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Nothing like dressing up for the occasion, and it’s even made more special and worth all the effort when dressing up for a night of hot and naughty surprises in the bedroom. Stun him, delight him, intrigue him, the choice is yours, and That’s Naughty Australia has the wide selection of costumes and costumes accessories for you to choose from, perfect companions to add those small but essential details for naughty and kinky fantasies.

Sexy costumes may be something you wear outside, but the magic of fantasy role play and make believe games become so much easier from inside when you know you look the part right. This selection of kits and costumes accessories will surely complete every fantasy setting, ensuring many a night of naughty surprises, satisfying, pleasurable and intimate moments in store for you and your lover.

Women’s Costume Accessories – Accessories for the Naughty

Whatever may be the accessory you need, you can buy online for costumes and costumes accessories here at That’s Naughty Australia for every fantasy role play theme you may have in mind. They will also serve you well when you attend costumed ball or events, but nothing beats that one on one intimate moment. For social or very intimate gathering, we have the accessories to make you look even better.

Our collection offers you the following sexy costume accessories for all your costumed needs:

Get Playful and add a dash fun with Animal Hoods accessories

Let some of the wildness of the jungle into the bedroom for some gentle or wild thrills, some intimate muzzling and scratching, a little something of the animal in you when you don your head with one of our Animal Hood accessories. They look great in making you look cute and adorable too, and any man could not resist and would definitely go all out and willing to charm and tame you. Grrrrr!

Basics – Costume fun starts with these!

Get the basic essentials in costume accessories to get you started in your naughty role play costume adventures. From capes, masks, and corsets, these essentials will definitely get you on the right track in getting the look you are after.

Shop Online for Costume Kits to complete the Sexy Outfit

This selection of costumes kits is your perfect answer for your costume needs. Pick the theme you want to wear, and these kits will provide you with the essentials that you would need to look the part right and tight. Be it playing the awkward nerdy girl, the determined teacher, the soft and delightful bunny, or the red hot and naughty bad girl, we have the sexy costume kits for you to fit!

Gloves & Arm Warmers

Keep yourself warm with our selection of gloves and arm warmers on cold nights. They are great in adding a touch of mystery as they hide your skin not just from the cold but also from his eyes. Wear one, and you can be sure that while you feel warm, your lover is getting warmer and hotter, eager to finally shed them off you for some intimate skin to skin sensations. Sexy or classy, we have the right one for you.


A woman’s hair is indeed her crown, and what better accessory than with the right hat to enhance and complete the look and the outfit. Be it to look elegant, sensual, mysterious or classy, we have a wide selection of hat to enhance your crowning glory, complete the costume outfit and your man will definitely want more than just look.


Jewelry & Hair

A woman’s hair is her crown, and if you add some hair styling to the mix, the transformation can be breath taking! Explore the beauty that is just waiting to be expressed by your hair with this selection of bows, hairband, ties and charms, guaranteed to enhance your looks and make you even more beautiful. You can also get instant transformation with our selection of wigs. Be a blonde, or with sparkling dark hair to match your costume, your looks, and the mood.

Petticoats & Tutus

Show off those long and beautiful legs with our selection of petticoats and Tutus. These short and sexy accessories work best in showing off your legs, guaranteed to keep your man looking up and down and all around all night. They are also perfect for teasing his eyes and keep him guessing as to what hides underneath.

Purses for your essentials

A woman must always have her essential accessories, and no better way to keep them all within your reach than with these Purses accessories you can buy online. They come in various themes and designs, perfect match for your costume. Or you can always try to mix and match for a more personal expression of style and fashion fun. Keep all your women essentials in one of these handy and accessible Purses.

Wands & Crops

This selection of wands and crops are just the perfect accessories to complete any fairy tale themed fantasy setting. They come in various colours and designs to suit your needs. But these are not just accessories, for they can also come very handy to gentle swipe away the over eager hands of your lover, not to mention that they can also be very useful in pointing out instructions, for teasing, or for some sweet and naughty spankings!

Buy Wings accessories to get his fantasy flying

Snap on a pair of sexy wings and your man will be so thrilled because the fairy of his naughty fantasies had just arrived, and you can be assured he has more than three naughty wishes for the night. Flit and flutter your way around in bed, perfect for fantasy role play naughty time. They are available in different wing designs, so you can choose which one would suit you best to get your man’s wishes flying into orgasmic heaven.


Get yourself “zombified” for a naughty night of sexy horror fun with our selection our selection of zombie accessories. Get his fantasy of having a sexy undead right in from him for a night that promises to be so alive with arousing fun of the scary but naughty kind. Perfect for Halloween, or for some kinky fantasy theme!

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