Male Sex Toys at Thats Naughty Australia

Admit it, sometimes your hand just does not leave you satisfied, leaving you wanting more. And the best sex toys out there seem to be sex toys for women. Think again guys! There are several male sex toys available that will make your head spin. For men looking for the most intense, realistic experience the Fleshlight pocket pussy may be the most pleasurable choice you could make. For other incredible sensations that will blow your mind, while leaving your fully satisfied, take a look at the different masturbators, and cock sleeves available for men. Penis sleeves are perfect for any man who likes wants to be able to control the pressure on his penis while sliding in and out of the sleeve. For men who like anal play, prostate massagers are available to an intense experience. The best thing about mens sex toys is not only the intense orgasms you will achieve, sex toys for men will also help improve your stamina in the bedroom. Male sex toys do not get enough credit, they will provide you will sensational stimulation until orgasm, and also improve your sex life!

Women Shop for Sex toys using Paypal

Sometimes reaching an orgasm during sex is not always that easy for a woman. Times like these, or heck, any time really, are when female sex toys are the answer. Female sex toys range from products like dildos, vibrators, double ended dildos, anal plugs, orgasm balls, and more! With such a variety to choose from, where do you start? Female sex toys such as dildos and vibrators are not only great for vaginal or anal penetration, they also allow for G-spot stimulation. By stimulating your G-spot your orgasm will go for “Aaaahhh” to “OOOOO”! Double ended dildos are great for any woman who wants double penetration during solo masturbation. For anal and pussy play without a double ended dildo, anal plugs and anal vibrators are thrilling options.

Sex toys for couples - ThatsNaughty Australia

Are you looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Look no further; couples sex toys can do just that. Couples commonly enjoy using toys like: position enhancers, vibrators, dildos, hollow strap ons, and costumes. Position enhancers are perfect for couples looking to try new, more challenging, or intense positions. They may even assist with deeper penetration, for a more powerful orgasm. Dildos can add to steamy foreplay, or be used during double penetration. Vibrators are greatly enjoyed by couples. Many even use couples vibrators to allow both partners to experience to intensified sensation. No matter which toy you choose to keep things new and exciting between you and your lover, always remember to keep the lube nearby.

Buy Sex toys for two online

Are you looking for toy for hot girl-on-girl or guy-on-guy action? Don’t worry, we just what you are looking for! The best sex toys for girl-on-girl experiences are double ended dildos, strap ons, anal sex toys, and vibrators. Double ended dildos allows for both women to be penetrated simultaneously, whether it be vagina-to-vagina or anus-to-anus. Strap ons all one female to penetrate and pleasure her partner, and then the roles may be switched if desired. The best sex toys for guy-on-guy action are double ended dildos, and anal sex toys. Double ended dildos allow for both men’s anus’ to be penetrated simultaneously, use of a double ended vibrator is a great way to add a more intense sensation to the prostate for a more powerful orgasm.

Glass sex toys at thats Naughty

Glass sex toys are some of the best sex toys available today. The biomedical glass them sex toys are made from is 8 to 10 times stronger than regular glass, rendering it shatterproof and chip resistant. Plus they are hypoallergenic. The nonporous glass of the sex toys prevents bacteria and mold from getting trapped inside. Making them the safest sex toys available on the market today. The beautifully handcrafted dildos, vibrators, and anal plugs are not just sex toys; they are works of art! Works of art that provide powerful, mind numbing orgasms, while offering a feature many other toys do not, the ability to be warmed or chilled. Temperature play will take your experience to a whole new level.

Why buy sex toys online?

It can be embarrassing to walk into an adult store, to look around, let alone purchase a sex toy. What if someone sees you buying a dildo? What will the neighbors think? Browsing the wide variety of sex toys online, allows you to do so from the comfort, privacy, and discretion of your own home. No one ever has to know about the couples sex toys you were looking at. By looking at sex toy shops online, you also have the advantage of customer reviews. Read what other people have to say about the rabbit you are considering. There may be a vibrator on available with better reviews. The more positive reviews you read about the product, the more likely you will be happy with the sex toy yourself.

Cleaning and Care for Sex Toys .au

No matter which sex toy you have, it requires regular cleaning and care to preserve it. After each use either use mild soap and water, or a sex toy cleaner to be sure the mess and bacteria is removed. Once you have finished cleaning your sex toy, allow it to fully air dry before storing it. If you choose to store your dildo, masturbator, etc. while it is still damn, bacteria and mold may begin to grow, rending your toy useless.

