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No man wants to be found soft and wanting, especially not in bed.

But letís face it, stress and many other health factors can undermine even the most intent and generous of men, leaving us soft just when we would want to stay hard for the long night ahead between a womanís legs. But the generous lover knows that there is no excuse to leave a wet and craving pussy unsatisfied, and if you are that lover for whom there can be no excuse, who is looking for sex toys so you can get a good hard grip and get your cock pumping until that moist and craving pussy starts flowing with love juices, Thatís Naughty Australia offers you our collection of sex toys to get the promises of erotic and arousing pleasures as sure as if wrapped up nice and tight between your fingers.

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Thatís Naughty offers you or wide selection of the very best cock rings, to get you hard and going. These cock rings work by controlling the flow of blood to your cock, enabling you to last longer. Get the right fit, and these rings will work like magic, ensuring long hours of satisfying sexual fun.

These penis rings are not just about getting hard and staying hard longer. They come ringed with promises for more erotic and arousing pleasure sensations. We have penis rings with bullet vibrators to give her clitoris that exquisite vibe sensation with every deep pump. We have cock rings ringed with beads, strokers, and stimulators, allowing you to arouse and excite her even more with each and every thrust. The longer you are rock hard ready, the more erotic sensations and pleasure that you can give, satisfying your woman with waves after waves of orgasmic pleasure is just a few more pumps away.

Penis Toys - Rings around a hard cock

Robert and Tina share a very healthy relationship when it comes to bedroom intimacies. Robert does all that he could just so that he could satisfy Tina. Tina also goes the extra mile for erotic sensations and satisfactions, willing to experiment with new sensations and stimulations. Robert canít be happier than making love to Tina, but somehow feels that something is missing, found wanting.

Not with Tina, but with himself.

Robert feels that he doesnít last long enough like he used to. He still is able to make Tina cum first, but lately he noticed that giving her a second orgasm and cum together with her was becoming a challenging task, which was not a problem before. Tina may not mind it, but Ralph does. He wants to be the King when it comes to the bedroom throne, and after looking for something to help him up, he might just have found the perfect little fit to conquer and rule their bedroom intimacies.

The night began with a foreplay unlike any other; soft kisses on Tinaís neck, trailing to her delicate ears, exploring every inch while his hands caressed and traced from her knees going up, fingers raising her skirt to run lithe and gentle over Tinaís smooth and creamy thighs. Robert guided his fingers between Tinaís legs, cupped her pussy clad in her silk undies, and flicked and rubbed a finger against her clit as he found Tinaís partly opened mouth, kissing and tasting her before taking her tongue to dance with his own. Clothes started to fall off piece by piece until Tina was naked, and Robert making sure she would ready for the surprise of the night by making sure she was not just moist and wet.

Robert went down under, knowing how Tina loved getting her clit and pussy lips licked, until he began tasting her pussy love juices that started to flow. Robert gave slow and soft kisses on Tinaís clit, seeing it flushed and aroused only made him tease and please Tina even more, his sharp tongue darting and probing, parting her pussy lips, knowing from the taste and aroma of her pussy that she would be ready for his cock in no time.

Unknown to Tina, Robert slipped a cock ring around his raging cock. He wanted it to be with no fuss and discrete, and Robert had chosen and bought the Icon Brands Simply Silicone Three Cock Ring Set For Him - (Midnight Blue), which came earlier that day as promised, in discrete packaging from Thatís Naughty Australia. He tried and fit a piece that afforded him a good grip that promised prolong his erection earlier that afternoon. The fit was just right, not too tight, and Robert felt a surge of confidence rising in him, just as his cock was standing long, proud, eager and very ready.

Tina gave him a naughty look while licking her lips, seductively leaving them partly open as she arched her neck further while spreading her legs wider, the open invitation to welcome Robertís cock to come knocking and banging on her vaginaís door. Robert rubbed the head of his cock on Tinaís clit, letting the length slide along her pussy lips, careful not to let the base where the ring fit snug and tight. Tina arched her back as she felt the hardness of Robertís cock send shivers of erotic arousal. Robert let it slide some more, her pussy juices giving his cock a thin coating of her juices, then guided the head, parting her pussy lips clamp and embrace the cockís head, letting Tina know to brace herself for what was coming.

