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Buy your new pinklady fleshlight Australia today

Thatsnaught ships Fleshlight Australia Wide. In the age where vibrators have become widely accepted as a means for women to exercise their sexual freedom and enjoy, male sex toy products have remained a dirty, filthy, long lost relative to their female counterparts. Fleshlight hopes to change this perception by providing men with a quality, discreet, tasteful male masturbation product that will help bring the topic of male sexuality into the light of legitimacy and reason in the eyes of society. In todays society with STDs, such as AIDS, and unwanted pregnancies reaching epidemic levels, it is important to be cautious. The Fleshlight male sexy toy will allow you to have a safe outlet to express your fantasies and impulses in a safe environment that you are in complete control of usnig the Fleshlight pocket pussy, allowing your naughty, erotic fantasies to be fulfilled.

  • Why should I buy a Fleshlight?
  • What are the dimensions of the Fleshlight and the inserts?
  • Help! I'm a first time buyer, what should I order?
  • Which insert is right for me?
  • Which insert best simulates real sex?
  • I am a virgin. What do you recommend?
  • I am uncircumcised. What do you recommend?
  • What is the difference between the Fleshlights?

After that the most common question about the Fleshlight relates to types of original insert:

  • Original
  • Speed Bump
  • Stamina Training Unit
  • Super Ribbed
  • Super Tight
  • Ultra Tight
  • Wonder Wave
  • Vortex
  • Lotus

Why should I buy a Fleshlite in Australia? What are the best pocket pussy options?

Guys buy a fleshlite for varied reasons, the top 5 are.

  • 1. You're in complete control of you male masturbation. Whenever, you want it, wherever you may be the Fleshlight pocket pussy toy allows you the ability to satisfy your urge for sexual gratification.
  • 2. The most realistic sexual intercourse simulation available! The Fleshlights Real Feel Superskin is designed to be soft and pliable. The material used for the Superskin sleeve is designed to provide the most realistic feeling intercourse simulation known to man.
  • 3. Help improve stamina and bedroom performance. Regardless of your experience level, there is always room for improvements. The Fleslight masturbation sleeve allows you a method to test your skills, practice new techniques, and work on improving your stamina with the specially designed STU sleeve insert.
  • 4. Safe sex alternative practice. Part of the reason the Fleshlite male sex toy was created was to address the risks associated with promiscuity, such as the spread of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), and unwanted pregnancy. If you are having difficulties finding a safe sex partner, or you are simply waiting for the right person to come along, the Fleshlight offers you a safe and satisfying means to express and satisfy your sexual urges. Fucking alone never felt this good.
  • 5. A lifetime of pleasure. With proper use, care, and cleaning, the Fleshlight premium artificial vagina will last you a lifetime.

Without a doubt the best pocket pussy on the market today is the Fleshlight - closely followed by Tenga products that tend to be let down by their single use. For our customers in Australia, Fleshlight is the best choice.

What are the dimensions of the Fleshlight and the inserts?

The Fleshlight case is approximately 254 mm (10 inches) in length and 102 mm (4 inches) in diameter at the larger end and 63 mm (2-1/2 inches) at the smaller end. The Fleshlight case is offered in black, blue, pearl, silver, white and clear. The different versions are available from Fleshlight Australia Thatsnaughty.

Help! I'm a first time buyer, what Fleshlite should I order?

Option 1: With close to half a million Fleshlite products sold, about 90% of Fleshlight customers start with the Original Pink Lady, your very own fake vagina to fuck.

Option 2: After the pinklady there are two popular fleslite inserts, they are Wonder Wave Pink Lady with the intense insert and Super Ribbed Clear Mouth plus the extreme insert.

Option 3: Jump in and grab one of your favorite porn stars from the Flshlight girls range. Note that these fleshlights have unique inserts available as well as the most realistic lotus texture insert - the closest feeling artificial to the real thing.

Which fleshlight insert is right for me?

