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Lubricants and Oils, Set The Mood Right With These Liquid Flavours and Aromas of Desire

The art of making love does not start and end with just the physical act itself, and should never be allowed to become a simple “wham, bang, thank you ma’am” kind of experience. Lovers know that to get any sexual and intimate moment starting right begins with being prepared, and setting the mood right for an all green light night ahead. We call these moments foreplay, those long, gentle, erotic and stimulating moments that start the sexual and sensual bond for both lovers. So if you are looking to start the night right, That’s Naughty Australia has the perfect selection of aromas and liquids to start your foreplay right, for a more pleasurable and satisfying sex night.

Foreplay is very important because every erotic and intimate moment spent on it is a reflection of a man’s generosity, of proving that he is not a prick or a greedy jerk who is just after the act of getting down thrusting and pumping until he finds release and sexual satisfaction. It allows the man the chance to show his partner that he cares about bonding intimately with his woman on not just the physical but on the more important emotional level as well. Foreplay also helps in preparing and setting the mood right, easing worries away, unfolding her petals gently and softly, give her that delicious slow burn from touches and kisses and getting her moist and wet, open and willing for the long night ahead.Seven creations

That’s Naughty Australia believes in the power of foreplay to bond lovers more intimately for a more arousing and sexually satisfying experience each and every time. We offer you this selection to get those love juices flowing, dedicated in starting every intimate and sensual encounter warm and right, so that every moment will be an unforgettable memory worth remembering even long after, and would surely be brought to life again and again.

Among the many products from this selection made available for you and your lover by That’s Naughty Australia are:

Body Paint, Brush And Stroke In Desire With Delicious Flavours and Aromas!

What better way to start a hot and juicy night than with some sweet dash and splash treats of delights with our collection of body paints available here at That’s Naughty Australia. Explore some ticklish artistic fun when you paint to tease and taste your lover with the various flavors and scents from Heavenly Body Sauces. These body paints are water based and edible, and easily washed off with water, but then why washed when you can lick every inch for a more licking and ticklish fun to start the night ahead!?

You can also choose and share your flavor of choice from Kama Sutra product line of Oil of Love series, Honey Dust Body Powder treats, Body Paints, and Pleasure Balm Stimulating Gels. Dash and sprinkle on your lover’s favorite hot pleasure spot and let your tongue taste and feast with every lick, giving your lover erotic and stimulating pleasures. Set her on fire for a more arousing erotic sensitivity in pleasure experience with the Intensifying Gel. Just a few dash on her clitoris and she will be ready to feel more and give you more. Enjoy these body paints and oils, guaranteed to start the night moist and most definitely wet!

Couples Kits

The promise of sexual fun all in one pack.

Get everything that you need to make every intimate moment unfolding in ease and comfort with our couple kits of lubricants and oils and a few other sex essentials here at That’s Naughty Australia. This couple kits have all that you need to make every weekend getaway trip or the surprising hot and quickie fix happen right and tight in no time.

We have the foreplay package to start the night steaming and moist. Here you will find body paints to start with some ticklish and erotic licking fun; flower petals to set the scene right; sex toys and oils to get everything start naughty and fun. We have sex game kits, to add that delicious twist to your erotic fun. Get your lover slick and ready with lubricants to make every thrust and pump easy, deep and sweet, open and ready for some plumping and drilling until you hit the sweet spot of orgasmic fountains. Getting you and your lover into the mood, ready for slow and intimate moments or ready for some hard and fast pumping fun has never been sweet and easy as with these couple kits, and you can get it here at That’s Naughty Australia.


Slick, Wet and Ready.

Because even when the mind and soul is craving for some hot and erotic action, the body may not be ready, and feeling the slow fire of sexual desire flaring up can find you dry even at the best of times. For what the body may deny, the mind will find a way, and That’s Naughty Australia offers you these collection of lubricants, guaranteed to make things slick and wet and drilling juices in no time.

Whether it’s for some pussy love or backside action, we have the lubricants to get you ready and your lover ready, but that’s not all. These lubricants have been designed with arousing and stimulating essences and aromas to get you into the mood, so you will start getting moist and wet in no time. Sometimes, getting just a few dash to get moist and wet is all it takes to break the dam to get all those love juices flowing, and we offer them to you here at That’s Naughty Australia.

These lubricants come in either water base or silicone based, guaranteed safe for your most intimate sex spots. They wash off easily with water, so cleaning is snap and easy. Never let the heat of the moment catch you again dry, get your hand on these lubricants so you can dash and splash them, like sex gasoline over sexual fire and desire, and get every sex moment wet and slick, only here at That’s Naughty Australia.

Massage Oils

For that soft and perfect touch moments.

Pamper and soften stiff and tired muscles, set calm and ease in preparation for a night of erotic acrobatics and orgasmic fun with our selection of Massage Oils made available to you by That’s Naughty Australia. Nothing brings a couple to be more intimate than with the power and pleasure of touch, rekindling that sense of bond not just between intimate parts but in every inch of skin to skin. Sharing, giving and accepting warmth soft touches will do wonders in making you and your lover even more connected and attuned to each other, making you both feel relax and at ease, making what follows ahead an open invitation that is just waiting to be accepted.

