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Animal costume for real life yiffing?

When Lisa met Jeff, one of the things she found curious about him was his preference for a pet. It was not usual to meet a guy who was a cat lover, most of the guys she knew preferred dogs, as she did, though she hasn’t had one since she lost her beloved pet years ago. She didn’t have anything against cats, in fact she was amused by them, and meeting Jeff and his cat was like getting to explore two curiosities at the same time. Seeing Jeff care for his pet was just adorable, and Lisa liked him more because of that.

In time, the cat decided to accept Lisa as an honored guest whenever she would drop by Jeff’s apartment. And it was during one of these times when she was petting the cat that Lisa had a flash of inspiration for their next bedroom intimacy. Since Jeff loved cats, she wondered how fun it would be if she surprised her with a cat that was not only fit for his size, but with a naughty attitude to match.

Jeff had given her the keys to his apartment, and that was just perfect for her plan. She had bought what she needed in advance, and when she tried it on it was just perfect. A week later, instead of meeting outside, Lisa messaged Jeff that she would meet him in his apartment. They usually made love in his place, only this time there was an extra naughty surprise. Upon arriving at Jeff’s place, Lisa took a shower, and dressed up for her surprise. Jeff did message that he was on his way in a little while, and Lisa could not help but feel excited for the surprise she had for him.

Jeff unlocked the door and hollered that he had arrived, and then stop at mid-sentence. He could not help but smile at what he saw. Just right after the door was Lisa shoes, which she usually left on the shoe rack. And just after it was her blouse, followed by her skirt. Jeff’s eyes traced the path laid by her clothes, and found her bra hanging on the door knob of the bedroom door that was slightly opened, as if it was an invitation.

And Jeff accepted the invitation, leaving his shoes where Lisa left hers, unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it alongside her blouse. He could feel is cock getting harder as he unbuckled and slid off his pants beside Lisa’s discarded skirt. He was just a few steps from the door when he heard her.

Meow. It was Lisa’s voice.

And Jeff’s curiosity, not to mention his rock hard cock, was even more piqued naughty. He took Lisa’s bra into his hands and moved it close, inhaling the scent. God she smelled arousing, her sweat and perfume mixing into a scent he could never get enough. He placed it back after giving it another good whiff, and opened the door.

And what his eyes saw made him smile. He was expecting her to be naked, but this one was even better, a wild and naughty surprise.

Lisa was on all fours on his bed, and dressed in the Leg Avenue 5 PC. Black Cat Babe wild animals costume. She had a sequin ear headband, a bell choker, ruffle trimmed sequin corset with a tutu skirt and a tail that made her the naughty cat of his fantasies. Lisa met his gaze.

And meowed. It was the sexiest meow that Jeff ever heard, and he felt his cock twitch at the sight of her. He was about to slip off his boxers when Lisa hissed, and when Jeff met her gaze again, she nodded her head towards the partly opened bathroom door. Jeff nodded back. It was the quickest shower Jeff made, and even with the cold water his cock was even more rock hard. And he proudly let it show after he stepped back to the room while still toweling his body. His cock was straight and pointed at Lisa, and when Lisa saw it, she licked her lips, and meowed back.

Lisa crawled on the bed and made space, patting the area she had made available for him. She was wiggling her ass, and her tail moved along with it. Jeff could not believe his eyes, Lisa was just so beautiful playing as a cat, and seeing her up close only made his cock even harder. He reached out to touch Lisa head, and she let him pat her as she imitated how a cat would react. But Jeff was so horny and eager to touch Lisa, but his hand was deflected by her own. The two lovers locked gazes, and Lisa tilted her head down, as if telling Jeff to get in bed and lie down, and so Jeff did.

Seeing Jeff lie down in bed, Lisa meowed, and started snuggling her head against Jeff’s body. She played the cautious cat, pacing slowly, before rubbing against Jeff. She sniffed at Jeff in the way cats do, and when she found his nipple, began licking it like a cat.

Jeff felt the slow luscious licks, and the scent of Lisa’s perfume was just drowning him with passion and lustful craving for her. He was going to reach out to her, but Lisa hissed, looking at Jeff, barring her teeth then giving him a naughty wink and a small smile before going back to licking him. Jeff got the idea, hands off the naughty cat, and so he just lay down and watched his naughty cat lick him. And the sight of Lisa was very, very arousing.

Lisa was getting hornier too, but she wanted to play the fantasy longer, though she would sometimes nibble Jeff’s nipple or give it a gentle bite at her growing excitement. She could see how Jeff was enjoying getting licked, helpless to do anything about it, and this only made Lisa more intent to lick him some more. She could also see that Jeff’s cock was rock hard and begging to be given attention, and so Lisa moved from Jeff’s nipples, tracing downwards, licking at times, and as if looking for something until she got her face just inches away from Jeff’s cock. She made her hands like a paw, and gently swiped at Jeff’s cock like a playful and naughty cat would.

Jeff on the other hand decided to play with his naughty cat. After Lisa swiped his cock, he concentrated on making it harder, and just when Lisa swiped again, it stayed rock hard in place. Lisa swiped again, and Jeff steeled himself even harder, even as the touch of Lisa’s hand on his cock was so arousing. Lisa decided to use two hands, and Jeff let out a moan as Lisa’s hands pawed his cock, running up and down, each stroke a sensation unlike any other.

Lisa enjoyed the game Jeff was playing with her using his cock. And so she decided to be even more playful. She ran her hands on Jeff’s thighs, started stroking his balls while she slowly and cautiously moved her head towards Jeff’s hard cock. She glanced to see Jeff looking at her. She gave the cock a good nudge with her nose, then started rubbing her cheeks along its length. Jeff’s cock was warm against her cheek, and she rubbed her cheeks, her neck, and her chin against its length, stealing occasional glances at Jeff who was now breathing deep with every contact.

She then rubbed the cock against her lips, which sent Jeff moaning. Lisa then let out the tip of her tongue out, and with eyes locked with Jeff’s, she gave it a good slow lick.

Lisa licked slow, started from the base, and all the way to the tip. Then she went down to the base again, and from their licked her way slowly to the top. She did this all around Jeff’s cock, and by the time she had given every inch a lick and a taste of her tongue and lips, a glance at Jeff and she saw that he was raging, and very much turned on. Lisa loved it, and she felt her pussy quench and her clit twitch. She could feel her pussy juices flowing, and just like Jeff she was also very, very, much aroused.

She wanted his cock as much as he wanted her pussy.

So Lisa crawled her way on top of Jeff, running her fingers like claws on his chest. She gripped his chest now and then, and she could see Jeff was aroused by the sensations. When she was all over him, Lisa locked down Jeff’s hands with her own, as if pinning her lover like a mouse. The lovers looked into each other’s eyes before Lisa bowed her head down, purring like a cat, and slowly meowed while she licked and bit Jeff’s ears. Afterwards, she raised herself, squirming, licking her lips.

She glanced at Jeff, and then glanced at her chest, then returned her gaze at him, teasing him by running her tongue slowly n her lips. Jeff was all eyes on her, and she saw him take a deep swallow, before he licked his own lips.

Lisa then turned around, offering Jeff a good view of her ass, before she lowered her head to lick his cock as she slowly lowered her ass towards his face, just as she felt Jeff’s hands started caressing her sexy and shapely ass, and he tongue followed after.

It was going to be one long night of licks and sucks…and fucking, and Lisa took Jeff cock’s into her mouth.

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