What is a Rabbit vibrator?

Welcome to ThatsNaughty Australia! This page features the popular rabbit vibrators. Rabbit vibrators became popular among women after they were featured on a popular prime time television show, Sex in the City. The episode involved a woman who was refusing to leave her bedroom after purchasing a rabbit of her very own. After this show aired, women world wide went crazy for these little rascals.

A rabbit vibrator is a vibrating and rotating sex toy designed for simultaneous penetration and clit stimulation. Rabbit vibrators are shaped like an erect penis with the clitoral stimulation attached to the shaft of the toy. Rabbits are designed to give more stimulation than a traditional vibrator, dildo, or clitoris stimulator.

There a few different styles of Rabbit vibrators available. The first style, is the one made famous by Sex in the City, the original rabbit.

More sexy rabbits

This model has a penis shaft that rotates, as well as the head, to stimulate the vagina and the Gspot, while the rabbit ears hug and vibrate the clitoris.

Both the Gspot stimulation and the clitoris stimulator operate in different speeds and patterns.

The next model is made with a rotating or vibrating penis shaft, and a vibrating rabbit ear for clitoris stimulation.

For Isla, the men she had slept with can be categorized into two categories, at least for the ones that gave it good: they either fuck good, or they lick good. Nothing like a good pounding, of feeling her pussy welcome a hard cock that knows how to hit the good spot. There is nothing like a good licking too, and Isla felt as if she was a goddess, and her pussy and clit was the altar for their devotion. Rarely would a guy be both, except for Ralph, unforgettable Ralph. When Ralph went down on her and licked her as if it was the last clit on earth, and he stayed down under until she came, it was satisfyingly good. She never expected that his cock could be any better than his tongue, and good thing she didnít, because Ralph gave her a fuck of a surprise that she had not experienced before, nor sadly experienced after.

Isla tried different dildos and vibrators, trying to recreate what seemed to be her fantasy fuck with Ralph. Last she heard Ralph was back overseas, and her pussy could not wait until he returned. While browsing for sex toys, Isla was piqued at the name: Rabbit. Such a cute name, Isla thought, and reading through the description, it seemed to promise what she was looking for. Credit card in hand, Isla bought the California Exotic Silicone Jack Rabbit Jr.

Just as promised by Thatís Naughty Australia, the packaged arrived swift and the package was discrete!

As Isla lay down on her bed, the memories of Ralph and his wicked tongue sent her pussy tingling with arousal, and so she started playing with the rabbit vibrator, turned it on and let it gently touch her clit. The effect was instant as Isla felt her pussy get wet, and she toyed with the rabbit ears between her clit, cycling through its various functions. As her clit was pampered with erotic vibrations, pulsations and escalations, Isla felt her pussy get wetter as her nipples were also stiff from the erotic sensations on her clit that was running its course all over her body. Isla kept moaning Ralphís name as she closed her eyes, letting the memories come back clearer as she felt and savored every erotic vibe, felt her juices drench her pussy walls even more. She kept cycling through the various vibrations, and kept it on her clit until she felt her first orgasm explode from within her.

Just like in her memories, this was when Ralph started giving her craving pussy the attention it was looking for, and Isla, wet with her love juices of desire and lust for Ralph, slid in the head of the vibrator and turned it on. She basked in the sensation of feeling her pussy welcome the parting of her love lips, just like how Ralph did it, teasing her, letting her pussy embrace the head of his cock. Isla then eased the vibrator deeper, and felt the new sensation of the luxurious O pearls giving her pussy some surprising erotic stimulations. She alternated turning it on and off that sent her catching her breath, until she took it all deep and let it start vibrating, her pussy squeezing and embracing the vibrator as if it was Ralphs cock, and slid it in and out, nice and slow, Just as Ralph how did it.

Rabbit Vibrators at That's Naughty Australia

Where can I buy Rabbit Vibrators?

Where you can buy online for rabbit vibrators is right here at Thatís Naughty Australia. You can order and shop online for the best rabbit vibrators available in different length, colours, and designs to give you all those erotic and naughty vibes on your clit and inside your vagina. Donít let those rabbit ears trick you because you will definitely be hearing yourself moan and wail as you climax and orgasm like you never did before, so buy online for rabbit vibrators and discover erotic stimulations and sensation that will keep your clit and vagina tingling and oozing in pleasure, right here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

How much are Rabbit Vibrators?

Rabbit vibrators you can order and shop online from Thatís Naughty Australia are available in budget and affordable prices, and you can buy one for as low as $25, and more naughty and satisfying choices await for you at much higher price tags, which gives you a wide selection of rabbit vibrators that you can buy online to suit your budget, so you can enjoy long hours of keeping those rabbit ears twitching, you humping, and very much satisfied.

Why should I try and buy Rabbit Vibrators?

Why you should try and buy online for rabbit vibrators is because of the unforgettable arousing and stimulating sensations that it will give you, making you climax and orgasm like you never thought possible. Stimulation and penetration is the naughty combo when it comes to sex toys, and rabbit vibrators you can shop online from Thatís Naughty Australia promises you dual sensations where it matters and where you want it, on your clit and inside your vagina, all at the same time. Get the stimulation you desire on all the right places with rabbit vibrators you can shop online right here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

When do I need to replace my Rabbit Vibrators?

