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Nothing feels as good as receiving the joys of erotic pleasure than becoming the one who gives all those pleasures in return. And when it comes to women, nothing feels new and liberating that being able to give back all those long deep and hot pleasure pumping back. Whether you are new to strap on (and finally have decided to go and be a pumper for the first time, Congratulations!) or would like to get a piece for more girl pumping action thatís unique and sweet as only a woman can give it, Thatís Naughty Australia has just the right sex toys to get you giving the good pump, and keep on pumping!

Pumping Goodness as only a Woman Can Give

We offer you our collection of dongs to get your strap on harness ready and hard for your next girl to girl action, or to give your special man who doesnít mind receiving a good pump back for all the pumping goodness he has given you. With these dongs, your strap on harness is complete and stands ready so you can share the joys and pleasures of girl loving pumping. The suction cup at the base secures it tight and right on your harness, and will stay in place for all the hard pumping action coming.

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These dongs from Pipedream are made from rubber, guaranteed 100% phthalates and latex-free, are environmentally safe and hypoallergenic for your most treasured intimate holes. They come in various eye pleasing colors that you can choose from, and they feel so much better that they look! They are made from rubber, to imitate flexibility of the real thing, and as long as you are willing to pump, these dongs will stand hard and willing, for continuous pumping fun!

For a more pleasurable pumping experience, to give your partner more delicious pumps that feel like the real thing, we offer you the feel and texture of real skin with Cyber Skin from Topco. These dongs come with bullets for that extra erotic and arousing flicker and twitch. They are waterproof, so they are perfectly safe for some pumping fun in the bathroom! Give as you have received, and keep pumping unlike like no man can, and with these dongs you surely can!

h2>Strap on Ė Dongs Strapped II : Donged

Tonight was supposed to be their threesome with Naomi when Eric called and told Megan that something came up with work and soÖthreesome night had to be postponed. Megan had been excited, and the sudden change in plan left her a little bit sad, but not disappointed. She knew how Eric loved his job, a trait he loved about him, and work helped paid the bills so threesome night can wait. Itís just that she was looking forward for tonight, and she had spent the afternoon hours getting prepared. But that is that, so she just had to do something to spend the hours away.

Megan went to the bedroom after a light and lonely dinner, and there was the strap on harness and the dong, ready for what should have been an exciting fuck night. But all was not lost, as Megan decided that instead of sulking up, she would just have to be a little creative with the hours ahead, and naughty. At the very least, the postponement gave her some more time to try and make sure she is comfortable with the strap on harness that now had a dong to complete it.

Megan stripped off her undies, and wore the strap on harness with the dong. It took a little time being accustomed to it, but the past few days were spent with wearing it, and she was finally comfortable with it. She ran her hand across the length of the dong, with closed eyes and a stirring naughty mind. Megan had chosen the Pipedream BASIX Rubber Works 9" Dong with Suction Cup (Pink), perfect companion for the strap on harness she brought. If she chose the strap on harness because it looked sexy, she chose this one for a very special reason: it looked very much like Ericís own curved cock.

Lying down in bed, still horny from the anticipation of a night of threesome naughty fun, it dawned on Megan that though she was comfortable wearing the strap on harness even with the dong on, she has not really tried how the dong would feel. She was still horny, and craving for Eric, and since the dong looked a lot like Ericís cock, Megan decided to give it a test drive. Eric may be busy at work, so this almost perfect replica of his cock would just have to serve her needs tonight.

Megan detached the dong, and began running her fingers on it, letting her memories fill with moments where she had held Ericís cock in her hands. The dong felt firm, but hard, and with her naughty memories Megan began to feel aroused. She ran the dong across her belly, all the way round around her breast, letting its cool feel tickle her. She let it slide around her neck, her chin, her cheeks, just like how Eric would do it before he would let it softly touch her lips, waiting for her tongue to give it some gentle naughty flicks, before taking it inside her mouth to savor each and every delicious inch. She let it graze her lips, her arousal making her open her mouth, her throat dry for the flavor and sensation of taking Ericís prized manhood in her mouth.

