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Welcome to ThatsNaughty Australia! If you are shopping for a vibrator that delivers multiple intense orgasms, you have come to the right place. This section of ThatsNaughty features the often overlooked, but incredibly thrilling bullet vibrators and egg vibrators.

Often times bullet and egg vibrators are overlooked for their favored counterparts, such as: rabbit, G-spot, and clitoral vibrators. If you are one of the people who frequently overlooks these fun, little vibrators, and does not understand their niche, then you are missing out on half the fun vibrators have to offer. These little vibrators are even equipped the same extra features as the more expensive vibrating toys.

bullet vibrators australia online

Are you shopping for a new Egg Vibrator?

Women love how small, and discreet the bullet vibrator and egg vibrator can be. The bullet vibrators are small enough to fit just about anywhere a finger or tongue can fit, making them great for clitoral stimulation. Many women rave about how much their orgasms are intensified when they use a bullet vibrator during sexual intercourse. It's small, compact size prevents it from getting in the way like larger vibrators can.

Bullet vibrators are also great additions for other sex toys as well. Often times bullets can be found attached to cock rings, masturbation sleeves, love dolls, and several other sex toys. Their small size makes them great for enhancing sex toy stimulation.

Vibrators - Bullets Office good Vibrations

Erin loves the feeling of getting those erotic vibes giving all those delicious sensations in her pussy. Finding a good man has not been easy, ever since her last boyfriend came out of the closet and revealed that he was gay. But Erin was a woman with her needs, and found what she was looking for in sex toys like vibrators. She loved the sensation of getting her erotic cravings fix whenever she wants to, and even brought a vibrator in her bag while going to the office. But a chance encounter that nearly got her caught doing some naughty vibes during a bathroom break made her to look for something that would be more discrete. Looking for sex toys, she found the perfect one with the B Swish Bnaughty Unleashed - (Black) Wireless Bullet.

It was perfect! The remote control fit in her pocket, and the naughty knowledge that something was inside her vagina, ready and waiting for a flick of a button gave her a kinky satisfaction, not to mention some naughty thrills. She may not be getting some fuck action, but she was getting some erotic vibes at her fingertips, even while in the office.

Especially at the office.

It started like a normal day, slow, with the normal paperwork waiting for her attention. Erin took the chance and played with the remote control while sitting in her cubicle. The naughty and kinky feeling of doing it while on the office only added some thrills, and she switched the remote on, feeling the buzz inside her pussy walls. She was careful not to do it too much, just the occasional buzz to keep her on her feet even as she felt her nipples stiff and taut against her bra. Even while working, when the words and figures from all the documents started turning into boredom, she would switch the bullet vibrator, cycle it through some speed functions then take some deep breaths before going back to work.

Then her phone rang with a call from her boss, urgency in his tone, so Erin straightened herself and went to his office. It was only more paper works to be looked into, Erin rolled her eyes as she went back to her cubicle. Well, it’s not that she was complaining, work was work and bills had to be paid. But before digging herself into the work waiting, she thought a few good buzz on her vagina would be the perfect way to jumpstart another long and boring working day.

But the remote control was gone.

Erin cupped her pocket, and it wasn’t there. Nor was it on her table. Trying to remember the events that happened, she must have dropped and left it on her table upon hearing the urgency from the voice of her boss that got her going to his office. So the remote control must just be here, but it wasn’t. Erin stood up from her cubicle, seeing some cubicles empty, and some that weren’t were filled with office workers busy with their own work. She was wondering if she could have misplaced it somewhere else and not on the table, and she tried hard to think where it could be. Where could it be!? In her boss office!? Someone got it from her table? Who!? Lost in these thoughts, it was then that Erin finally got an answer.

She shivered as the bullet inside her pussy started vibrating.

The sensation caught her by surprise that Erin gripped her armrest as the sweet and erotic sensations sent powerful pulsations in her pussy and all over the body. She was catching her breath from the unexpected sensation when another buzz arrived, this one on a different speed setting, another wave of erotic stimulations vibrating within her that she had to bite her lip and endure it until it was over.

Egg vibrators are greatly enjoyed during foreplay. Typically egg vibrators are used for vaginal stimulation. Women love using the remote controlled vibrating eggs. Simply slide the egg inside of your vaginal opening, and hand the remote over to your partner. Use it either during sexual foreplay, or as a fun way to add foreplay to a date night. Allow your partner to randomly send pleasurable vibrations through your body while our to dinner or a movie.

The compact size of the bullet vibrators and egg vibrators make them perfect for travel. They fit easily and discreetly into your suitcase, purse, or even your carry on luggage.

Stop missing out on the fun. Take a few moments to browse through the variety egg vibrators and bullet vibrators Thats Naughty has to offer.

Erin felt anger, for whoever must be doing this to her, and yet the erotic sensation of not knowing who it was also made her feel aroused at the same time. She could feel her pussy even getting wetter, worried that she might come right there and there, and make a mess of herself that another wave sent her pussy tingling with pleasure. Catching her breath, Erin thought of making a dash to the ladies bathroom so she could take the vibrator off. Yes, that would work as she stood up and took another look around, checking if the coast was clear that another wave hit her, then another, and another, 3 different speeds rocking and pulsating in her pussy that she felt her knees go weak, so she guided herself into her chair once more.

Getting a surprise vibe while on her way to the bathroom might just catch her unaware, and with her weakened knees and shivering body she did want to think about what a disaster it might lead to. She just had to take it off right here and now, and Erin positioned herself for some privacy as she spread her legs to get the bullet out when another buzz, this one stronger than the others, gave her erotic vibes that froze her on the chair and her partly spread legs clamped themselves shut, the strong vibrations sending waves after waves of erotic pleasure into every inch of her body, and it went for a few seconds before it stopped. Erin could not even catch her breath as another buzz came on again, and she slumped her head, trying not to scream out, the sensation of feeling helpless as someone controlling her pussy with a twitch of a finger somehow making her more aroused than ever before.

She could feel her wet undies, and even getting wetter with each moment as another buzz sent her slumped and shivering in her chair, biting her lips, feeling every erotic pulsation that was only making her come closer to having an orgasm. Her mind was no longer on who was doing it, from where, but the powerful vibrations was all she could think of as another one started, the strongest among all the vibrations that Erin could do nothing but just stay still, trying her best not to scream in pleasure, her body shivering as the buzz went on and on and she could not take it anymore that she finally felt her orgasm bursting inside of her, wetting her panties, the erotic sensation still buzzing, prolonging her orgasm, and Erin was helpless to do anything about it until it miraculously stopped. She was waiting and bracing herself for another buzz when a familiar voice caught her attention.

“Erin, are you ok?” It was Samantha, her co-worker just a cubicle away who just came back. I’m ok, must be something that I ate this morning, Erin replied with her back to Samantha as she wiped her forehead clear before swiveling the chair to face her co-worker.

“I was wondering if you were missing anything, my boy Josh was playing with this when I came back to my cubicle. I told him not to bother people, but you know how kids are. He was poking around earlier when you were not around, and I was wondering if he took this from your desk.”

And there on Samantha’s hand was the innocent looking remote control, offering it to Erin while her other hand was holding her son, Josh, who gave Erin a sweet and innocent smile. Erin took the remote in her hand, and said that it was indeed hers.

“I hope Josh didn’t cause you anything... I’m very sorry.” said Samantha.

“No. it’s perfectly okay.” Erin said as she returned a smile to Josh.

(Big pleasures do come in small packages, so you can be discrete, and keep your naughty secrets with these loaded ammo of erotic pleasures, and you can buy online for bullet vibrator from our wide selection available here at That’s Naughty Australia.)

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