Without a doubt, this is the most frequently asked question: which insert is right for me? Unfortunately there is not easy answer to this question. To determine which insert is right for you, there are several important factors to consider:

fleshlight cock sizesWhen choosing the perfect Fleshlight for you, be sure to consider your girth as being equally as important as length. The average erect penis length is approximately 5-6 inches, with an average girth (circumference) of approximately 4-5inches. It is suggested you use a measuring tape to take proper measurements. The correct measurement can make the difference between sensational experience and a non-enjoyable Fleshlight experience. If you choose an insert with a diameter that is too small, it is likely to result in discomfort during use. If you choose an insert with a diameter that is too large, the experience will be less thrilling of an experience.

Ultra Tight, Super Tight, Wonder Wave/Speed Bump/Super Ribbed, STU, and Original. Is the order of tightness for the original inserts.

Larger than average men often choose: Original Pink Lady or Speed Bump

Smaller than average men often choose: Super Tight or Sex In A Can

STU is perfect for improving your sexual performance

Fleshlight Australia - Original Pinklady options - Best Male Masturbation

The very first thing that needs to be considered is the color of the Fleslight sleeve. This decision is easy for most men to make, simply choose the color that suits you best. One of the most popular choices is the ice color, which is has no color. However, the lack of pigment in the sleeve leaves it sticker than the others. If you choose the ice color, be sure to select the ice case to match the ice insert.

The next choice to be made is the orifice, which is what determines the outer appearance of the Fleshlight insert. Be sure to choice the orifice that is most appealing to you. The vagina, also known as the Lady, is the most popular choice, followed by the anus. There is also a non-descript cover, which is ideal for traveling with your Fleshlight sex toy. It allows the sex toy to be more discreet, easing the concerns of men who fear a roommate or family member may discover the Fleshlight.

Pinklady orifices
fleshlight pussy entrance
Pinklady mouth
Fleshlight ass

Men, who prefer the blowjob experience to the other orifices, generally choose the mouth.

There are a few differences that are important to point out. First the anal orifice is the thinnest of the three. This allows the user to get to the textured area sooner. The other important difference to point out is the lady has the largest opening, which allows for easier access.

The final and most important option is the choice of the correct sensation. You can choose from textured or smooth inserts. You can even determine the tightness of the insert. Please refer to the size chart above and descriptions below to help you choose the best Fleshlight product(s) for you.

Fleshlight insert options
original pinklady insert
Supertight fleshlight insert
Wonderwave fleshlight insert
Speedbump fleshlight interior
Super Ribbed fleshlight
Vortex insert
STU insert

Fleshlight Girls options

You can even choose to get inside one of todays hottest adult actresses. You can choose from: Riley Steele, Jenna Haze, Jesse Jane, Alexis Texas, Kayden Kross, Jessica Drake, Bibi Jones, Asa Akira, Misty Stone, Katsuni, Lisa Ann, Tori Black, Stoya,

Some of the following pornstars thatsnaughty has had requested for fleshlights

Abbey Brooks Nina Mercedez Sarah Vandella Jenny Hendrix
Katie Kox Faye Reagan Melody Nakai Jennifer White
Sunny Leone Nicole Aniston Abella Anderson Kagney Linn Karter
Shyla Stylez Jenna Presley Kristina Rose Sophie Dee
Jayden Jaymes Bridgette B Jynx Maze Isis Taylor

Where can I buy FleshLight?

Where you can buy Fleshlight Australia is right here at Thats Naughty Australia. You can take your pick and buy any of the of the best Fleshlight products like Fleshlight Alien, Fleshlight Ice, Sex in A Can, Fleshlight Vibro, Stamina Training Unit, and the classic but always satisfying Fleshlight Original at very affordable prices. Masturbation has never been this good, and you owe it to yourself to experience the pleasure of Fleshlight you can shop online here and made available for you right here at Thats Naughty Australia.

You can also buy Fleshlight Fleshwash Renewing Powder and Anti-Bacterial Toy cleaner, the best way to clean and maintain your favourite Fleshlight for more pumping fun!

How much are FleshLights in Australia?

