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Welcome to ThatsNaughty Australia, the place that turns your erotic fantasies into a reality. This section of ThatsNaughty features toys that are great for solo masturbation, or partner play, double ended vibrators.

A double ended vibrator is a vibrating dildo with a long shaft, and a molded head (or bulb) at each end. Double ended vibrators are typically made of rubber, silicone, or some other material; allowing you to choose the flexibility, durability, and sturdiness you desire.

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Bringing a double ended vibrator into the bedroom is a kinky way to include intense, double penetration, shared pegging, thrilling lesbian fun, and more into your sex life. Couples love using a double vibrator for: vagina-to-vagina play, vagina-to-anus play, and anus-to-anus play. You can let your imagine go wild as it drive your erotic fantasies with a double ended vibrator.

When using a double ended vibrator with a partner, first be sure both the length and texture are suitable for both of you. Both the length and texture will effect the intensity level of penetration. Once you select the perfect double vibrator for yourself, or you and your partner, it is time to lube it up and see where your new toy takes you.

STORY : Vibrators Ė Double Ended, Double the Fun!

Nikki let her tongue lap at Larahís small but very erect nipples. Getting them as hard as they could possibly be, Nikki let the tip of the tongue trace around the nipples, to which Larah would draw deep breaths, biting her lips as she pressed her thumb on Nikkiís clit, rubbing it in circular motions which then made Nikkiís tongue flick wilder, the erotic stimulation in her clit sending her to take Larahís breast into her mouth, sucking it slowly, nibbling the nipples when she felt Larahís middle finger stroking between her pussy lips, sliding its way, her pussy juices coating the welcome fingerÖ

It wasnít always like this. In the beginning, the two roommates barely spoke to each other except for acknowledging each otherís presence when needed. They were like apples and oranges; one was blond while the other had dark hair; one was into sports while the other was into academics, and the list can go on. But everything changed one night when Nikki went back to their room and noticed that Larah had not moved much. Suddenly feeling worried, Nikki went to her roommate, and discovered that Larah had been crying, and as she soothed her roommate, consoling her without knowing the reason, the story about the boyfriend who had just broken up with Larah was revealed.

From then on, the two became close friends, and shared stories and what else that were happening with their diverse school experiences. But one night, bonding together that became a tickling match, no one remembers who touched who were first: except that for some reason their hands were stroking and discovering each other, and where their fingers went, so soon their mouths followed.

They were not lesbians, as they talked and discussed about what happened. They had shared to each other about who their crushes were. And yet there was a certain thrill in what they were doing, that soon what were strokes and caresses soon involved their mouths, and each encounter only made them both daring in exploring each other. In their conversations, they both shared the same craving for the feel of a cock, something both had experienced only once before, and since their last relationships didnít pan out that well, they both agreed to look for a certain alternative for their naughty games. In the end, they both agreed that since they were not lesbians and they both wanted a cock, then they wanted to share two cocks, and they bought a Evolved Fusion - Unity (Black) - 10" Double Ended Vibrator from Thatís Naughty Australia site.

Both were so excited when the discrete package arrived in their dorm swiftly as promised. They both had no experience with sex toys before, and took turns reading the instruction and exploring their new sex toy. They both marveled and laughed at the shape, but both knew that they were as curious as to feel and savor playing with the vibrator.

They both shared a hot shower, something they began doing after that first naughty night. Even in the shower playful strokes and teases already began, and both stepped out naked out of the shower, hairs dripping wet with pussies getting moist. Nikki took her tongue to Larahís mouth, licking the nipples that were already stiff from their naughty moments in the shower room. In turn, Larah ran her middle finger along Nikkiís clit that was also aroused and engorged, letting the wetness from the water slide her finger slow and easy, then rubbing it all the way down to part Nikkiís pussy lips, gently probing, which made Nikki suck on Larahís nipple before taking the small breast into her mouth. After getting both of Larahís breast licked and sucked stiff, Nikki lay down as Larah started kissing her thighs until mouth and lips and tongue flicked and twitched against Nikkiís clit, teasing it, something that really turns Nikki on. Larah kept at it until she felt Nikki shiver in delight, then gave Nikkiís clit a good and long soft suck between her lips.

Positioning can be tricky for couples new to double ended vibrator play. Try positions where you: sit facing one another, where your legs are bent and spread wide open, with you standing and bend over, or back to back. Not only will these different position thrill both you and your partner, but they will also allow you to get used to the balance, control, and rhythm needed for these play sessions.

You can let your imagination run wild, as your erotic fantasies turn into reality. Whether you are looking for intense orgasms during solo masturbation, or a fun new way to thrill you and your partner simultaneously, a double vibrator is the answer you are looking for.

Both of them now wet and stiff and horny, the two naked ladies went and shared their new toy. They lubed it well, and placed it between them as they faced each other, rubbing their bodies together, breast against breast, nipples against nipples. Both holding the vibrator, they turned it on and placed it against their pussies, gasping and moaning as erotic vibes send pleasure thrills running like fire across their bodies. They tried other speeds, savoring new arousing sensations. They passed the vibrator between them, one would just spread and allow the other to let vibrating motions pamper the otherís pussy, until both were so horny and wet, that they decided they had to have it inside of them.

The effect was instant, both young and hot bodies stretched out in pleasure as the vibrator worked its erotic vibes in both of their pussies. They were getting wetter, and so they started easing out, moving and humping themselves with the vibrator that sent it a bit deeper into their pussies. Nikki touched Larah, signaling her to be still as Nikki moved and eased the vibrator, impaling it deeper into her pussy and sending vibrating thrills towards Larah. Nikki humped and pumped while Larah basked as the feeling of the vibrator cock was working its way into her pussy.

Then it was Larahís turn as Nikki tapped her though before laying down, and Larah took charge, easing her way into the vibrator as it was also working its way into Nikkiís pussy. Larah started rubbing her finger against Nikkiís waiting clit that sent Nikki moaning in pleasure. Nikki in turn reached out, and together both friends shared the same pole, deep inside their pussies, vibrating while they both played with the otherís clit. Exploring the different vibrations and pulsations sent delicious sensations towards both ladies, and the feeling of sharing the same vibrator both turned them on immensely. It was their first time, so they just let the vibrator worked it erotic vibes, their soft moans rising into the room, legs crossed with each other, fingers playing on each otherís clit that sent them closer and closer to their climax.

Nikki being the one who loved her pussy being played moaned that she was about to come, and upon hearing this Larah played with her own nipples, both hands pinching her stiff nips that turned her even more aroused and she moaned back that she was about to come too, and both friends savored the erotic stimulations of their double ended vibrator that was playing in their pussies, until Nikki started a moan unlike any other that Larah found so arousing, and both friends came and shared a double orgasm with their new sex toy.

After extricating themselves and their crossed legs, roommates looked at each other with stunned disbelief and naughty grins.

So, how did that end of yours feel? Larah asked.

No, you tell me how did your end feel! Nikki asked back with a smile.

And both friends shared a good laugh, knowing that it was just the beginning of sharing more than just the room, or each other bodies, but with a new sex toy that promises a lot more of shared naughty fun.

(Because pleasure is so much fun when itís shared, and nothing makes sharing and caring more fun and satisfying than double ended vibrators for some shared erotic vibes and lots of humps and pumps. You can buy online for double ended vibrators, couple sex toys and other sex essentials to make every intimate moments unforgettable and filled with naughty fun, made available and possible just for you, by Thatís Naughty Australia)

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