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Because being gay is perfectly okay. And being gay also means that you deserve to be free and happy, as to have the freedom to be naughty and have your erotic and kinky fantasies, and bring them closer to life. There is a wide variety of sex toys for women as well as for men, but finding sex toys for men who prefer other men as the main attraction in their erotic fantasies can be a bit of a challenge. If you are gay (which is perfectly okay!), and would like to have masturbation sex toys made just for you, then we might just have the toys that you have been wishing for.

For masturbation toys for fantasizing about your favorite jock man or pretty twink, That’s Naughty Australia is proud to offer you our selection of Fleshlight Fleshjack products that you can buy online here. From the creator of Fleshlight, one of the top brands for masturbation toys for straight men, Fleshlight originally featured fantasy hot babes like Jenna Haze and Stoya to provide straight men with a way of making their fantasies and desires for these and other hot female stars come to satisfying and juicy conclusions. Fleshjack is their alternate line of sex toy products to provide men who prefer the hardness of other men in their erotic fantasies, featuring the hottest and sexiest male fantasy stars for your erotic pleasures. Fleshjack has become the premium maker of sex toys for the boys, and if you haven’t tried one, now is the perfect time. Picobong

Since its Fleshjack, you are guaranteed that it feels like soft flesh, to get you that feel of having your erotic fantasies come feel as if it’s in real life. Better still, it comes in a discrete flashlight form package, perfect for protecting your Fleshjack and your privacy from prying and curious eyes. This does not only guarantees protection for you and your Fleshjack, but it’s handy for bringing it with you wherever you may go, so you can answer the call of your fantasies in one easy snap.

Some the Fleshjack products we have in our collection includes:

Fleshjack - Boys - Bel Ami Boys (currently empty)

Fleshjack Boys - Brent Corrigan

California. The name itself evokes a hot and vibrant scene, great for some hot summer fun. And when it comes to California boys, nobody looks delicious and hotter than Brent Corrigan, and That’s Naughty Australia has the goods on Brent from our selection of Fleshjack Boys Brent Corrigan. You may have seen how hot and hard he was in the film Brent Corrigan’s Heat, and if you are looking a taste of those actions, these are the sex toys for you.

Feel as if you are getting the full and tight backdoor experience by Brent Corrigan himself with Fleshjacks replica of Brent’s own marvelous cock. It has the shape and details of his luscious dong, so you can feel Brent taking you to new erotic and ass-stimulating heights with his hard cock, made from platinum cured silicone of the highest quality, guaranteed safe and very enjoyable. Or make your fantasy of slipping your cock into Brent Corrigan’s willing mouth come true with Fleshjack Brent Corrigan Mouth SWALLOW that offers a moderately tight opening , then into a ribbed canal to the back of the throat, then challenges you with a super tight canal where Brent will take and keep all your manly cock juices. California inspired hot and erotic fun has never been sweet, and you can buy online here That’s Naughty Australia.

Fleshjack Boys - Brent Everett

You have seen him get and give a different kind of hard education in Fuck U, got you hard and wet in Brent Everett Is Wetter Than Ever, and seen all his best hard rocking and pumping actions in the compilation Brent Everett Superstar, this Canadian import has been around ever since his debut in Barebacking Across America, and That’s Naughty Australia offers you to get your fantasy of getting your erotic fix with Fleshjack Boys Brent Everett sex toys masturbators.

Get your cock hard and ready and bring Brent Everett alive in your hard fantasies with Fleshjack Boys Brent Everett Mouth SWALLOW. Molded from Brent’s own lips and mouth, to give you some sucking and fucking fantasy experience like never before. Its texture and feel is like no other, so is guaranteed to satisfy you and make you pump some more.

Fleshjack Boys - Pierre Fitch

He may have started as a “twink”, but boys do grow up and he is now more of a jock, but that doesn’t change that Canadian porn export Pierre Fitch has all the right goods for your fantasy masturbation experience. You have seen him in Cuffed & Fucked, Playin' With Pierre, and One Night With Pierre Fitch, and other films he had starred in the past years and wished you were the object of his hard attention. Now you can have Pierre Fitch to take care of your cock’s erotic itch and twitch with these sex toys you can buy online here at That’s Naughty Australia.

