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(VIBRATING TRIVIA: The vibrator for consumer retail use was the 5th domestic appliance to be electrified, after the sewing machine, fan, tea kettle, and toaster, and about a decade before the vacuum cleaner and electric iron.)

Vibrators: Little Pleasure Sex Toys to Rock Your World!

If you are looking to shop online for vibrators, then Thats Naughty Australia offers you a wide range of vibrators to set those little tremors running all over your body so that you can enjoy all those pleasurable sensations leading to your earthshaking, rock-your-world orgasms.

Male or female, the human body is like a map, with secret places, hot spots waiting to be discovered known as erogenous zones. These zones have heightened sensitivity as compared to other body parts, perfect locations for a wide variety of erotic stimulation. Stimulating the nerves in these hot spots of pleasure can lead to gentle, mild, or intense sexual arousal, and once started, it will be only a matter of time until you would reach the new heights of orgasmic pleasure.

Stimulation plays an important role in sexual arousal. With the right stimulation, a variety of sexual fantasies are all just waiting to be played out in ones mind. Vibrators are your perfect sex toys, your tools for uncovering the wealth of pleasures and sexual arousal waiting to be claimed by your own in these various erogenous zones, and Thats Naughty Australia offers you a smart and sexy collection of vibrators to let you find that perfect sex toy to accompany you in your journeys of pleasure.

Not sure which part of the body you would like to be stimulated? Not sure what kind of erotic stimulation you would like to experience? Craving to experience all of them? Whether it will be your first time shopping online for a vibrator, or looking to add new ones to your collection, our wide selection of vibrators at Thats Naughty Australia welcomes you in discovering earth shaking stimulation, sexual arousal and orgasms from these little pleasure toys.

Among the wide range of selection of vibrators that you can find at Thats Naughty Australia are (and yes, dont forget the extra batteries! ):

Vibrating toys Online - Bullets

Discover big surprises in these small and handy but very enjoyable sex toys!

Bullet vibrators are also known as egg vibrators or love eggs, depending on their shape, width or length. They may be small like bullets, but dont be deceived by their sizes, they can definitely pack a lot of punch in terms of sexual arousal and stimulation. Our bullet vibrators come in various sizes, for the right fit for your pleasure hole. Whether you want to be shot small, short and easy, or you would like your vagina sniped long and far, Thats Naughty Australia offers you the right bullet vibrators, which happen to be the perfect ammo for your shooting pleasures.

We have simple and sleek bullet vibrators, designed to give you that long continuous perfect shots of pleasure. For those who like to be in control, Thats Naughty Australia offers bullet vibrators with remote control, for perfect trigger control right at the reach of your fingers. And if you think one bullet is amazing, you just have to try the pleasure brought about by two! You know what they say: double the bullet certainly is double the sexual arousal for that massive blast of orgasm!

And whats more, these bullets do more than just vibrate!

Shop for new Vibrators - Butterfly Style

These lovely sex toys will surely keep your stomachs more than just fluttering!

Prepare to send your vagina tingling as you rise yourself to orgasmic heaven with these butterfly vibrators from Thats Naughty Australia! Butterfly vibrators as their name suggest are indeed shaped like butterflies, and for a very good reason. This lovely butterfly shape with wings spread out is not just for looks, but its unique shape allows for the erotic stimulation of the entire female genitalia, most especially on the clitoris and the labia. When these butterfly vibrators start their flight, you are most assured of a journey that can only be heavenly and mind blowing orgasmic.

We have traditional butterfly vibrators, ready and waiting for you to strap them on and take your next flight. For those who would like to catch their breaths in between, we at Thats Naughty Australia also offers a wide range of remote control butterfly vibrators, allowing you to ascend to your heavenly pleasures right at the tip of your fingers. For those who want much more arousing vibrations, we have butterflies with love balls and dildos, perfect companions to give you that extra nudge to glorious orgasmic pleasures.

Vibrator shop online - Cases and Covers

Because being naughty deserves privacy and security, your vibrators and other sex toys deserve them too, but most especially you!

For safe, secure, and most of all, private keeping and handling of your vibrators and other sex toys, Thats Naughty Australia welcomes and offers you this selection of cases to store all your lovely, small but very dependable vibrators. These cases are stylish and sexy, the perfect sexy complement to store and protect your vibrators and other sex toys you can shop online here Thats Naughty Australia.

