Hollow dildos and hollow strapons are great for enhancing your love life. Strap on dildos are a fulfilling option for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, men wanting to pleasure his partner with a larger member, solo masturbation, and intense steamy girl-on-girl experiences.

A hollow strapon is a hollow dildo that closely resembles a real penis and is curved to stimulate the G-spot or prostate. It attaches to a harness for sexual activities to be performed more easily.

What is a hollow strap on?

Generally, the harness will position the hollow dildo where the male genitalia are located making hollow strap-on dildos perfect for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The hollow shaft makes it possible for him to insert his own member into the canal of the strap on dildo.

Generally, hollow strap on dildos are made of rubber. The rubber remains firm and flexible when an erection is no longer firm enough for penetration.

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The strap on harness

The harness is the part of the hollow strap-on that connects the strap on to the wearer’s body. It is important for the harness to snuggly, yet comfortably fit the wearer’s body. Harnesses that do not fit the wearer’s body properly will be more likely to slip during activity, and could cause physical discomfort. There are several different harness options available for hollow dildos: two strap harnesses, three strap harnesses, corset/clothing harnesses, and body location harnesses.

Due to our age (late 50’s), my husband’s erection is not longer firm enough for penetration. We want to avoid medication, but from time to time we still miss intercourse. We decided to try the Pipedream hollow strap on, which turned out to be a good solution to enhance our sex life while avoiding medication for my husband.

Two Strap : The two-strap harnesses are the most basic and affordable. They resemble a G-string in appearance. One strap goes around the wearer’s waist, similar to a belt. While the second strap goes between the wearer’s legs, connecting to the middle of the first strap (near the lower back).

Even though this is the most basic harness, it is not highly favored by wearer’s of strapon dildos. The most common complaint is about the middle strap. It tends to rub against the wearer’s anus in an uncomfortable manner.

Three Strap : Three strap harnesses are perfect for those who want their genitals and anus left uncovered. Like the two strap strapon dildo harness, the first band goes around the penetrator’s waist, like a belt. Next, instead of there being one strap running between the middle the wearer’s legs, there are two straps. The two straps come down, one wrapping around each of the thighs.

This style of harness allows the strapon to attach to the harness more firmly, allowing the wearer more control.

It’s a head spinning experience! It helps our love life, makes me cum hard and gives him more confidence. Now I am not so unfulfilled.

Corsets and Clothing : Strapons attached to corsets, or other lingerie garments, are designed to be worn under clothing for quick use. How convenient would it be to already be packing? Ready to thrill, pleasure, and take provide your partner with sheer ecstasy at the drop of your pants.

Girl-on-Girl or Solo Play Harnesses : Body location harnesses are available, and quite popular for girl-on-girl action. Many women love it when a strapon dildo is attached to a chin harness. The chin harness allows for vaginal penetration and simultaneous aniligus and/or vice versa.

Strap on Hollowed and Filled Up

In the beginning, Elle found Rob’s sensitive cock exciting and thrilling. She loved how it reacted to gentle stimulations, of how she could see and feel him savor every touch or stroke she gave his cock, or the erotic sensation of every delicious tongue flicks and lick, or when she went down on him and took his cock into her mouth, which made him always eager to return the favor. Foreplay was always playful, sensitive and gentle, and nothing excited Elle more than seeing and feeling Rob’s cock react to her every move.

But what was good for foreplay does not necessarily mean that it would be good for sex, and thus was the case with Rob’s cock. His cock’s sensitivity made it a problem when it came to finally pumping it inside Elle’s pussy, making him come earlier than desired, especially when the foreplay went for a longer period. They even tried to lessen the foreplay, and though he lasted much longer, he still could not keep it up for the long fuck. Elle loved long fucks, but what she loved more was the sensation of coming together, that union of bodies and juices in love and sex.

But Elle and Rob loved each other, and Elle could see how Rob’s sensitive cock made him feel less of a man. But its better than having the problem of getting it up, so Elle decided to find something to give Rob’s sensitivity an armor of sorts against the pleasure sensations that always overwhelm him. Looking for sex toys on That’s Naughty Australia’s site, Elle found what she believed was the perfect armor for Rob’s cock.

Elle bought the Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Elite 9" Vibrating Hollow Strap-On (Red). Its color was a good match for Rob’s sensitive cock that got red whenever they would play around. She knew it would help Rob’s sensitive cock last longer, kept safe from the overload of pleasure inside the hollow body. Elle was happy with the swift delivery and discrete packaging, but she was worried if Rob would accept it or see it as another failure on his part, a serious blow to his ego. Elle thought of a couple of scenarios on how to break it to Rob, but in the end, she decided on the most logical and best way: to be as honest and caring as possible. She had her doubts still, but she loved Rob as he did her, and trusted him to be able to understand her.

