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Sexual Fantasies: Naughty Surprise (2 of 3)

The taxi finally arrived to its destination. A man got out, with his small luggage in hand and walked to the house in front of him. Coming up to the door, his finger was an inch before pressing the doorbell before he stopped. Old habits do die hard, but now was not the time for that as he lowered the same hand to his pocket, looking for the keys.

Dave was supposed to be back two days later, but the business trip went quiet well, and here he was, two days early, and it felt good. He nearly ruined the surprise with the doorbell, but he was finally home, and he had missed Lana and their wild sex, and his cock was a bulge inside his pants, waiting to be released. Plus, he had a gift for her he picked from a store, and he felt it was the perfect surprise for Lana, something to spice up and get their sex life into the next gear. He found the keys and slowly inserted it, turned it as quietly as he could. Lana's car was in the driveway, and a quick glance in his watch told him Lana was most probably in the bedroom, taking her customary Friday afternoon nap.

Dave slowly opened the door, and thank the gods he oiled them before he left and they didn't squeak. He took of his shoes, just to be sure to dampen the sound of his footsteps, and locked the door. He placed his luggage down, slowly unzipped it and took out his gift, and walked towards their bedroom. The door was partly opened, so he took a peek and saw Lana asleep. But another glance told him that Lana was not only lying asleep, but was also naked, her big and round breast rising slowly. Dave felt his cock get even harder, and slowly pushed the door to surprise Lana.

What he saw surprised Dave even more.

Not only was Lana naked, but her legs were spread, and between her legs was a vibrator, still wet with what must have been Lana's pussy juices. Lana playing with sex toys! Dave could not contain his excitement, considering he just brought her one, a G-spot vibrator at that. He knew about g-spot before, and hitting it was a tricky thing indeed, so he thought he could surprise Lana with a sex toy that was perfect in keeping her company for travel days like the one he just had, and hit her elusive g-spot at the same time. Yet here was Lana, naked, legs spread, and he could see some wet spots on the bed. A naughty surprise for a naughty surprise, and his hard cock got only harder at the sight before him. Dave carefully laid his surprise gift on the bed as he sat on the edge in slow and gentle fashion, hoping Lana would not wake up. Her sleep was undisturbed, and Dave smiled as he took off his clothes as the sight of Lana naked with her legs spread gave him a very naughty idea.

Dave crawled and made his way slowly between Lana's spread legs, took a deep breath as he inhaled the aroma of Lana's still wet pussy.. Dave could not resist anymore, as he let his tongue out and gently started licking Lana's clit. Lana shifted in bed, and for a moment Dave thought she would wake up, but she didn't. Dave took this as a sign and let his tongue taste Lana's clit again, taking his time with soft and gentle licks along Lana's pussy lips, and back to her clit.

Lana could not believe how good her first masturbation toy had been, so good that she knew somehow she was dreaming about it, the naughty after effects of it, she thought. She let the dream guide her, and in it was Dave, and he was down on her, licking her pussy lips. She was just wet from her orgasm, her body was weak, so she let him have his way with her.. Dave was licking her clit, up and down, sideways…around her clit…and it felt so good before he let his tongue go down, tracing her pussy lips, gently kissing every inch down and back again to her clit, giving it all the attention he could. In her dream, Lana spread her legs to give Dave more access, and not a moment more when she felt Dave insert a finger inside her pussy. She was still wet, so his finger went deep, her pussy clamping on to it as he wiggled his finger that found her g-spot. Lana gave a moan, and felt Dave's finger rubbing her g-spot even more while his lips and tongue licked and flicked on her now very aroused clit. God, Lana thought, this is so good, I wish Dave would finally be back! But he would be, Lana knew, and for now she let the dream continue…

