Thatís Naughty Answers: Are Douches for Only Men or Women?

The answer is both! Anal douches are not exclusively for men or women, they can be used for both parties especially if both partners are fond of engaging in anal sex. Anal douches are more of a hygine product than a sex toy itself, however, sometimes they have a kinky association to them. Anal douches are usually made of silicone, rubber or even plastic. The douche consists of a tip and bulb for squeezing the water in and out. It is also fairly simple to use and most types from Thatís Naughty selection are reusable and portable. Frequent shoppers at Thatís Naughty have their own preferences between enema kits/bags or anal douches, which one do you prefer?

Douching is a method for you to prepare the anus for intercourse, or simply if you want to feel clean. For most ladies, it is done usually before and after menstruation or when there was too much of a thing the previous night. Even if some countries offer bidet toilets, these are almost non-existent in other countries and the need to feel clean is naturally universal. Donít forget, you should choose a solution that is gentle and purely based on water to avoid irritation.

There are two types of anal douche methods that can be quite useful for you; the rectal rinse and colon cleanse.

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For those who want to try and experience a thorough clean, you can start by browsing the selection of anal douches in Thatís Naughtyís inventory. To save, there are unisex anal douche types and if you are leaving for a trip to be alone, donít forget to pack the Travel Douche 5 piece set for a romantic getaway.

Two Types Of Methods for Anal Douche

To do the rectal rinse, you first have to fill the douche with lukewarm water, you can have organic cleansing oil as an option. Also, read the instructions on the packaging to get water inside properly. You will need to insert the top of the douche past the sphincter and then press the tip against the anus gently. If you are having difficulty, you can use a water-based anal lubricant or even good quality body lotion so that there is easy access to the anus.

The rectum is only 7-8 inches deep and it takes only a single squeeze. The goal is to loosen any particles that can be found from the rectal walls. Be careful not to trigger a bowel movement by spilling water into the colon that is above the rectum. Wait for 20 seconds when the water is inside and sit on the toilet to release without pushing too hard.

As for the colon cleanse, you can empty the bulb when squeezing the water inside. Most colon cleansers will be larger but you can determine how much water you need to cleanse the colon. Once the water is inside, you can jump up and down and massage your stomach to have the colon stimulated. Again, sit on the toilet and release. It might take a few cycles, and you might poop even if you donít want to.

Once you are done with either the rectal rinse or colon cleanse, be sure to wash your douche with soap and water for the next use to avoid build-up of bacteria. Donít forget to store it somewhere beyond the reach of children or even other people!

Itís alright to be naughty, just be sure to clean up after!

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