Pleasure Down Under: We Have It At That’s Naughty Australia

Welcome to That’s Naughty Australia. If you have been around searching and can’t seem to find the product you are looking for, well you have arrived at the right place. Let’s have a simple game: when you hear the word “naughty,” some images may come to your mind, but when you add the word “Pleasure” as you close your eyes, there’s that loss of breath that follows, that surprised lump in your throat and most probably it leads to a spark being lit somewhere “down under”. Australia as you may recall is also known as Down Under, and when it comes to your personal pleasure, That’s Naughty Australia aims to be your guide to light that spark “down under” into a raging fire.

Shopping has never been easy, and our online shop is here to give you the privacy and time for you to find the perfect one until you decide. Whether it’s getting a familiar and trusted one orout for exploring and buying a new one, we at That’s Naughty Australia only aims to please you. Aim and make your pick now, please!

If it’s all about down under, it has to be That’s Naughty Australia!

Dildos sex toys are available at Thatsnaughty

One of the most loved adult toys world wide are dildos. What makes dildos such a hot adult toy? Dildos can be used to fulfill just majority of your kinky, sexual fantasies. Whether you are looking for solo play, male-on-female play, male-on-male play, or female-on-female play dildos are the orgasm booster you need.

ThatsNaughty Australia offers a wide selection of dildos, on of the most popular sex toys for you browse through including: dildos with suction cups, double ended dildos, glass dildos, hand-fisting dildos, realistic dildos, and other types of dildos. Our wide variety consists of a wide selection of sizes, colors, and styles available with shipping Australia wide.

Dildos with suction cups are great for solo play sessions. So are the incredibly thrilling double ended dildos for those who enjoy double penetration. Selecting the best dildo depends on your play session and your experience level with sex toys online.

Generally people and couples who are new to dildo play, enjoy soft, pliable, flexible models and styles. These styles tend to give more when inserted into your pussy allowing you to ease into it, so to speak. More experienced dildo users tend to enjoy firmer, less pliable styles, such as glass or plastic dildos. The firmer material applies more pressure, providing more stimulation to the G-spot or prostate.

Women go wild for dildos. Let's face it, it is not always easy for a woman to reach her climax during sex - making dildos a beloved sex toy of all woman. Not only does it stimulate your vagina and anus, but it can also help stimulate your G-Spot. Talk about a guaranteeing the big "O"!

Why shop online for the most popular female adult toy?

Shopping for dildos online provides you with a number of great benefits. Online sex toy shopping allows you to avoid the embarrassment of actually going into a sex toy store. Not everyone feels comfortable entering these stores and having everyone in the store know what you are looking at. Plus you avoid your neighbors seeing you carrying a bag revealing you purchase.

When you shop online, you have the ability to browse all types of sex toys without anyone knowing. While browsing the various sex toys, you also have the ability to read customer reviews of the product. Reading through customer reviews is a great way to help you select the best dildo, or sex toy, to add a spark to your sex life.

Once you place an online order for your dildo, the package arrives discreetly in the mail. Preventing your neighbors from knowing about your newest adult toy purchase.

Adult toys for Couples

Are you looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Then you have come to the right place. ThatsNaughty Australia offers a wide variety of adult toys, including position enhances and couples toys to help you add a spark in the bedroom.

Couples love our selection of position enhancers. After all, there are some great sex positions that just cannot be done in bed. To make those impossible moves possible, ThatsNaughty offers a variety of sex position enhancers for you to choose.

Experiment with our sex belts, sex slings, and sex harnesses to achieve deeper penetration during doggy and other erotic positions. The additional erotic stimulation that occurs during deeper penetration pushes both partners closer to orgasm with each pelvic thrust. These adult enhancers also provide more support and stability to each position.

The impossible just became possible with the help of our sex swings, inflatable hot seats, and position masters. With these useful adult toys, you can let your imagination run wild! Position your lover exactly as you want his/her body, and still have the stability and support you need to penetrate him/her.

Using position enhancers in the bedroom will allow you to focus on your pleasure together, with your partner. Now concentrating on holding a particular position no longer has to distract you from the pleasure you are feeling. The position enhancer will allow you to focus on the thrilling pleasure of the deep erotic stimulation.

