Sleeved for Extended Pleasure

Because not all men are created equal: with the same long, and wide, and hard cock.

But when it comes to the bedroom, the deed must be done, leaving a willing wet vagina waiting is not the way to treat a woman, especially when all it simply asks for is to be thrust long and fucked deep. So what are you going to do?

Cock Sleeves in Sydney Australia

Pride aside, letís face it: sometimes staying longer, bigger and harder is always better. So, if you looking to shop for male enhancement to get the deed done, then Thatís Naughty Australia has the cock sleeves and penis extensions to dress up your cock, not only looking right but to ensure that every fuck action goes nice, long, and tight.

Male enlargement toys like cock extensions and penis sleeves add girth and length to your cock for that extra inch and width to satisfy your woman, and that extra length also helps in making sure you hit her G-spot right on target. Cock sleeves also help in giving you the stamina to last longer, enhances your cock standing straight, proud and ready. The lessened sensation in wearing penis sleeves will make sure you last longer, giving your woman the fuck that she deserves and craves.

Male enhancements such as penis extensions is not only about getting to go in and out longer, but it goes to say it can add so much pleasure to your woman. Cock sleeves comes in various texture and end ribbings, not only ensuring that you perform longer, but the pleasure from the various textures of our penis sleeves and cock extensions brings the promise of so much more pleasurable sensations with every deep visit of your cock in her pussy. Not only that, some of our male enhancement cock sleeves comes with clit stimulators and vibrators, allowing you to give her that extra thrill for her massive orgasm.

You may not be a natural, but donít let that stop you from performing long, nice and tight. These male enhancement cock sleeves would do just that, enhance, but will affect not only your performance but your overall sex life as well. You may be the one wearing it, but when your woman feels all that little extra length and width and sensations, she knows that you are doing it for her, because she deserves it!

STORY : Penis Toys Ė Extensions Bigger Fantasies!

Mia and Trevor had always been open about their sex life. It was not easy at first, but the raw honesty of telling each other their kinky desires and fantasies turned out for the best, with some of those ďfantasiesĒ becoming a reality, which only made their intimate moments even hotter and more satisfying. It was during one of their ďtell me your fantasyĒ moments when Mia shared one of her fantasies.

A bigger cock.

Now, perhaps any other man would have felt bad or defensive, especially about their prized cock size. But Trevor loved Mia, and he let Mia explain further. Itís not that your cock is small, you know that, Trevor. Because your cock is anything but small! And I do not desire any other guy, or any other guyís cock for that matter. I dunno, sometimes I just wonder how it would feel to be taking in my pussy a bigger cock. Wonder how it feels, thatís all. Sometimes when that thought enters my mind, I wish that either of us could just snap a finger and get your cockís girth bigger. I love you Trevor, you know that, and I am just being honest, just as how we promised.

That conversation was about month ago, and it was never discussed again, but it never left Trevorís mind. He knew he was big, and he knows how to use his cock but because he loved Mia, he wanted her fantasies to be real, and though it took a while, Trevor was able to find the right sex toy that might just make Miaís secret wish a reality. The package arrived swift and discrete from Thatís Naughty Australia, just as promised, and Trevor was eager to try it on, to prove that for Mia, he will go the extra mile.

Their foreplay was long, with some love oil massage to start the night easy and comfortable. They both like foreplays, the longer the better, and both Mia and Trevor took turns, exploring each otherís bodies, trying to discover some hidden erotic switch waiting to be turned on, all their shared fantasies laid bare and yet they still tried to push their pleasure explorations deeper, making each and every foreplay and love making all so much pleasurable.

Mia likes to get her pussy licked, and Trevor had mastered the gift of his tongue, not for words, but for quick darts and naughty flicks that would send Mia speaking in the language of moans, sighs and curses that were like music to Trevorís ears, each lustful moan or naughty squeal only served to turn him on even more. And after going down for quite some time, Mia was dripping wet, and begging for Trevorís cock.

Unknown to Mia, while he was busy down on her, Trevor found the time to wear the sex toy he brought. It fit nice and tight, and promises to fulfill Miaís fantasy of getting it bigger. Trevor had bought the Pipedream Real Feel Penis Enhancer Vibrating Penis Attachment and Ball Ring - (Flesh). It felt weird at first, but Trevor could see that it did add some girth to his cock, and this was about making Miaís fantasy a reality, and soon she would be feeling it come true. Trevor took out the vibrating ring and just slip on the sleeve that was a like a shirt worn by his cock, with his cock head protruding.