Going around places can be tiring, and so can be packing your things. On tired days like these when you want that luxurious feel of having that wet and dripping orgasm, it helps to have your favorite vibrators and sex toys close at hand, ready and willing to let you enjoy those sweet and hot moments. These sexy cases will ensure that you can safely bring your naughty and enjoyable sex toys wherever you go, safe and secure from harm and those prying curious minds. These cases come with a keyless locking system, saving you the hassle of looking for the key (and what if you lost them!) and with just a few flicks of your secret number combination, your vibrators and sex toys are there for you.

Vibrating Female Sex Toys- Clit Vibrators

Because nothing is as arousing and stimulating than being touched, kissed and licked on your clit.

The female clitoris is the most sensitive among the various erogenous zones found in the female body. On average, it contains 8,000 nerve endings, twice as that found on the penis glands and more than those found in your tongue and fingertips. Its heightened sensitivity makes it the primary source of female arousal and sexual pleasure. You may say that though your vagina may be the cave, the real treasure is just there on the door. So, if you are looking to shop online for sex toys like clitoral vibrators to give you that nerve tingling hit on your clit, then welcome to Thats Naughty Australia with our wide selections of clitoral vibrators to give you the perfect pitch for endless stimulating hits for your clit.

We have clitoral stimulators that look innocent and ordinary, but wait until you have tried them. If you are missing someones finger or tongue worshipping your clit, then try our Flirt Finger and Mouth Wheels, perfect companions for trip down your favorite sexually charged memory lanes. For more added arousing sensations, Thats Naughty Australia also offers clit vibrators with dildos for that extra length plunging in and out of your vagina as you set your pleasure clit twitching with every stroke and hit.

Check our wide selection of clitoral vibrators for that perfect hit! Then shop online for yourself, or for a friend, and share and enjoy the pleasures of getting that orgasmic homerun every time with every pitch in your clit, only here at Thats Naughty Australia!

Vibes online Adult Shop - Double Ended

Because two head are better than one&and that means double the fun!

Sex toys are indeed fun to play with even when youre alone, but it becomes so much more fun when you can share it with a partner, and we at Thats Naughty Australia believes that sharing is caring, and so much more fun, and we welcome you to the world of shared sexual stimulation and pleasure with our line of double ended dildos.

Yes, these double-ended dildos come with two heads, and they are definitely more fun and perfect sex toys for some partner action with the various two way combinations. These dildos also come in various shapes, so you can find the shape and length and width of your fantasies. Best of all, these double ended dildos are not strictly for dual play: you can enjoy having two cocks, of different size and shape, all in one great sex toy!

With its 16 different modes of sexually arousing pulsations and vibrations, these double ended dildos will surely bring you or with your partner hours and hours of long sexual fun. Browse through our collection and get one (or two) and experience the joys of shared and double headed fun, only here at Thats Naughty Australia.

Australia Vibrators Online - Flexible Vibes

Because the freedom to move is always the right move.

Thats Naughty welcomes and offers you these amazing sex toys that not only come willing and ready, but literally, with a twist! Because your vagina is not just a simple straight deep cave, and it craves for the bold, the willing, and that long hardness to plumb and discover its twist and turns. If your juicy love box craves for more than just the simple in and out thrust, if you want your sexual arousal in twisting and turning fashions, we offer you these flexible vibrators to get you moving.

They just dont simply get in and out of your vagina. These flexible vibrators have the ability to get inside your pussy just the way you want it, stimulating that right spot for you to discover new sensations as they plumb your vagina in new and exciting ways. These flexible vibrators twist, they turn, they pulsate, and with every flexible move it gives you that perfect angle of touch and thrust for you to experience new sensual pleasures.

Feeling a cock is not just about getting it look and hard, but flexible in filling the shape of your vagina as how and where you want it is. Check out our selection of flexible vibrators, and shop online today, and flex yourself for your next pleasure fun!

Glass Penis Shaped vibrators

Clear Pure Pleasure with a touch of Elegance and Class.

Looking for a new sensation in pleasure? Then you must try our line of glass vibrators here at Thats Naughty Australia! These crystal sex toys may lack the feel and flexibility of movement found among its kin, but these sex toys more than make up for those by adding something new to your wet pleasures. Let us ask you a question: Would you like your sexual pleasure served hot or cold? Or both?

Yes, these clear or colored crystal glass vibrators stand always willing to send new sensations of pleasures into your vagina or anus by adding the thrill of temperature play right between your legs. Playtime with these sex toys brings so much more than just plunging your wet vagina deep and fulfilled. Warm it up, and get ready to feel the heat of a long cock going into you. Give it a slight freeze, and explore new sensations as your hot pussy brave off the elements of cold. Or for the best of both worlds, alternate between hot and cold! Whatever season you may want to experience, summer heat or winter chill, these glass vibrators would surely give you that right season to set your pussy juices flowing and dripping.