When you would need to replace your rabbit vibrator will depend on some factors like how much you use it, the proper handling, cleaning, and storage of your rabbit vibrator. Make sure you read and follow printed instructions on the proper care and handling of your sex toy, and always use the prescribed sex toy cleaner that is tough on bacteria yet gentle to your rabbit vibrator, so you can enjoy your sex toy and experience orgasm after orgasm for a long time. Nothing last forever, eventually, but you need not worry about getting a replacement because you can order and shop online for new rabbit vibrators available at very budget and affordable prices right here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

The third model allows for anal stimulation as well. Typically this model has a vibrating anal shaft, rotating penis shaft, and vibrating rabbit ears. In most model the vibration and rotation speeds can be changed based upon your personal preferences.

Rabbit vibrators can be made from the following materials: vinyl, plastic, rubber, or latex. Also remember to use lubricants when playing your with rabbit. Using lubricant with help eliminate unpleasant discomfort or irritation, and enhance your experience. Shop ThatsNaughty for the rascally rabbit that will scream out in pleasure today!

Ralph always knew how to hit Islaís g-spot, and with just a little nudge, the head of the vibrator hit Islaís G-spot right on the spot that she thought she was going to orgasm from the first sensation. In and out, the vibrator kept through its function, and with each erotic and arousing vibe Isla could feel her core open up a she felt her pussy flex and grip the vibrator, just like how she did with Ralph cock that it encouraged him to fuck her some more, deeper and faster, and so did Isla pumped the vibrator just like how Ralph cock would fuck her, until she knew it was time and she pushed it deep, and braced herself for her second orgasm.

As Isla caught herself some much needed breaths from her two orgasms, her new sex toy was indeed worthy of Ralph, and she smiled as she then decided to call it ďRalphĒ. But it was not yet over, for she wanted to savor and experience Ralph the good fucker and Ralph the wicked licker as one, at the same time, and this cute Rabbit promised to do that. It was time to find out.

Isla closed her eyes, and remembered Ralph when he was licking her, and Ralph when he was fucking her. In her mind Ralph became two, as if Ralph had a twin, and as she slid the vibrator inside her pussy and let the rabbit ears take hold of her clit, Isla imagined the two Ralphs moving in concert, together: cock in her pussy, and tongue on her clit, at the same time, and she turned the rabbit on.

The twin sensation sent erotic and arousing stimulations like never before through Islaís body, coursing through her thighs, her knees, her calves, all the way to her toes, as she also felt her nipples stiffen even more and she had to catch her breath a couple of times. Isla cycled through the next pulsation and she felt new waves of pleasure like tremors running all over. She could not even find the strength to moan or whisper Ralphís name as the vibrator head and rabbit ears worked their promised pleasures non-stop on both her clit and her very wet pussy. Isla nudge the vibrator inside her pussy, hitting her g-spot that almost sent her over.

This was nothing like she imagined, sensations so pure and powerful, yet gentle like kisses and soft touches. Isla felt herself shiver as she cycled the rabbit to even greater stimulations, her legs that were spread now joined together as she felt her pussy spasm and throb like never before, and something inside of her felt as if it was breaking her open, and at the same time so raptured by the intense vibration and stimulation that she found herself moaning long and wild as her third orgasm finally came, a long frantic, frenzied, wild erotic sensation that sent her over the edge.

Rabbit. Such a cute name, Isla thought, guaranteed to keep her hopping in pleasure from this night on.

Who makes good Rabbit Vibrators?

California Exotic, Doc Johnson, Evolved, Icon, iVibe, Nasstoys, Vibratex, Seven Creations, Pipedream, and Tokyo Designs are some of the best brands when it comes to quality rabbit vibrators, each of them offering you a wide selection of the best rabbit vibrators you can buy online, and we have them all here at Thatís Naughty Australia. Take your pick of the vibrator length, colour, design, and naughty vibration and stimulation functions you want to experience and enjoy from our wide selection of the best rabbit vibrators, all made available and budget affordable just for you.

Who sells Rabbit Vibrators?

Thatís Naughty sells rabbit vibrators! Order and shop online for rabbit vibrators available from top brands like California Exotic, Evolved, Pipedream, Doc Johnson and many others. You can choose for the best rabbit vibrator to leave you hopping and moaning all day and all night long, available in various naughty designs, colour, length, and vibe functions for you experience and enjoy. These rabbit vibrators you can buy online are priced in budget and affordable prices because we want you to be naughty and happy, and when it comes to the best choices for rabbit vibrators and other sex toys, you have come to the right place, right here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

What type of Rabbit Vibrators do I need?

The type of rabbit vibrator that you would need would depend on your sex toy preferences like favourite colour, design, length, and arousing vibration and stimulation functions. There are many kinds and brands of rabbit vibrators you can order and buy online from Thatís Naughty Australia, so finding the perfect rabbit vibrator to get you wet and orgasmic is fast and easy. We have rabbit vibrators with a wide selection of vibe functions and different dildo designs, even with g-spot stimulation, so the naughty choice is up to you. Whatever the rabbit vibrator design, shape and functions that you want, Thatís Naughty Australia offers you a wide selection of the best rabbit vibrators from major top brands, all available in budget and affordable low prices.

Where is the best place to purchase Rabbit Vibrators?

The best place to purchase online for rabbit vibrators is right here at Thatís Naughty Australia. You can order and shop online for the perfect rabbit vibrator to give you masturbation sensations and stimulations like never before. We have a wide selection of the best rabbit vibrators from all major brands, in different colours, dildo designs, and naughty vibe functions, all made available and affordable just for you. Order and buy online for rabbit vibrator is fast and easy, and enjoy secure and convenient payment options, as well as discreet delivery in plain box shipping for the rabbit vibrator of your choice.

Explore, experience, and indulge in fantasy masturbation sensations and stimulations guaranteed erotic, arousing, and very satisfying that will make you climax and orgasm like you never thought possible with the best rabbit vibrators you can shop online right here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

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