For additional erotic stimulation, check out the couples vibrators ThatsNaughty has to offer. What makes these vibrators designed for couples? The design of the adult toy is quite simple it is in the shape of a "U". There is a vibrating pad on each end of "U" shape one pad is design to stimulate the clitoris, while the other pad is inserted into the pussy; allowing both partners to feel the stimulation vibrating pulses in all the right places. Best of all, the vibrator stays in place when position properly.

The possibilities are endless when you are looking for a great couples toy to spice up your sex life. Adding position enhancers to the bedroom allows for you and your partner to successful achieve just about any position. The use of a couples vibrator adds great stimulation for both him and her. Imagine the possibilities if you combine couples toys. Have fun, experiment, and remember ThatsNaughty Australia has what you need to spice up your bedroom.

Anal Sex Toys for Adults Australia

The once taboo anal sex toys are now becoming a more acceptable adult toys by the mainstream public. As more and more people begin to experience the thrills anal sex toys have to offer, ThatsNaughy Australia encourages you to do the same. Whether you are a novice or experienced anal sex toy user, ThatsNaughty Australia has something for you. We would also like to remind you using a good anal lube with toys designed for anal play for both pleasure and safety.

When looking at the categories of anal toys, it can quite overwhelming to see: anal beads, anal douche, anal plugs, glass anal sex toys, vibrating anal sex toys. Let us make your online shopping experience a little easier. Below are ThatsNaughty's anal toy recommendations based on experience levels.

For the beginners:

The ThatsNaughty Australia online adult shops offer a wide selection of thin, small anal beads and other anal toys. Small, thin anal beads are excellent for sex toy beginners. Anal beads are used to take your erotic stimulation to the next level, by continuously being inserted into the anus and removed from the anus. To make anal beads even better, they can be purchased in different sizes, colors, materials, and even vibration modes. Making anal beads a toy that can be enjoyed at any experience level.

For the intermediate butt thrillers:

We offer a wide selection of anal beads, plugs, glass sex toys, and vibrating glass anal sex toys. Enjoy experimenting with butt plugs in different shapes and sizes, glass penis head plugs, and even vibrating anal beads.

For the anal experts:

For the anal experts, we offer large base butt plus, double ended dildos and vibrators, double dip cock rings, and more!

Remember, always use lubrication with your anal sex toys. No matter your experience level, or anal toy a good anal lubricant is needed for safety and pleasure reasons. If you choose not to use a lubricant, you run a high risk of severe discomfort and injury. ThatsNaughty offers several different types of water-based and oil-based lubricants.

Be sure to clean your anal sex toy(s) immediately after your session is over. Doing so helps prevent a build up of dirt and bacteria that could cause health hazards during future uses.

Now that anal sex toys are becoming more mainstream, you no longer have to worry about experiencing the erotic thrill they offer. Shop our online adult shops to find the right toy for you. Remember to keep your experience level in mind, and grab the lube!

Fleshlight Fleshjack – Gay male sex toys

The Fleshlight Fleshjack is a discreet, intense gay male masturbation sex toy. It is designed with a Real Feel Superskin masturbation sleeve, providing the most realistic anal penetration simulation available on the market today. Fleshlight Fleshjacks are even molded after your favorite gay male adult actors. You can choose from: Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett, or Pierre Fitch.

The realistic feeling SuperSkin sleeve is housed in a discreet plastic case that resembles an over-sized flashlight. This hard plastic case does more than offer a level of discreetness to your FleshJack, it also prevents you from feeling your hand while using the masturbator. So you are to focus on the sensational erotic stimulation caused by the FleshJack.

Gay men all over the world rant and rave about the Fleshlight Fleshjack. Why are they so thrilled with the Fleshjack? Fleshlight has worked feverishly to change the negative perceptions of gay male sex toys and male sex toys in general. So they have taken the time to provide you with a high quality, discreet, tasteful toy men can enjoy anywhere, anytime. No other male sex toy can you provide with you an experience that is so close to the real thing, the only thing that feels more realistic is the real thing.

The Fleshlight Fleshjack allows users to be in total control, through every part of the experience. Making it possible of you to be sexually satisfied however, where ever, and whenever you choose as you thrust into Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett, or Pierre Fitch.

How it works: To begin, remove the Real Feel Superskin sleeve from the plastic casing. Next place the sleeve and you lubricant into a sink or bowl of warm water. Leave the sleeve and lubricant sit in the warm water for 10-15 minutes. (Microwaving the sleeve or placing it into boiling water, can result in severe burns and injury.) After the time period has elapsed, shake off the excess water, and place sleeve back into the plastic case.

