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Do you want to know how the size of your cock compares to the average?
Well, the average size of a mans penis can actually vary based on your origin, for example a recent study by Ansell found that Australian men have a erect length of 15.7cm and a circumference of 13.2cm, whilst Nigerian and Korean men were 17.0cm & 12.7cm in length and 13.4cm & 11.3cm in circumference respectively.

A Penis is muscle and tissue and just like going to the gym can increase the size of your biceps you cto an increase the size of your dick! You just need the right equipment and a consistent routine.

Andromedical have developed a penis enlarging device that can extended your length & girth and even straighten your shaft!

If the enlarging devices are not for you and you just want to give your partner the extra inches they desire during sex, then you can always throw on an extension sleeve or even use a hollow strap on.

Shop online for mens sex toys today!

Lets face it, not all cocks are the same, and when theres a waiting and willing, wet vagina praying for the godly hardness of a cock going in and out of her, it would be unwise not to answer those prayers. You were born with your cock, but it doesnt mean you are limited to just using it, do you now? If you would like to come prepared, dressed and sleeved up for that promising hot and wet encounter, then Thats Naughty Australia aims to help you prepare for every main event in your bedroom stage.

It doesnt make you less of a man to know what you have, and here at Thats Naughty Australia we have a wide variety of sex toys to help your cock explore its utmost potentials: to extend its length and width, give it endurance and stamina, give it rock hard impressive orgasmic, inducing performances, and to let you savor and enjoy more arousing stimulation for your erotic pleasures. With this Swiss Knife collection of sex toys for your cocks, you can have that rock solid confidence that your cock will always be the best cock that it can be!

You might be wary about using these sex toys, but do not despair. Remember, you are doing this for a very good reason, that special person. Enjoying wet, fun and wild sex is not just all about the pleasure we men derive, but what is important is the pleasure that we give out too! These range of penis toys aim to do just that, to give your cock that edge, offering up that generous side of your cock in giving pleasure hour after hour, for a more orgasmic goodness for the woman who gets you on fire down under.

So chin up, man up, the fight is just about to begin, and among the tools for every wet and hot main event you can find in Thats Naughty Australia are:

Male Extension Sleeves

Sleeved up and ready, day or night!

When the inviting call of a wet and willing vagina comes, the real man knows what to do. And even if you may not have all the right tools, the deed has to be done, and the real better man will prepare, will improvise, and even accessorize for the job ahead. If you are looking for that extra nifty sex toy to help your cock come prepared for its deep adventure into your lovers waiting pussy, there is no need to fear, Thats Naughty Australia has the right tools for you!

These cock extensions can give your cock that length and width that you need to keep your woman satisfied, keeping her wet and tight as you keep on hitting all the right spots all night after night. We have cock sleeves that dress your cock from the elements of sensitivity, perfect to allow you to go on and on without fear of going off too soon. There is no manhood lost when one goes for the right tools, you may be wearing them, but once they are on, these cock sleeves and extensions from Thats Naughty Australia they will keep you going and going until you reach that peak: the sensation and pride of giving your woman that earth-rocking orgasm she craves.

Masturbators are the most popular male sex toy

When you need more than just a hand&

We are no strangers to the pleasure ejaculating prowess of our hands. Before our cocks discovered the warm and welcome wetness of a vagina, we had our hands to take care of those rock-hard moments we occasionally had. But lets face it, our hands may be the our first best friend, but sometimes we would just like to feel more, and thats perfectly okay. If you want to rekindle your bond with your hand, explore its potentials, Thats Naughty Australia has the goods to keep those handy moments so much more pleasurable.

We have masturbators in a wide array of choices from this collection. All of these sex toys are designed to give your hand, well, that helping hand so it can reach new heights and possibilities in giving you erotic stimulating pleasure. Imagination plays a great deal in these special alone time, and these toys are guaranteed to help you bring those fantasies into life. Why simply imagine when you can imagine and feel at the same time? We have masturbators modeled in various shapes of your favorite body parts: from those soft twin peaks of her breast, that tight ass, the willing pussy, to the open mouth just waiting to suck you until ejaculation. Some of these special sex toys are even modeled from your favorite porn stars, so you can bring any of our hot fantasies into life!

Masturbation has never felt so new, and so much pleasurable with these masturbators from Thats Naughty Australia. Check them out!

