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Pink, blue, green: these playful anal plugs come in a lot of shapes and sizes to increase pleasure during those intimate moments, whether you are alone or sharing the experience with someone. Yes, you can now add adventure and colour during sexy time. Even if you already know how to shop for your own anal plug or are just beginning, its possibilities with what you can do is limitless. You can now provide pleasure for your partner through a range of anal toys that capture your fancy. If you want hours of pleasure, you can have it, worry-free!

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butt plugs are fun!

You can try out many options from the leading brands at Thatís Naughty. From the exotic and super-kinky vibro play probe, to an added value choice such as the twirly trio plug set, you owe it to yourself to keep going and going and going. If you have been wondering if anal toys are great for partners of various fetishes, then it is about time you found out. You can give it a try and discover the benefits of anal toys that could just turn you on. Now is your chance to experience a brand new level of intimacy during your times of pleasure. Trying out anal toys can greatly enhance your sexual adventures because as you approach orgasm, the orifices contract and you will find it rather pleasurable. Also, they offer you a unique way to experiment and unveil your submissive or dominant side. You can carefully build towards the climax you have always wanted, so that when you finally reach your big Orgasm, all you have to do is savour it.

Anal Toys Ė Plugs Holly Ass!

Holly was a fan of erotic pleasure, more so when it comes from sex, and who isnít? But when it comes to her backdoor, that would be a big NO! Holly has no problem with having a hard cock working its way on her pussy, filling her up and hitting her g-spot, the deeper the better. But not when it comes to her small tight anus. And though she loves being doggied, Holly always felt that anal sex or any poking on the ass was not just right and felt that it was inappropriate. Thatís why she broke up with James, because of what he did during their last fuck marathon. It wasnít that he used his cock, it was just his finger, and though the sex was good, Holly felt that James broke her trust, especially since she told him he could have anything of her, except her tight ass.

But at the same time, Holly cannot lie to herself. True, she didnít want anyone or anything poking her ass, but when James slid his ring finger on her ass that he was stroking and caressing throughout the whole time, there was a build-up of sensation that was unlike any other. It did not hurt, since she was already dripping her pussy juices right down her crack from previous orgasms and James must have lubed his finger with something that made it slide easy. But even as she remembers how angry she was, having a finger up her ass just as when she was about to cum was a new experience. Kinky, dirty and forbidden for Holly, until that perfect moment when his finger got it in, plugged her tight and right just before she had her orgasm.

And yes, that orgasm was explosive

James may be gone, but Holly was curious if she was just imagining that sensation or if indeed, there was erotic pleasure to be had, just waiting from her tight backdoor. Browsing through sex toys, Holly found one that just might be the right size to satisfy her curiosity. There were a lot of anal plugs from the site, but Holly chose to start it small and easy with the Pipedream Basix Rubber Works Beginner`s Butt Plug. She chose the smallest one available, the right size for her almost virgin ass.

Even as James was already long gone, Holly had her sex toys, from dildos and vibrators, to keep her company on lonely and horny nights, such as this one. She started playing with her clit, and her pussy, feeling her juices starting to make her moist and wet, her nipples stiff and her breasts firm and defying the laws of gravity. The naughty anticipation for her first time use of an anal plug made her feel a certain thrill of a twitch on her ass. She then lubed the anal plug, and though feeling not so sure as to what she was doing, guided it gently to poke its head inside her ass. The sensation felt weird, but Holly was intent on getting it done and over, so she relaxed herself, lubed the anal plug and her ass some more, and slowly inserted the plug, inch by inch into her ass.

It took a while and a lot of nerve in fighting her own thoughts about herself poking her own ass, but she got the anal plug in. It still felt weird, and Holly canít help but flex her anal muscles now and then which gave her some even weirder sensations, though something new. It made her feel filled up full, unlike the sensation of a big cock inside her tight pussy.

No matter which one you decide to have, you can be assured of getting anal plugs, accessories and various sex toys from Thatís Naughty Australia that are made from high quality and durable materials so that you can get your moneyís worth. To complete your naughty and fun experience, you can even add other sex toys from the register so that you can save money and time. Now is the time to explore all the options that you have and during your private times of pleasure, you can definitely scream out in ecstasy.

If itís naughty, Thatís Naughty Australia has it for you!

But she wanted her curiosity satisfied, and after finding a more comfortable spot, since every little movement reminded her that something was indeed plugged in her ass, Holly began playing with her vibrator, sliding its shaft along her clit before sliding it inside her craving pussy walls.

The sensation was different as she felt her vibrator fill up her pussy as her ass was plugged tight. She cycled through the functions and felt the erotic vibes from the vibrator send waves into the anal plug that echoed through her backdoor, giving her a taste of new erotic sensations that she never felt before. The anal plug wasnít so bad, Holly mused, as she squeezed and flexed her vaginal muscles on the vibrator that also made her flex her anal muscles, the sensations of doubly filled up, in her ass and in her pussy getting much more comfortable, and excitingly pleasurable.

Whenever she would slide the vibrator out, Holly felt that it just had to be back in, just as it was starting to feel good of having an anal plug up her ass. Holly tried getting creative, squeezing her muscles tight as she slid the vibrator in, its erotic vibes, her tight squeeze, and the new sensation of her plugged ass getting her even more aroused. She kept her vaginal and anal muscles tight as she started playing with her clit, and the erotic sensation she was discovering with her tightly plugged ass was adding new arousing stimulations she never even thought possible. Holly then started concentrating her attention on her ass, squeezing and flexing her anal muscles even more. She even dared to touch and twist the plug in her ass, discovering even more erotic sensations.

Holly spread her legs wide, tried playing with the anal plug by pulling it out a bit as she slid the vibrator in, pushing the anal plug back in as she pulled the vibrator, and the experience was addictive, the alternate erotic rush of her ass and her pussy being stimulated one after the other. Holly no longer felt any reservations, and the plug felt right as it was tight, and the lube made it possible to slowly pump it in and out her twitching ass, backdoor sensations that she wished she tried out long before.

Her orgasm was building up, Holly knew as her breaths got short and she felt a certain flutter in her belly. She closed her eyes and plugged her ass tight, playing and touching it in tandem with the vibrator whose erotic vibes were echoing and rocking not just her vagina but her plugged up ass with new sensations. She felt herself tighten, and the sensation of having her ass plugged tight was so arousing, and so addictive that she wished she could extend it some more as the sensations rose higher and higher, and her orgasm finally came.

As she was catching her breath, she remembered that James left her a message a few days ago. It might just be the right time to welcome him back, and perhaps through her backdoor!?

(Out for some new erotic and arousing stimulations? Discover a new world of pleasure unlike any other with anal plugs, or enjoy the best of both worlds when in use with your favorite pussy vibrators, and brace yourself for some tight and full fun as you feel yourself plugged and stimulated both ways in our selection of anal plugs and other sex toys you can buy online and made available for you by Thatís Naughty Australia.)

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