Now it is time to adjust the cap on the bottom of the case. The cap adjusts the suction of the toy itself. Once you have everything in place and adjusted properly, it is time to apply a liberal amount of water-based lubricant to the anus of your favorite male adult actor. You are now ready to slide you member into the toy and enjoy!

Not only will you Fleshlight Fleshjack give you a lifetime of thrilling erotic stimulation, but it will also improve you stamina. Surprise your lover in the bedroom with how much longer you can perform after using your Fleshjack a few times.

Fleshlight Girls, one of the best male sex toys available

Just when we thought Fleshlight could not get any better, the Fleshlight Girls came along. The Fleshlight Girls allows you to get inside your favorite porn star. Now you can experience the most realistic sexual stimulation with your favorite Fleshlight Girls, next to actually penetrating the starlet.

What exactly are the Fleshlight Girls?

The Fleshlight Girls take the top selling male sex toy and mold it after one of your favorite porn starlets. You no longer have to merely fantasize about penetrating: Riley Steele, Jenna Haze, Jesse Jane, Jessica Drake, Asa Akira, Misty Stone, Katsuni, Lisa Ann, Tori Black, Stoya, Teagan Presley, Tera Patrick, Bibi Jones, Kayden Kross, and Alexis Texas.

The real feel Super Skin gives you the same incredible sensation that your favorite stars mouth, anus, or vagina would create on your rock hard member. Each sleeve is custom molded to the female's most intimate parts, allowing you experience to exactly what it would be like to be inside your favorite adult actresses.

The preparation and clean up are the same as the original Fleshlight. Before use, soak the sleeve and your lubricant in a bowl or sink of warm water for 5-10 minutes. Warming the masturbation sleeve, and lubricant helps provide the warm, wet feeling you experience during actual sexual activity. Remember to apply a generous amount of lubricant prior to use of your masturbation sleeve to allow your member to glide in and out easily.

Clean up is quick and easy. Simply use warm water and a mild soap. Once you are cleaning the sleeve and case, allow it to air dry thoroughly before re-assembling the male sex toy. Proper care for your Fleshlight Girls will ensure a lifetime of pleasure.

Just as with the Original Fleshlight, the Fleshlight Girls are discreet, resembling a flashlight for easier storage.

Fleshlight Girls is the perfect line of products for you if you have ever fantasized about penetrating one of your favorite adult actresses' orifices. Now you can safely and discreetly experience your favorite porn star while watching her in action in your very own home.

Discover why Fleshlight Girls is the top selling, most realistic male adult toy on the market for yourself. Do not forget to choose your favorite porn star, and white intimate part you would like to penetrate most. If you cannot choose, hey, try them all! We are sure you will love every moment you spend with your Fleshlight Girls.

Bondage Sex toys online

If you are looking for a new and exciting way to spice up the bedroom, or you an experienced dominatrix/submissive, the ThatsNaughty Australia bondage gear has something for you. Bondage is a term that can be scary to some, but enticing to others. This misperception of bondage is a result of bondage and fetishism being portrayed as painful violent activities.

Couples love using bondage sex games as a form of foreplay in the bedroom. Typically bondage used in the bedroom is mild. Most couples who enjoy bondage games as part of foreplay enjoy using items like handcuffs, ropes, masks, and restraints. Other popular bondage items include whips/belts, ticklers, suckers, bondage kits, clamps, and more.

Bondage uses several different techniques or methods to restrain a person:

Binding body parts (such as arms and legs)

Spreading body parts (such as arms and legs)

Binding/restraining the submissive partner to an outside object (such as a chair)

Suspending the submissive partner from the ceiling

Hindering/slowing down the submissive partners movement (typically done through the use of bondage gear, such as a corset or binding skirt)

Regardless of the technique or level of bondage you choose to use with your partner, safety must always be the top priority. Bondage is not just about just about combining pleasure and pain, or dominating your partner it is also about trust. In order to engage in bondage activity with your partner you must trust your partner not to cause severe injuries to you. To prevent injury or potential death from occurring during bondage activities follow the below guidelines:

Select a safe word. This is a word that is only spoken when the activity becomes too intense, or painful for your partner. It is used as a stop signal.

Do not leave a restrained person alone.

Avoid positions that could result in postural asphyxia. This could easily lead to an accidental death.

Make sure the restrained partner is able to escape in quickly in the event of an emergency situation.

Avoid restraints that may impair your partner's ability to breathe. If you are using a gag on your partner, be sure he/she can still breathe without a problem.

