Gypsy Costumes for Halloween and bedroom fun

Gypsies are known for so many things, as well as for the mysteries and secrets they live as they travel from one place to the other. Their clothing is usually composed of vivid colors, and they are said to delve in the arcane and extraordinary such as fortune telling.

When it comes to Gypsy women, they have their own charm, and are known to be passionate, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. And when it comes to costumes, Gypsies costumes are not only eye pleasing, but also lends the wearer a certain mysterious aura just waiting to be explored, perfect for some sexy and naughty intimacies. You can but online for gypsies costume and other sex costumes to add a dash of mystery and thrill to your bedroom fantasies, made available for you by Thatís Naughty Australia.

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Womenís Costumes Ė Gypsies For the Ride

Toni came to discover sexy costumes by accident. She was browsing for some lingerie, a new sexy piece to add some dash of spice and everything naughty and extra nice for their bedroom intimacies, especially for their anniversary that was drawing near. She was looking for something new that Ted had not seen before, and she wanted to surprise him, to keep their bedroom antics fresh and exciting. And thatís how she got to discover sexy costumes. The others were familiar to her, though she wasnít really a fan of costumes. But when she saw the sexy gypsy women costumes, there was something about them that tugged at her. It must have been the colorful fabric, or the sexy cut, but in the end Toni decided to get it instead of the usual lingerie, something that would be a new surprise for Ted.

The package arrived with a few days to spare, and Toni gave it a try. When she finally got the bandana on her head, Toni was pleased. It was a new look for her, made her look exotic, mysterious. It was a different kind of sexy for her, it was not too revealing like the other sexy lingerie she had, which for some reason appealed to Toni. She glanced at the full length mirror, and she loved what she saw. It was a different her, and she decided not just to look different, but also act different, to make their anniversary celebration much more special and unforgettable.

Toni knew she was more submissive than aggressive when it comes to sex. But now, wearing something new and definitely something she felt sexy in, she decided to give Ted a different kind of surprise. For the coming night, she would play a role she has never done before: she will be passionate and expressive as she never has been. To complete the look, she put on black eyeliner and matte red lipstick. Now, she definitely looked like a sultry gypsy woman.

She decided to take control of the night from the first moment. When Ted arrived, he barely had time to take a good look at her attire whose colors and cut he definitely noticed when Toni surprised him with a surprise torrid kiss. It was something Ted was not expecting, and the thrill of making the first moves sent a shiver of thrill inside Toni. And as fast and as hot the kiss was, Toni broke it off and sauntered off towards their bedroom, leaving Ted a good view of her back as she gave it her best sexy walk, knowing how her attire showed off her long and shapely legs. She paused and lifted them hem at the back, revealing her naked ass, and she wasnít wearing any underwear beneath the short halter dress.

Ted was indeed surprised, he had not even been able to close the door and there went Toni, the surprise hot kiss and her sexy walk made him go after her but after few steps he remembered that the door was still open.

When Ted arrived in the bedroom, Toni was lying in bed, the sexy cut of her attire showing off all her familiar curves but in a new light. Toni liked the look he saw on Tedís eyes, and Toni knew she looked sexy, and seeing the affirmation in Tedís eyes only turned her on.

Ted was so eager to get off his clothes that he was fumbling with his tie and his buttons, but that would not do. Toni raised her hand with an open palm and told Ted in her sexiest voice to do it slowly. Ted was an eager beaver, but he got the point, and stood tall and proud as he gently took of his clothes. Toni was having fun at the reversal of roles, usually it was her who made the strip tease act, but now the tables were turned. Ted finally got his tie off and let it drop to the floor, started with the buttons of his shirt, one at a time until they were undone and he took them off. Toni was familiar with Tedís chest, but seeing him do it slowly, on her command was a kinky and naughty sensation she never thought of before. Tedís hands was soon on the buckle of his belt when Toni shook her head as she lifted a finger and motioned Ted to come closer.

Toni waved her arms across the empty bed and Ted took his place. He was so eager to touch Toni and again she stopped him by spanking his hands, and told him to use only his tongue. Ted had a naughty grin and glint in his eyes as he started exploring Toni with is tongue, and Tedís submissiveness to Toni was an arousing treat, He started kissing her face, placing soft kisses across her cheeks and chin before taking Toni into his mouth, then went on as he sent his lips and tongue downwards towards her chest, and Toni basked at the tenderness Ted was giving her.