Penis enlargement is serious business online

Bigger and Longer To Satisfy Her

Rare is the honest man who could proudly proclaim that he is happy with the length and width of his cock. Its natural, since-like it or not, part of a mans masculinity and pride is based not only in him having the balls, but if he has the length and width to feel and say that his cock is a magnificent king among dicks and pricks. Sometimes, even when its perfectly okay in length and size, we men just cant help but feel that if only it was just a bit longer, just a bit wider, we could be so much more in bed, and we would feel so much better and confident about ourselves. If you are looking to do something about it, if you feel that your cock still has some muscle to grow, for your cock to explore its potentials, Thats Naughty Australia has the perfect selection of products just for you.

Thats Naughty Australia offers you the Andromedical line of medical products for Penis Enlargement. The best thing about this product is that they are non-invasive, which means no surgery required! These products work based on the scientific method of using traction force to stimulate growth. The science behind using traction force can be seen in modern medicine such as in its use to regenerate tissue and skin grafts, as well as limb and leg lengthening. Strap one today, and work your cock into its glorious length in no time!

Male performance enchancement

Enhanced to be always 100% rock hard and ready!

When it comes to sexual pleasure, everyone would want more, and more, and so much. Who doesnt? But to get more pleasure, it is only fair and important that a man would also be more than just willing but more importantly, able to give more. The worst a man can be in the bedroom is to be a miser when it comes to giving sexual pleasure, and every man must be The Man to his woman, willing and able to keep the hours clocking in giving and taking pleasure. Well, if you are looking for that extra edge to make you The MAN in your womans life, Thats Naughty Australia offers this collection of Performance Enhancers for longer and more fireworks down under!

This selection of Performance Enhancers from Thats Naughty Australia is designed just that, to give you that extra performance edge to give your woman the love and bed shaking actions she deserves. Stay harder longer, get that extra boost of stamina, create the perfect mood, these and others are all waiting for you try and experience, the small but essential touch to details to create the perfect stimulating and pleasurable bedroom action every time.

Vibrating Prostate massagers for guys

For Pleasure or for Health? Why not both?!

The prostate gland has been called the equivalent of the g-spot. And yes sir, we know what that means right? Thats Naughty Australia offers you a wide range of prostrate massagers, to give that p-spot the attention that it deserves, unlocking pleasurable sensations you might never have experienced before. Whether its for solo fun play or for shared stimulating sexual pleasure, these prostate massagers stand ready to spread and share the exquisite sensations of erotic stimulations.

But these prostate massagers are no mere sex toys! The prostate gland also requires care, and a healthy prostate leads to a healthier sex life. These massagers also double as preventive medical tools to help keep your prostate healthy and functioning at the peak of its ability, which helps in making sure that your cock wont have to feel the shame of staying down. So there you have it, a sex toy not only for great pleasurable sexual fun, but for even better health! How could you possibly lose with that? Get one today!

Penis Pumps for men

Keeping It Pumped And Roaring To Go!

Sex, just like life, can be full of challenges. Its like when you are driving, you are willing to go places and then suddenly you get a flat, and your only option is to take a long wait, or walk the long road. Sex life is like that too: you want to be hard and roaring to go and then for some reason, your cock is like a flat tire. But dont worry, for all those soft and flaccid moments, Thats Naughty Australia is at your service to give you that pump to get you going!

These pumps are designed to give your cock that extra pull and push to bring it to life, rock hard ready and willing to take the long and pleasurable journey deep into your womans waiting vagina. Soft moments do unexpectedly happen, but dont let that stop you from giving your woman the love she deserves. Just a few pumps from these sex toys and there you are, hard and ready! And with a twist from our fine selection of cock rings to keep it nice, secure, and tight, pleasuring your woman is as good as done!

These pumps are not just for your cock: a little inspiration and you can lovingly pump it somewhere on her. Starting to get the idea? Explore now and get your sex life pumping all the way to new orgasmic heights!

Popular male Cockrings

The Perfect Fit To Keep Her Hot, Nice and Tight!

Rings are one of the most symbolic shapes in nature. Trace along its line and you can go on and on, as long as you want to, just like how it should be in bed, on and on and on. If you are looking for that ring to seal the deal, to let you get that confidence of being able to wrap your woman nice and tight and going through the long hours of the night, Thats Naughty Australia has the right sex toys for you, to keep you going and giving her orgasms every time!