Be it with his mouth or butt, get your fantasies rocking and pumping with our selection of Fleshjack Boys Pierre Fitch. Immerse your cock and let Pierre suck you to satisfaction with the SWALLOW, or get that backdoor fantasy of doing Pierre in tight and deep pumping goodness with the FORBIDDEN. Both are made from Super Skin, and comes with Fleshjack’s guarantee that it feels like real soft flesh, ribbed and textured for long hours for your Pierre Fitch fantasies.

Fleshjack Boys - Visconti Triplets

You may remember them as the only gay triplets in the history of porn, and that makes them the hottest export from Hungary. We know you would like to have all three of them, as we would love to bring them all three to you, but as an appetizer, allow us to let you have a slice from the naughty trio meat pie with this sex toy you can buy online and made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.

Hungary is known for its sausages, but let your very own sausage be the main feast as you sink your cock into Jimmy Visconti’s mouth with the Fleshlight Fleshjack Boys Jimmy Visconti (Mouth) that comes with the SWALLOW texture for guaranteed masturbation satisfaction. Hungary may be far away, but getting your export quality porn fantasies with Jimmy Visconti is just a click away, only here at That’s Naughty Australia.

Fleshjack - Endurance Jack

Getting hard is easy for any man, but it is staying hard that can sometimes be a disappointment, just when what you want the most is to stay rock hard longer, for a more satisfying and fulfilling fucks or masturbation experience. There are a lot of sex toys and products that promises you the ability to maintain your erection longer, but the secret is really simple: practice. And you know what they say, Practice makes Perfect. If you are looking to keep waving your cock hard for extended periods for guaranteed sex satisfaction, we have the perfect sex toy so you can get practicing for the long and hard moments ahead.

That’s Naughty Australia offers you Endurance Jack by Fleshjack, designed to help you stay hard longer. Endurance Jack replicates the erotic sensations and stimulations of real sex which can send any man over the edge ejaculating at any untimely moment. Practice and use of Fleshjack Endurance Jack helps in preventing premature ejaculations, as well as free you from performance anxieties of lasting longer. Not just that, but it also lets you experience intense orgasms, so the practice is both work and naughty play, all in one package.

Get hard and stay hard, only with Fleshjack Endurance Jack sex toys maturbators you can buy online here at That’s Naughty Australia.

Fleshjack Fleshwash

Your Fleshjack is a serious investment and your favorite sex toy. Keeping it clean and read is important for a healthy and safe erotic pleasure fun. And over time, sex toys do age like all things do, but you can extend its feel and texture so the sensations will feel like it did the first time, with our selection of cleaning and maintenance essentials for your Fleshlight Fleshjack sex toys.

That’s Naughty Australia offers you sex essential you can buy online to keep your Fleshjack hygienic and safe, and feeling like brand new. A must for every Fleshlight Fleshjack owner is the Fleshwash Anti Bacterial Toy Cleaner. It contains Triclosan, proven to fight bacteria so your sex toys will always be clean, safe, and ready for your enjoyment. It is non- greasy and alcohol-free, non-irritating to the skin, and safe for use on Super Skin, latex, or silicone materials of other sex toys as well. For best results, rinse your Fleshjack with warm water after use, then spray Fleshwash cleaner in generous amount inside and outside of your favorite Fleshjack sleeve before leaving it to dry.

Your favorite sex toy Fleshjack may lose some its softness from multiple uses (and we don’t blame you!) But you can extend, renew, and restore the softness of your Fleshjack sex toys with Fleshjack Renewing Powder. It’s quick and easy: remove the Fleshjack from the case, generously coat very inch with a thin coat layer, put it back in its case and enjoy as usual, and always!

Keep your Fleshjack safe and clean, and soft like the first time, with these sex essentials you can buy online here at That’s Naughty Australia in affordable combo pack price.