Trevor gave some more licks on Miaís very aroused clit that only served to make her hornier that she was begging Trevor to fuck her with his big cock. Trevor wanted to set the night right, so at first he ignored her pleas and kept on licking and teasing until Mia was begging over and over that Trevor felt the moment was right. He straddled Mia parted legs up high, teasing her pussy lips with his cock head protruding from the sleeve. Mia was begging for it, something they both know Trevor enjoyed hearing. Trevor pushed just the head a bit, feeling Miaís pussy lips clamp on it. Trevor also knew Mia likes to be teased, and after the teasing she wants it sliding inside her, and so Mia was begging to get Trevorís big cock inside her, and Trevor complied.

Trevor parted Miaís leg wider as he pushed inch after inch of his cock inside Miaís wet pussy, letting Mia experience it slowly. And Trevor was rewarded with a curious and surprised look from Miaís face as Trevorís big and now even wider cock slipped inside her, and Mia could not help but ask What happened to your co..

But Mia was never able to complete her question as Trevor decided to start pumping and make Miaís fantasy even bigger and real.

When do I need to replace my Penis Sleeves?

When you would need to replace your penis extension sleeve would depend on some factors such as make and quality of the penis extension, how often you use your cock enhancer, and the care and cleaning and proper storage for your menís sex toy penis sleeve extensions and cock cages. Make sure you read and follow proper instructions on its use, and use prescribed sex toy cleaner when cleaning it, to keep it safe and always ready. No sex toy last forever, and when you need replacement for your penis sleeves, you can choose from a wide selection of the best penis extension sleeves you can shop online at Thatís Naughty Australia in budget and affordable prices.

Who makes good Penis Sleeves?

Some of the best brands for quality penis extension sleeves, penis enhancers and cock cages you can buy online are California Exotic, Doctor Loves, Icon, Pipedream, Seven creations and Topco. You can find high quality penis extension sleeves from these brands available in different designs so you can find the perfect penis enhancer sleeves to give your cock greater power and lengths in pleasing your lover.

Who sells Penis Extensions?

Thatís Naughty Australia sells Penis extension sleeves and other menís sex toys like penis enhancers, penis cage, sleeve enhancer, girth extender and cock cages for you to choose from, so you can get your cock the extra length and width to please and give your lover unforgettable orgasms. We have a wide selection of penis sleeves and cock enhancers to get your cock hard and ready for your naughty intimacies from the major brands for quality penis extension sex toys, and made available for you at budget and affordable prices.

What type of Penis Extension Sleeves do I need?

The type of penis extension sleeves you would need would depend on what you are looking for. If its extra length you want, then extension sleeves are the ones for you. If itís just for extra girth, there are girth extensions to give your cock a rounder and bigger feel. There are also penis cages and cock enhancers that gives your cock the ability to give more arousing and erotic stimulations with every pump, and even vibrating penis enhancers so you can give all those extra naughty and extra arousing vibes for your lover. Whatever the menís penis sex toys for your cock you need like penis extensions, girth extensions, cock cages, or penis sleeves, you can shop online from a wide selection of cock toys made available and affordable for you by Thatís Naughty Australia.

Best of all these male enhancements are not solely for men.

Ladies, would you like to turn your plain but trusty vibrator into something bigger and better? Dress your favourite dildos from our wide selection of penis sleeves and cock extensions, give it the makeover that is more than just about the looks but with added pleasures that would definitely feel and get you hooked for hour after hour of orgasmic satisfaction.

Shop online for male enhancement penis extensions only here at Thatís Naughty Australia! Browse our wide collection to find the perfect cock extension, dressing up your cock for a more enjoyable fuck sessions with our pleasurable male enhancements. Be longer, be wider, sleeve up your manhood with our various cock sleeves and be prepared to satisfy her often and longer with your cock ready and enhanced for the occasion. Shopping online for male enlargement cock sleeves to pleasure your woman has never been easy and with our various secure payments, and best of all you do not have to worry about your privacy.

If itís naughty, we have the cock sleeves to enhance your staying power, only at Thatís Naughty Australia!

Mia was taken surprise at the sensations of feeling Trevorís cock. At first she thought it was just her imagination or just an effect of her wishful thinking for a bigger cock, just like what she told Trevor about a month ago that made her feel as if it was bigger, wider than normal. But with every inch that was slowly being pumped inside her, she knew it was more than just her imagination or her fantasy for her pussy was being stretched wider than before. It was a naughty and welcome surprise, and she asked Trevor what happened to his cock but she never finished her question as Trevor started pounding with his now surprisingly bigger cock.

Mia forgot her question the moment Trevor started giving her a fucking like never before. All she could do was feel the thrilling sensation of her fantasy that had become real as she felt her pussy banged and fucked by a bigger cock. The sensations were even better than she imagined it to be, and so she let herself feel each and every inch of Trevorís big cock working its ways on her wet but tight pussy. Mia squeezed and flexed her pussy tighter, meeting and challenging each of Trevorís powerful and deep thrust. Mia wanted to look at Trevorís cock pounding her pussy and so she bent and tried to take a glance, but Trevor stopped her, and just leaned over her and whispered Just enjoy it love. Trevor continued pumping Miaís pussy until Mia was arching her back in in tight delight.

