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Welcome to ThatsNaughty Australia, the perfect place to add spice to your bedroom! This page of ThatsNaughty showcases the popular wanachi vibrators.

The wanachi vibrators are one of the top selling toys here at ThatsNaughty. These incredible massagers are perfect for rejuvenating fatigued muscles, and alleviating tension. Once you are through relaxing, you can turn your massager into an erotic sex toy for intense sexual experience!

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The flexible design of the wanachi vibrators allow you to place them anywhere. Beneath the head of the vibrators is a flexible neck, allow you to curve your wanachi vibrator to the curves of your body. Not to mention the vibrating motor is housed in the cylindrical silicone tip, so you are able to place the powerful, multi-speed vibrator exactly where you want to feel the vibrations. Thanks to the flexible design of the wanachi vibrators you can experience deep massaging vibrations, or receive erotic stimulation in all the right spots.

Women love the power, versatility, and discreetness the wanachi vibrator offers. This powerful 7.5" long by 1.5" wide pleasure wand's whisper quiet motor is powered by 2 'C' batteries. Meaning there are no chords or chargers to worry about! Simply change the batteries when they die, and you are ready for deep sensual vibrations, or erotic stimulation.

Lauren had always loved the waters, not just during shower time, but especially on getaways where she and her friends are on the beach. Two week ago they had the usual get together along the shore, and since it was an all- girls bonding together, she came dressed for the occasion in her two piece bikini. While playing in the water, she accidentally brushed against her clit, and felt an erotic sensation that was unlike any other she had felt before. It was not the first time Lauren brushed against her clit, but it was the first time she did it, though accidentally, under water. The sensation felt strange, but profoundly arousing. After she went to rinse off in the shower room, as water coursed through her body, she brushed and stroked her clit again, and there must be something about water and her clitoris that was a perfect combination, and she played and rubbed her clit under the shower of waters until she had an orgasm like never before.

She has a couple of vibrators and dildos, perfect for those long horny nights. But Lauren wasn’t sure if they can function immersed in water, so she searched online and found one from That’s Naughty Australia that promised to be perfect for some wet erotic pleasures. Lauren ordered a Pipedream Wanachi Mini Mini-Mini Waterpfoof Vibrator in pink, pink being her favorite color, and paid for it using her PayPal account.

And they arrived quick and discrete, just as they promised!

She placed the 2 fresh batteries into the massager, snapped and screwed it tight. She tried it on, and as she felt the silent but powerful vibrations, she felt her pussy twitch and get moist in anticipation. She took off all her clothes, and after getting herself comfortable in the tub, Lauren slowly eased and guided the vibrating sex toy against her clit.

“Oh my goo…” was all Lauren could say as the powerful vibrating motions sent erotic and very stimulating vibes on her clitoris, even sending waves of pleasure on her pussy lips. Just like when she brushed her clit underwater, the sensation was so arousing that she could feel the erotic vibes running through her body.

Believe it or not, the wanachi vibrators are completely waterproof! A tight rubber 'O' ring seals off the battery compartment, so when you take your toy into water it will not be damaged! The waterproof vibrators makes it possible for you to enjoy the pool, hot tub, or even though shower more than ever before. Allow you fantasies to come alive!

Ladies, can you ask for a more perfect massager/vibrator? After a long hard day at work, come home, kick your feet back, and switch on your wanachi vibrator to rejuvenate your tired, sore muscles, and lift the tension of your day. Then you are ready to switch your versatile massager into an erotic sex toy. The powerful, quiet motor enhances your sexual arousal so you are able to achieve intense orgasms.

The wanachi vibrators are perfect for solo use or partner use. Plus they are discreet travel companions. These vibrators are modeled after the popular popular Hitachi massagers. So now, when you bags are being checked at the airport, you do not need to worry about any embarrassing moments!

But this was even better. The vibration was nonstop, and Lauren played around and got creative by sliding it up and down her clitoris, all the way through her pussy lips, sending her another shiver of arousal that she could not help but moan out loud. Catching her breath, she then twirled the vibrating head against her clit and pussy lips, vibrations and water sending her exquisite stimulation like never before.

Lauren knew that she could not hold off her orgasm any longer, and she wanted to savor so much more as she could, so she took off the vibrator from her clit, twisted it off and basked herself in the pleasure of feeling the water soothe her very aroused clit and pussy lips. She took a few deep breaths, placed the head back again, this time pressing the handle at an angle that flexed the head even more against her craving and very aroused clit, and turned it on.

For a few moments there was silence as Lauren kept everything still to herself, her eyes closed as she let her clit, her pussy, every inch of her body savor the powerful vibrations that was running all over her. And soon little moans started to escape from her lips, and Lauren cycled through the different speeds, increasing it with the impending explosion of an orgasm that was coming. Lauren knew her orgasm was just a few moments more, and even as she was moaning she put it to its highest speed and braced herself as water and vibrator sent her body a spark that became a sudden explosion that rocked every inch of her body…

Felling her throat dry as she caught a lungful of breaths, Lauren basked in the after tingling erotic glow sensations of her first underwater orgasm, given to her by her new sex toy. And she wondered how it would feel if she did it while standing up. She reminded herself that she had to get some good grip on her wall to do that, as she also remembered that there was a green Wanachi vibrator that just came with a suction cup. That would just be Perfect!

“Ahh, the possibilities…”

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