Sailor Costumes for Ladies

Ignite the passion in your man to sail and explore a different kind of wet adventure and plunge to new depths of sexual discoveries with sexy Sailor costumes. Every man loves a sea adventure, and you can have him sailing and captaining your body as if it was his ship, for some hot and wild waves of naughty and sexual fun.

Sailing has always represented the freedom to explore, and dressed in one of these Sailor costumes your lover will be ready to drop his pants and dive into new sexual waters with you. These sailor costumes have been designed to show off your curves and lines, making you the map he will just be raging to explore. You can buy online for Sailor costumes and other sexy costumes to ignite fantasies and add the thrill of role play to your bedroom intimacies, for a more pleasurable and satisfying sex life, and you can get them here at That’s Naughty Australia.

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Women’s Costumes – Sailors Sail with Me and in Me.

Caitlin had been counting the days, and finally she had to wait no more. Her lover Patrick had just come back from his long business travel overseas, and she has been craving for him. She knew that their first night together will be hot and wild, and she wanted to spice things up even more. While looking for some sexy lingerie, she spotted a selection that offered sexy costumes, and her curiosity was piqued. She hasn’t tired one before, and something told her it might just be the time to do so. There was a wide variety to choose one, each making her imagination run wild with the kinky possibilities.

In the end, she decided and bought the Leg Avenue 2 PC. Shipmate Cutie. She usually wore sexy lingerie before, but there was something about the attire that was different, and yet made her feel sexy and naughty. She was also inspired Patrick passion for sailing, and she felt that this was just the perfect sexy twist for him to discover a different kind of sailing. It felt like a great choice and the costume also had a classical and pinup girl kind of look to it.

She had been preparing the whole afternoon, and just minutes ago she got the call that he was on his way to their apartment. The doorbell rang, and a peek at the window revealed that it was Patrick. Standing near the door, Caitlin struck her sexiest pose, and opened the door.

“Welcome back, Sailor.”

Caitlin had doubts if the costume would work, but the stunned look on Patrick’s eyes as they roamed her body, from the sailor cap all the way down to her legs told her that she just got it right. Patrick was still stunned, and she took the chance to get his case as she turned around, offering him a good look at her uniform. Caitlin strutted as if she was walking the catwalk, and the long heels she wore for this occasion showed off her legs. She went to drop his case at the table, turned around and asked if he wanted a drink.

“Water.” was all Patrick could say. Caitlin smiled within, since usually Patrick would ask for a beer, a few bottles she had made sure she had cold and ready in the fridge, and here he was, asking for water. He must really be thirsty, judging from the way he was ogling Caitlin, and this made Caitlin feel even more desirable. It also turned her on, and she took slow steps and gave Patrick his glass of water, which he drank, gulp after gulp with his eyes riveted on Caitlin. When he finished drinking, Patrick was smiling, and Caitlin could detect the hint of mischievousness in his eyes. Patrick reached out a hand to touch her, but she took a step to fast out of his reach and then gently swatted his hands. She reached out for a towel she had placed nearby, and threw it at him.

“You know the rules, Sailor. The bathroom is that way.”

Caitlin struggled to keep her laugh as she saw Patrick dash to the bathroom. He was like a man possessed as Caitlin saw him unbuttoning his shirt while on his way. Caitlin walked the other way into their bedroom and she still was on the door when she heard the water from the bathroom. Someone is sure in a hurry, and the knowledge of Patrick all worked up only to serve to turn on Caitlin even more.

Caitlin lay down on the bed, and got comfortable. She had tried a lot of positions before, and she settled at the one that she felt would offer him a good view of her. She heard footsteps coming closer, saw the door unlock to reveal Patrick wearing the towel, his hair wild and wet, his cock a bulge in his towel. Caitlin felt her throat dry at the sight of Patrick, and decided to tease him some more.

“Lost your way sailor?”

Patrick smiled as he proudly took off the towel and dashed towards Caitlin. He was raging hard and craving for her, and his hands was all over Caitlin, and she loved it. Patrick was pampering her with wild kisses as his hands roamed along her legs. Caitlin reached down and grabbed his cock, and he was hard, and feeling his hard cock in her soft hands made her feel hotter, and she gave it a few good pumps, and she liked how Patrick closed his eyes, enjoying the motions of her hands on his cock. Caitlin was now feeling wet, her pussy juices flowing, and the sight of his hard cock, and his lust for her was just too much and so she bent and took Patrick’s cock into her mouth.

She sucked him deep and sucked him hard, and Caitlin even got more turned on at the sight of Patrick writhing in pleasure. God I miss this cock, Caitlin mused to herself as she gave it the sucking she had always been craving ever since he left. She planned to let him take off every inch of her uniform, piece by piece like the meticulous man that he is, but her own lust for Patrick was getting out of control, and though she had hoped and was very satisfied with his reactions, she never thought how they would set her on fire too. And so here she was, sucking his cock as if she was the sailor who was thirsting for water, and her water was his cock, and she sucked it as if her life depended on it, and she heard Patrick moaning, and this only made her pussy even wetter.

Caitlin was surprised at how turned on she was, and from Patrick’s hard cock she knew he was too. And then she remembered how he asked for water, and decided to offer him a drink like no other. Caitlin gave Patrick’s cock a long good suck, took it off her mouth, and asked in her sexiest voice “Sailor, would you like to taste my pussy juice?”

It happened fast, her undies came off and there she was, legs spread as Patrick went down on her, tongue exploring and tasting her pussy. He was still thirsty, as he let his tongue lick and explore every inch of Caitlin’s pussy, licking her juices. Caitlin could feel her pussy juices flowing, and Patrick’s tongue only opened her up more. She could only endure a few moments under his tongue and knew she just had to have him inside her, and Caitlin was so horny with desire that she barely was able to utter one more tease for Patrick.

“Sail me, my hard Sailor.”

Patrick went between her legs and positioned his cock, and Caitlin moaned at the first contact. She must be so wet as she felt the head slide easily, and she felt it withdraw only to slide in deeper this time, and every time Patrick would pull it out she felt she was empty and she wanted to be filled. A few more times and Patrick was inside her, and she basked at the sensation of his hard pole inside her. The lovers met their gaze, and Caitlin saw lust love and desire in his eyes, as she knew that he must also be seeing the same with hers. Caitlin was so horny now, and she started pumping against Patrick as waves after waves of pleasure were building inside her. Soon she started moaning deeper baby..harder…yes! as Patrick pumped her deeper, and harder, and as Caitlin felt her orgasm cresting like a wave she felt Patrick going faster, heard him moan in that familiar way that told her he was near too, and Caitlin gave herself into the sensations that was drowning her as she felt her pussy quench and squeeze his cock just as Patrick gave her one hard and deep pump, and the wave of pleasure finally washed over them both.

The two lovers snuggled closer, like sailors finding refuge and comfort in each other’s warmth. They exchanged glances, and both were smiling at the wild sex they just had. Caitlin was breathless as she snuggled closer against Patrick’s chest.

“Honey, that was just so naughty. I never heard you call me “Sailor” like the way you did when you opened the door. Hearing you call me like that made me hard, honest!”

Caitlin only smiled as she snuggled closer, happy that the long wait was over, and it was worth it. Her thoughts were on the other costumes she saw at the That’s Naughty Australia site. Ahh, the naughty possibilities, she mused with a smile on her face before she finally drifted to sleep alongside Patrick.

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