And it worked! Rob’s love for Elle and his desire to sexually satisfy her made it easy for him to accept the sex toy.

When the night came, both lovers enjoyed the intimacy of having Elle fit the toy on Rob. Elle gave Rob’s cock a short but good lick, then gave a soft kiss on his cock’s head before letting it stay sheathed in the hollow cock. It fit him well, and Elle gave the strapped cock a good lubing, rubbing her hands, as if pumping it and she could see that Rob wasn’t stimulated as much as before, and the idea of Rob lasting long enough for a good fuck was making Elle moist and aroused. Elle lay down on the bed, legs stretch, her naked body like a feast spread out, and Rob wasted no time letting his fingers and tongue roam around to feel and taste the exquisite and willing naked body offered to him.

Rob kissed Elle while slowly letting his hands roam on her thighs, then started planting soft and gentle kisses on her face, on her chin, going down to her neck. He let his tongue roam around, kissing Elle’s hot spot that made Elle coo and moan with every hit. Rob went down, finding his tongue between Elle’s firm breast and gave his tongue a good workout, roaming from the base and topping it off with a suck and a lick on each of her nipples.

Elle’s hands were working on Rob’s hair, and Rob knew Elle was getting hornier and she wanted to be licked down under, and so Rob took his time going down, letting his tongue enjoy a stopover on Elle’s bellybutton until she felt her push his head down and he guided his tongue downwards until he was just an inch from her clit. Rob loved the smell of Elle’s pussy, and he took a whiff, his breath making contact on Elle’s clit and pussy lips making her moan his name. Rob let his tongue enjoy the taste of Elle, licking around her clit, watch it grow engorged before taking Elle’s most private parts between his lips, licking and sucking her pussy lips, her clit, tasting her juices, the aroma of her pussy was intoxicating.

Elle was enjoying the licks and sucks that Rob was giving her down under. Yet even as she was savoring every delicious stroke of his tongue, her mind was on what was to come, of the promise of a long good fuck, and she suddenly felt herself get wetter, the thrill of it making her pussy leak some more pussy juice as she felt Rob’s tongue parting her pussy lips, making her even hornier. She wanted to feel him inside her, so Elle raised her hips higher, offering her pussy to Rob’s tongue, making his tongue slip in deep inside her pussy before she turned her body around, raising her ass, knowing Rob knew what she wanted next.

Rob squeezed Elle’s ass as he propped her on her fours. Elle’s ass was smooth and shaped with perfect curves that Rob felt himself get harder, the tug of his cock inside the strap on hollow saying as if it wanted to get inside Elle’s pussy. Rob knew it was now or never, and held Elle’s hips as he guided the tip of his armored cock to her pussy lips, parting softly, heard Elle moan at the contact before pushing it in.

How to use a hollow strap on dildo

Before anything, attach the hollow strapon to the harness. The most common attachment method uses a harness with an opening or a ring for a wide based hollow strap-on to be inserted. Once the hollow strap on penis is attached to the harness, it is time to put the harness on your body. Be sure to line your shaft up properly with the hollow canal of the strapon.

Next begin to arouse your partner. Before penetrating her vagina, stroke the outer lips of her vagina with the hollow dildo, as well as her clitoris. Before thrusting the realistic looking hollow strapon on penis inside of her, apply a liberal amount of lubricant to the huge hollow strap on. Enjoy her excited squeals and moans as you pleasure her with the hollow strapon.

Now you can continue to please your lover even when your hard on no longer can. Experiment with a variety of positions all night. Using a hollow strapon is a great way to intensify positions like: doggy style, missionary, and bent over. Try a vibrating hollow strap-on to take your experience to the next level.

Popular hollow strap on uses

There are a multitude of uses for strapons. Some of the most common sexual uses are:

  • Pegging - Most often pegging is when a female uses a strap on to anally penetrate her partner most commonly a male partner.
  • Sexes between women - Strapons allow female couples a way to sexually penetrate one another. A vibrating hollow strap on would be incredible for both, the women being penetrated, and the women doing the penetrating. Each thrust intensifies the vibrations on the wearer’s clitoris.
  • Transsexuals - Hollow strap on dildos are a great toy for individuals who were born without male genitals, and even those recovering from surgery!
  • Orgasm Denial - Hollow strapons allow couples to engage in penetrative sexual activity, while depriving the male the ability to orgasm. This allows sexual activity to continue for hours longer it normally would, if this is your desire.
  • • Erectile Dysfunction - Hollow dildos enable men who suffer from erectile dysfunction to lead regular, healthy sex lives that leave both partners satisfied. Especially if the male is opting to avoid medication for the erectile dysfunction.
  • Glass sex toys become extremely slippery when in use.

