Women’s Costumes – Plus Size

We have been made to believe that sexy in a woman is about curves and smooth lines, , small waist, generous breast, shapely and sexy. But let’s face it, that’s just true for ramp or bikini models. In the real world, plus size women exist, and they too are sexy, and can even be sexier. Finding the right fit for plus size women can be a daunting task, but there is hope in the emergence of fashion brands and labels that cater to plus size women.

If you are a plus size woman and you would like to experience fantasy costume role play intimacies in your bedroom, but worry that you may not find the right size, do not despair. That’s Naughty Australia offers you plus size women’s costume in various themes so you can pick the fantasy scenario you desire and bring it to naughty life. Plus size women all the more deserve plus size servings of naughty and erotic delights, and we have made them available online for you naughty pleasures.

You can buy online for various sexy Women’s Plus Size costumes and other sexy costumes to add role play fantasies into your bedroom intimacies for a more creative, pleasurable and satisfying sex life, made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.

Costumes for larger ladies

Sasha had been anxious lately. She was no longer the stunning and sexy version of her younger days. She used to have a body worthy of a cover, but marriage, two kids, and ten years later, well, it was now plus size for her. She was lucky that her husband Tim didn’t mind, his hands and lips would still roam and their sex, though not as hot and acrobatic as it was before, still made her feel very much satisfied. She was happy and content for the most part, just that she misses all those times when she would surprise Tim with sexy underwear that led to unforgettable and hot sex, and she misses dressing sexy for him. Most designers may be living in another world, or blind to women who are plus size.

That was until she browsed through the women’s costume selection of That’s Naughty Australia. She and Tim had fantasy costume sex role plays before, and looking at all the new costume themes available made her a bit sad. But then she saw the plus size category. It contained various costume themes for plus sized women like her, and since it had been a while that she and Tim had some naughty fantasy sex role play fun in the bedroom, it was just the perfect outfit for a naughty surprise.

Tim loved it when she was the aggressive one in the bedroom, something she loved doing when they were younger, knowing she had a sexy and luscious body that his hands and mouth cannot wait to get a hold off for some extra foreplay of nibbling, licking and sucking fun. She knew she had been passive lately, and how lucky she was that Tim’s love still found her sexy after all these years. Well, he deserves a surprise, and Sasha was going to give him one, just like how she used to. She ordered the costume, and it arrived just as promised, discrete and swift, and once Sasha tried them on, they were just perfect for her size.

Now all it needed was the naughty role to bring the fantasy surprise to life.

After the family had dinner, Tim went to tuck the kids in bed while Sasha was doing the dishes. She then felt Tim approach her from behind, his hands finding their way and he began caressing then squeezing her ass that nearly made her drop the glass she was rinsing. Tim started licking her ears, and he knew how ticklish she was in that area. She wasn’t planning on the naughty surprise for tonight, but it seemed that Tim was in for some naughty fun, and it was just the perfect night to pull the surprise off.

Tim’s hands was now under her skirt, fingers tracing her panty line before he slipped a finger inside her undies just as his other hand was cupping her breast. Sasha was now hot, and Tim’s fingers and hand was making her hotter and starting to get wet. She was into the last pieces as she savored Tim distracting her. He slipped a finger into her pussy, and she knew she was wet, and she felt it slide inside her. But before one of the kids might suddenly wake up and catch them in the kitchen, Sasha turned around and winked at Tim, told him to get into a bed, and with a naughty smile whispered:

“I have a surprise for you.”

Tim caught her gaze, and boy was he curious at the surprise. He gave her a naughty smile and went to their room, leaving Sasha to finish the dishes.

When Sasha went to the bedroom, Tim had just gotten out of the shower, toweling himself off and teased Sasha by letting his towel part to reveal his still hard cock. Sasha bit her lips, she was craving for that cock after what he did to her in the kitchen, just as Tim asked what the surprise was.

“Be patient lover and get yourself into bed, I won’t be long” Sasha answered back, but not before she reached out and gave Tim’s cock a good squeeze, and she felt it harden in her hands. She gave it a gentle pump before letting it go and she went to the bathroom. Shower was cold, so it was quick, but she was hot even and wet. Afterwards got the costume out and wore it. She parted the door, and asked Tim if he could be a good boy and close his eyes for his surprise. She heard him move in the bed, before he replied that he was ready.

She reminded Tim no peeking, and she saw him nod as she approached. The costume felt great, and Sasha was even more intent on offering her surprise. But it wasn’t just the costume that Sasha bought: she had gotten one more accessory to complete the fantasy naughty surprise. She reached down to get the handcuffs that she had also bought from That’s Naughty Australia, and without missing a beat, she took Tim’s hands and cuffed him to the bed post.

Tim had opened his eyes this time, surprised at the feel of cold steel on his wrist and getting cuffed. But that was not all. He got a good look at Sasha, and his surprise and delight was evident in smile. Sasha was wearing the Leg Avenue Captain Swashbuckler women’s pirate costume plus size that featured a velvet lace up front coatdress with matching lace bell sleeve. She was just so beautiful, and this was a surprise that he definitely wasn’t expecting, but the sight of her, the handcuffs, and the way she gazed at him was turning him on.

“Does it look on me?”

Tim could only nod. It had been ages since they have had fantasy sex role play, and with Sasha’s outfit, and he cuffed in bed, he had a very good idea what the fantasy was going to be. It was going to be one hot and steamy and wet and wild ride.

“I heard you were looking to steal my treasures. By any chance,” Sasha asked Tim as she placed her foot on top of the bed, “you were looking for this?”

Tim’s eyes followed, just as Sasha was pulling up the hem of her costume to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, and her pussy was moist and wet.Tim swallowed at the luscious pussy that was offered just inches away from it. He tried to reach out to slick it, but the cuffs held him in place.

Sasha took a step back and said “Not too fast sailor, I have to check you out. You might have a weapon in you. Like this.” And Sasha hand was quick to grab his cock that poking against the blanket.

The two lovers gazed at each other, smiles in their faces. It was going to be an unforgettable night. But before anything, Tim remembered something, and so he reminded Sasha.

“Uhmm, Captain, can you please make sure the doors are locked?” Tim winked at her.

Sasha gave his cock a good grip and knew what Tim meant. The kids would sometimes wake up and go to the bedroom, and this was one pirate game that was definitely not for their eyes.

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