A costume becomes so much more and not just something you wear when it has all the details to make the role complete. The details are important, since they give the costume its own face and identity. And when it comes to getting the look right, you can be confident that you are dressed properly when you buy online for licensed women’s costume we have made available for you here at That’s Naughty Australia.

Most men love the thrill offered by the skies, and you can give him a cruise of the naughty kind when you show up dressed in an aviator costume,

his pilot and guide to fly the naughty skies and discover the thrill of orgasmic heaven. Or if you want to accommodate the PC Gamer in him, get the Leg Avenue 3 PC. American McGee`s Alice, and remind him that this is another kind of game, and you can play it with him! Choose the role that appeals to you, get into the naughty character for fantasy role play sex like never before.

You can buy online for Licensed costumes and other sexy costumes to add some role play fantasies into your bedroom intimacies for a more creative, pleasurable and satisfying sex life, made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.

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Gwen loved to dress, and though Mike was no fashion expert, he loves the outfits that Gwen would choose, be it for when they were just going outside or just at home spending some quality intimate time. Gwen worked as a nurse, and Mike had always had a thing for nurse uniforms, and though Gwen was adamant about having sex just when she came from work, she did don her costume once for him, played the role as his own personal and naughty nurse, and the that followed was mind blowing, the foreplay very much arousing. From that day on, the couple started delving into the world of fantasy role play sex, and they both loved it.

Their anniversary was coming, and Gwen hinted that she had a surprise for him. The naughty glint in her eyes when she said it gave Mike a clue that it was going to be spectacular and naughty, but pressing Gwen for details and clues only made her play the shy and coy character, teasing him, which only made Mike even eager and looking forward to what was in store. Gwen told him to be patient as she ran her fingers across her body, and Mike could not help but grab and hug her, and the two went to their bed.

Anniversary night came and after enjoying a quiet dinner for two, they were back in their room, and Mike was in bed while Gwen went to prepare for the surprise. The wait was like torture, and when Mike finally heard the door unlock, he was like a little boy on Christmas morning eager to get his hands on his gifts. Gwen finally stepped into view,

And Mike could not find the words and just whistled his approval at what he saw.

Gwen came out wearing the Leg Avenue 4 PC. Top Gun Women’s Bomber Jacket Set. It was as if a different kind of bomb was dropped into the room, and Mike could hear only his breathing and his pulse increase at the sight before him. Gwen knew Mike was an Air force buff, and this was just the perfect naughty surprise for him. Mike was still quiet and awestruck as Gwen took slow sexy steps closer to him.

“Happy Anniversary! Like it?” Gwen asked Mike as she lowered the aviator glasses to meet his eyes before turning around to give him a good look at her.

Mike could only lick his lips as he nodded his head, his eyes locked on target on Gwen and her costume. And was she hot! Her top that was a little unzipped gave him a view of her cleavage, and the short skirt made her already sexy legs even sexier. Mike felt himself get locked and loaded, his cock like a bomb primed and roaring to go.

Gwen noticed the bulge too, and she locked her eyes on it until Mike noticed that she knew. Their eyes met each other as Gwen stepped forward and pushed Mike into the bed. As Mike got comfy, Gwen got on top of him, and took off the aviator glasses. Their eyes met, and Mike was sure she could see the lust in his eyes as he also saw that Gwen definitely got that hot gaze from her eyes.

Mike reached down at Gwen’s skirt, and she moved a bit, giving him access. His hands found her pussy, and it was hot and wet. Gwen was not wearing any undies underneath, and Mike’s nimble finger traced Gwen’s pussy until he found her clit that his fingers were tracing for, and stroked it.

Gwen was busy unbuttoning Mike’s shirt, and when she got them all off she parted them and laid her hands on Mike’s chest as she basked in the sensation of Mike’s finger caressing her clit. The sensation was so good that her fingers clawed into Mike’s chest, causing him to moan at the sensation. Mike started rubbing Gwen’s clit faster as Gwen pressed herself closer, getting hornier with every delicious flick of Mike’s fingers. She didn’t want to come, not yet, so he held Mike’s hand to a stop, and then started unbuckling his belt, then came the zipper and Mike helped her get his pants off. With his cock now ramrod hard, Gwen pressed it down, and sat her pussy lips along its length, grinding herself, getting the length of Mike’s cock coated with her pussy juices.

Gwen then took Mike’s hands and placed them on her chest, and Mike took his time slowly unzipping her top as he was enjoying the contact of Gwen’s wet pussy against the length of his cock. He got the zipper down, and parted them to reveal Gwen’s black lace bra, and Mike slowly let his fingers run along its line before slipping a finger in at the edge, then lowered it to reveal Gwen’s breast free. Her nipples were hard, but not hard enough as he played with one between his fingers. Gwen moaned, pressing her pussy wider against the length of Mike’s cock, just as Mike squeezed her nipples.

Their eyes, met, and Mike licked his lips, his tongue tip out and sharp, and Gwen lowered her breast and Mike welcomed them between his lips. Gwen rocked her pussy harder along the length of Mike’s cock as Mike started taking her breast slowly inside his mouth, to be licked and tasted by his lips and tongue. The two lovers enjoyed the sensations, of giving and receiving exquisite erotic and arousing pleasure.

Gwen felt Mike’s hard cock, and she too was craving to feel it fuck her pussy. She raised herself up, and met Mike’s eyes, seeing his lust for her as he must also be seeing the lust in her eyes for him. Gwen reached down to Mike’s cock, holding it, felt it wet and slick from her pussy juices. She guided and teased it against her pussy lips, locked eyes again with Mike and slowly let it slide inside her, enjoying every inch as it penetrated her vagina, and gave it a good hump, getting it in as she felt Mike’s hands back on her breast.

Gwen started pumping, as Mike met her every thrust, slowly going faster as both began to climb the naughty skies, cruising to orgasmic heights. Both lovers knew it was going to be one long hot and wet night!

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