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You can but online for sexy women’s Halloween costumes and other sexy costumes to add some role play fantasies into your bedroom intimacies for a more creative, pleasurable and satisfying sex life, made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.

When it comes to wearing costumes, there is no day more apt than the celebration of Halloween. Everyone gets the chance to go out as their favorite character, and this is just perfect for some role playing fantasies come to life, a trick or treat of the naughty and kinky kind in your bedroom. Give your lover a Halloween treat he will never forget garbed in one of our sexy women’s Halloween costumes. Get yourself into character, and add some delicious twist and extra servings of erotic and arousing fun for guaranteed pleasure for you and your lover.

Costumes for haloween

Women’s Costumes – Halloween Fun Trick or Treat!?

Phoebe and Jeff had decided to say home for the night even though there were parties they were invited to. It was Halloween, which also coincides with the first time they met, and both lovers decided to spend it together.

Jeff had plans of watching some movies just right for the season, a Halloween bonding of sorts. But Phoebe had something in mind that was just right for the night. No, nothing scary, but definitely something naughty.

It had been a while since the Halloween Night when the two lovers had met during a costume party, and Phoebe had decided to give Jeff a wonderful surprise for the night. She had browsed through some sexy costumes, and after some searching, she felt she found just the right costume for the occasion. She always felt like a goddess with Jeff, he was so passionate and attentive to her, even giving in to some of her childish whims. And so Phoebe chose the Leg Avenue 2 PC. Goddess Athena costume that included a pleated asymmetrical toga dress with gold rope accent and matching headband, and gave it a fit once the package arrived, swift and discrete as promised. It was a perfect fit for a night that promised blessings of the naughty and kinky kind.

On Halloween night, just when Jeff was about to prepare the movies he planned for them to watch, Phoebe led him to bed, and locked the door, and gave Jeff one hot torrid kiss. She then told him that she had a surprise for him, and since it was Halloween, he could take his pick. The kiss had definitely blown away the movie plans for the night, and Jeff was also interested with the surprise. Phoebe asked Jeff tp make his choice: Trick or Treat!?

Jeff’s eyes shone with the choices offered to him, and asked Phoebe about the details of each. Uh uh, no details until choice was made, and it must be the hot kiss, and the promise of even hotter kisses that made Jeff choose Treat, just as Phoebe knew he would, and the hot kiss was just to seal the deal on that.

Phoebe explained that since Jeff chose Treat, then he would be getting treats for the night. But at the same time, there were Tricks that he had to face, to which Jeff could only smile and nod his head in agreement. Phoebe told him to wait in bed, and as Jeff was about to take off his clothes, she stopped him, and hinted with a naughty smile at Jeff that he should do that later. Jeff got the hint, and settled down in bed while Phoebe went to have a change of clothes for her godly entrance.

When Phoebe went back, she was now in her Athena costume, and from Jeff’s wide smile he knew he loved it. She took her time pacing around the room, making sure Jeff got a good look at her from different angles. Phoebe felt aroused as Jeff’s eyes followed her, and she could feel herself moisten between her legs. She then stood at the edge of the bed, met Jeff’s eyes until she knew she had his full attention.

“Am I your goddess?” Phoebe asked Jeff, who nodded as he replied.

“You should be dressed properly. Surrender to me mortal Jeff. Surrender to me in your flesh. Slowly.”

Jeff smiled back, and slowly followed unbuttoned his shirt. He knew he had a fit body, and took his time unbuttoning. Phoebe loved the strip tease at her command, and every familiar inch of skin and flesh Jeff revealed made her heart beat faster. Soon Jeff had his shirt off, then he shrugged off his pants until he was naked. And not just naked: but also very hard. Phoebe licked her lips at the sight, and Jeff gave her a naughty smile, nodding his head, as if inviting. But if Jeff thought that was it, he was in for a surprise.

Phoebe approached the bed, but not as Jeff would have thought. She made his way to him, even as her eyes were locked on his cock. Phoebe then asked Jeff “Trick or Treat?”, and Jeff chose as he did before: Treat. Phoebe gave him a naughty smile.

“But before the treat…” Phoebe placed her hands on Jeff’s chest as she prodded Jeff to lie down on the bed. Phoebe reached out to the bedside drawer, and took out the two handcuffs that she had also bought with the costume “…it’s my trick first”

Jeff definitely was not expecting handcuffs, but he was man enough to know he was tricked, and accepted it. Phoebe clasped the cuffs around Jeff’s wrist, and cuffed him against the pole edge, and also did the same with his other wrist. Cuffed and arms wide spread, Phoebe, run her hands on Jeff’s face, caressing all the way down to his chest, and going further down. She liked what she saw. Phoebe eased her way back a little, careful not to hit Jeff’s very aroused hard cock, and roamed her eyes over Jeff’s body. It was just perfect!.

