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Sexual Fantasies: Missing Dave (1 of 3)

Lana could not help but be excited: Today the day that her first sex toy would arrive. As a beginner, she did not know much, so she opted for budget and cheap vibrators, and she found a good selection of affordable vibrators from the best sex toy shop in Australia for what must be all the sex toys in the world, ThatsNaughty Australia. Just thinking about playing with a sex toy for the first time gave her mixed feelings; true, she was excited, but she was also a bit worried about the experience. But her curiosity got the better for her, and today was going to be the day.

But it's not just curiosity that made Lana finally get one: Dave has been out of town for a business trip, and though stroking her clit and being naughty in the shower helped fight the urge, she misses Dave, his hard and long cock that she savored being pumped balls deep inside of her, of their wild and hot sex, and a cheap vibrator might just be something that could help kill the time until he comes back in 2 days. The doorbell chimed, and Lana controlled herself to find a delivery, in a plain and very discrete package, just as promised.

After taking a shower, Lana was all eager and excited to try the sex toy. Even while in the bathtub her imagination was running wild, and even as she toweled her body dry she could feel her pussy get wet. She got the cheap vibrator out, read through the packaging and turned it on. The vibration surprised her, and it nearly slipped from her fingers. It looks and feels so innocent, Lana thought, as she cycled through the vibrator speeds. She was still wondering if playing with a cheap vibrator was worth doing it, but as she swallowed the lump in her throat, the wetness of her pussy could not be denied, Dave was still two days away and she was horny, plus she already spent for it, might as well make the most of it, she thought.

Lana lay down on her bed, got comfortable as she pressed the length of the vibrator against her clit and between her pussy lips. She was nervous, excited, horny, worried…but when she closed her eyes she imagined it was Dave's long cock pressed against her, something Dave likes to do to tease her, and Lana smiled at the thought of that.

And then she pressed the power button on.

She was so wet that the tip found its way between her pussy lips easily, and Lana's eyes were now wide open, in ecstasy and unbelief at the powerful and arousing stimulation she was getting.

Lana could only take a deep breath as the cheap vibrator gave her clit and pussy lips sensations like she never felt before. Her eyes were still closed, but her mouth was wide open as she felt her body tense up at the naughty vibes she was getting. She pressed it closer even more, and in doing so pressed the button to the next speed that made her finally sigh and moan. It was so good that she felt pussy get even wetter, her clit so engorged and aroused, the feeling so intense that she thought she would orgasm right then but she didn't want to stop, and she started pressing and rubbing the vibrator up and down against her pussy lips and her clit. She felt her pussy lips open like petals of a flower, and after shivering with ecstasy from playing with the vibrator up and down, pressing it closer, Lana nudge the tip of the vibrator between her moist and wet pussy.

He pussy clamped tight on the vibrator on reflex, and Lana could only moan louder as little by little she pushed and pulled, the vibrator going deeper inside her pussy. It felt so good that she could not stop, and she could feel her body shivering even more, the vibrations pushing her into the edge. But she wanted it balls deep, just like how Dave would usually pump his cock, and her now dripping wet pussy was making it all so easy that Lana pushed the vibrator as deep as she could.

It was as if time stopped for Lana, and all she could feel was the balls deep vibrator inside her pussy making her take deep full breaths. She glanced down to her legs, seeing the twin nipples of her big breast hard and taut, her glance going all the way down to her tight and stretched tummy, and she could not believe how good it was. Lana closed her eyes again, letting the powerful vibrations rush over her, claim her whole body before she turned the power button into the next speed.

Lana held on to the vibrator as if holding on to dear life. The sensation was so powerful, the vibrator balls deep inside her tight pussy that was driving her crazy with the powerful vibrations. She could feel herself going into orgasm, the sensations were so intense and Lana wanted to savor it even more, so she closed her eyes and imagined it was Dave's cock vibrating and pumping inside her pussy that was flowing with her pussy juice. Lana felt the first tremors of her orgasm ripple between her legs, so she pressed it deeper and held it in place, and an orgasm like never before surged like a star exploding inside of her.

Lana lost track of time after she had her powerful orgasm. It was unbelievable, her body weak and spent like never before. After turning it off and pulling the balls deep vibrator from her pussy, Lana could only smile to herself, tired but very satisfied, and before she closed her eyes to take a short nap, her thought was of Dave, hoping he would be back soon and fuck her like he always does, balls deep, but at least she had something to keep her company until then…

About half an hour after Lana drifted to sleep, a taxi stopped in front of their house, and a man stepped out…

(to be continued…)

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