Bugs and bees, they remind us of small things that fly and crawl around, often found in the garden among the leaves and the flowers. Even a grown man may duck and be wary at the thought of bees buzzing around, or even squirm at the idea of bugs finding their unexpected way on his skin. But when it comes to naughty delight, your lover will definitely duck and squirm to a different beat when he sees you dressed in one of these bees and bugs costumes you can buy online.

Nobody likes a bee sting, or the slow crawl of bugs on oneís skin, but this is one buzzing or crawling visit or stings that he would surely be more than happy to welcome to his body. Add some hot buzz to your sexual intimacies with these sexy costumes, and let your man be the garden or the flower for once, and you are all set for some delicious sucks and bites. You can buy online for sexy Bugs and Bees costumes and other sexy costumes to add some role play fantasies into your bedroom intimacies for a more creative, pleasurable and satisfying sex life, made available for you by Thatís Naughty Australia.

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When Nathan got the surprise call from Andrea, he just had to get home as fast as he could. It had been a busy week at work, and he was looking forward to a slow and relaxing weekend. There was something about Andreaís voice and words that hinted about a surprise waiting for him once he gets home, and since most of the work had been wrapped up, her call only made him eager to see get his tired ass home for some quality time.

Andrea was waiting by the living room, looking out at the window and when she saw Nathanís car coming in, she then made her way to their bedroom, making sure the door was unlocked. Nathan came in, announced that he was home and Andrea hollered out that she was in the bedroom. Nathan made his way to the room after dropping his suitcase by the table, and seeing the bedroom slightly opened he was wondering what Andreaís surprise was all about. A few more steps and he was at the door, pushed it to take a peek, yet found it empty.

ďJust a minute Hon, why donít you sit and relax over the bed?Ē He heard Andreaís voice as he got inside the room. She was definitely up to something, with the surprise call and not being at the door to greet him, which she usually did. So Nathan decided to heed her words, and made himself comfortable, just as he heard the door unlock, followed by Andrea telling him to close his eyes. Nathan could only smile at himself, and closed his eyes.

He heard the door open, followed by the click of the lock and Andreaís steps. Andrea reminded him not to open his eyes, and Nathan nodded. He could hear her walk around the room, and soon he caught a whiff of her favorite perfume lingering in the room. She then walked closer to him until her footsteps stopped just a few feet away, and that was when she told him to open his eyes.

Andrea was standing to his left, and yet from his peripheral vision he caught on that she was dressed in something quite new and different. She wasnít wearing ordinary clothes, nor sexy lingerie as she would sometimes surprise him with. This was definitely something new, and as he turned his face and got his first good look, Nathan could only smile at the sight in front of him.

Andrea had been browsing for some sexy lingerie when she found herself at the costume section. She had never tried them before, so her curiosity was piqued. And then she saw the 4 PC. Daisy Bee costume kit that had everything she needed to complete the sexy buzz look. She knew how Nathan loved lines, and she knew it was going to get his eyes following all those lines around her body for sure.

Nathanís eyes were surely following the lines alright, and with that grin on his face, Andrea knew she had chosen the perfect costume. She knew she looked sexy and desirable when she tried them on once they arrived, but seeing Nathans very appreciative eyes on her even made her feel so much sexier and desirable. And just from his gaze she was already feeling hot and horny.

Nathan was still ogling her, with that naughty grin on his face and Andrea decided to get her plan into action. She stepped closer, Nathan eyes still on her as she placed a hand on his chest and gently pushed his into the bed. Nathan followed and lay down, and Andrea followed up by getting herself astride Nathan. His hands started reaching out to her but she held them at bay, looked him in the eye as she placed a finger against her lips to hush him, and gave him a wink and a very naughty smile.

Andrea started moving herself on top of Nathan, and moved her head towards Nathanís face, close but barely touching as she imitated a bee buzzing just above a flower. She was the bee, and she intended Nathan to be the flower. She knew her perfume was working on him as he took a long and deep breath in, savoring the scent, and Andrea took the opportunity to start buzzing Nathan.