“Now comes your treat, my mortal lover” said Phoebe as she locked her eyes with Jeff while she slowly lowered her head to lick and kiss his cock. She saw Jeff grip his hands on the edge of the headboard, and Phoebe never took her eyes off Jeff, seeing him helpless under her naughty treat was making her hornier, and she expressed it with her tongue and mouth on his cock.

She gave soft kisses and slow licks until she had every inch of Jeff’s cock a taste of her tongue. She then started licking it up and down, then all around before taking the head inside her mouth. Phoebe sucked the head, and she heard Jeff breathe deeply at the sensations. Phoebe cupped Jeff’s balls as she took his cock more inside her mouth and started sucking him. Jeff’s cock was so hard and Phoebe loved having it inside her mouth, assaulting it with her tongue that made Jeff grip and squirm with every delicious action of Phoebe’s tongue. Phoebe was even more aroused now, and she could feel her pussy juices flowing as she sucked Jeff’s cock. Just in time for her next plan, as she kissed Jeff’s cock before facing him again.

“Trick or Treat!?” And Jeff chose treat. Phoebe raised the hem of her costume, to reveal that she was wearing nothing underneath, and Jeff saw her wet pussy. Jeff’s eyes bulged at the sight of her aroused pussy, and his reaction only made Phoebe feel even hotter. She teased Jeff if he wanted her pussy, and Jeff replied by licking his lips before answering back. Phoebe smiled back, and whispered “Trick!” just as she revealed the blindfold for Jeff to see, before snapping it on his eyes.

With Jeff now blindfolded. Phoebe positioned herself, raised her costume to reveal her naked and wet pussy, and guided it against Jeff’s mouth.

Jeff’s mouth was quick and must have been thirsty after all the tease as he licked and kissed Phoebe’s pussy. His tongue was relentless, and Phoebe found herself gripping the headboard for support as Jeff’s thirsty tongue sliced and led the way, licking and kissing her pussy lips. Phoebe eased herself in position, and savored all the delicious licks and sucks Jeff was giving her pussy, and she really felt like a Goddess, and Jeff was worshipping her pussy with his mouth. Phoebe lowered herself until Jeff found her clit, and she braced herself for a furious licking that was edging her closer and closer that Phoebe had to move back.

Phoebe was so turned on, and she took off Jeff’s blindfold. She just had to have his cock. She positioned herself on top of him, legs on his side. She held his cock, and guided it between her legs. She let the tip touch her pussy, and the contact made her shiver. She was so horny now, and as their eyes locked together, Phoebe lowered her pussy on Jeff’s cock.

The sensation was mind blowing as she felt Jeff’s cock slice her pussy apart and Phoebe basked in the sensation, grinding her pussy even more to take Jeff’s cock deep and full inside her. No words were said as she placed her hands on Jeff’s chest and started pumping up and down. She was so horny, and knowing she was just moments away from orgasm made her pump even faster. Jeff met her thrust as she went down, and soon the lovers found the perfect pace, and each thrust was a glorious sensation as hard cock and wet pussy joined together. Phoebe was delirious with pleasure, and she met and locked her eyes with Jeff’s as she asked him to call her his goddess, to worship her, and as Jeff began speaking out like a devoted mortal, calling her his goddess, praying that she fuck his cock hard and deep only made Phoebe even hornier that she pumped herself harder and faster until she could take it no more, and she slammed her pussy deep against his cock and braced herself as her orgasm finally ripped through her, taking her breath away that she slumped against Jeff’s chest.

For the first minutes there was only silence, except for their breathing as Phoebe felt her orgasm fading, her pussy that gripped Jeff’s cock started letting go. She looked up and met Jeff’s gaze, and the lovers smiled. But before she could say something, Jeff spoke out first.

“Goddess, as you can surely feel, my cock is still very hard, and would like to worship you more. Can you please free me from these chains so I can fuck you like a goddess deserves!?”

Phoebe could only nod as she licked her lips. She knew the night had just begun. And the thought of the long night of fucking was making her horny. She reached out to get the keys to unlock the cuffs, thinking that she had played her tricks on Jeff anyway, and now he gets to do as he pleases, as she was his chosen Treat!

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