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Jennifer has a long day at the office, with few things to look forward to. That is, until sees Joe from accounting. Once Jennifer's eyes fall upon Joe's muscular body, her mind is flooded with naughty thoughts. To satisfy these urges, Jennifer goes home and uses her flexible vibrator.

Jennifer races home and heads straight to her bedroom, where she pulls our her long double ended flexible vibrator. Still thinking about Joe's muscular arms and chest bulging through his fitting button down shirt, Jennifer begins to slide the shaft of her dildo up and down the outer lips of her vagina.

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How bendable is a flexible vibe?

As she continues to envision Joe slowly stripping to make love to her, Jennifer lubes up her flexible vibrator, turns it on, and penetrates her hot, wet pleasure hole with the large flexible vibrator. Each thrust brings Jennifer's throbbing vagina closer to orgasm, just before she climaxes, she stops. Only to bend her flexible vibrator into a "U" shape. Then she carefully penetrates both her anus and vagina, all while the vibrator is turned on, for an intense double penetration solo play session.

Jennifer closes her eyes, to envision Joe thrusting his long, hard shaft into her rear, as she continues thrusting the vibrator in and out of both holes simultaneously. She continues to enjoy the thrilling sensation of double penetration until her hot, wet, vagina achieve an intense orgasm.

Welcome to ThatsNaughty Australia. If you are shopping for flexible vibrators, you have landed in the right page. For all you like our friend Jennifer from the story above, and like double penetration, flexible vibrators are the ideal toy to satisfy your fantasies. However, bendable vibrators are not the only flexible vibrators available, single ended flexible vibrators will hold whatever shape you desire thanks the soft jelly material they are made of.

Flexible vibrators are great for both vaginal and anal penetration. Their ability to hold whatever shape you desire allows you shape and texture the vibrator to stimulate your inner canals. Forming the flexible vibrator into the shape and texture you desire is the perfect way to guarantee enhanced sexual pleasure.

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