Fleshjack Ice Jack

Men like to watch shapes and colors come out alive, and when it comes to the bedroom, we like watching with pride as our cocks arise and awaken, transforming from a soft sleeping becoming a leviathan to face the erotic and arousing challenges ahead. There is something about more than just knowing and feeling something in action, seeing it adds an erotic and arousing sight that definitely delights. And if you are looking for crystal clarity of the pride and joy that is your cock, for solo or shared pleasures, we have the sex toy you can buy online here at That’s Naughty Australia.

We offer you erotic visual delights with Fleshlight Fleshjack Ice. Get a new perspective as you see your cock in penetration action with Fleshjacks transparent case. Whether you are alone, or sharing your masturbation pleasure with your lover, seeing is believing, and cravings, for an intimate night that promises loads of pumping and humping fun.

Be it the ass, the mouth, or butt, Fleshlight Fleshjack Ice Crystal texture will definitely make you see and feel your erotic and kinky fantasies come real with each arousing pump.

Fleshjack Original

There may be whole variety of sex toys for boys made available by Fleshjack, but as they say, there’s nothing like the first and original that started it all. It may be considered a classic, and rightly so because even until today, these original Fleshjack designs are still in high demand, be it for first timers who would like to experience the stimulations of having a Fleshjack, or for connoisseurs who are out to experience the sensations that only the original Fleshjack can offer.

That’s Naughty Australia offers you our collection of the first and original sleeves that started it all with Fleshjack Original. Original Fleshjack like the Classic Bottom jack offers a smooth interior, perfect for those who are sensitive or would like to prolong the erotic experience of using a Fleshjack. It also offers a wider canal that other sleeves, perfect for those who have more than normal cock girth.

It’s always good to know the roots, and when it comes to Fleshjack, these originals will surely add long and satisfying memories in your erotic masturbation experience.

Fleshjack Vibro

You may have enjoyed and savored Fleshjack in its original, or have tried the wide variety of textures available in other Fleshjack Boys product line. You may have witnessed new erotic and arousing visual treats with Fleshjack Ice that gives you a clear crystal view of your cock in penetration action, and you might be asking, what is next?! Well, ask no more with this addition to the wide range of Fleshjack product line that guarantees new erotic sensation for your masturbation experience. That’s Naughty Australia offers you the sex toy you can buy online to rock and pamper your cock with new arousing and stimulating sensations that only Fleshjack can give you with the Fleshjack Vibro, the Fleshjack that Vibrates!

Fleshjack Vibro comes in the patented Super Skin that the brand is known for, the guarantee of feeling as if real flesh is wrapped around your cock. It also offers textures that push the possibilities of masturbation experience like never before. With Fleshjack Vibro, you get not only these but you can experience the arousing stimulations as wave after wave of erotic vibes pulsing its way around the concentric fingers designed along the shaft. You can start with one vibro, or you can try all three in action, guaranteed to give you unrivalled pleasure.

Get your cock a jackhammer of a great and erotic satisfying time with Fleshjack Vibro, and add new erotic and satisfying delights to your masturbation experience. Jack yourself naughty like never before, only here with That’s Naughty Australia.

Where can I buy Fleshlight Fleshjack?

Where you can buy online Fleshlight FleshJack is right here at That’s Naughty Australia. You can shop online for Fleshjack line such as Fleshjack Boys featuring Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett, and Pierre Fitch, as well as order online for Fleshjack Ice Jack, Fleshjack Original, Fleshjack Vibro, and Fleshjack Endurance Jack. To keep your favourite Fleshjack safe and clean, you can also buy Fleshwash Renewing Powder and Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner. Experience masturbation pleasures like no other with the wide selection of the best Fleshlight Fleshjack you can shop online and made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.

How much are Fleshlight Fleshjack?

Fleshlight Fleshjack is priced between $110 and $120. Be careful of counterfeits and fakes that may cost you less but would end up a waste of good money. You can be assured that when you shop online for Fleshlight Fleshjack from That’s Naughty Australia, you get only original and authentic Fleshlight Fleshjack for your satisfaction and pleasure.

