Nurses Costumes in Australia

Nurses have always been paragons of virtue: their white uniform makes them appear as angels in fine feminine form, and a man who finds himself in need of some medical tender and loving care always thinks that a female nurse is a welcome delight, the sexier the better, even if she is going to give him a shot!

Role play sex can get only kinkier and naughtier when nurse roles are involved, and her patient is just all too eager to be under her “professional” care. Men don’t usually like being helpless, but dressed in this nurse costume, your man will always make an exception.

Discover the sexual thrill of sex roleplaying, and give your man a fix for his fantasy bedside nurse with these nurse women costumes you can buy online here at That’s Naughty Australia. Your lover will surely be healed under your care and instructions, and be ready and be prepared for him to be “bedridden” every night, always waiting for your naughty nightly medical checkups!

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Women’s Costumes – Nurses Heal Me lover

Simon was resting, just another day spent in bed. He caught a serious cold or something, and had to take it easy. It was boring, just lying down, feeling helpless and unable to do anything. But what made the waiting and staying in bed worth it was the scheduled visit from his female nurse. The sight of her always made him feel a little excited, suddenly alert and healthy, but then again he would not have her visit him if he was not in need of medical attention.

As if on cue, his nurse arrived. Her name was Claire, such an innocent name, a riveting contrast to the luscious body she could not hide under her nurse uniform. She was sunshine to this dreary and boring hours spent in bed, and she flashed him her warm smile that never failed to give him warm comfort, only this time he felt a surge of hot desire for his nurse.

What normal man wouldn’t? She may always be dressed in clean whites, but even her nurse uniform could not hide the sexy body underneath. Her breast was just the right size, not too small or too big, but enough to strain against the zipper front of her uniform, with a cleavage Simon wished he could let his tongue dive deep into. But Claire was a professional, and so was he, so Simon tried to mask and hide the lustful desire for his nurse that has grown with her every visit.

Claire stood beside his bed, and the gentle scent of her drifted to Simon’s nose. He loved her scent, and basked in it. She asked him how he was feeling today, and Simon wished he could be honest that he was feeling hot, but kept himself. Claire pressed the stethoscope against his chest, and the rush of excitement building in Simon must have been obvious from the beating of his heart. Claire’s finger brushed against his chest, and Simon felt another shiver of desire. Claire told him he was indeed getting better, and might be able to be off and going in a day or two, upon doctor’s orders. It was good news, but Simon felt a tinge of sadness, for there will be no more scheduled visits from Claire.

Claire noticed that the other side of the bed was rumpled, so she leaned over Simon’s chest to straighten it up, which gave Simon a quick but generous peek at Claire’s cleavage. The sight of Claire’s breast made Simon wish he could lower that zipper front by just using his teeth, and the nearness of Claire and her scent was turning Simon on. But as quick as she leaned over, it was soon over, with Claire telling him to just page if he needed anything. Claire started walking away from the bed. There goes my angel away, Simon sadly though. Simon heard something fall to the floor, and watched as Claire slowly bent over to pick it up.

The sight of Claire legs came to full view, and slowly up towards her ass as her uniform rose as she bent over. Simon caught a good glimpse of the red panties underneath, of her soft and smooth thighs that finally made Simon lose control of his arousal. Claire straightened up, and looked back. Her eyes met Simon’s, and then she was looking at something else for a moment or two before locking her eyes back at him. It was then Simon realized what might have caught Claire’s attention, however briefly.

Simon’s cock had just announced itself by standing straight like a flagpole, its outline masked by the smock he was wearing. Simon didn’t know what to do: he wanted to hide it, but it might be too late, or perhaps Claire must have not seen it. So Simon quickly decided to play the waiting game while meeting Claire’s gaze. And then he saw Claire softly and slowly lick her lips, and Simon felt his cock twitch. Claire stepped backwards, back against the door, and then she locked it.

There were no words spoken as Claire stepped forward closer, and was now beside Simon’s bed, eyes still locked on his as she let her hands roam on Simon’s legs, which made Simon’s cock jerk and Claire caught it in her peripheral vision. Claire placed a finger between her lips, and Simon nodded in silent understanding. Then Claire raised the smock to reveal Simon’s magnificent cock, and Claire bent down to take it into her mouth.

