Your lover may have cringed and had nightmares about stories and ideas of monster, but he surely would welcome a visit from a monster as sexy and naughty as you would be when you surprise him for some fantasy role play sex dressed in monster women’s costume you can but online here at That’s Naughty Australia.

Because not all monsters and scary, and naughty is the way to go for a sexy twist as you turn his childhood nightmares into adult, sexy, and intimate fun. These women’s costume comes in vivid colors, perfect to set him at ease, and surely he would welcome you every night for some monster naughty fun in your bedroom.

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Monster costumes for the ladies

When Rachel got to know David, he shared memories of his childhood fears concerning monsters: of monsters lying under the bed, or monster hiding in the closets. The two had a good laugh as David shared his memories, like the times he would pee in his pants because he was afraid his foot would be pulled once he steps off the bed on the way to the bathroom. Rachel on the other hand spent a childhood that was quiet different: though she did start at first afraid of monsters, she was more curious about how they really looked like, where they came from, what games they played. It may have sounded weird, but she was a curious child, and not too long she decided that monsters were just something that adults created to make kids obey, though she somehow spent part of her childhood playing monster pranks to other kids, not out of cruelty, but just being a kid.

And it was this memory of David and his childhood monsters that gave the naughty idea to Rachel.

They had been getting naughtier with their bedroom intimacies, and have tried adding costumes for fantasy role play sex, and the results have been very orgasmic. But there was a costume that Rachel had not tried yet, because it represented a challenge for her. But what’s a little challenge for the man she loves? Rachel bought the Leg Avenue 3 PC. Flirty Gerty which came with furry monster hood with claw ties,spotted bodysuit, and a furry snap-up bendable tail. She got the size just right, and after much thinking, Rachel decided on her naughty plan, and put it into action the next time they met.

On that night, the lovers found themselves in the bedroom. David just knew how to turn her on, with the right touches and the right kisses. But Rachel wanted to return the favor, not to mention to spring her surprise that even as David’s kisses and touches were making her hot and wet, she was able to get him into the bed, and told him she had a naughty surprise. David looked at her with a sharp gaze, and the childlike but definitely naughty smile formed in his face. Rachel told him to stay in bed, under the covers, and no peeking. This made David only eager to discover his surprise, and like a good naughty adult got himself comfortable as Rachel went to the bathroom to change.

Rachel got into the costume, and took a peek at David through the slightly parted door. He was playing by her rules, and his outline could definitely be seen under the blanket. Rachel even smiled at the unmistakable outline of his cock that looked like there was a tent underneath the blanket. They usually made love with the lights on, the looks they gave each other while making love was an erotic treat for both. But for tonight, something different.

“No peeking okay!”

“I promise!”

And with that, making sure David was not peeking, Rachel dashed to the light switch and turned off the lights. She didn’t make a sound, getting her eyes accustomed to the darkness. At the same time she wanted to excite and keep David guessing. After a few moments she had gotten accustomed to the dark, the familiar outlines of the room coming into view. Rachel decided to start to play her role, and with a loud voice imitated a monster who had just stepped into the room.

“Hmmmm, I smell a human! I wonder where the puny human is hmmmm”

David who was making movements under the blanket suddenly became still. Rachel stomped around the room, and added “ Hmmmm, I smell a hard cock somewhere. And I want to taste some cock myself hmmmm”

She saw David wagging his cock underneath the blanket, and Rachel stifled a sudden urge to laugh. She composed herself, and stomped some more, opening a drawer here while “calling” out to the “yummy human” to come out. She got beside the bedroom, and she could see David become still. She flicked the lamp at the side, knowing the illumination would give him an idea of her outline.

Rachel sniffed around, and she went closer to David. She saw his cock pop out like a tent, and she went after it, crawling on top of the bed and zero in on his cock.

“Hmmm I smell a cock is near somewhere, yummy yummy cock, I want it” before she grabbed David’s cock with her hands.

Rachel stroked David’s cock against the blanket, and she could feel its hardness and warmth, and she felt even hornier. She gave it a few good pumps before she started held it at the base and started sniffing it. Rachel tried to pull the blanket down, but David was playing with her, gripping the blanket over his head. Rachel was now more turned on, and decided to play some more with David cock tent.

She rubbed her face against the outline of his cock, gripping and squeezing it at the same time. She detected a small moan come from David, and so she decided to get on top on him. She rubbed his cock against her thighs, all the way down to between her legs, sitting on his cock and rubbing and grinding it. She then tried to pull the blanket again, but David was holding them tight. Rachel ran her hands against his chest, going up. David’s cock was now rock harder and warm even against the blanket, and the playful naughty monster in her wanted a taste of it.

She was now all fours on top David as she gripped the blanket and tugged at it, and out came David, peeking at her.

“Boo! I found the human, and he has a hard cock that I want harharhar” Rachel had cornered her prey.

David was smiling when she saw the costume, his eyes tracing the outline of Rachel, from her head all the way down. He liked what he saw, and he licked his lips in appreciation. This was one naughty monster whose nightly visit he would welcome anytime.

“Please hungry monster, please don’t eat me!” David pleaded like a little boy.

Rachel pulled the sheet off David, then held him down. Rachel imitated a roar, baring her teeth like a monster, but her naughty smile was there for David to see, and David squirmed as Rachel bent down to start “devouring” him with kisses and licks on his neck.

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