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With how sex usually goes, it has always been the man who does most of the pumping, for a good reason. He has the length and the hardness, and his cock will not be going anymore if he does not pump it! Women have always been on the receiving end of a sexual pump, but not anymore. If you are into some girl to girl action, or found that special guy who likes to take it as much as he gives it..

.. then Thatís Naughty Australia has the perfect sex toy to let you discover the pleasure and the sensation of what it means to give a good pump.Strapped and Ready to Give Pumping Pleasure!

We offer you our collection of strap on harness, the perfect sex toy to start you on the new sexual explorations of being the generous giver of all those deep and delicious pumping pleasures. But first, you have to get accustomed to wearing a harness, and finding the right piece that will fit you just right and in comfort and style is essential so you can take that first step in becoming the pumper.

Shopping for strap on harnesses?

And while you are still getting accustomed to wearing a strap on harness, practice time doesnít mean you canít enjoy pleasure too! Shop online for a strap-on harness designed with pocket folds where you can place your favorite bullets vibrator to get your clit buzzing and tingling. Or you can try a strap on harness that allows for a vibrator pointed not outward but inside your pussy, so you can get all that pleasure sensations while getting to be comfortable with your strap on harness. Learning to be a pumper has never been more fun and pleasurable!

Strap on harness are not only made adjustable to get the right fit and comfortable for those long hours of pumping fun, but they are also made to withstand all those hard pumping action, and there will be a lot of that in just a matter of time. Keeping your strap on harness clean is easy, with cleaners and instructions to get your strap on harness spot clean and ready for the next pump-filled action.

Strap on Ė Strapped Harnesses Australia

Megan and Eric had always been open about their relationships, and have always tried to explore new ways and news sensations to increase the pleasure of their intimate moments. At one point, she finally agreed to a threesome with another woman, knowing that having two women has always been a guyís fantasy, and her Eric was no exception. That encounter was unforgettable, though she was hesitant at first about sharing Eric with another woman. But when the hot action started and clothes started getting off, all hesitations went with the clothes and the night ended not just with a very happy and satisfied Eric, but also with a very curious Megan.

Because it came to a point wherein Eric had her and Naomi on top of one another while he teased and pleased both, taking his time and pick of which vagina to fuck. And since they were waiting for him, Naomi and Megan turn to some touching and rubbing, even to some lickings that only turned on Eric even more. Megan wasnít a lesbian, nor was Naomi, but seeing Eric have the time of his life enjoying pumping and fucking both her and Naomi, Megan became curious about how it feels to be the one pumping.

Megan had heard and seen strap-ons before, but paid little attention to them. She even thought of the idea of a woman with a cock, well, not a very comforting sight. But that was then: since they started adding a third person to their sex life, then adding a new sex toy seemed perfectly in order. She talked it out with Eric, and he was okay with the idea, the grin on his face letting Megan know that he was looking forward to their next threesome with Naomi. So Megan went and browsed through Thatís Naughty Australia site, and bought the Sport Sheet Vibrating Corsette Corset Strap On.

She had to get accustomed to wearing one, and she chose this particular piece because not only did it looked sexy, it promised to be comfortable, plus it offered a few advantages of its own. The idea of taking her first steps into being a pumper and not just the receiver of delicious pumps thrilled Megan as she wore the strap on harness. It fit her just fine, not just usual underwear she would be caught up with, but it would have to do with her desire to be able to give a good pump. Megan took a walk around, and tried different positions, just to get a good feel of the harness.

Megan soon felt comfortable wearing the harness, the extra padding on her crotch was balanced by the way her ass was free to be spanked, grabbed, or humped, all three scenarios running through her mind. She reminded herself that she had to wear a dong to complete the strap on, but that could wait. She imagined how it would be, finally discovering how it would be able to pump, to give thrust after thrust of pleasure, definitely not something every woman gets to find out, and the kinky part idea of doing it only made her eager to really try it on.

She was getting horny, and Megan remembered that the strap on harness had a mini bullet, and so she decided to give it a test, and turned it on.

Her kinky and naughty thoughts had already made her moist and wet, and the bullet vibrations in her pussy sent erotic vibes through her clit. She had tried vibrators before, but getting vibrating stimulations while wearing a strap on was new to her, and in her mind Megan fantasized about exploring the joys of pumping and giving pleasure, and the sensation of the bullet in her crotch only heightened the fantasy as she rocked and humped back and forth, the sensations making her mimic the act of pumping.

In time, you will be comfortable wearing a harness, and when pump time finally arrives, all you have to do is to choose the right dong piece, and we have them here at Thatís Naughty Australia, to complete your craving for all kinds of erotic and sensual pleasure. Whether itís your first time being a pumper, or looking to shop online for a new strap on harness for your pumping pleasures, we have them here!

Shop online now for strap on harness at Thatís Naughty Australia! We offer you secure and easy modes for online shopping for strap on harness and other sex toys through credit card, Paypal, or Direct Deposits. We guarantee discrete billing and fast delivery in plain box shipping, so you can enjoy being naughty all in the comfort of your privacy. Get strapped on today, and be the generous giver of all those deep and hot and very pleasurable pumps, only with Thatís Naughty Australia!

Feeling herself get moist from her naughty fantasies and the bullet vibrations, Megan remembered that there was one more reason why she chose this: and that was because it offered an open crotch, perfect for leaving her opening while she was giving. She knew she wasnít lesbian, but the kinky idea of pumping Naomi with these while getting sandwiched by Eric from behind was a scene she had all plans of making real. Megan explored her pussy lips, felt them moist, and started to play with her pussy lips using her fingers, the open crotch giving her all access.

Megan wished she had worn the dong, but it was still in its package, and she didnít want to break the horny mood she was in now as she fingered herself through the open crotch, the bullet vibrations working its vibes and making her even more turned on, and her pussy oozing with love juices. She imagined her fingers was a cock, and she humped and pumped forward, filling it enter her, humping her way to a stimulating sensation and fantasy unlike any she felt before.

Her arousal was on an all high, as her naughty imagination and kinky fantasy all meshed together. The strap on harness felt as it was part of her, and the bullet vibrations felt so good working their erotic vibes on her clit. She humped and rocked her hips, fingering her pussy, and with every pump she was found herself aroused and thrilled with every movement. This was a different kind of arousal, as Megan imagined the possibilities of it all with the strap on harness, that she felt herself on the verge of orgasm.

She let her imagination run, of giving and receiving at the same time through the crotch-less harness, a sensation worth exploring as the bullet vibrator kept on stimulating her clit. Megan fingered and humped some more, letting her fantasy ran wild and hot, and a thought entered her mind that she found so kinky and arousing that the very thought of it sent her over the edge and into an orgasmic surprise.

Megan savored the rush of her orgasm, basking in the moment. And as she regained her breath, turning the bullet vibrator off, she ran her fingers through the harness, and smiled at the thought that sent her orgasmic at the very thought of it. It may take some convincing, but with a little nudge here and there, well, the possibilities are endless. An idea was born, like a seed, and Megan felt herself eager and excited to make it happen.

I wonder if he would allow it, Megan mused as she ran through her naughty mind the kinky idea that she found so arousing: of her doing not Naomi, but pumping and having her way with Eric.

(Explore the pleasure world of sex role reversal for some good pumping action from the ladies with strap on harness. Be it for some hot and naughty girl to girl action, or found a man who is willing to receive as much as he gives, strap on harness are the perfect outfit to get you ladies humping and pumping. Buy online for strap on harness, sex toys and other sex essentials to add that twist and of pleasure discoveries for a more satisfying intimate experience, all made available for you by Thatís Naughty Australia)

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