckle the first one, for a kiss.” Sandra said. Mike accepted the price, and gave Sandra a slow and long kiss, with lips and tongues like rapiers. He made sure to leave her breathless, giving all his attention to just her mouth.

“And for the others?” Mike asked.

“I will let you get two more off, for my two breasts.”

Mike lay Sandra down and started kissing her breast while he fondled the other. He started licking the base, his hand mirroring on the other breast and work his tongue round and round until he was licking her nipples, his finger rubbing the other nipple. When he took Sandra’s breast to his mouth to suck it, he also pinched and squeezed the other, getting both of them hard. After a few minutes, he let his tongue trade places with his hands, making sure both breasts got the licking and sucking they both deserve.

Sandra was breathless, Mike was so good with his tongue and fingers, and she could feel her pussy juices flowing. Knowing Mike was doing all this just to get his mouth, his lips and his hands on her feet was such a turn on, and Sandra wanted to savor it longer, just as she felt Mike’s mouth leave her breast, both of them licked and sucked to erotic stiffness. Mike then went down on her feet, and claimed his price, unbuckling 3 out of the 7 buckles. Afterwards, he was ran his fingers on her thighs, and asked her the price for the next buckles.

“Lick my pussy while I think about it”

Mike raised Sandra’s legs and placed them over his shoulders as he started kissing and licking her thighs, tracing a bee line to her pussy. Mike inhaled the aroma of Sandra’s pussy garden before letting his tongue trace the outline of her pussy lips, all the way up to her clit. He licked it slowly, making sure he got every inch a slow lick that he knew Sandra enjoyed. He would suddenly quicken the pace, lashing his tongue on Sandra’s clit nonstop then abruptly stop, and lick again slowly. He continued the change of pace, now fast, then slow, all the while giving every inch of Sandra’s pussy a very erotic and arousing licking. Her clit was so aroused, and Mike held it between his lips, licking and sucking it.

Sandra was now dripping wet. Mike’s tongue was so good in getting her pussy juices flowing. Her pussy wanted his cock, and even before Mike’s mouth left her clit, she told him what she wanted.

“Fuck me Mike, fuck me with your big cock and my feet is yours.”

Mike was only too happy to oblige as she raised himself from between Sandra’s legs, raising her legs up, resting them across his chest as he tapped his cock on Sandra’s wet pussy. Mike teased and slid his cock’s length across Sandra’s clit, making her take deep long breaths, and he pressed it harder, the contact definitely driving Sandra crazy as she pleaded with Mike to fuck her, to fuck her hard, fuck her deep. Mike pointed the cock between Sandra’s pussy gates, getting the cock’s head in, just in time as Sandra met his gaze and he slammed his cock inside.

Sandra felt her world break into new delicious pleasure as Mike started pumping his cock inside her pussy. She was so wet and still felt tight, and each pump was just getting her closer and closer. Mike was picking up the pace, and was literally fucking the breath out of Sandra, and she met each of his thrust which made Mike fuck her faster and harder. Sandra was thinking about how the night was just starting, for she still had her boots on and Mike will definitely take his time feasting on her when suddenly her orgasm exploded inside her pussy, and the last thing she saw before she closed her eyes was her booted foot raised up high.

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