These small but dependable sex toys are like a magic ring: wear one and you gain that hard and manly confidence of knowing that you are ready for the night by slowing the flow of blood to your penis, allowing you to hold your erection longer, allowing you to go for hours after hours, pleasuring your lover with orgasm after orgasm. But these rings are more than just staying power, no Sir! It comes in designs like a Swiss, with strokers, bullets, stimulators, all that little extra tools you need for a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience. Who knew that such a simple ring could bring circles after circles of pleasures?! Choose one today, and keep your woman going in circles, always coming back to you for more!

Where can I buy Men's Sex Toys?

Where you can buy Penis Toys Men's sex toys is right here at That's Naughty Australia. You can buy from our wide selection of sex toys for men such as Extension Sleeves, Prostate Massager, Masturbators, Pumps, Moulding Kits, Cock Rings, Penis Enlargement, and Performance Enhancers. You can also buy Penis Toys Value Kits to get the most out of your budget for more naughty pleasure nights ahead! Get your cock the penis toys it needs to be the hard cock to satisfy your lover with all these sex toys for men made available and affordable for you by That's Naughty Australia.

How much are Men's Sex Toys in Australia?

The price of penis toys you can find here at That's Naughty Australia has been made affordable, so you can give your cock the penis toys it needs to pleasure your lover without worry about your budget. You can buy sex toys for men such as cock rings, guaranteed to keep you hard and your lover pleasured and satisfied for less than $15. You can have a wide selection of men's sex toys for your cock between $20 and $50, as well as other available Penis toys for men to suit your budget.

Why should I try and buy Men's Sex Toys?

Why you should try and buy penis toys is because they can help your cock satisfy you and your lover like never before. Sex toys for men can give you more endurance, enable you to stay harder longer, get a longer and wider girth for your cock, all so that you can please and tease your lover and give mind blowing orgasms every time. With these small but effective penis toys men's sex toys, you will be the man to whom your lover will be coming back for more naughty and kinky pleasures!

When do I need to replace my Penis Toys Men's Sex Toys?

When you would need to replace your penis toys depends on the quality, type, and purpose of the sex toys for men. Some men's sex toy can be used for a long time with proper care and handling, like using the correct kind of sex toy cleaner for its surface. Some are one time use, like disposable cock rings. You can shop online for affordable cock toys from That's Naughty Australia for all the penis toys you need to give your cock all the edge to be the best lover with the best cock!

Who makes good Men's Sex Toys?

Some of the best brands for penis toys are Adam & Eve, California Exotic, Andromedical, Evolved, Nexus Glide, BathMate, Pipedream, Hot Production, Nasstoys, and Doc Johnson. That's Naughty Australia carries a wide selection of the best and the latest cock toys sex toys for men you can shop online from these brands, and they are all made affordable just for you.

Who sells Men's Sex Toys?

That's Naughty Australia sells Penis toys! You can shop online all the sex toys for men that you need to give your cock all the advantage it needs so it can play harder and longer for maximum naughty satisfaction for you and your lover. You can buy cock online for rings, enhancers, extension sleeves, pumps, prostrate massagers and other men's sex toys at affordable prices right here at That's Naughty Australia.

What type of Men's Sex Toys do I need?

The type of penis toys you need would depend on what you want your cock to achieve to be able to satisfy your lover. Extension sleeves are great in giving your cock added length and girth. Penis rings help you keep your cock hard for longer periods, as well as provide added stimulation to a woman's clitoris. Pumps give you the ability to rise to the occasion for more sex rounds, while prostrate massagers provide stimulation and satisfaction just like when a woman's g-spot gets the perfect strokes. Whatever the penis toys cock toys you want and need, That's Naughty Australia offers a wide selection of the best penis toys sex toys for men you can buy online to give your cock all it needs to be rock hard all night long and ready to satisfy your partner.

Where is the best place to purchase Men's Sex Toys?

The best place to purchase Penis Toys is right here at That's Naughty Australia! You can shop online for men's sex toys to give your cock the edge to satisfy your lover and experience pleasure like never before with Extension Sleeves, Prostate Massager, Masturbators, Pumps, Moulding Kits, Cock Rings, Penis Enlargement, and Performance Enhancers. Buying sex toys for men online at That's Naughty Australia is fast and easy, and you can enjoy secure and flexible payment and discreet delivery options for your new penis toys. Get your cock rock hard, ready and willing for a pleasurable and orgasmic night with the wide selection of the best penis toys you can shop online made available and affordable for you by That's Naughty Australia.

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