Why should I try and buy Fleshlight Fleshjack?

You should try and buy Fleshlight Fleshjack because it takes masturbation pleasure experience to different and orgasmic level. The hand may do the job, but Fleshjack does it better! Fleshjack is available in different designs, an even offer masturbators moulded from your favourite male porn stars, turning your masturbation fantasies kinkier and naughtier, and so much pleasurable. Fleshjack is available in different textures like Original texture, Speed Bump texture, Wonder Wave texture, Vortex texture, and Crystal Texture for pleasure sensations you just have to experience! You can also use Fleshjack not just for pleasure but also to test your endurance for that hot naughty date: they feel so good that you can’t help but cum, and the more you use it, the more you can last and stay harder longer! And best of all, you and your lover can share the experience, and hand jobs will never be the same again!

When do I need to replace my Fleshlight Fleshjack?

Your favourite Fleshlight Fleshjack masturbator sex toy will last you for months and even longer if you take the proper care for use, cleaning, and storage. The Fleshjack material is sensitive to some cleaners, so make sure you use the prescribed sex toy cleaner like Fleshlight Fleshwash. Frequent use (yes, we know you can’t help it) will make your Fleshjack feel different in time, but you can make it feel brand new with Fleshlight Renewing powder!

Who makes good Fleshlight Fleshjack?

Only original and genuine Fleshlight Fleshjack will give you the pleasure and experience you want for your masturbation. It will definitely even surprise you. Beware of counterfeit and fakes that will just waste your money. You can be assured that when you shop online for Fleshlight Fleshjack from That’s Naughty Australia, you are buying only original and authentic Fleshjack sex toy masturbators, so you get your money’s worth and all the satisfaction and so much more pleasure experience with your Fleshjack.

Who sells Fleshlight Fleshjack?

That’s Naughty Australia sells original and authentic Fleshlight Fleshjack masturbators! You can buy online for Fleshjack Boys featuring your favourite hot male porn stars, or try the classic but satisfying Fleshjack Original. If you want to last and stay hard longer, you should take the challenge with Endurance Jack, or you can enjoy the good naughty pleasure vibes with Fleshjack Vibro. Whatever the Fleshjack you are craving for, we sell only original and authentic Fleshjack masturbator sex toys for men right here at That’s Naughty Australia.

What type of Fleshlight Fleshjack do I need?

The type of Fleshlight Fleshjack you need would depend on some personal preferences on your part. Fleshjack Original offers textures that will never fail to make you cum, and perfect for beginners with Fleshjack. Fleshjack has a line of masturbators moulded from the choices body parts like mouth and butt of your favourite male fantasies, and finding the right one that sets your cock hard will make every masturbation experience hot and naughty. There is also Fleshjack Ice that gives you a good view of how Fleshjack jacks your cock with every pump, a visual delight you can enjoy or share with your lover. If you want to have the sexual endurance to keep your cock stamina longer, you should try Fleshjack Endurance Jack so you can start training and pacing your cock to give you the staying power for more delicious and naughty pumps and humps! If you are looking for good naughty vibes while masturbating, Fleshjack Vibro will give you tremors all night long until you explode. Whatever the Fleshjack you want for pleasure, endurance training, or foreplay experience with your lover, you can buy online for original Fleshjack sex toys here at That’s Naughty Australia.

Where is the best place to purchase Fleshlight Fleshjack?

The best place to purchase Fleshlight Fleshjack is right here at That’s Naughty Australia. You can buy online for your favourite authentic and original Fleshjack masturbator like Fleshjack Boys, Endurance Jack, Fleshjack Original, Fleshjack Vibro and Fleshjack Ice. Ordering when you shop online for Fleshjack from That’s Naughty Australia is fast and easy, and you can enjoy secure and flexible payment and discreet delivery options for your new Fleshjack masturbators. Explore and experience a world of jacking up your cock into ejaculation like never before with the wide section of original Fleshjack products guaranteed to keep you jacking and ejaculating, made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.

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