Hollow Cleaning and Care

The cleaning of the hollow dildo itself is quick and easy. Simply use warm water, and a mild soap. Then pat the strap on dry. Always be sure the hollow strap on dildo is dry before storing to prevent the toy from potentially being damaged, or allowing bacteria to build up.

The cleaning of the harness is directly related to the material the harness is made of. Synthetic harnesses can be machine washed, as well as cloth ones. Opting for a harness made of leather, latex, rubber, or PVC may require the use of special cleaners.

He slipped the head easy, the strap on well lubed and Elle was wet, then suddenly felt his cock gripped as Elle set into play her muscle control that usually would make Rob’s sensitive cock overload with pleasure. But with the strap on hollow as armor, the sensation was lessened, and Rob felt comfortable that he might just last long enough. He gave it a few pumps, in and out, Elle’s muscle still testing and challenging his cock, but the hollow shell gave Rob more confidence and he decided to pump it deep inside Elle’s pussy.

Elle basked in the sensation of being filled up, and worked her vagina muscles more, and was surprised that instead of a moan Rob was encouraging her to do it more, to wrap his cock inside her pussy tighter as she felt him moving his cock back a bit, then push it in again. Elle squeezed, and then rocked her ass backwards, only to be met by a pump from Rob that made her moan. She went on squeezing her pussy, letting go a bit then squeeze it again, only to be answered back with a draw and a deep pump, and Elle knew that Rob’s cock was indeed going to last longer, and the knowledge made her eve more aroused.

Fuck me Rob, fuck my pussy deep and harder and…”

But the last word was lost as her breath was taken by the sudden and powerful thrust that Rob gave her pussy. Elle braced herself and rocked her ass back, feeling Rob’s cock go deeper inside her, the sensation getting even better as Rob increased the pace. God I miss this fuck, Elle mused to herself as Rob’s pumping sent thrust after thrust of exquisite arousing sensations. Elle begged Rob to fuck her more as she squeezed her pussy tighter and Rob just went on and on, pounding his armored cock in and out of Elle’s until she felt that she was getting there, and told Rob to turn her over.

Elle liked what he saw, a different kind of Rob, confident of satisfying her as he plunged his cock inside her again. Rob locked his eyes with Elle, and the eye contact made Elle even more aroused, moans came out of her lips which made Rob fuck her harder. Elle was getting nearer her orgasm, and she wanted to feel his hard cock wrapped inside her pussy lips, and Elle moaned she was near, that she wanted Rob’s hard cock, begged it to be inside her.

Rob obliged, powered by his confidence of being able to satisfy Elle and took off the strap on hollow to reveal his massive cock. Rob lubed half of his cock, knowing Elle was sopping wet and positioned his cock and plunged it deep, making Elle scream at the sensation of Rob’s cock and flesh against her pussy. Rob could feel his sensitive cock overloaded by the pleasure sensations of Elle’s wet pussy and her tight grip, and knew he was going to come soon, but so was Elle. Rob started with easy strokes, taking deep breaths to pace himself, and started fucking Elle’s pussy with his hard and raging cock.

Elle was so aroused as she reached out for Rob and they embraced, bodies locked together, Rob’s cock the key to the keyhole that was Elle’s tight pussy. Elle was moaning louder, and more insistent as Rob increased his pace, pumping it hard and fast as Elle was also answering and meeting his every thrust, pleasure sensations shared between both of them. Their bodies locked even closer, basking in the new sensations and experience in their sex life and so Elle was breathing hard, started swearing and cussing, a sign Rob knew of an impending orgasm and he gave it all his best to last until she would come, pumping harder and harder until she felt Elle’s fingers dig into his back and her body arch and stretch, pussy clamped tight on Rob’s cock as she started to orgasm that also sent an overload of sensations Rob’s cock, making him fill up her tight pussy with his own cock juices.

The lovers stayed locked together, looking at each other, sharing the sensation of their orgasm. They hug each other closer, whispering to each other’s ears, knowing that their love is even made stronger, and their sex made even better, and both will only get even hotter and more satisfying for all the nights to come before they found sleep in each other’s arms.

(Get your cock strapped and encased in a strap on hollow strap to make you last longer and satisfy your lady more. Be it for super sensitive cock or for erectile problems, strap on hollow is your solution to get you pumping and get her cumming. Buy online for strap on hollow, sex toys and other sex essentials to enhance your sex life, for a more pleasurable and memorable intimate encounters, all made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.

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