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The prostate gland is responsible for the secretion of fluids that make up most part of a manís semen. Most importantly, the prostate gland has been often described as the male equivalent of a womanís G-Spot. And since we all know what happens when we hit the G-spot, then the same can be said when a prostate massager finds its way to a manís prostate:

Pure Pleasure Like Never Before!

So if you are looking to shop online for prostate vibrators for the prostate massaging experience that you are looking for, Thatís Naughty Australia has a wide range of prostate massagers for you to discover new spots and depths of pleasures. As you can see, sex toys like prostrate massagers are not only good for reaching new heights of pleasure, but for a healthier prostate as well, which is important for a healthy and orgasmic sex life!

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There are two ways to use a prostate massager: either through prostate stimulation through the perineum area or through anal insertion of prostrate vibrators to hit the right spot. Most men would think twice at the sexual implication of having something inserted into their anus, but with an open mind, and the desire for pleasure like never before, the use of prostrate vibrators would surely make him feel that the experience is worth it, and would not be surprised when he comes looking back for more.

But prostate massaging through the use of prostate vibrators and stimulators is not just all about pleasure. Through the use of prostate massagers, the prostate gland also gets the stimulation in its soft muscles that are responsible for expelling semen through ejaculation. Prostate massaging leads to regular ejaculation, and the process allows the body to bring and replenish much needed blood oxygen and nutrients for much healthier functions in parts of the area. Prostate stimulation also helps in improving erectile function by allowing blood to flow through constricted areas in the male pelvis, one of the causes of erection problems. Prostatitis, the painful condition caused by bacterial growth which can swell and prevent the prostrate from functioning properly in expelling these harmful elements, can be prevented with the use of prostrate massagers that allow fresh blood to flow into the area, allowing the prostrate to flush them out of the body.

Penis Toys : Prostate Prostate Perfect!

Katy and Russell had always been adventurous with their sex life. Name a sexual position, and they have done it. They loved kinky sex, and their public adventures have been numerous, the thrill of not getting caught only made each and every moment even more pleasurable. But amidst all their adventures, there was one part of Katy that Russell has not been able to experience: her backdoor. Even in the heat of the moment, Katy would always stop him, and not having backdoor access only drove Russell nuts. It didnít help that Katy had a very gorgeous ass, and Russell had always fantasized how it would feel doing her backdoor all the way.

He tried all he could to convince Katy, but it was a no go. Until one day Russell was surprised when Katy herself opened up the topic. But there was a catch, and Katy warned him that he might not accept it. But Russell was so intent on discovering Katyís backdoor, so he agreed. Katy told her what the catch was.

Ass for an ass.

At first, Russell was confused, and Katy burst out laughing, before explaining what she had in mind. She had always wanted Russell to try out something, and his insistence on her ass only made it fair that she got to access his. Russell was not comfortable with the idea, since he always thought that a manís ass was his own, except for homosexuals, and of that he knew he wasnít. Katy could see that Russell was having a hard time, and she didnít push it. She just told him that was the deal, an ass for an ass, and then told Russell that he would never regret it. Russell was curious about that naughty glint in Katyís eyes, and decided, well, what the hell, yes, he would agree. Katyís ass was worth it!

Katy had always wanted to introduce Russell to the pleasures of prostate massagers, and now he had finally agreed. She would love to have anal sex with Russell, it was just that seeing him so eager about wanting it turned her on denying it all the more to him. Katy bought the Nexus Vibro (Purple) - 4" Vibrating Prostate Massager. She wanted to let Russell experience something he had never felt before, and his being squeamish about the deal only made Katy look forward to it.

It was finally the night they were both looking forward to, and the night began with a long and slow foreplay. Russell tested the waters, letting his tongue trail kisses on Katyís backdoor, which he knew she liked but usually stopped him from doing so. Tonight, Katy let him do as he pleased, and Russell was excited about finally claiming her ass. And he remembered what the deal was, and he had doubts, but he trusted Katy, and he was a man of his word.

Then Katy asked him if he was ready, and Russell decided not to prolong the issue, and said yes.

Russell went into position as instructed while Katy was behind him. Katy was telling him to relax, and as much as he would like to, Russell still was a little bit stiff. So Katy went down on him, licking and kissing his cock, his balls, all the way to his ass, and the sensations helped Russell relax. Katy worked on him more, until the sensations was glorious, though Russell knew he was just prolonging the obvious, and in his most macho voice he told Katy to bring it on, whatever it was he was ready.

Katy took the prostate massage in her hands, lubed it and applied a generous lube on Russellís ass. She started stroking Russellís cock, setting him on ease as she started rubbing the head of the prostrate massager on his ass. Katy had told him what to expect, and Russell was ready as Katy gently inserted the massager into Russellís ass.

The sensation was weird for Russell, though at least it was a woman working on his cock. He felt the massager in, and quiet surprisingly found the sensation not so bad after all. It was just weird, but it was alsoÖnaughty. Russell just reminded himself that after this Katyís ass was his, and when Katy asked him if everything was ok, Russell nodded, letting Katyís prized ass be his inspiration for the weird sensation on his ass. He felt it work its way, and he trusted Katy knew what she was doing. He was told what to expect, but so far it hasnít come yet.

And then the bulb hit some magical spot inside his ass that all Russell could do was swear.

The sensation was unlike anything Russell experienced before. Katy had told him there was a male g-spot, and he was doubtful, but here it was just now, the sensation unlike any other and Russell became an instant believer.