Avoid using drugs and alcohol before or during bondage play.

Following the above guidelines will ensure the safety of both partners involved in the bondage play. These guidelines are necessary for all parties involved in any type of bondage play.

Incorporating some form of bondage play into you bedroom will help strengthen your relationship with your partner, and spice up your sex life. Excited and thrill your partner with one of our bondage kits, masks, restraints, and more today!

Burlesque and online sex toys

Ladies, are you looking for a way to turn on your man, and add a spark to the bedroom? ThatsNaughty Australia has the answer, burlesque. With our selection of burlesque costumes, booty shorts, fringe panties, and pasties, you will drive your man wild!

Burlesque will make you look and feel sexier than you have ever felt before, and your partner will surely agree. The beauty of burlesque is that is not defined by nudity, rather it is defined by a prolonged tease that reveals the promise of nudity. The promise of nudity is more powerful to your man than nudity itself.

ThatsNaughty Australia offers everything you need to turn your erotic striptease into a sexy burlesque performance. Choose the perfect costume to excite your lover from our selection of booty shorts, fringe panties, burlesque costumes, and pasties. Keep in mind when choosing your costume, the idea is to slow down the progression towards completed nakedness. Make you partner's imagination take over, and drive him wild!

Burlesque performances take your typical erotic striptease, and turn it into a glamorous, elegant art form. It is about making you feel sexy and glamorous, not turn you into an object. In order to perform a burlesque dance for your partner, you must first select music. The music you choose must fit the theme you choose to portray. Think of a burlesque dance more like telling a sensual story.

The costume you select needs to support your story in a provocative and suggestive manner. Your costume and can also help you choose your theme. Glam up your costume more by adding strapped heels, arm length gloves, and feather boas.

Once you have selected your music, theme, and costume it is time for the striptease. When it comes to burlesque, you are putting the tease into striptease. Learn how to remove your articles of clothing in an erotic, sensual way. Remember it is all about slow movements, long lines, and the power of suggestion. Keep it sexy, suggestive, but not too revealing. Deliver the promise of nudity without actually getting completely nude.

ThatsNaughty has everything you need to prepare yourself for your very own burlesque dance. Browse our costumes, booty shorts, fringe panties, and more to design your burlesque costume.

Try performing a burlesque dance for your man tonight. You will feel glamorous, elegant, and sexy. The sexier and more glamorous your feel, the more turned on your man will be. Experimenting with burlesque dancing in your bedroom, will take your love life to new heights.

Essentials for sex shops online

When it comes to your sex life, the essentials are just as important as the sex toys, position enhancers, lubricants, and so. The essentials at ThatsNaughty Australia make it possible for you to be prepared for play in the bedroom.

What are the essentials ? The essentials encompass anal douche, batteries, condoms, guide books, toy cleaners, and trimmers/shavers. Keeping these items handy allows you to be well groomed, and well prepared to practice mind blowing safe sex, and good hygiene.

Anal Douche Though there is a kinky associate with the anal douche it is typically used for good hygiene purposes. Most people use an anal douche before and after engaging in anal sex. Using an anal douche after anal sex is crucial to preventing an infection or ailment.

Condoms: Condoms are an essential part of safe sex practices, whether it is for intercourse, or use of a sex toy. The selection of condoms available at ThatsNaughty allows you practice safe sex while still experiencing the stimulating erotic pleasure. You can wow your lover while preventing pregnancy and spread of possible disease or sickness.

Batteries: You cannot forget the batteries! Imagine laying there enjoying your favorite vibrator and right as your reach to reach you climax, the batteries die. What a let down! Grab a pack of batteries now so you can toss them in your nightstand for later. The last thing you want is for your sexual experience to be ruined, or your lovers, due to dead batteries.

Guide Books Guide books are great for everyone! Take your sexual pleasure to new levels with deep, sensual positions from Kama Sutra.Or try the Tantric Sex Positions pictorial guide to thrill your lover. Whether you are looking for new and adventurous positions or close and intimate, ThatsNaughty has a guide book for you.

Toy Cleaners For anyone purchasing a new adult toy, make sure to grab a bottle of toy cleaner. Using a toy cleaner, instead of soap and water, is a great way ensure your toys are being disinfected before and after each use. Properly cleaning and disinfecting your sex toys is necessary to prevent bacteria and dirt build up, which could lead to an infection, or rendering the toy useless.