G-Spot Vibrators - buy online with Paypal

Becoming wet and hot is about hitting the right spot.

The mystery that is the Gräfenberg Spot, or more commonly known as the G-spot, is an erogenous zone that when stimulated just right and on the spot, is capable of giving you an orgasm that can be greater than clitoral stimulation. Yes, it can be that mind blowing and unforgettable. It may not be easy to find, but like any worthy treasure hunt, discovering the spot for the first time, and revisiting it again and again and experiencing all those mind blowing orgasms after orgasms make all the effort worth it. And if you are still to discover that elusive pleasure spot, or have faint memories of that unforgettable first time and would like to find it again, and again, and again, Thats Naughty Australia offers you our line of dedicated G-Spot vibrators.

These g-spot vibrators may bring you other sexual pleasures but they are shaped and molded to help you find your very own elusive g-spot. Their unique and angled head shape is designed so that finding your g-spot need not be long and frustrating. You may have felt that you never had that elusive g-spot, but dont despair, Thats Naughty Australia selection of g-spot vibrators are here to accompany you in the search for that spot that would always get you moaning wet and hot.

Non-Flexible Cock vibrators

Because sometimes, all you want is just that long and hard deep down under goodness.

This selection of vibrators from Thats Naughty Australia may be simple, but they just want to be honest and straight. Lets face it, sometimes all a woman wants to feel is that pleasure sensation of being discovered, of being filled up with something long, hard, wide and willing, deep thrusts to send her pleasure volcano exploding. If you are looking for that deep down under sexual goodness of a cock plunging its way in and out of your pussy, these vibrators are here to just do that job.

But dont let their non-flexibility fool you. These vibrators make up for their stiff hardness with wide range of available choices that you can choose from, you can say that its like a United Nations of molded and raging hardness. Whether you are looking for that simple hardness, or for the artistic and curvy, the bold and bulging, Thats Naughty Australia have the perfect non flexible vibrator you are looking for, that perfect fit for the thrill and pleasures of having this sex toys do the deed that must be done: plumb you deep and full.

Other Vibrators

Sometimes, when it feels as if it has just been the same, it is time for that mysterious& Other.

Perhaps you have tried the other categories of vibrators and would like to try something new. Or perhaps, you still havent found that vibrator that caught your fancy, that piqued your curiosity, that unveiled your hidden kinky side, or that ignited the first sparks of wet fire in your down under. Do not despair, whatever that mysterious other may be for whom you have been looking for, this fine selection of vibrators that just define normal convention is available right here at Thats Naughty Australia.

This collection offers a wide variety of sex toys vibrators to set your sleeping pleasure passions wide awake. They come in various colors and shapes, in disguise like ordinary everyday things, in groups, glowing in the dark, with the ability to change heads, soft and cuddly, like rings on your finger, round and smooth, and so much more, all of them designed for you to find that extra otherness to bring your pleasure fantasies into life. If you are looking for that mysterious other to set you wet and wanting more down under, explore this amazing collection of Thats Naughty Australia, and discover pleasure unlike any other.

Pipedream Real Feel Vibes

Pleasure as Good as the Real Deal, or even better!

Because as far as sensations and stimulations go, there is nothing like the feel of the real deal, of that soft and tender yet hard male cock going in and out of your pussy. But then again, finding the right man to do the right job can be a challenge, and so while you wait for him to finally arrive, pleasuring yourself need not also be put in a waiting line, and Thats Naughty Australia offers you the possibilities of sexual sensations that is as good as the real feel with the PipeDream Real Feel collection.

These vibrators are made from phthalate-free Fanta-Flesh that mimics the feel and sensation of real skin. They also come in varied lengths and sizes, to satisfy your craving for the real feel. Whether you want to feel it long, or wide, or bent, Thats Naughty Australias selection of PipeDream Real Feel vibrators are just a click away, for you to find that perfect fit, for that almost real feel for your stimulating and vibrating pleasure experience.

Shop online today, and who knows, it may even be better than the real deal!

Juicy Jewels Beginner viberators

Because there is always the first time.

Exploring for the first time the big wide world of pleasure and arousing stimulation from sex toys like vibrators can be overwhelming. With the number of available vibrators, in all those shapes and sizes, textures and modes of pleasure, how will you know which one is the right one for you, for your very first time? Yes, this is for you, that wide eyed, shy girl on the brink of womanhood, or that curious vibrator virgin about to shop online for that simple but dependable first vibrator, then Thats Naughty Australia has the right selection of vibrators just for you.