Trevor then turned Mia over, propping her into dog style position, one of Miaís favorite and there, she felt her pussy parted with Trevorís big cock as he held her hips in place, then started pumping into her pussy. Mia had always loved being doggied by Trevor, feeling it fill her and hit all the right spots and now with his bigger cock, Mia was getting even more turned on.

Mia was more than just enjoying it, the reality of being made loved by Trevor and the sensation of her fantasy now a reality made her feel so fulfilled. And not just her, but she also felt her pussy filled like never before with Trevorís surprise of a bigger and wider cock that Mia felt that as her pussy was being stretched, she was also being opened up to a new world of sexual pleasure. She felt Trevorís hand on her left shoulder, bending her down that caused her ass to be upright and his bigger cock sent her erotic and arousing pumps inside her vagina. Mia then felt Trevorís hand brush on her right waist, snaking past her belly to cup her pussy, fingers twitching until it found her clit and rub it there, giving Mia an burst of erotic stimulation unlike any other.

Trevor kept the pace of his fingers on her clit with the pumping of his cock on Miaís pussy, and Mia could not help but be a slave to the sensations as it came over her, mastering her until the sensations were too much that she felt her pussy flex and squeeze even faster, making her moan louder as she gasped that she was about to come. This made Trevor fuck her pussy like there was no tomorrow, pumping his big cock hard and deep until Mia could not it anymore and she screamed as her orgasm surged inside her, just as she felt Trevor give her one good hard and deep thrust, burying his big cock inside her, the unmistakable throb that he was also filling her pussy with his cum juice.

Later on, Mia glanced at Trevorís cock and found that it was normal. She had a curious look on her face while pointing to Trevorís cock, as if asking what had just happened. Trevor by this time had taken the extension off, so there was nothing to show so he just smiled. But Mia was curious.

What was that with your cock!?

And Trevor just smiled.

(There is nothing more exciting like adding something new to bedroom intimacies, and when it comes to size, bigger is always better! Surprise your lover with bigger sexual pleasures with penis toys extensions and other sex toys and sex essentials you can buy online, to add some thrills and spice to your next intimate bedroom naughty action, made available just for you by Thatís Naughty Australia.)

Extra Length for Extra Pleasures with Penis Extension Sleeves at That's Naughty Australia

Where can I buy Penis Extension?

Where you can buy online for the best Penis Extension Sleeves is right here at Thatís Naughty Australia. You can order and shop online for penis sleeves, penis enhancers, penis cock cage, enhancer sleeve, girth extension, and other penis extension sex toys to give your cock that extra length so you can give your lover more arousing and stimulating sensations with every delicious pump. Choose for the perfect fit of sleeves and enhancers from your cock and order and shop online now for penis extension sleeves right here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

How much are Penis Sleeves?

The prices of Penis extension sleeves you can buy online at Thatís Naughty Australia are made affordable for you at low budget prices, so you can get the penis sleeve you need to without worries. We have a wide selection of penis extensions to give your cock that extra length for more satisfying intimate experience with your lover, and you can take your pick for the perfect penis toys from $12 to $54, more choices to suit your budget. Pleasing your lover need not be expensive, so order and buy online now for the best penis sleeves and penis extensions for your cock, right here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

Why should I try and buy Penis Extension Sleeves?

Why you should try and buy Penis extension sleeves is because when it comes to pleasuring your lover, any man would go to great lengths, and these penis extensions will give your cock the extra length you need so you can hit the right spot with every pump, every time. Because sometimes you need to be bigger, longer, wider, more enhanced, and donít let what you donít have stop you from sharing pleasure and giving your lover intense orgasm when you can get your cock hard and ready to satisfy your partner with the wide selection of penis extension leaves and penis enhancers you can buy online here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

Where is the best place to purchase Penis Sleeves?

The best place to purchase online for penis extension sleeves sex toys like penis enhancers, penis sleeves, cock cages, and girth extensions is right here at Thatís Naughty Australia. You can order and buy online for cock enhancers, cock extensions and penis sleeves to give you extra length and cock girth so you can satisfy your lover. Shop online for penis extension sleeves from Thatís Naughty Australia is fast and easy, and we guarantee discreet ordering and billing and delivery in plain box packaging so you can enjoy your new menís penis sex toy in total privacy. Because the real man and lover will go to great lengths to satisfy his partner, and you can get extra length and girth for extra cock pleasures for your sex partner from the wide selection of penis extension sleeves and other menís sex toys made available and affordable for you by Thatís Naughty Australia.

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