She began by nuzzling his neck, letting her hot breath against his skin. She flicked her tongue against his ear, just a small flick for a gentle tease as her fingers were busy unbuttoning his shirts. She got the first button off, and she gently kissed the inch of skin that was revealed. Slowly, she teased Nathan as she deftly undid the next button, followed by another kiss. Nathan was breathing deep, enjoying the sensation, and when she caught him looking at her just as she undid another button, Andrea locked her eyes with him as she slowly and teasingly let her tongue out before licking him.

When she got all the buttons undone, Andrea softly ran her fingers against his chest, giving special attention to Nathanís nipples that were definitely taut and stiff before she lowered her head, started sniffing his chin, giving him a few licks now and then as if she was tasting him, before she let her tongue zero in on Nathan nipples, giving then a few slow licks before taking them inside her mouth. Nathan once again tried to touch her but she gently swatted his hands away, moving her head from left to right, and when Nathan nodded his head in acceptance, she went back to his nipple, giving them licks before sucking them, and hearing Nathan heave was such a turn on. Giving his nipple a good long suck, Andrea then trailed slow gentle kisses towards his other nipple, and gave them slow luscious licks before taking them into her mouth, letting her tongue explore over it before sucking it, and hearing Nathanís breathing get deeper only turned her even more.

Getting his nipples sucked taut and stiff, Andrea gave even more kisses soft kisses and the occasional flick of her tongue on Nathanís chest as she set her hands to unclasp his belt, unbuttoned his pants and took her time to slowly unzip his pants. She was still kissing his chest as he tugged at Nathanís waist to pull them down, and she noticed how hard Nathanís cock was as it sprung to life freed from his pants. The sight of it made Andrea thirsty as she felt a lump in her throat, and so she trailed kisses going downward as Nathan was helping himself get his pants off, his excitement only building up Andreaís own.

Andrea moved her lips just barely touching Nathanís cock, and as their eyes met Andrea breathed out on Nathanís cock, the sensation making his cock twitch and Andrea smiled as she flicked her tongue softly against his raging hard cock, and it twitched again at the contact. Seeing it react to her tongue only made Andrea hornier, so she gave it a few more licks, licking the sides, tracing with her tongue all the way up before she gave the head a soft chaste kiss. Nathan was heaving and breathing deeper now, definitely turned on, and without breaking their gaze Andrea opened her mouth and took Nathanís cock into her mouth.

Nathanís cock was long, warm and hard as she clamped her lips over them before letting her tongue taste them even more. Andrea heard Nathan moan, and this turned her on that she began to suck his cock deeper. Andrea let her tongue wild against Nathanís cock inside her mouth, teasing him before sucking it deeper and harder. She really felt like a bee, and his cock held the nectar of her desires, and she was thirsty, and she wanted nothing more than to taste Nathanís cock juice flowing. Andrea bobbed her head up and down as she held the base of Nathanís cock, pumping it as she sucked it inside her mouth. His cock was just glorious, and Andrea knowing that it was all hers as he took him deep.

Nathan was humping his hips now, and Andrea glanced at Nathan who was watching her, definitely enjoying the sight, and Andrea decided to give him something to keep his eyes locked on she locked his eyes with hers and started sucking him harder and deeper. Andrea knew Nathan was nearly there, and knowing she was the one doing it to him made her feel her pussy moisten even more, making her aware of her own stiff nipples as she bobbed up and down non-stop. She never took her eyes off Nathan, the sight of him enjoying seeing her as she sucked his cock was making her hornier and hotter. Andrea pumped and sucked his cock faster and faster until Nathan could take it no more and Andrea clamped her mouth tight on Nathanís cock and kept on sucking, just as she felt the first spurts of his cock juice inside her mouth, which only made Andrea even more determined to suck all his cock nectar.

And sucked him clean he did. It took Nathan a few minutes before he could find his voice.

ďIím so parched I could really use some pussy juice right now!Ē

Andrea could only smile as she lay down in bed, knowing that the night had just began as she felt Nathan trailing kisses on her thighs towards her very wet and soaked pussy.

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