Strong. Gentle. Tempered. Forceful. These are just some of the imagery that people in military uniforms are seen through many eyes. Men in uniform embody the strength of ones nation in keeping the peace, and yet ready in a moment’s notice to go where the fight should be done. The Military had always been a domain of men, of strength and purpose.

And there is just something sexy, enticing, thrilling, that rush of blood when you see a woman in military uniform. It must be in knowing that female as she may be, she embodies the strong fighting spirit within that luscious body of luscious curves and hills. And when it comes to bedroom fantasy sex role play, a woman playing the dominant role wearing a military uniform is a turn on any man would be willing to be positioned under, for some power sex role plays that promises exciting, thrilling, and explosive passionate sex.

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Animal hoods for real life yiffing?

John was lying in bed while Tessa was preparing the surprise she had hinted for him. The two lovers had recently discovered the sensual naughty fun with fantasy sex role play. Last time, John played the role of a cop gone naughty, and when he portrayed the part that started with a body search that was more than what was prescribed by the law, the night started out naughty and sexually charged, and ended with the two lovers discovering new sensual sides to their own personality.

Now it was Tessa’s turn to play the part, and John was curious as to what Tessa had in store for him. She never gave him any hints, save that he should prepare himself. The wait for the surprise was making John even hornier, and he could not wait until Tessa would finally show herself, just as he heard the door creak, and Tessa came out.

Tessa came into his view wearing the Leg Avenue Major Mayhem costume set. Her dress was ribbon trimmed, had button accents, shoulder epaulettes on the trim and even military metal as detail. John was taken by surprise, because Tessa had usually been coy, feminine, even submissive, as how their last session went when he played as the naughty cop as he laid his brand of law enforcement the naughty and kinky kind. But now, she had a different aura about her. She exuded confidence and strength, of power, and her sexy uniform only served to magnify her presence, and get John’s cock twitching. He was ogling with lust, and with his cock that was getting harder by the moment, wanted to savor and taste every inch of Tessa.

“Got a problem, Sergeant?” She asked. “With how I look?”

John was rocked to his senses with hearing her words. She did not only look and feel different, she also acted different. The role play had begun, and as agreed she was going to play aggressive, and John set himself into passive character.

“Nothing Ma’am. I was just…”

“Just what!?”

John took a glance at her and lowered his eyes before he replied “I was just enjoying the view, Ma’am.”

“I’m talking to you boy, didn’t they tell you it is inappropriate conduct when talking to a ranking officer?”

Tessa was playing the part like he never expected, and slowly he raised his head to face her just as Tessa approached him. The scent of her perfume swamped over him, and feeling her so close to him was making him harder. She saw her legs, and as his eyes slowly traced her legs, he let it linger for a moment, and he only got a moment when he felt Tessa’s soft hands hold his chin and raised them so meet her gaze.

“You have an issue with my attire, boy?” She asked him as he gripped his chin.

Her calling her “boy” had a strange effect on John, helping him get into his passive character. So he was the boy Sergeant, and she Major Hottie Turnon. Naughty ideas came to his mind but he was pulled back to reality when Tessa gripped his chin harder, and asked him again.

“You got a problem with my uniform, or do you have a problem with me?”

This was a different Tessa, a naughtier and kinkier Tessa. John felt a lump at his throat before he answered that he just found her uniform “nice”.

“Oh, is that supposed to be a compliment!? Yet you look at me as if you are undressing me, you having bad thoughts, boy?”

“Yes ma’am. No, I mean no ma’am. I mean yes it was a compliment, and no, I’m not having any bad thoughts about.”

Tessa was feeling so sexy, she knew it was a role play, and yet she never expected it would feel this empowering. John was playing his role, she knew, but seeing it in action was different. She felt aroused at his meekness, a total reversal of who he was the last time they had this naughty game. But not only John, but even she was enjoying the role. She had always been docile, but playing this naughty role wearing this costume was like being another person, revealing a side of her she didn’t really thought she had in her. And she was loving it.

And she had another surprise for John.

Tessa pushed John into the bed, and ordered him to move. John was quick to follow her commands. She ordered him around, instructed him to lean on his back to the headboard, and he meekly obeyed her. She told him to rest his hands on the opposite sides, and to close his eyes, and John obeyed.

John was enjoying this dominant side of Tessa, and her every command just sent his cock harder. She felt the bed move, Tessa must have gotten into them, and though he was tempted to take a look, he didn’t. Tessa was now on top of him, legs on his sides as he once again took a whiff at her perfume, feeling the nearness of her. He heard something metallic click as he felt her hand on his wrist, and then the unmistakable click of cold steel on his wrist, followed by another.

Tessa had just hand cuffed him, and just when he was about to open his eyes, he felt Tessa grab his hair and raise it up. The two lovers locked gazes, and John could see a different Tessa, one that he was looking forward to meet and discover even more.

“You are one bad soldier sergeant, and sloppy soldier’s like you need to be trained properly, don’t you agree, boy?”

John could only nod. The excitement of getting hand cuffed, of Tessa acting dominantly was such a turn on for him. He still had his eyes locked with Tessa when he suddenly felt her grab his crotch, and Tessa squeezed them.

He felt her fingers dig deep even against his pants, and yet the sensation was exquisite. Tessa’s hands were rough, squeezing and cupping his raging cock, and he saw her unzip it, and let his cock spring free. Tessa then let it go, looking at it before turning her gaze towards John.

“You plan on firing this boy?” Tessa asked John, and he nodded her head.

Tessa raised herself, standing in front of John. She ran her fingers along her legs, resting it on the hem of her costume and slowly raised.

“Do you want to shoot me here?” Tessa was raising the hem higher, her soft flesh revealed inch by inch. John was enjoying the tease, wondering what color her undies were, and got a surprise sight.

Tessa wasn’t wearing any undies, and her pussy was soaked wet! Tessa raised it higher, giving John’s eyes a good look at her pussy. She traced her fingers on her pussy lips until she found her clit, and started rubbing it. John could see the wetness of her pussy, and he was going to lunge after it but the hand cuffs held him.

“Do you want my pussy, boy?”

“Yes, I want your pussy ma’am. I really want to fuck that pussy of yours.”

Tessa moved closer, and grabbed John’s hair as he pulled his face up to meet her gaze.

“If you want my pussy boy, show me if you even know how to lick it.”

And Tessa moved her hips closer until it was just a few inches from John’s mouth, his lips parted wide and his tongue

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