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Gentleman, this is your chance to do something extra for your lover. You love nothing more than stripping a woman off her clothes, or watch her do the strip tease for you, piece by piece. But when was the last time you did the same!? Well, wonder and wait no more because we have the perfect fit to get you dressed up right for your next costumed sex role playing fantasies.

Thats Naughty Australia has a wide selection of mens costumes you can buy online for role playing fantasies brought to life. They do come handy for some costumed affairs, albeit rare, but they are a definite hit every time in the privacy of the bedroom. Get your womans fantasy come to life, detail by detail, and this collection of mens costume is the right fit for some role playing naughty intimacies.

Show and share your generous side in the quest to pleasure and satisfy your lover with her fantasies. Sleeve up, get into the role, and the night will surely just get kinkier and naughtier, and will breathe new life in bringing you closer as you discover new sensations and erotic delights to your sensual and sexual intimacies. Seven creations

Among the many sexy mens costumes you can shop online here at Thats Naughty Australia are:

Mens Costume Accessories

You can take the costumed sex role play fantasy one step at a time, and no better way to start than with basic accessories. These basic pieces of mens costumes are your first step in adding that extra juicy detail for role playing fantasies. Planning to add some masked stranger to the bedroom kinky fantasy, or for some naughty twist of law and order, you cant miss with these basic mens costume accessories!

Hot love or Naughty Law with Cops and Fire fighters mens costume

Get your lovers kinky role play fantasies on fire with our selection of fire fighter mens costumes. She will be in a hot situation and would be in need of a timely rescue from the fires of her desires, and you are the one coming to save her. Recreate hot and kinky pole slipping scenes for a night saved from the fire with loads of cock and pussy juices. Or for a naughty twist of sensual justice, read to her of her rights to pleasure and lay down some kinky police action with Cop costumes for men, and let her experience a different kind of being busted, the pleasurable and naughty way.

Fairy Tales mens costume for fantasies turned kinky and naughty

Give her fairy tale fantasy the kinky and naughty twist for some fun and pleasurable intimate encounters garbed in mens Fairy Tales costume.

Women love to fantasize, and be the man with the creative imagination as you show up in these fairy tale costumes to bring her kinky and naughty erotic fantasies to life!

Naughty Fun with Mens Halloween Fun costumes

Halloween is the perfect time to dress up and get into character for some spooky and surprise fun. Dress up for your bedroom intimacies, and explore a whole new world of different naughty tricks and treats with Halloween Mens costume you can buy online here at Thats Naughty Australia.

Bedroom intimacies will surely set sparks flying when you add some creative twists to the festivities! Go out with the Leg Avenue 2 PC. Dr. Phil Good costume, and give your favourite patient the proper care and attention as you let her discover and enjoy naughty exercises that are definitely good for the health. Or give her the plumbing that she craves dressed in the Leg Avenue 3 PC. Super Plumber, then make sure all her pipes are clear for some pleasurable deep down pumping goodness. Tricks and treats have never been this fun and pleasurable!

Licensed to please with original and licensed mens costume

Get the authentic look with Licensed mens costume for some original naughty fun. With these costumes, you dont have to worry about looking the part, just get into naughty character and let her discover arousing and stimulating sex role play fantasies brought to life. Be the pilot as you fly her to pleasure heaven with the Leg Avenue 2 PC. Top Gun Mens Bomber Jacket Set. Give her a cruise experience she will never forget, and keep her coming back for the sex ride of her life!

naughty sailing pleasures with Pirates mens costume


Let her discover the naughty sailor in you as you both explore uncharted naughty and kinky treasure delights with Pirates men costumes. Show her that you are the Captain of her desires and fantasies as you show and guide her through adventure after naughty adventure in the quest for orgasmic treasures.

You can also get her sexy women pirate costumes, made available and you can buy online here at Thats Naughty Australia, to make the naughty and pirate role fantasy experience complete! Sail the naughty seas and claim your pleasures!

Get into the Healthy and very Naughty play time with Mens Sports Costume

Get into sports, the healthy, active and very naughty way with Mens Sports costume for some sport themed sex role fantasy experience!

Transform your bedroom into the playing field for some kinky games filled with erotic and arousing sex fun. Play as the referee, and make the sex call as you deem fit to give her the stimulating and arousing penalties she has been waiting for. Getting called out has never been this good, and you can discover many more naughty games and power sex plays in your bedroom intimacies, with mens costumes you can buy here at Thats Naughty Australia.

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