Here at Thatís Naughty Australia, we have the prostate vibrators and prostate stimulators for your health and enjoyment. Whether itís for solo play or for some great exploration sex fun with your partner, our line of prostate massagers offer you various options for your discriminating taste. These prostrate massagers are made from the best materials and guaranteed safe for massaging pleasures. Buying online for prostrate vibrators at Thatís Naughty Australia is made easy and secure with our various payment options, and our delivery package system ensure that you get them fast and in total privacy.

Get yourself a prostate vibrator today and be prepared to experience pleasure unlike any other, and stay healthy as well. Share it as a gift for a more adventurous and pleasurable shared bedtime action. If itís naughty, (and yes naughty is healthy) it has to be Thatís Naughty Australia!

It was like he had a secret core inside him that was so arousing, and Katy just touched the right button, exploring and discovering it for him. Katy was asking him if it felt good as she pressed on the spot, and Russell could only nod his head as a stimulation ripped through his ass that he heard himself moaning with pleasure. The sensation was intense! Katy was also moving the other end that had a ball bearing into his perineum, and the double contact with his prostate made Russell swear and swear with every erotic sensation. Russell felt his cock so hard, and he was raging to fuck Katy, but these new sensations were so arousing, and he found that contrary to his expectations and doubts, he found it enjoyable.

And that was when Katy turned on the vibrator.

The sensation was unlike any other, and Russell could only shiver as the erotic vibes on his prostate and his perineum induce him to new heights of arousal. Good thing that Katy turned it off, and Russell was able to take a deep breath.

Katy was enjoying every moment of letting Russell have a taste of the prostate massager. Her pussy was so wet, an arousal like never before, as if Russellís arousal was also her own. And the idea of letting Russell finally have his way with her ass was making her even hornier. She loved the way how her every movement on his ass made him react like never like a virgin, and she basked at the feeling of power she had over Russell, which greatly aroused her. She wanted to play the prostate massager even more, but she knew it would make him come too early. Well, that was not acceptable, because a deal was a deal: an ass for an ass, and she was looking forward to savouring Russell aroused and raging like never before, and finally doing her ass.

Katy asked Russell if he would like to control it, and Russell nodded, and he reached out, testing the new sex toy, discovering a pleasure part in himself that he never thought he had. He tried experimenting, hitting his own spot that sent his arousal higher and his cock harder. But Russell was patient, because with a hard on this big, he wanted only one place to bury it, and that was no other than Katyís ass.

Katy must have been thinking the same as Russell saw her move into position, ass propped high. She was applying a generous amount of lubricant on her ass, and Russell did the same to his rock hard cock. Katy glanced back at him, and spread her ass cheeks, welcoming Russell to her ass.

Russell was eager, but he wanted to enjoy every inch of Katyís backdoor, and slowly he probed, bit by bit, inch by inch, until he could feel Katyís ass welcome his cock. God she was so tight, and Russell took his time, not wanting to hurt Katy, and soon, he was able to let his cock all the way in inside Katyís ass, and the sensation was indescribable, just like with the sensation of the massager in his ass.

They gave it a few humps, the lubricant helping Russell cock slip easy into Katyís ass. Russell slowly pulled out, and was answered with Katy pushing back, thrusting his cock deep. Then Katy motioned for him to stop, with his cock deep inside her ass, and told him to fuck and fill her while using the prostate massager.

It was an easy decision for Russell, an ass for an ass, and he played with the prostrate massager in his ass, getting the hang of using it. He felt it slide in, and he found his p-spot, and the sensation made him so hard, as if bursting. He placed the roller balls against his perineum, and he felt as if his cock was getting bigger inside Katyís ass. Russell asked Katy if she was ready, and she nodded that she was. Russell took a deep breath, then turned on the bullet vibrator.

Russell held the massager in place as he rocked and humped with Katy, cock buried on her ass. The sensations was so much better, a triple delight of his prostate and perineum pampered with erotic vibes while his cock was plugged into Katyís backdoor, the combined sensations so much more than he imagined it to be. Russell pumped and humped some more, as he heard Katy moaning in the way that told him that her orgasm was close. The sensations were exquisite, and Russell wanted to share it with Katy, and he kept the pace easy, plumbing Katyís ass while his own was plugged with the prostate massager, and soon Katy began to shiver as Russell felt he was going to come unlike any other, reached down to cycle the vibrator to even powerful modes as he spent the last remaining moments pumping Katyís ass deep before he felt himself explode and ejaculate in an intensity unlike anything in his memory.

He opened his eyes and there was Katy, propped beside him and smiling. Russell returned the smile, remembering the sensations he just discovered, and kissed Katy. He didnít know what to say, and all he could find was an honest two words.

ďNot so fast, Russell! You got easy this round. Next time I get to use it until you beg me to stop!.Ē

And Russell could only smile as he hugged her. He felt as if he was the luckiest guy in the world.

(Experience a different kind of pleasure with prostrate massagers. It hits the right spot, the equivalent of a womanís g-spot, guaranteed out of this world pleasure for men, sexual intensity and satisfaction unlike any other. Try one today, and be prepared to enter a new world of erotic stimulations, for an unforgettable and super pleasurable sex experience. Buy online for prostate massagers, sex toys and other sex essentials to add spice and everything nice to your intimate pleasures, made available for you by Thatís Naughty Australia.)

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