Simon exhaled long as the sensation of Claire’s lips and tongue caressed every inch of his cock. She took him deep, bobbing her head up and down, and Simon could feel his cock get harder. He watched as Claire licked his cock, clamped her lips around the head, gave it a flicks and licks inside with her tongue, before she took his cock deep into her mouth.

He reached out to touch her, and Claire looked at Simon, with cock in her mouth as she signaled him with her open palm. Stop. Don’t. Simon nodded and allowed Claire to continue sucking his cock, and Simon felt she was increasing the pace. Then Claire stopped, only to position herself sitting astride on top of Simon’s, raising her uniform to reveal her red lace panties that already had dark wet spots, rubbing it against his cock. Claire leaned closer, her chest just an inch in Simon’s face. Simon met Claire’s gaze as he bit the zipper and pulled it down.

To reveal her full firm breast clasped in red bra. Simon began licking Claire’s breast as she helped him lower the bra, setting her perfect breast for all of Simon to see. Her nipples were small, and Simon guided his tongue to one, licking and kissing, feeling it harden. He started sucking her nipple, taking her breast inside his mouth as Claire pushed them against his face, her hands now holding his cock, stroking it, and Simon continued to give Claire’s breast the attention they deserve, burying his face between them, inhaling their scent, then went on to lavish attention with his tongue and lips to the other, until both breasts were licked and sucked, nipples stiff with Claire’s arousal and desire.

Simon could feel the Claire’s pussy juices flowing from her thin lace panties against his body and he reached out to cup them, rubbing his fingers forward and backward that sent Claire to exhale a deep sigh at the contact. She was so wet, and this made Simon even harder as she tug at her panties. Claire positioned herself to lie back and raised her legs high as Simon held the edge of the panties and slipped them up and out of her legs. He saw Claire’s shaved pussy glistening with her pussy juices, and Simon felt himself grow thirsty. With her panties now off her, Claire spread her legs and got back in position, sitting on top of Simon, her pussy lips rubbing against his cock. Claire humped her pussy along the length of Simon’s cock, getting the cock wet with her pussy juices before raising herself up, holding Simon’s cock and guided it to the tip of her pussy lips.

And sat down on Simon’s cock, burying it deep inside her dripping love hole.

God she was so tight as Simon felt Claire impale her pussy on his cock, squeezing it. Claire held her hands against Simon, and started pumping up and down. The sight of his nurse riding his cock was so arousing, and Simon paced his own cock to pump up whenever Claire would pump down, making each thrust bury Simon’s cock deeper into her. Simon placed his hands on Claire’s breast, fondling and squeezing them as Claire started riding Simon’s cock. She increased the paced, and the sight of seeing his cock disappear inside her pussy made him pinch Claire’s breast, which elicited a soft moan of approval. Simon wanted to hold Claire, but she just nodded her head, soft hands against his chest, as if telling him to just relax and enjoy the ride she was giving his cock.

No words have been shared between them, and except for the soft moans and sighs the room was quiet, and this only turned Simon even more. His hot nurse was now his cowgirl, riding his cock. Sometimes she rode him slow, letting his cock enjoy the sensation of plumbing her deep pussy, and suddenly she would ride him hard, the sound of the bed creaking with her every pump. Simon decided to give Claire the ride of her life back, and met each and every one of her thrust, leaving Claire parting her mouth, taking fast breaths with every pump movement.

A few more moments and Claire started gasping, and Simon heard her whisper that she was near, the first words she ever said after they started and Simon replied that so was he. Claire rested herself on top of Simon, and he held her close, her breast against his chest as his hands reached out to grab her ass. Claire was still rocking and humping her pussy against Simon’s buried cock, and Simon held her ass tight as he started pounding Claire nonstop, pressing their joined hips closer, felt Claire stay still as he went on pounding her pussy, felt it tighten and squeeze his cock as he heard Claire squeal that she was coming and Simon gave it fast hard pumps then slammed his cock hard and deep, their bodies locked tight and close just as they both had their orgasms bursting from each of them.

Later on, Claire rolled herself to lie beside Simon, and the two looked at each other, big smiles on their faces. It was Simon who spoke first.

“Next time, you become the patient.”

“and you will be the nurse?!” Claire asked.

“No, I will be the doctor!”

The two lovers hugged and cradled each other beside their bed. It was their first role play experience with costumes, and both knew it was only going to get kinkier and wilder. This was just the first costumed role play, and definitely it won’t be the last.

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