Though there is the stigma of drug abuse when one hears the word “hippie” or that attributed to the hippies movement of the 60’s, its contributions to society is much more than just that, and many of them still persist today in modern life. Other notable contributions of the movement are in the idea of peace, love, understanding and acceptance for difference between people, organic produce, free press and alternative lifestyle. But most noticeable among these is the visual impact it had on art and clothing, vivid colors that represented the diversity and possibilities of a better life as compared to the setting from where the movement was born.

"Make love, not war" stands as one of the most famous lines from that movement, and you can evoke the feeling of the 60’s, add a dash of naughty fun for your next bedroom fantasies with women’s Hippies costume you can buy online. Play some good ole classic music from the sixties and you and your lover will be ready for a naughty trip like no other.

You can buy online for sexy Hippies women’s costumes and other sexy and naughty women’s costumes to add the thrill and excitement of role play fantasies into your bedroom intimacies for a more creative, pleasurable and satisfying sex life, made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.

Hippie costumes for loving

John and Dana just came from a 60’s themed gathering. It was like walk back through time, to fashion and music that was the rave during their parents time. The 60’s is an iconic decade, and the party provided some interesting insights to the past. Everyone was cool at the party, everyone greeting everyone with peace signs, and even John had a very interesting time seeing people emulate the fashion of the decade, the attitude. The music was great too! It was a very good party.

But what made John like the party even better was seeing Dana in her costume. Dana had purchased the Leg Avenue 2 PC. Hippie Girl costume, a bell sleeved dress with matching headband. The colors was the classic retro palette of the decade, bright colors that may have looked ridiculous but not o when it was Dana wearing them. She looked just so beautiful, and the headband that came with the costume was perfect in giving her that hippie look. He really felt that Dana really enjoyed the party, and was not only in costume but also in the mood, bright and bubbly. And now seeing her walk I front of him, of her short dress that only enhanced her very sexy legs gave John a sudden hard on.

John walked towards Dana, asked her if she was sleepy after all the partying. She was just so sexy, and her slow walk gave him a good view of her legs, which made John eager to see the hem go higher. When Dana told him that no, she wasn’t sleepy, John took the last steps closer and made a sudden grab at Dana’s ass.

“Make love, not sleep!” John whispered at Dana, who was now squirming at the sensation of John’s hands on her ass.

Dana was loving it, and about time John finally decided to make his move. She chose this costume not just because it was perfect for the party, but she felt sexy wearing it. And now feeling John’s hands tracing the curves of her ass was turning her on even more. She had enjoyed the party, but what she also enjoyed was catching John’s look at her. She made sure to play the free spirited hippie girl during the party, making small teases throughout, nothing that obvious, and they seemed to have paid off.

The two lovers found their way to the bedroom, and Dana lay face down, hands on the bed as John’s hand was still bus exploring her ass with his hands. John squeezed Dana’s ass, which made her moan, and curious as to what she was wearing underneath, he slowly raised it up, and smiled at what he saw.

Her undies was a bloom of vivid colors, just as her dress was, and John traced his palm against the fabric, running his finger along the panty line of her hips, and followed all the way down to cup her pussy. He found her wet, and he pressed his fingers against the wetness, rubbing at Dana’s clit against her undies, which elicited a curse word, and John loved it when Dana cursed because it just meant he was hitting the right spot. He kept on rubbing her clit, which made Dana shiver and raise her ass. Her ass bumped against the outline of John’s front, his cock tight in his pants. Dana must have felt it because she pressed her assed against John, grinding it closer, and John was only too happy to press harder his crotch against Dana’s ass, his hand still cup over her pussy, and feverishly rubbing her clit.

Dana was getting wetter, and John’s hands on her pussy and his hard cock bulge on her ass was getting an effect on her. She knew if he kept long at it she would be cumming in her panties, but she didn’t want that. She wanted to cum with his cock on her, and so she took a deep breath even when it was difficult under John’s relentless strokes on her pussy and clit.

“Make love to me baby. Not war, not sleep, not anything else. Just make love to me.” Dana told John as she flashed him the peace sign while grinding ass against his crotch.

John was so horny too at this time, and smiled at Dana back. They may have come from a party, but now they were going to start a different kind of party.

“Would you like to try some peace pipe, my flower girl?” John asked Dana as he took a step back.

Dana knew what John wanted, as she also wanted it. Dana went down on her knees, and started unbuckling John’s pants. The two glanced at each other, and both knew the real party was just about to begin.

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