This selection of massage oils will serve you well in massaging away all those worries and tiredness, setting the mood nice and right for a long night of erotic, sensual and orgasmic fun. Because being intimate is not just about the act of sex but is made much more special with shared intimacy as simple as touch, and these oils will surely ease the way for a more harmonious and intimate experience. Share and explore the magic of touch between you and your lover with this collection of massage oils, and discover another kind of shared intimacy and closeness.


Unleash the magic!

These selections of potions from That’s Naughty Australia are not made from magic, but they sure will work like magic to give you what you need to make every love making encounter loaded with satisfying erotic fun and orgasmic goodness. Whether it’s to make your woman more sensitive and receptive to your every kiss, lick, touch, and pump, or to get your man pumped up and ready, in his ultimate physical fit for the long night of hot and wet action, we have the potions for you.

We have the potions you need locked in these bottles. We have love sprays and arousing creams, for him and her, to get lovers in a heightened and excited state of mind and bodies willing and aroused for the pleasures to come. We have ointments to get that manly cock standing rock hard and bulging; or tightening creams to give her pussy love box that extra tight squeeze, the perfect challenge and pleasure door for long hours pumping fun of erotic and stimulating sensations. Sometimes, getting the love action going is just a matter of a dash or spray, and we have the potions to get you in sexual motions, only here at That’s Naughty Australia.

Where can I buy Lubricants and Oils?

Where you can buy lubricants and oils is right here at That’s Naughty Australia! You can choose from our wide selection of body paints, massage oils, potions, and lubricants to ease and make your lover relaxed and hot for the naughty pleasure night ahead. You can also buy couple’s kits lubricants and oils, perfect for a weekend holiday or even just to have everything you need for a night of wet and wild fantasies coming into life. Get your lover hard and ready, get your lover wet, waiting and craving with these lubricants and oils made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.

How much are Lubricants and Oils?

Lubricants and oils are made so you can have smooth and slick intimate moments, and the Lubricants and oils you can buy here at That’s Naughty Australia are made available and affordable just for you. You can buy lubricants and oils, love gels, and body paints for less than $10, and more amazing choices for await you between $15 and $30. Setting the night slick and easy no matter how tight is just a few dashes and strokes away, so you can enjoy more intimacy with your lover.

Why should I try and buy Lubricants and Oils?

The reason why you should try and buy Lubricants and oils is because they add so many possibilities for greater intimacy between you and your lover. Nothing like the sensation of soft touch to ease worries away, setting the mood for a naughty and very orgasmic and satisfying night. They are great for foreplay, like body paints that can tickle, tease and arose, and safe for you to taste them too! Lubricants and oils are also great for trying out anal sex for the first time, ensuring that all you feel is pleasure and no worries about pain and discomfort. A few dashes and strokes will work wonders with our wide selection of lubricants and oils for a more pleasurable night with your lover, and you can buy them all here from That’s Naughty Australia.

When do I need to replace my Lubricants and Oils?

When you would need to replace your lubricants and oils depends on the shelf life of the product. Make sure you check the label so you know how long you can have them in store. But most probably, after trying these selections of oils and lubricants from That’s Naughty Australia, you will surely be using them often, so make sure to grab an extra bottle, or two, and you can buy them all at affordable prices right here at That’s Naughty Australia!

Who makes good Lubricants and Oils?

Some of the top brands for lubricants and oils for are Heavenly Body Nights and Sauces, California Exotic, Doc Johnson, Hot Production, Pipedream, Swiss Navy, Pjur, Wet Stuff, Kama Sutra, Wet Inttimo, and Four Seasons. That’s Naughty Australia offers a wide selection of lubricants and oils from these and other brands to get your seduction and foreplay a smooth and easy start every time for a more satisfying and pleasurable sexual intimacy.

Who sells Lubricants and Oils?

That’s Naughty Australia sells oils and lubricants! You can by body paints, massage oils, love gels, and lubricants to set the night smooth and relaxed for the wild and naughty sex fun ahead. You can also buy couples kits that’s comes complete with the lubricants and oil essentials you need for an unforgettable night. Whatever the lubricants and oils you need for a naughtier and kinkier sex life, you can buy them all here at That’s Naughty Australia.

What type of Lubricants and Oils do I need?

The type of lubricants and oils you need would depend on what you want and need it for. Just remember that many is merrier, and having all kinds of the lubricants and oils available here at That’s Naughty Australia ensures you have what you need when you and your lover decide to experiment for something naughty, kinky and new. Are you curious about anal sex but worried about the pain? Worry no more for these lubricants and oils will help you take his cock deeper inside you like never before!

Where is the best place to purchase Lubricants and Oils?

The best place to purchase lubricants and oils for your next sexual intimacy is right here at That’s Naughty Australia. You can buy body paints, lubricant, massage oils, potions, stimulants, and love gels to get you and your lover relaxed and at ease for a night of naughty and kinky orgasmic fun. Ordering for your lubricants and oils is fast and easy, and we offer secure, flexible and discreet payment and delivery options for your orders of lubricants and oils. Set the mood right for a night of easy strokes and deep pumps with the wide selection of lubricants and oils made available and affordable for you by That’s Naughty Australia.

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