Toni then pushed Ted down and got on top of him. Ted tried again to touch her but Toni spanked his hands again, and Ted smiled as he raised them in surrender and placed them on his side. Toni got Ted hands on her own, pinned them down as she started ravishing Tedís chest, kissing and licking hard, even gave him a few naughty bites that made Ted moan in surprised delight. Toni made her tongue work all their talents on Tedís nipples, licking and sucking until Tedís nipples were hard, and his helplessness to touch her aroused Toni even more.

Toni sat and positioned herself atop Ted, and slowly she opened her top, and Tedís eyes were glued as she revealed inch after skin of her hot flesh. She freed her breast, her own nipples stiff and hard as she slowly lowered them to lips. Ted let his tongue out, and let it have a taste of Toniís nipples. She let him lick and suck it for a while before she pulled out, and offered him the other breast and again, Ted took his time taking the offered breast to his mouth, each lick and suck making Toni even wetter, and she knew Ted knew it as her pussy was just against his body, and the sensation felt so good.

Ted had been a good and obedient lover, and Toni decided to give him what he deserved. He had sucked and licked her breast until her nipples were stiff and hard, and Toni then started to lick and kiss Ted from his neck going all the way down his chest, and downward more. She unbuckled his belt just as she left his chest, and zippered him down and pulled his pants and his boxers off him. Tedís cock stood in hard attention, proud as a pole, and Toniís eye widened at the hardness of it. There was some precum on the tip, and Toni placed a finger to wipe it off, and the sensation only made Ted twitch his cock. Toni wrapped Tedís cock between her fingers, and slowly started pumping it as her other hand went to cup his balls. Toni gave it a few more pumps as she positioned herself, and then she took his cock deep inside her mouth, making sure not to let it hit inside until she got it whole, breathed out and then clamp her lips and tongue on it.

Ted could not stifle a moan at the pleasure Toni was giving him, and Toni loved every moment of it. She gave it a good suck, then took it out, breathing against Tedís cock before licking very inch of it, then taking him whole again inside her mouth. Ted was so aroused now, and he started to pump it but Toni held his hips down, gave him a glaring look, and Ted nodded as he lay still, enduring each and every kiss and suck and bite of Toniís on his cock. Toni was getting more turned on, and her pussy was drenched with her love juices. Her tongue action on Ted had made him so hard, and Toni just then felt she wanted it inside her.

Toni positioned herself on Tedís cock, giving Ted a good look at her wet and aroused pussy as she guided his cock to touch her pussy lips, playing the head against the parted wet lips, enjoying the sensation before she let herself be impaled on it. The sensation was exquisite as Toni clenched her pussy half buried on Tedís cock before pulling it out slowly, then guided it back again, knowing she was so wet that she let it slide inside of her, taking his cock deep and full in her pussy. Toni moaned as she arched her back, hearing Ted moan at the same time, his cock deep inside her making her hornier, and very wet. Toni placed her hand on Tedís chest, and she began pumping.

She started slow, getting used to her position until she found the angle and the rhythm that was just right. She humped and rocked her hips against Ted, sending his cock deep inside her and Toni felt even more aroused. She had always been laidback, submissive, but not anymore, and she was enjoying riding Tedís cock and being in control, and kept on the pace, pumping and humping harder as she met Tedís gaze. She started riding Tedís cock faster, and each thrust only made her hornier as she humped him harder, her pussy wet and drenched, juices flowing over Tedís cock and she knew she was near.

Toni didnít stop, as powerful sensation ripped through her with every pump. She knew Ted was enjoying her ride, and knowing that only made her pump harder, deeper, until she felt that she could not take it anymore and she moaned she was near. She pumped her pussy deeper into Tedís cock, grinded her pussy close, feeling her pussy squeeze as her orgasms finally ripped through her as she also felt Tedís cock squirting his cock juice inside her, the sensations making Toni feel so full, and fulfilled as she basked in every moment of their shared orgasm before she slumped herself on Tedís chest.

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