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Getting to be the giver of all that delicious pumping delights, especially if you are going for some hot girl on girl action takes a lot more than just pumping even when you are strapped with your favorite strap on. Being a pumper without a cock is a challenge: the dongs move out of place, rotates out of place, and this can very well undo all that erotic and arousing sensations you worked pumping up. So, if you are looking for a way to get your strap on strapped and ready, always held firmly in place so you can concentrate more on thrusting without worrying about keeping the it in place, then Thatís Naughty Australia offers you one of our sex toys collection guaranteed to get you ready, strapped, locked and loaded!

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We offer you our selection of strap on harness and dongs that will stay in place so you can keep on the pumping pace and pleasure going. This selection of strap on harness and dongs from Doc Johnson comes with their very own Vac-U-Lock system, which ensures that your chosen dong of pumping pleasure remain in place, with no downward flops or slips. Say goodbye to awkward pumping moments, and prepare to welcome waves after waves of orgasmic pleasures with each and every pump.

Vac-U-Loc strap ons are designed to give you maximum comfort and perfect fit, so you can keep on pumping all you want. Our selection of dongs do more than just stay vacuum locked in place, they also feel great! They come in various length and textures so you can get extra delicious inches and sensations with every thrust. Some of the dongs are molded from real cocks, featuring genuine details like plush balls, bulbous heads and distinct veins, for pumping pleasures that feel as good as the real thing. Strapped, locked and ready, these strap ons are made to stand and deliver and withstand long hours of rigorous play, the perfect sex toy for multiple orgasmic pleasures.

Strap on Ė Vac-U-Lock Strapped IV : Locked and Loaded

Unknown to Eric, his lover Megan and Naomi had been seeing each other after their threesome experience. They still could not really say if they were lesbians, but the label didnít really matter anyway. What both knew was that their threesome experience had awakened sexual desires and experiences that they wanted to discover, and to protect Ericís male ego, they decided to keep it a secret, which only made their tryst even kinkier and naughtier.

Since it was Megan who fucked Naomi last time using a strap on harness, they had agreed that they would reverse it this time, with Naomi wearing the strap on and Megan be the receiving one. Both women were eager to explore each other, clothes started falling off until they were both naked, kissing and touching each otherís breast, licking each otherís pussy until both were so wet and horny that they decided that Naomi should fuck Megan, as agreed.

But there was one tiny problem. Though the strap on was perfect for Megan, Naomi did not find it so. Naomi discovered that the thrill of being the giver of all those delicious pumps turned her on, and compared to Megan, she was more aggressive, and in the heat of the moment the strap on would slip just a tiny bit and it undid the aggressive pumping that Naomi did. Megan on the other hand found it arousing how such a beautiful woman like Naomi could be so different once she wore the strap on, and she looked forward to enjoying being taken by a woman. Their first time together was good, and both women decided to do it again soon.

But for Naomi, the strap on was ok, but not perfect, and she vowed to find one that suited her. She asked for the site where Megan bought hers and checked out Thatís Naughty Australia site for herself. Browsing among the strap on selections, she found one that promised to be just perfect for her. Naomi bought the Doc Johnson Mr Marcus Vac-U-Lock Cock and Harness. It appealed to her, and the Vac-U-Lock promised to get the dong in place no matter the pace. When the package arrived, swift and discrete as promised, Naomi read the instructions carefully and tried it on. It fit and felt perfect, and she could not wait for the opportunity to try it for real.

A few days later, Megan messaged Naomi that Eric would be out of town for a business trip, and they agreed to meet the next day in Meganís place.

Once they were in the bedroom, the two women started some hot girl to girl action. They started fondling each other, lips and tongues exploring each otherís bodies. Megan placed her mouth on Naomiís breast and started sucking them while pumping and teasing the other, and Naomi slipped a finger between Meganís legs and stroked her clit. Megan felt the finger flickers of Naomi on her clit and she gave Naomiís nipple a good suck before slipping a hand into Naomiís own wet pussy. The two hot ladies were stroking each otherís clit, trying to outdo the other. Naomi slipped a finger inside Megan, finding her pussy walls wet with love juices. Megan also slipped a finger inside Naomi, and no surprise that Naomiís pussy was also wet with her own juices. Naomi lay down and spread her legs, flicked her fingers at Megan, beckoning. Megan smiled, and went to position herself opposite and on top of Naomi. She then lowered her pussy into Naomiís waiting mouth as she also lowered her head to lick and suck Naomiís parted legs and waiting pussy. The two ladies tried to outdo each again, pushing the other to greater heights of stimulation while they licked and sucked and fingered each otherís pussy. Naomi squeezed Meganís ass and parted them to reveal Meganís backdoor, and Naomi took flicked her tongue against it, making Megan moan at the new sensation.

Megan was turned on that a few more licks on her ass was too much that soon she was begging Naomi to fuck her. Megan reached out for the strap on harness that was just there beside the bed table, when she heard Naomi call her name.

