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Welcome to ThatsNaughty Australia, the place where you can turn your kinky fantasies and turn them into mind blowing reality. In this section on ThatsNaughty you can shop for beautifully handcrafted, hypoallergenic, G-spot stimulating glass vibrators

Glass vibrators are carefully handcrafted pieces of art designed to firmly stimulate a woman's G-spot. These thrilling glass toys are generally made from Pryex or another borosilicate glass, a biomedical grade glass. The biomedical grade glass used to make these beautiful pieces of art is 8-10 times stronger than ordinary glass. Allowing your erotic to be almost indestructible.

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Shopping for a new glass vibrator deal?

Glass vibrators offer several distinct advantages over rubber and silicone vibrators: beauty, durability, temperature play, safety, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean and care for. Thanks to the biomedical grade glass, glass vibrators are: shatter proof, crack proof, and chip resistant. In other words, they can last a life-time of regular use.

ThatsNaughty Australia offers a variety of glass vibrators to suit your preferences. Whether you a novice sex toy user, or a seasoned pro, we a glass vibrator for you!

If that was not enough, the biomedical grade glass also has the ability to absorb heat. Allowing glass to be easily warmed or cooled in water for temperature play. To warm a glass vibrator, place it in a bowl or sink of warm water, and let it sit there for 3-5 minutes. The warmth makes foreplay a sensual, thrilling, pleasurable experience. By doing the opposite, placing your glass vibrator into a bowl or sink of cold water for 3-5 minutes; your play session is elongated with thrills and chills until your reach your climax.

Why wait to experience the benefits of a glass vibrator? It will last a lifetime. You can clean it quickly and easily with soap and warm water. The rigidness of the glass toy stimulates your G-spot, while intensifying orgasms. And best of all, glass vibrators become extremely slippery while in use.

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