Tina likes the first pump straight, deep and hard, and Robert obliged and slid his cock deep inside Tinaís hot and hungry pussy that rewarded him with a long arousing moan. She could feel Tina working her vaginal muscles along the length of his cock, sending wet and arousing stimulations to Robertsís cock that only made him harder. With renewed confidence that his little ring will conquer the night for him, Robert pulled his cock out, slowly, letting Tina savor each and every inch, before slamming it back deep and sweet.

Get hard and stay hard, longer, so you can give her all the pleasure she wants. Satisfying your woman is always possible, and Thatís Naughty Australia offers you these little joys of pleasures, so you can be the lover that you want to be, no excuses or obstacles standing in your way of giving your lover her well- deserved pleasures. These cock rings also work great with our wide selection of sex toys and other sex essentials you can find here. Set the mood right with our foreplay essentials of love and massage oils. Or add artistic and sweet ticklish fun with our body paints, strokes and dashes that guarantees long naughty licking fun. Whatís next is up to you!

Shop online for cock rings and penis rings only here at Thatís Naughty Australia. We have secure and easy modes for online shopping for penis rings, sex toys, and other sex essentials through Paypal, Credit card, or Direct Deposits. We guarantee fast delivery in plain box shipping and discrete billing, so you can enjoy being naughty all in the comfort of your privacy. Keeping your woman whirling in pleasure is just a click away, and these cock rings are here keep the promise of pleasure in your good and hard grip, only here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

Robert pumped his cock in and out, letting Tina enjoy every deep thrust, feeling Tina meet each and every pump as Robert found the pace. He started fondling Tinaís clit, and hearing Tina moans and curses only made Robert pick up the pace, slamming his cock faster, letting Tinaís pussy juices flow and slide his cock easy into her tight pussy. Robert leaned over, taking Tinaís breast into his mouth, giving her stiff nipples a few good licks before he started sucking them as he kept pounding Tinaís pussy. Tina grab Robertís head closer to her breast, her legs crossed around his body, and Robert could feel Tinaís vagina starting its rhythmic squeeze on his cock, a sign that Tina is about to come that made Robert keep the right pace, pumping and sucking as she felt Tinaís finger dig into his back, the tinge of pain only adding more pleasure.

ďIm cumminggggggggg fuckkkkkĒ was all Tina could say as her orgasm finally hit her. Robert didnít stop, just kept on pumping and pumping until she felt her pussy juices swarm over his cock, and Robert basked in the sensation of making Tina cum. But he was still hard, very hard, his cock ring keeping his ejaculation in check. And he was ready and ringed for more, to pleasure Tina even longer.

Tina loves to doggy, and so Robert guided her, propped her ass high and Tina, dazed and delirious with pleasure, allowed herself to be guided into position, and Robert started easing his hard cock inside Tinaís still wet dripping pussy. He held Tinaís waist, and started pumping long easy stroke, getting it in and out, slapping her ass as he felt Tina moving and humping to meet his every thrust, sending his cock deeper inside her.

The room was loud with the slap of flesh meeting flesh and Tinaís moaning that was growing longer and more arousing. Robert picked up the pace, knowing Tina was on the way to her second orgasm, and Robert knew that giving her one more before cumming with his own was possible. Robert pumped and humped Tina harder as she moaned his name over and over, until she was again cursing and moaning as her second orgasm ripped through her. But Robert kept on going, never let go of the pace pumping hard and fast, and Tina kept on her moans and curses, telling Robert to give it to her, harder, faster, her second orgasm extending to become a third one, pleading and begging Robert to fill her pussy with his cock and his juices. Tina body stretched and arc, her pussy walls clamping Roberts cock tight, and as Tina moaned and screamed that she was about to come, Robert let his cock unload as she felt Tina orgasm a third time, his own cock juices meeting her own as he gave it one deep shove, filling her pussy deep with his cock and his cum juices.

They both lay and kept still on the bed, the only sound was their deep breaths catching up some much needed air. Robert took the chance as he slipped his cock out of Tinaís pussy to slip off the cock ring from the base of his cock, cupping it in his hands.

Robert felt Tina shift to face him, her smile telling him even without words how great the sex was, of her love and desire for him sparkling from her blue eyes. Robert smiled back, embraced her as he slid the cock ring below the bed, his little secret ring that would make him Tinaís King Pleasure Giver for all the nights to come.

(Be the king with the ring to rule over time with cock rings, to give yourself that control for timing your ejaculation for longer and more pleasurable bedroom intimacies. Satisfy your woman more by giving her orgasm after orgasm while keeping your cock hard and stay hard with cock rings and penis you can buy online and made available for you here at Thatís Naughty Australia.)

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