ďMegan, I have a surprise for you. Be a good sport and get yourself ready, and promise me no peeking!Ē

Megan was wondering at what the surprise could be, and so she got herself ready while Naomi got her bag and went to the bathroom. Inside, Naomi strapped on her new strap on Vac-U-Lock. She called out and reminded Megan not to take a peek, and Naomi went out of the bathroom wearing her strap on bent on giving Megan a big surprise

They also come with vibrators and bullets to give you extra surprising and erotic sensations. For double the pleasure fun, we also have dongs that come with dual plugs that reward the pumper with an extra dose of pleasure with every pump. Pumping your way to heavenly orgasms has never been easier and always in place, to keep those pumped up erotic and arousing pleasures coming and coming.

Shop online for Vac-U-Lock strap ons only here at Thatís Naughty Australia. We offer you secure and easy modes for online shopping for strap ons strapped and other sex toys through credit card, Paypal, or Direct Deposits. We guarantee discrete billing and fast delivery in plain box shipping, so you can enjoy being naughty all in the comfort of your privacy. Because we want you to be naughty, and we want your naughty pleasures always in place, ready to turn on and pump out the juices from those sweet hot pleasure spots. Get strapped, locked and ready today, only here at Thatís Naughty Australia!

The dong of her strap on was a bit bigger than Meganís, so Nomi made sure to give it a good lubing. She went behind Megan who was cradled on her fours, ass propped high, waiting for her surprise. Naomi squeezed and caressed Meganís round ass, cupped the waiting pussy, teased and rubbed the clit between her fingers which made Megan moan and beg to be fucked. Naomi then placed the tip of the dong against Meganís clit, and the contact made Megan look back but Naomi stopped her, told her no peeking as promised, and Megan smiled as she turned to face forward again. Naomi pushed the head a bit more, making Megan moan in delight. Naomi pulled back, then pushed it in deeper which made Megan moan again. Naomi kept still, as if waiting, and just as expected Megan begged her to pump it all in, and Naomi wasted no time and pushed the dong deep inside Megan.

Megan felt herself filled with what was now apparently a big cock. The sudden pump and its size caught her by surprise, and the sensation of a bigger cock, bigger than Ericís, and now inside her pussy was making her even more aroused. Megan felt Naomi pull the dong back, which made her pussy feel empty and then came the slow push, filling her up. Naomi did this twice, making sure Meganís pussy was accustomed to the size of the dong. Megan was enjoying each slow thrust as her pussy got comfortable with the big cock size, and she asked Naomi fuck her, NOW!

Naomi was only too happy to oblige and began increasing the pace of her pumps on Meganís pussy. The sight of Meganís pussy split wide open by the massive cock was turning Naomi on, and so she began pumping even faster. Megan was slumped on the bed, moaning and mewling as Naomiís giant of a cock filled her pussy deep with every thrust. It felt good being taken by a woman, and Megan was basking in the stimulations she was getting, intensified by the massive cock plowing in and out of her pussy.

So far Naomi was satisfied with the strap on. It held itself in place, and she just loves giving Megan a good hard fuck, something that she didnít knew she had in her. But the real test was still to come, as Naomi wanted to fuck Meganís pussy even harder and faster. Naomi picked up the pace, and started pounding the massive cock faster than before into Meganís pussy. It was not slipping compared last time, and this gave Naomi the confidence to explore her newly discovered side as a giver of pumps, and she kept on pounding Meganís stretched out pussy.

Megan could feel she was getting close so she started meeting each of Naomiís hard thrust, sending the dong deeper into her pussy, getting her even more turned on. She started telling Naomi not to stop, to fuck her harder and harder and Naomi just kept on pumping for she had no plans of stopping either, the sensation as a fucker and seeing the cock have its monstrous way inside Meganís pussy making her feel she was getting near her orgasm too.

Megan was cursing now, and her voice was like music to Naomiís ears and so she kept on pumping and pounding the massive cock and soon she heard Megan say that she was coming, that she was coming, and Naomi kept at it nonstop until Megan finally started shivering, trembling with her orgasm, the sight of it making Naomi give the massive cock one final pump as she felt her own pussy flooded with her own pussy juices as she slumped her body against Megan.

After catching their breaths, Megan got a good look at the massive cock that was minutes ago having its way with her pussy. She could not believe she could take something so big, but she did, and the sensation was unbelievable. Naomi was lying beside her, tired and flushed, but happy for the wild ride she just had on Meganís pussy. The two turned to look at each other and flashed each other a smile.

ďNaomi, that dong is a monster! You should try it!Ē Megan teased Naomi while running her hands on the dong still wet with her own pussy juices.

ďOh donít worry, I will.Ē Naomi replied, and the thought of getting a taste of this big cock inside her was already making her look forward to their next strap on fuck fest.

(Be it for girl to girl action, or for some naughty pegging, strap on Vac-U-Lock systems will ensure that you can keep changing your pumping pace and never worry about the dong getting out of place. Buy online now for strap on Vac-U-Lock, sex toys, and other sex essentials to get your sex life strapped and loaded for a more enjoyable and pleasurable experience, all made available for you by Thatís Naughty Australia.)

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