Thats Naughty Australia offers you the Juicy Jewels vibrator collection from Pipedream, the perfect vibrator for beginners. They come in pleasing and cheerful eye catching feminine shades such as Blue Topaz, Pink Pearl and Jade Dream among others, to help you be at ease and relaxed as you start the journey with sex toys such as vibrators. Cleaning is a snap with the Pipedream toy cleaner and some warm water. Powerful multi-speed vibration and bendable shaft curves for a more enjoyable adventure as it goes on makes this line of vibrators your best friend as you explore the wet and steamy world of pleasure fun with vibrators.

Rabbit Vibrating cocks

The ears to get you tingling and hopping with pleasure.

You may be wondering at the name, but one look at the outline of this recent but worldwide famous sex toy vibrator and you would agree that they indeed look like rabbits ears. But unlike rabbits whose ears twitch from time to time, this one is not that timid: when it gets deep and going, your clit and vagina are going to do more than just twitching, and Thats Naughty Australia have the ears to keep you moaning.

The rabbit vibrator gained international fame from the hit series Sex in the City. Since then, rabbit vibrators have not only become world famous but most sought after, for a very good reason. Rabbit vibrators combine the best of two worlds: dual arousing stimulation of a clit massager and a dildo all in one sex toy. So, if you still havent experienced what these adorable and cute rabbit ears can do for you, Thats Naughty Australia has a collection of earfuls of rabbits, of various sizes, shapes, and colors, all designed for that one aim: to get your down under more than just twitching and your pleasures hopping. Check our wide selection of rabbit vibrators here at Thats Naughty Australia, and experience the thrills of every twitch!

Wanachi Massagers

Waterproof sex toys for wet places!

Getting your vagina juices flowing from playing with your massagers and vibrators is indeed fun, but it can be so much more fun when you can take it to places other than the bedroom, dont you think? Perhaps in the bathroom while you extend your bath time for that extra different kind of shower down under? If you are looking for vibrators that can stand even your wettest orgasms, then Thats Naughty Australia has them for you.

Thats Naughty Australia welcomes you to discover so much pleasure fun in the bathroom, spa, or tub with our selection of Wanachi massagers and vibrators from Pipedream. These vibrators are designed for even the wettest condition, perfect for sneaking some pleasure fun while taking your shower or just to enjoy so much pleasure during that long dip in the tub. Tested and designed to be waterproof, so you do not need to worry about other things getting wet for that long and uninterrupted very wet and slippery orgasmic bathroom fun! The Wanachi line also offers interchangeable heads for its products, allowing you the freedom to choose the shape that you want for long hours of wet orgasmic fun.

Welcome to ThatsNaughty Australia, home to a wide selection of vibrators. This section of ThatsNaughty allows you to browse through all vibrators we offer. Let your imagination go wild, as you select the perfection vibrator to enhance your sexual pleasure.

All vibrators are designed to stimulate the erogenous zone for sensation erotic pleasure in a way no human can do. Vibrators can be found in a wide variety of sizes, colors, styles, materials, styles, shapes, power sources, speed variations, and more! This makes it possible for everyone to find a vibrator that can enhance masturbation, or spice things up in the bedroom.

There are several different types of vibrators available: clitoral (often sold as back massagers), dildo-shaped, waterproof, Rabbits, G-spot vibrators, egg vibrators, bullet vibrators, anal vibrators, butterfly, "undercover" vibrators, double penetration vibrators, and more! The motors found in these vibrators whirl and move to create a strong, consistent, sensational stimulation.

To use a vibrator, start with foreplay, whether you are with a partner or it is solo play. Arouse yourself, tease yourself, and then lube up your vibrator. Lubricant is strongly recommend to prevent friction that can be caused by the material is the area is not wet enough. It also allows yous to do things that could be painful or dangerous otherwise. Once your is all lubed up, gently and slowly slide your vibrator into place. How you enjoy the play time from here would depend on the type of vibrator you purchase.

Browse the all vibrators section of ThatsNaughty to find the vibrator that meets your preferences. Remember, not all vibrators are created equal! But all vibrators will enhance sexual pleasure. Look a the style, size, functions, power source, and the quality when making your decision. Find your new "Bob" (battery operated boyfriend) today!

Where can I buy Vibrators?