She was also getting wet as her fingers discovered her wet pussy lips through the open crotch of the strap on harness. She gave the dong a generous lubing, then pressed the bullet inside the strap on harness, letting the erotic vibes give her clit a good buzz. She held her breath while she savored the erotic shots from the bullet, feeling herself get even more aroused, until stimulation was too much that she let a long breath out. Her pussy was now even wetter, and so Megan let it brushed against her thighs, slowly trailing deeper until the tip touched the edges of her pussy lips.

Shop online now for strap on dongs for more pumping fun only at Thatís Naughty Australia! We offer you secure and easy modes for online shopping for strap on dongs and other sex toys through credit card, Paypal, or Direct Deposits. We guarantee discrete billing and fast delivery in plain box shipping, so you can enjoy being naughty all in the comfort of your privacy. Get your strap on ready and complete, and share the orgasmic goodness of a different kind of pumping that only a woman could give, because if itís for a more arousing and satisfying pumping naughtiness, it must be Thatís Naughty Australia!

The contact ignited a spark inside Megan, making her moan as she let her pussy lips be parted by the head of the dong. She imagined it as Eric would do it, teasing her, parting her pussy lips, making her moan and beg for it before he would slip it in a bit, letting her savor the contact as he would also bask in the sensation of Meganís pussy lips clamping itself on his cock. Megan felt her pussy lips welcome and embrace the head of the dong, the lube and her pussy juices letting it slip in slow and easy. Megan gave it a push, and she moaned as her pussy walls parted some more, and slowly pulled it out, only to push it in again, this time even deeper, her pussy opening up to the dongís size, her pussy juices rushing to meet and coat it, then slowly pulled it out, just as Eric would do it. And just like Eric, she pumped the slippery dong all the way until it filled her pussy, taking the her breath out of her, her pussy tingling with the sudden assault, making her feel split wide open then suddenly filled it, and Megan let her pussy bask in the intrusion, and started welcoming it by exerting her vaginal muscles on it.

All this time the bullet was shooting all those erotic vibes, but with the dong deep inside her pussy, Megan used her other hand to press the bullet even closer, the sensation of even fuller contact on her clit with her pussy impaled on the dong made her rock and pump her hips which only intensified the erotic stimulations on her aroused clit and wet pussy. Megan squeezed her pussy tight as she twisted the dong inside her pussy to the left, and then to the right, feeling her pussy even get wetter. She loved the sensation the dong was giving her, so she continued giving it slight movements while humping and rocking her hips, and the sensation of the bullet she kept pressed on her clit gave her even more erotic stimulations as she felt the erotic vibes go up and down on her clit.

She was so wet now, so Megan began pumping the dong even more, pumping it in and out of her wet pussy. It felt so much like Ericís cock, the arched shaft hitting all the good spots inside her pussy, making Megan moan and sigh, and her thrusting getting wilder, faster, her pussy like a hungry cave whenever she would pull the dong out. She pumped it in, ad out, then deep inside, savoring each and every thrust that only made her crave for more.

Megan drifted her thoughts to the coming threesome night, of how good Naomi would feel as she would get this dong impaled inside her pussy as if it was Eric fucking her, but it would be Megan, and the thought sent an arousing jolt through Meganís body. And all the while she would be doing Naomi, Eric would be there, behind her, taking advantage of the open crotch, fucking Megan with the real thing, pumping her as she would pump into Naomi, and the scene in her mind of the three of them fucking each other was so vivid, so arousing, that Megan felt her pussy and stomach muscles clench, so she gave the dong a furious test fuck drive pumping it faster and faster in her pussy as she held in her mind the image of the three of them in naughty fucking motion, pressing the hand in her crotch closer, erotic vibes intensified by the bullet that Megan heard herself moan into a scream as her orgasm finally broke inside of her.

Megan pulled out the dong as her body was shivering with her orgasm, seeing it glisten against the dim light of the lamp beside her, coated with her pussy juices. Now she knew the dong was good to go, and together with the harness, the threesome night with their new sex toy would be a definite threesome naughty fucking fun.

(Getting a strap on harness is just the beginning, and once youíre strapped, you have to complete it with the essential dong. Be it for hot and kinky girl to girl action, or for some pegging fun with your man, these dongs will surely make each and fuck night a hot and wet treat. For solo pleasures, these dongs also work great in keeping a lonely pussy filled and pumped up. Buy online for strap on harness, strap on dongs, sex toys and sex toys and other sex essentials to add new sexual delights into your sex life, all made available for you by Thatís Naughty Australia!)

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