Is the Gspot easy to stimulate?

As my head rests on his strong, warm, sexy chest, I begin to hear a loud, obnoxious sound. What on earth is that horrible ringing? The alarm clock, of course. After turning off the alarm I quickly glanced back over to the bed, to see it empty. Just as I thought, it was all a dream.

While climbing out of bed, I could not get the thoughts of my handsome dream lover out of my mind. So on my way to the shower, I stopped by my dresser to grab my favorite toy, my G-spot vibrator. I needed to be satisfied while this fantasy lover is still on my mind.

As I step into the hot shower, I close my eyes and see my the man from my dream standing there, eager to press his hard-on against my body.

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I slowly glide my hand down over my breasts, pinching my nipples slightly as my fingers glide over them. My hands continue down towards my lips as they ache for pleasure.

I begin by gently rubbing my clit, as my warm juices begin to flow, my fingers slide back to tease my hot, wet pussy. The whole while I can feel my dream lover's hard penis teasing me. My pussy was aching for his rock hard penis to penetrate me. So I reached over, turned on my gspot vibrator, and started to rub it against my clit. Instantly I moaned, and my eyes rolled back, as the vibrated sent incredible sensations through my body. Next I slid the shaft down to my pussy opening, slowly and gently sliding it in.

Elyse had always enjoyed sex. There’s nothing like the meeting of flesh against flesh, a union not just of bodies but of feelings and emotions, and the sensations of having an orgasm, an experience that mere words cannot really describe. But among her erotic memories, there are a few ones that leave her in awe, that sends a dry feeling down her throat: of those few rare moments while feeling a cock pump deeper inside her and feel the lips of her pussy draw it deeper and tighter, of feeling very arousing sensations whenever a certain spot inside her vagina is stimulated. The memories are few, but they have been unforgettable, the memories of getting hit on the right spot, her elusive g-spot. Elyse finds it odd and funny that at times she even can’t even barely recall the face or name of the man, but only of those rare moments, of being aroused and stimulated unlike any other with a perfect chance hit in her g-spot, those she will never forget.

She craves for them.

And tonight, alone in her dark and cold room, her hormones raging as the erotic memories of those unforgettable sensations making her moist and getting wetter by the moment, as Elyse feels her nipples harden, her pussy walls clenching, and aching to feel that sensation again. It has not been for lack of trying, and she has had her share of dildos and vibrators in the absence of a good man to give her that g-spot stimulation, but to no avail.

But tonight, she is hopeful. Just when she arrived tired and stressed from work, she found a discrete package waiting for her. At first she was surprised, and when she opened it, she could not help but smile. Her g-spot vibrator that she bought online from That’s Naughty Australia just came right on time, and after a good shower, she was eager to try it out.

Elyse bought the Pipedream Le Reve Silicone Petite (Black) - 5.5" G-Spot Vibrator, feeling that it was the perfect size to start getting her g-spot hopefully touched and aroused once again. Just the thrill and anticipation of getting more than just memories had already made her wet, and so she started to rub the head of the vibrator along her pussy lips, parting them, sliding its length against her clit that was getting more and more aroused. In her excitement she pressed the button on without wanting on and got an erotic vibe on her clit that only made her shudder with pleasure and her pussy even wetter. She remembered that it had 4 different butt powerful speeds, and she cycled one after the other until she found the perfect one to start with.

Elyse started easing the vibrator inside her wet wetter vagina, and her craving for that sensation made her feel her pussy welcome and grip the vibrator even more. She started slow and gentle, probing to find that sweet spot, and though the vibrations were so good that she cannot help close her eyes and bite her lips in frenzied anticipation, no g-spot hit, yet. For some reason, it entered her mind what if g-spot existed only for some period of time, that the reason why it has been so long since she felt it being brushed and poked at just the right spot was that it was gone? But she cannot believe in that, and she let the vibrator continue in and out of her pussy, cycling through the different speed, savoring each and every delicious inch, and each erotic vibe sending her pussy dripping wet.

and thrusting his hard member in and out. Then I slid it all the way, and began to use the vibrating head to massage my gspot until I was screaming in pleasure. Now it was it time to get cleaned up, and head off to work.

Welcome to ThatsNaughty Australia! This section of ThatsNaughty offers a variety of female and male vibrators. Take the time to pick the perfect Gspot vibrator to help achieve one of the most powerful orgasms you will ever have.

She knew that her orgasm was just a few moments away, and though she might not get it right on the first try, the vibrator felt so good that it was worth giving it a second try. She felt her tummy tighten, a sign that she was nearing what promises to be a very good orgasm, so she kept the dildo inside, cycling through the different powerful speeds to savor all the vibrator could offer. Just a few moments more before her orgasm flood her pussy with juices as she felt her pussy lips clench the vibrator tighter. She was already biting her lips, her moans soft and silent as much as possible lest her neighbors would hear her, which only added to making her feel so much aroused, and just when she was about to come, she tilted the vibrator a certain angle and finally found the sweet spot she was craving for.

The sensation was more that she could remember, still beyond mere simple words, and she felt her orgasms spill out of her, her pussy dripping with her juices. But she cannot stop, not now, and so she kept the vibrator on the spot, savoring each delicious moment and at the same time afraid that she might lose it. And she did for a few frantic moment but found it again, and she held it on spot, rubbing it, the sensations making her even wetter and she knew that a second orgasm was just a few moments away.

She cycled through the different speeds, and each speed change of its powerful and erotic vibrations sent her pussy even tighter and dripping even more. Elyse felt a second orgasm coming, and it hit her with such intensity that it send dark spots in her eyes. But she could not stop, not yet, and Elyse kept the vibrator on the spot, this sweet elusive spot that she thought was gone away, finally knowing where it was. And with new confidence she let the vibrator slide off her g-spot, enjoying a few more thrust as she took the length of the vibrator inside her pussy, and when she knew that her unbelievable third orgasm was just moments away, she guided the head back into her g-spot, and cycled to her favorite speed, clenched it in place as her orgasm hit her long and hard, taking her breath out of her.

She must have fainted for a few seconds, or a few minutes, she is not sure. But one thing she is sure, as she turned took hold of her g-spot vibrator is that she now knows. She now knows where her g-spot is, and she has the perfect g-spot vibrator just to hit the right spot.

Drained, but clearly satisfied, she would need a good night sleep to be able to go to work tomorrow. But then again, she could always call in “sick” the next day.

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