Where you can buy vibrators is right here at That's Naughty Australia! You can buy all kinds of vibrators for earth rocking orgasms like bullets, butterfly, double ended vibrators, flexible and non  flexible vibrators, g-spot vibrators, glass vibrators, rabbits, wanachi waterproof vibators, Real Feel vibrators, Pipedream Juicy Jewels, and We Vibe Couples vibrators. You can also buy fashionable cases to keep your vibrators safe and secure wherever you go. Whatever the vibrator you need, you can buy them here right here at That's Naughty Australia.

How much are Vibrators?

Enjoying all the good and naughty vibes should never be a budget problem, and That's Naughty Australia offers affordable and pleasurable vibrators of all types, lengths, sizes, and styles for you to enjoy. You can buy vibrators below $20, and you can have a wide range of options and naughty delights to choose and enjoy with various vibrators priced between $20 and $80. Set your budget, take your pick and buy vibrators online from That's Naughty Australia and let the vibes satisfy you!

Why should I try and buy Vibrators?

Why you should try and buy vibrators is because the pleasure it can give you is definitely unlike any other sex toy. You owe it to yourself to experience the masturbation pleasures that only good vibes from a vibrator can give you for unforgettable orgasm after orgasm. Whether you are vaginal or clitoral in sensitivity, or want your g-spot given the perfect on the spot pleasure, or you want the best of all worlds with simultaneous stimulation of all three, That's Naughty Australia has all the vibrators you need for good vibes and naughty pleasures every time.

When do I need to replace my Vibrators?

When you would need to replace your vibrator would depend on factors such as frequency of use, the quality and kind of material it is made of, handling and caring for vibrators. With proper handling and storage, and using the correct sex toy cleaners, vibrators can last you for a long time. Vibrators run on batteries, so make sure you have extra working batteries within reach so the good and naughty vibes will never stop in bringing you to trembling pleasures.

Who makes good Vibrators?

There are many good brands for vibrators, and That's Naughty Australia carries a wide selection of the best and the latest vibrators types from these major brands such as PipeDream, California Exotic, B Swish, Doc Johnson, Nasstoys, Hustler Toys, LoveHoney, Evolved, Adam &Eve, and many others. Choose from a wide range of vibrators to fulfil your every desire and craving for naughty vibes inside your vagina, your clit, your g-spot, or all three, for solo or dual play, you can find the vibrator you need and can shop online at That's Naughty Australia at affordable prices.

Who sells Vibrators?

That's Naughty Australia sells vibrators of all types, length and sizes to give you the naughty and pleasure vibes you are craving for. We have all the vibrators you need like bullets, butterfly, rabbits, flexible and double ended vibrators, glass vibrators, realistic vibrators, and waterproof vibrators from top brands like Pipedream, California Exotic, and Doc Johnson. You can choose and shop online for vibrators of all types, sizes, colours and shape at very affordable prices right here at That's Naughty Australia.

What type of Vibrators do I need?

The type of vibrator you would need would depend on what texture, shape, length, and function that turns you on, and That's Naughty Australia has a wide selection of vibrators for every sensitive and exquisite hotspot to turn you on and get you orgasmic. Some women are vaginal in nature, and if you are, then the best vibrators for you would be those that you can feel filling you up like a cock, and you can have your choice from standard vibrators, bullets, or the sensation of real skin, or even the kinky temperature play of glass vibrators. Some women are clitoral in nature, and you can ensure you get your clit the perfect naughty hit every time with clitoral vibrators designed to stroke your clit to orgasmic pleasure. If you are craving for your g-spot to be given the perfect stroke every time, then g-spot vibrators are the best for you. Some vibrators give you combo clit and vaginal/stimulation like rabbits, butterfly and bendable vibrators.

But a wise naughty word, the vibrator you need is all kinds of vibrator, and you can buy them at affordable prices right here at That's Naughty Australia.

Where is the best place to purchase Vibrators?

The best place to purchase vibrators is right here at That's Naughty Australia! You can buy online the perfect and the best vibrators that you want like bullets, butterfly, and rabbits vibrators, flexible, bendable, and non- flexible vibrators, double ended, real feel vibrators, waterproof and glass vibrators to give you continuous naughty pleasure vibes to an orgasmic masturbation experience. You can buy vaginal, clitoral, g-spot or combo vibrators for your naughty pleasures. Shop online and ordering for your new vibrator is fast and easy. And you can enjoy secure, flexible and discreet payment and delivery for your new vibrators. Experience the pleasure of non-stop vibrations for your masturbations with the best and widest selection of vibrators to please and tease you, made affordable by That's Naughty Australia.

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