Dave could not believe how wet Lana was as he inserted his middle finger inside her. It went in easy, so he let it slide deep inside her, making little twitches, hoping to hit her g-spot. And that's when Lana moaned, and Dave went still. But Lana eyes were still closed, so Dave went on. He wiggled his finger on the spot he found, and this elicited a sigh from Lana. I must have hit the spot, Dave thought, so he let it rub the spot as he let his tongue go fast and furious on Lana's aroused clit. He let his fingertip rub inside Lana as he moved his finger in semi-circular motion. Lana's pussy was even wetter, and getting tighter on Dave's finger. He gave Lana oral sex before, but never like this, and the excitement of being caught and Lana awakened was making this even kinkier and Dave even hornier. After a few moments, Dave pulled his finger out and reached out for the surprise he had. He already unpacked it earlier to check how it worked, so getting it out of the box was easy, and the battery was still in. Dave gave the button a try, and it vibrated in his hand. Time to check if he got the right spot, Lana's g-spot with the internal g-spot vibrator…

In her dream, Dave was fingering Lana, and his fingertip was locked on her g-spot, and it felt so good! His tongue and lips was on contact against her clit, and the combined sensation was making this recent wet dream one of the best Lana ever had. Lana could feel her pussy muscles tighten on Dave's finger coated with her flowing pussy juices, and she really wished it was not a dream and Dave was home to fuck her ball deep and hard. His finger was busy inside her pussy, so Lana basked in the sensations…until she felt the finger withdraw, leaving her pussy aching to be filled again, this time with something bigger, harder. But Dave's lips and tongue never paused on its attention to her clit, and Lana moaned as she enjoyed the external stimulation on her clit, and that's when she felt something bigger make its way between her pussy lips, parting them wide…

Dave knew Lana could awaken at any moment, but he didn't care as he slowly pushed the sleek g-spot vibrator inside her wet pussy. It helped that Lana's pussy was so wet that he found it easy to slip in it, not to mention she had her legs spread wide. His tongue and lips went fast on Lana's clit, never giving up contact as he wiggled the g-spot internal vibrator inside, and hoping he had her g-spot in place, he sucked Lana's clit as he turned on the internal g-spot vibrator…

Dave's tongue kept its contact against her clit, the external stimulation so good and got even better with the new internal stimulation Lana was feeling. She felt it hit her g-spot again, and in her dream she moaned and sighed, when suddenly powerful vibrations got in contact with her g-spot that Lana could not help feel her body tense as another moan escaped her lips. What a wet dream, going wetter and better! The surprise of it, the external stimulation on her clit with Dave's tongue and the internal g-spot vibrator inside her pussy and against her g-spot made Lana so aroused as she felt the start of another orgasm rise from inside her so fast that she could not help but moan and call out Dave's name …

Dave plunged the vibrator deep and went nonstop with his tongue against Lana's clit. Waking Lana was not on his mind as he was so engrossed in the kinky and naughty thing he was doing, giving Lana external stimulation through oral sex and internal stimulation with the g-spot vibrator was so arousing, especially with Lana moaning in her sleep, even called out his name. He turned the speed some more, keeping it in place of what he hoped was Lana's g-spot, and licked and flicked his tongue, giving Lana oral sex like never before.

Lana felt Dave's tongue get faster and furious on her clit, just as another surge of vibrations against her g-spot was driving her wild with powerful internal stimulations. Her orgasm was so close even as she tried to hold it off, which made the sensations only stronger that Lana screamed Dave's name that she actually heard her voice, just as her orgasm exploded from inside her…

…and Lana opened her eyes, looked down, and discovered it was not a dream. Dave's eyes met hers, his lips wrapped around her pussy, and their glances held each other as her orgasm rushed over her and subsided.

“I'm home love.” Dave greeted Lana after he gave her clit a soft kiss, and pulled out the wet internal g-spot vibrator from Lana's pussy. “I wanted to surprise you, but it seems you surprised me too!” Dave continued, smiling as he held not one but two vibrators in his hand.

“I missed you so much, and I miss your cock!” Lana said, returning the smile, her arms spread wide in an embrace. Dave moved on top of her, and Lana could see his cock was hard and bulging in his pants.

“But let my pussy rest a bit, though I want to show your cock how bad I missed it!” Lana bit her lips as she held Dave's eyes, her fingers already unbuttoning his pants, zipped it down and took out his cock….

(to be continued…)

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