Vampires and witches have always been portrayed as the bad ones, the evil ones in our childhood stories, the characters that must be avoided, lest they suck out your blood or brew you some potion and get you under an evil spell. But when it comes to fantasy sex role play with womenís costumes, the bad ones can actually be very good!

Curious how good the naughty fun would be dressed as a vampire or a witch? For your costume needs, Thatís Naughty Australia offers you a selection of womenís costume vampires and witches for your next role play naughty fun. Take your costume pick, and surprise your lover for biting, sucking and spellbound naughty fantasies brought to life. You can buy online for sexy Vampires and Witches costumes and other sexy costumes sets, costume kits and womenís costume accessories to add role play fantasies into your bedroom intimacies for a more creative, pleasurable and satisfying sex life, made available for you by Thatís Naughty Australia.

Vampire costumes online

When Diane met Tom, one of the things she discovered they shared was a love for vampires. They both loved the same authors, as well as hated the same the same authors too when it comes to vampire inspired themed book and movies. Their similarities made them click, and their differences made way to balance things up. The relationship went good, and the sex was only better. Both were generous in giving and taking pleasure, and when they discovered that both were curious about playing fantasy roles, their sex life just got the green light for some kinky and naughty pleasures ahead.

And that is how Tom found himself cuffed to the bedroom post, though not really by choice since Diane was witty enough to distract him with hot kisses and suddenly he felt the metallic click of cold metal against his wrist. Diane smiled at him when he looked at her while giving the handcuffs an amused and surprised look, and Diane hinted that it was part of the surprise for the night. And though not many details were shared, Tom was curious what the surprise was all about, and decided to be man enough to let Diane have her way. Tom was waiting for Diane to come out of the bathroom, and thinking about what naughty surprise was in store for him, aside from the handcuffs and the love mask, only made his cock harder.

Diane was dressed for the night, and she had the perfect attire for Tom that she brought from her favorite adult sex store where she used to buy vibrators and some other naughty essentials. Since meeting Tom she had made fewer purchases, since Tom was there to satisfy her sex needs, but with the new direction of their sexual relationship, she found the perfect toys now that they were a couple. She gave herself one last look in the mirror, satisfied at what she saw, and stepped out of the room.

She saw Tom as she had left him, cuffed and blindfolded. She tiptoed as she made her way towards Tomís side, and then laid her fingers against his chest, raking it slowly, and the sensation made Tom exhale. Tom was powerless under the handcuffs, and this gave Diane a sense of power and domination that she was definitely enjoying. The sight of Tom just there, waiting for her to do as she pleased aroused her, and she was intent on sharing the erotic and stimulating feelings with him.

She went astride on Tom, running hands all over his body, and she bent to be near his face, breathing on his neck, giving him a few licks now and then, and seeing Tom surprised at where and when she would make contact was making Diane even more aroused. She bent over Tomís neck, and gently took a bite.

Tom felt something sharp on his neck just as Dianeís mouth went over it. Sharp, with a bit of pain, but it was also erotic and arousing. The sensation brought images into his mind, just as Diane bit him again, the sharp bite now over his left shoulder. He didnít mind the biting pain, because if what he thought was right, it was going to be a night of naughty fantasy that he definitely would welcome.

And that was the moment when Diane lowered down Tomís love mask and he got his first look at her. Dianne was wearing a costume, and though the costume didnít make itself clear to him, she saw her sharp teeth, and he smiled for it was indeed what he thought it was. Diane had bought the Leg Avenue 4 PC. Love Bite Vampire costume that came with mini hat with bat applique, corset top, neck piece, and garter skirt with bow back. She was stunning, so sexy and desirable, and she was dressed in one of his favorite fantasies. She reminded him of the movies and books he read, and seeing her now was making his cock harder.

Diane traced her fingers against Tom face and let it rake down his body, all the way across his chest and further down his waist. Tomís bulge was evident in his boxers, and Diane wasted no time lowering the boxers down to reveal Tomís hard cock. Not a word was said between the lovers, but their eyes held each other, and Tom saw Diane smiling at him, a naughty yet beautiful vampire smile, white fang out, and Tom acted as if under her spell, his eyes followed her as she bent down towards his cock and gave it a flick of her tongue.

The contact of her tongue, coupled with her costume was a big turn on for Tom, and his cock was testament to this as it twitched at the sensation of Dianeís tongue licks. The lovers still held each otherís eyes, and Tom was squirming with ecstasy as Dianeís tongue gave his cock a few more erotic licks, before she held the base of his cock and pressed her sharp fangs over it.

The sensation was exquisite as Tom could not help but moan at the sensation of getting his cock bitten by his very own naughty vampire. Pain and pleasure rippled through Tomís body as Diane increased the biting pressure which made Tomís cock even harder. She did this a couple more time, leaving faint bite marks over Tomís cock.

ďYes, I am a vampire, but Iím different than otherís you may have heard or read. I do not crave blood.Ē said Diane.

ďWhat do you crave then?Ē Tom asked.

Diane gave him a naughty smile, flashing her fangs as she gripped his cock between his fingers.

ďI crave this.Ē as Diane bent down and started sucking Tomís cock. Yes she was a vampire, but not out for blood, but for Tomís cock juice. The sight of Diane sucking him was not new and Tom loved seeing her do it. But there was something about her doing it while wearing a vampire costume, and doing so with an urgency as if she really was craving for his cock juice that Tom canít help but be aroused more than he could remember, and each moment seeing Diane sucking him deep and hard was getting him nearer to exploding his cum juice inside her mouth.

Diane was not stopping, and she was picking the pace as she pumped and sucked her way on Tomís cock. She squeezed Tomís balls as she sucked him harder, and faster, and a glance at Tom revealed that he was enjoying what he saw, and he was definitely aroused. Seeing Tom helpless made Diane more intent on sucking him off like he never experienced before, and as the loverís gaze held each other, what they saw of each other only made them hornier than never before. Diane saw Tom taking deep breaths, trying to prolong his ejaculation for a few more moments and this made Diane suck his cock even deeper until Tom groaned that he was cumming. Diane clamped her mouth on his cocked and sucked him hard, just as she felt Tomís cock stiffen and spurt his precious cock juice inside her mouth.

Diane kept on sucking, and Tom could only moan as his very sensitive cock was sucked to glorious pleasure. The sensation was too much, and he tried to hold off as much as possible, hoping Diane would let go but her naughty vampire mouth stayed clamped, and kept on sucking that Tom had to beg her off, for she was driving him crazy. Diane gave it one last suck, then raised her head to look at Tom, smiling as she licked her lips.

Tom took a few moments to catch his breath before he could find his voice. ďCan we take these off now so I can fuck you back!Ē Tom asked as he flexed his wrist.

ďTake them off!? But we only have begun, my mortal beloved. And you are all mine for the night!Ē Diane replied as she slowly unlaced her corset top. Her nipples were so stiff, and she wanted them licked and sucked like never before. Oh yes the naughty night had just began!

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