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Welcome to ThatsNaughty Australia, the place that helps you intensify your sexual satisfaction. This section of ThatsNaughty is dedicated to the ladies. Here you will find the sensational butterfly vibrator and butterfly kiss vibrator.

The butterfly is one of the most popular female clitoral sex toys on the market. It is designed so the body of the vibrator is shaped like a butterfly. Straps attach to the wings of the butterfly wings so the butterfly vibrator can be secured in place by adjustable strapping onto the wearer's waist and thighs.

A common question is " what is a butterfly vibrator?"

What sort of butterfly vibe should I buy?

To enjoy your butterfly vibrator, begin by familiarizing yourself with the toy. Tease the outside of you vagina by caressing the outer lips with the textured shaft. Continue to tease yourself until start to become aroused. Now strap the butterfly vibe onto your waist and thighs, followed by applying lubricant to the shaft of the butterfly. Forgetting to apply the lubricant can cause discomfort and painful irritation. Next check the position of the toy, make sure it is positioned over your clitoris. Once the positioning is correct, it is then time to switch on your butterfly vibe. Experiment with the different speeds and settings to discover how to enhance the intensity of each and every orgasm.

Vibrators – Butterfly Larissa’s Flight

She would be lying down, naked, every inch of her skin bare to the air, her breast were twin hills that would slightly shift with her soft breaths, her nipples growing stiff and erect. Downwards, her stomach would be smooth and stretched, leading to the two columns of her legs, stretched out and spread. But it was between her legs, on that soft and small patch of hair just that looked like bush, the edge of the forest that caught her attention. Like a forest they promised life beyond and within, just like the sensations that were running its course from deep inside her.

Stretched out, spread wide and naked, and feeling a strange kind of fire, wet but warm, pulsing, trembling, burning from between her legs.

That was how it always was in Larissa’s dream. She would always be alone in her dream, all alone and naked and yet feeling that unmistakable and erotic feeling as if a fire was being stroked between her legs, the sensations of arousing stimulations that she would always wake up from the dream wet and moist. She had such similar dreams before, snatches from memory, or fantasies with some guy making love to her. But this was different: she would be all alone and yet the sensations were there, invisibly teasing her, sending her pleasure wave after wave. No rush, no sudden moves, just there, lying down wide open as if floating herself to orgasmic heaven.

Wanting to extend the sensation of that dream into the waking world, Larissa sought to find a sex toy that might just open the door for her, from dream to reality. And some browsing through That’s Naughty Australia, she felt she just found the perfect wings to flutter and reach that orgasmic heaven. And the name was apt too. Larissa bought the Pipedream Icicles No.34 - 5" Butterfly Glass Vibrator.

Larissa had never tried a glass vibrator before, but this piece seemed to be perfect for her quest for a new height for her orgasmic heaven. She strapped it on, which took some time, but like everything new, it pays off to take the time to do it properly. It fit snug and right, and she rubbed the head of the glass cock along her clit, the contact of cold glass and her aroused clit sent her shivers of erotic delight. It was enough to get her moist and wetter, since having the package arrive swift and in its discrete packaging, just as promised, already turned her on as she was opening it. Rubbing it through her pussy lips, the glass cock slid gently in, easy, and the sensation only served to arouse Larissa even more. Glass cock in her wet pussy, she positioned the bunny ears between her clit, and again the sensation of twin ears holding her now very aroused clit only made her take deep breaths.

She lay down in the bed, closed her eyes to get a feel of the butterfly vibrator. Larissa spread her legs, and the press of contact from the vibrator on her clit, the glass cock inside her flexing vaginal muscles lent her a feeling of basking, wide open and naked, just like in her dreams. It was a new experience, of just lying there, naked, not just in her dreams but in the real world, as if the first step to bring the sensations of her dreams had just been taken.

For an even more thrilling erotic experience, try the butterfly kiss vibrator. The butterfly kiss vibrator allows for simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris. The antenna of the butterfly cradle and vibrate the clitoris, while the body of the butterfly is inserted into the vagina. At the tip of the body is an enlarged bulb, allowing for intense G-spot stimulation.

Both styles of the butterfly vibrators are waterproof, allowing your erotic play to take place in the shower, or even the swimming pool! Plus they are battery operated, so there are no annoying chargers to worry about. Don't take our word for it, find out for yourself why the butterfly vibe and butterfly kiss vibrator are so popular for foreplay and solo masturbation.

Taking a deep breath, Larissa switched the remote control on.

The gentle buzz of the glass butterfly vibrator sent soothing waves running through Larissa’s body. She felt her pussy walls pampered with delicious pulsing sensations as she felt them flex and squeeze the glass cock inside her pussy, and since it slick and slippery with her juices, this only added in heightening the sensations. And then there were the bunny ears, twin naughty ears twitching and sending arousing vibes on her clit that made Larissa gasp for air. The sensation was just exquisite, and it was only the beginning.

She eased herself comfortably while lying on her back, eyes closed, just like in her dream, and switched on to another vibration pattern, feeling the gentle flutter increase, becoming a more erotic and arising throb sending even more stimulating sensation in her pussy and her vagina that continued on to every part of her body. Larissa felt herself discovering a sensation of being free and light, bringing her into a higher state of increasing pleasure. She spreads her legs wide, in open surrender as she switched on to a new vibration pattern, biting her lips as the arousing vibrations only increased the pleasure even more, giving her sensation unlike any sex toy she had ever played with before.

With her hands free, Larissa felt her hands reaching out to caress her breast, starting at the base, gently caressing and cupping them, and the sensation of the vibrating glass cock sending near hits on her g-spot made her squeeze her breasts, twirling her fingers on her now very stiff and erect nipples, pinching them in ecstasy.

She felt little tremors and shivers from her hips, a sign that she was nearing her orgasm, and so Larissa cycled her way through the various vibration functions, each one sending her arousal higher and higher as the throb increased the pleasure from all the erotic vibes. Still with closed eyes, Larissa kept her legs open, feeling the night air caressing every inch of her flesh that was rocked by all the luscious sensations coming from her vagina and her clit. She licked her lips, feeling her breaths shorten, her flight to orgasmic heaven that started with a soft flutter now were stronger throbs, like powerful wings pumping and flapping to bring her higher, and closer.

Larissa braced herself as she switched it on to the strongest vibrating function, the feeling sending her eyes wide open, hands on her breast as her moans escaped her lips. It was only a matter of time, and she basked in the multiple sensations: of squeezing her breasts, the twitching of twin bunny ears around her clit, of the glass cock throbbing inside her very wet vagina, her pussy juices whipped up in waves after waves of erotic pleasure. Larissa had a moment to think that it was so much better than her dream when her orgasm finally sent her far beyond her imagined orgasmic heaven, the sensation of the vibrator lost in the flooding of her pussy walls and the shivers rocking her body.

(Because naughty play time can be had without much use of your hands, and experience the sensation of just lying down, relaxed, stretched out and wide open to the sensations of an erotic flight unlike any other, to discover a different kind of orgasmic heaven with sex toys butterfly vibrators you can buy online that can make you fly into new erotic highs, made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.)

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