Trimmers/Shavers: Both men and women love a partner who is well groomed. No one wants to venture into the jungle nowadays, making trimmers/shavers an essential item for both men and women alike.

Kegels, adult toys for women

Just like the rest of muscles in your body, ladies needs to exercise their vagina. By keeping this muscle fit and firm, your sex life will improve. Men go wild over the incredible sensation of a woman's vagina squeezing firmly around his penis as he penetrates her. Not only will your man appreciate the results of the duo eggs Kegels, but so will you as your orgasms intensify with the strong your vaginal muscles become.

Duo eggs Kegels are designed for Kegel exercises and low-key stimulation. The duo eggs Kegel are an innocent looking sex toy that can be worn all day. Plus leaving them in during sex can help tighten things up, sending chills right through your man penis.

Using the Kegel balls is quite simple. Start by applying a generous amount of water-based lubricant to the duo eggs Kegel balls. Then simply slide the balls inside of your vagina. Once the balls are inside of you, you are ready to start squeezing muscles, working the muscles at the pelvic floor. In order to see results from the Kegel balls, it is recommended that you use them for 15-20 minutes a day, for at least a month.

If you choose to use your duo eggs Kegel balls to tighten your vagina during sex, try changing the temperature of the balls. Warming the balls prior to inserting them into your vagina will offer a soothing massagelike sensation, while cooling the balls will give your partners thrills and chills that are our of this world!

ThatsNaughty Australia offers several different types of Kegel balls, or love balls, for your choosing. Selecting the set of Kegel balls that please you has never been easier. With the different sizes, styles and materials, you are sure to enjoy your love ball exercise or play session.

Kegels are an excellent exercise for all women to add their daily routine. The duo eggs Kegel balls enables you to pop your little pleasure balls in place so you can perform you Kegel exercises whenever and where ever it is convenient for you. Not only will Kegels spice up your sex life, but they also promote bladder control as your pelvic floor is strengthened.

Check out our selection of Kegel balls, and other adult toys ThatsNaughty Australia has to offer to spice your sex life. Neither you nor your partner will be disappointed by the drastic improvements duo egg Kegel balls will add to your love life.

Fleshlight – shop online with paypal

In an age where a woman's vibrator has become mainstream, the male sex toy's still remain a dirty, filthy topic. Fleshlight has taken the time to design a discreet, tasteful, realistic masturbator for men to enjoy. The discreet design allows the Fleshlight to resemble a flashlight, while providing you with the most realistic sexual stimulation your money can buy today.

The case of your masturbator houses the real-feel Super Skin sleeve. The Super Skin sleeve is designed to feel like the real thing. Due to the hard outer casing, you do not feel your hand as your thrust into the realistic feeling sleeve.

Fleshlights are available in a variety of different styles, orifices, and textures. The original Fleshlight inserts consist of: The Original, Speed Bump, Stamina Training Unit, Super Ribbed, Ultra Tight, Wonder Wave, Vortex, Lotus.

You can even select the orifice of choosing for your Fleshlight: mouth, vagina, anus. If you have a favorite porn star, check out the Fleshlight Girls! Now you can have the experience you have fantasized about, as you penetrate your favorite Fleshlight Girl.

Men go crazy over the Fleshlight, but why? Take a look at the top 3 reasons: You are in complete control. The when, where, how, etc of your sexual satisfaction is entirely in your hands. Fleshlight is the most realistic sexual intercourse simulation available on the market. There is nothing to closer to intercourse than intercourse itself! It promotes safe sex practices in an age when STDs, HIV, and AIDS are at an all time high. Instead of going out for a one night stand, you can now satisfy yourself safely in the comfort of your own home.

When you are ready to use your Fleshlight, preparation is fast and easy. Simply place the masturbation sleeve and your lubricant into a sink of warm water for 5-10 minutes. Once the time is up, remove the sleeve from water and shake off the excess water, then place it into the casing. After you have properly inserted the real feel Super Skin sleeve into the case, it is time to apply a generous amount of lubricant to the male sex toy. Now your lovely lady is ready for penetration.

After you play session is over, clean up and is quick and easy. By simply washing your Fleshlight immediately after use with mild soap and warm water, you are allowing your toy to provide you with a lifetime of pleasure. Be sure to allow the sleeve to air dry thoroughly before placing it back into the casing. Replacing the sleeve while it is still damp will allow mold and bacteria to grow.

Be sure to shop the entire Fleshlight collection before making your final selection.

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