Fleshlight cost somewhere between $90 to $130, and you can choose from a wide selection of texture feel and entry types for your satisfaction. Thats Naughty Australia sells online only original and genuine Fleshlight products, so you can be assured you are getting your moneys worth, and your cock will be pleasured unlike any you have experienced with before from this unbelievable and amazing masturbation toy.

Why should I try and buy FleshLight?

The reason why you should try and buy Fleshlight is simple: its so unbelievable! Men have always masturbated with their hands, and it has always been good, but if you have ever wondered if it can get any better, feel like the real thing, wonder no more, get a Fleshlight! Its the best gift you could give yourself! One try is all you need to know what you are missing, and it will keep you coming and pumping back for more! Better yet, Fleshlight is not just a masturbation toy, it is also a stamina training unit if you want to build endurance with every use. Surprise your lover with how long you can stay rock hard for a long night promised with unforgettable sex.

Best of all, Fleshlight Australia masturbation sex toy is not just for men and solo play, but you can share the fun! Let your lover pump your Fleshlight for you as you lie back and enjoy the delirious sensations. For the ladies, you can buy a Fleshlight and surprise your man with a hand job that will literally make him blow his cum! So what are you waiting for!? Enjoy the pleasure, and share the naughty fun with Fleshlight you can shop at affordable and budget prices made available for you here at Thats Naughty Australia

When do I need to replace my FleshLight?

When you would need to replace your Fleshlight would depend on how frequently you use it, as well as proper cleaning, care, and storage. Your Fleshlight will last you long if proper care is given, especially to cleaning and storage after every use. Its patented flesh-like feel material is sensitive to cleaner solutions, so make sure you use prescribed Fleshlight Fleshwash Anti-Bacterial Cleaner. In time the feel of your sex toy may change, but you can make it feel like brand new with a dash of Fleshlight Fleshwash Renewing Powder.

Who makes good FleshLight?

Beware of fakes and counterfeits that are in the market! Make sure you only buy online genuine Fleshlight products, and Thats Naughty Australia sells only guaranteed original and authentic Fleshlight products for your naughty satisfaction and your moneys worth.

Who sells FleshLight?

Thats Naughty Australia sells online only original and genuine Fleshlight sex toys in Australia. You can choose from a wide range of Fleshlight products made available for you at reasonable prices. Thats Naughty Australia offers a wide selection of Fleshlight, from the classic but always favourite Fleshlight Original, to Fleshlight Ice and Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. Shop online for authentic Fleshlight right here at Thats Naughty Australia, and give your cock or your lovers cock pleasure unlike any other!

What type of FleshLight do I need?

The type of Fleshlight you need would depend on your cock size such as girth and your masturbation fantasy preference. Fleshlight comes in various textures so you can choose the best fit that would feel just tight and right for you. You can also take your pick of which body part takes your cock deep, like mouth, pussy, or ass. If you like to watch how Fleshlight pleasures your cock, you can try Fleshlight Ice that allows you to see Fleshlight and your cock in naughty and pleasure action. If you want to build stamina to last and pleasure your lover longer, you can buy Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit that would push and test your endurance so your cock can stay hard longer and pleasure your lover even more. Curious about how good vibration can be!? Then you owe to try Fleshlight Vibro for wild pumping vibes! Whatever the Fleshlight you need, we have them available and affordable for you right here at Thats Naughty Australia.

Where is the best place to purchase FleshLight?

The best place to buy Fleshlight masturbation sex toy is none other than right here at Thats Naughty Australia. You can buy online the Fleshlight for your cock like Fleshlight Original, Fleshlight Ice, Fleshlight Vibro, or Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit available in various textures to tease and please you and in your choice of entry point such as mouth, pussy or butt. Shop and order online for your new Fleshlight sex toy is fast and easy, and you can enjoy secure and flexible payment and discreet delivery options for your Fleshlight. Experience the feel of real flesh in the innocent looking flashlight, guaranteed to keep you or your lover pumping and ejaculating like never before all day and night with the wide selection of the best Fleshlight masturbation sex toy for men made available for you by Thats Naughty Australia.

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