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Because when the call for erotic and arousing pleasure come, there is only one correct course of action: to answer it. But to do so, one must not only be willing, but more importantly is to be well prepared and able. If you want to be always ready to get pumping and those love juices flowing every time the pleasure bell rings, then Thatís Naughty Australia has the perfect sex toys for you, so you can always be strapped and ready!

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We offer you our collection of strap ons strapped, complete with all you need to give all those orgasmic pumping thrills and delights when itís wanted, where itís wanted. These strap on will make you ready and able in no time, so you can spend time where it matters the most: sharing the joys of intimate sexual pleasure.

We have the best strap ons to make you strapped and ready and good to go pumping. Whether itís for him or for her (and all the possible combinations in between), we have them here for you at Thatís Naughty Australia. We have strap on strapped that come with dongs in vibrating or non- vibrating modes, so you can choose the pleasure you want. Turn on those bullets on and off for some surprising extra pleasures, or keep the vibrations going for a more continuous and satisfying pumping goodness experience. We also have ready, willing, and able strap on strapped with hollow dongs, the perfect piece for guy to guy manly love, or to give your willing man that extra lift so he can satisfy the cravings of your wet love box.

Strap on Ė Strapped Strapped III : Strap Night

Naomi could not believe it was happening again. Her first threesome with her officemate Megan and her lover Eric was one unforgettable night, and perhaps one good threesome naughty fuck night deserves another, and here they were again, two ladies with hot bodies and one very lucky guy with a magnificent long cock. She watched and basked as the sensation of Eric giving her pussy a hot licking turned her even hornier, while Megan was doing the same, taking Ericís cock deep into her mouth. Eric alternated between fucking Meganís mouth and tongue fucking Naomiís very wet pussy.

Naomi felt herself moist when she first saw Eric pick up Megan from work. He was just so hot, not too buff, but fit. He also dressed well, and a glance at his crotch made Naomi imagine what a cock he must have, and how lucky Megan must be getting all that cock to herself. Eric had a warm smile, but Naomi thought she saw a mischievous and naught glint in his eyes when he looked at her, or perhaps she just imagined it.

Turns out Eric had it naughty alright, when one day while talking ladies stuffs, Megan mentioned something about wondering how it would feel having a threesome. Naomi asked which kind, and Megan said a guy with two ladies. Megan shared that it was one of Ericís fantasies, and he was giving hints about wanting to experience it. Naomi imagined herself with Megan and Eric, and the thought made her nipples stiffen. That conversation ended with both ladies laughing about the outrageous things that men want, but the idea was there in Naomiís mind, of having a taste of Eric. Thatís why when the topic surfaced again about a week after that, Naomi also mused that she had wondered how it would be too, to be part of a threesome. Megan must have taken her hint, and a few days later the topic was broached again, this time in a serious yet naughty tone, and that led to their first threesome fuck night. And tonight they were here again.

Naomi smiled at the memories and was stimulated back to reality as Ericís tongue gave her clit a long sweet suck. Eric loved to eat pussy, and he showed his appreciation for the smoothly shaved pussy in front of his face by giving every inch of it a good licking. His tongue was good, very good, and the more he licked and sucked her, the more Naomi craved for Ericís cock and soon the words came out of her mouth, asking Eric to fuck her with his big cock, begging him to fuck her deep, and fuck her hard. Megan took Ericís cock from her mouth and said the words that made Naomi even hornier, Megan telling Eric yes, to fuck Naomi deep and hard.

Megan left the bed as Eric positioned himself on Naomiís pussy, raising her legs up in his arms with his cock teasing Naomiís pussy. It was just torture, so Naomi begged some more, and Eric obliged by thrusting his cock deep inside Naomiís wet and craving love hole. The sudden thrust took her breath away, and Naomi loved it and she squeezed her pussy vise tight, vaginal muscles clamping on Ericís cock, making him smile and rise to the challenge and he started pumping his cock in and out of Naomiís wet but tight pussy.

Megan watched from the side of the bed as Naomi was getting her pussy well fucked. The kinkiness of seeing another woman watch her being fucked was so arousing to Naomi as Eric switched gear and the pumping became a pounding. Eric pounded her pussy non-stop and Naomi was delirious with the sensations, the next few minutes she felt herself lost in all that hard poundings. After a few minutes, Eric turned her over and Naomi allowed herself to be guided, her body limp and soft from all those hard thrusting.

Naomi felt the bed shift as Eric moved and propped her up, one hand gently shoved her back downwards, making her ass stand upright. She felt hands caressing her ass, and the soft sensation was a soothing change after all that hard fucking. She then felt the tip his cock, parting her pussy, and Naomi braced herself as she felt it slowly get in, then pulled out, then pumped a little bit deeper, as is testing the depth of her pussy, and then came the long and deep push of that familiar cock filling up Naomiís pussy.

Naomi got nice and slow easy pumps, and she basked in the change of pace, allowing her to enjoy each and every inch going inside her. The hard pounding earlier had fucked her breath out her, and now she was taking it slow and easy, and she loved how Eric can be rough then and so gentle now. Naomi moaned Ericís name, speaking out how good and long his cock is when he was taken by surprise when Eric asked if she was enjoying it, just as when he appeared on Naomiís side. But how could that be when his cock is in my pussy..

For more erotic and arousing sensations, you can choose from a wide selection of strap on strapped that comes with anal stimulators and vagina plugs, double the erotic pleasures with every delicious pump. And for that extra serving of deep and long pumping sensations, we offer you strap ons strapped that come not just with one, but two dongs! Twice the sexual satisfaction in half the time is possible with these double penetrators. Give her most intimate pleasures holes double the pleasure fun with every pump, all at the same time, and earth rocking orgasm after orgasm is guaranteed to be only a few pumps away. Or if you are for some three way action, these double penetrators are the perfect strap on strapped for you, turning you into the Sex God or Goddess pleasuring not only to one but two partners at the same time.

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Naomi glanced back and saw it was Megan giving her slow and easy strokes, Megan who now donned a strapped on harness. It felt weird for Naomi, though it felt good, but her thoughts were lost as Eric took Naomiís wide open mouth into his own, his hands on her breast, pinching her nipples. The sensations and the reality of what was happening only made Naomi hornier: Megan fucking her while Eric was full on her mouth, the taste of his tongue felt so good. Naomi broke the kiss and asked Eric to fuck her mouth.

Eric obliged and positioned his hard cock on Naomiís parted lips that Naomi took no time but to take it deep in her mouth. Eric started pumping her mouth slowly, and Naomi basked in the attention she was getting, her pussy being fucked by Megan while Eric was fucking her mouth. Megan the began increasing the pace, which made Eric fuck Naomiís mouth faster too, and Naomi was lost in the double pleasure treat she was getting.

Naomi felt pushed down as Eric took out his cock, and Megan was then there on top of Naomiís back, hugging her from behind. Megan kept the dong deep inside Naomiís pussy while she rocked her hips, and the two ladies got comfortable and found a pace, the sensation of their joined skin and bodies making Naomi feel warm and fuzzy. Eric had then taken position behind Megan, guiding and probing his cock towards Meganís pussy through the open crotch of the harness, teasing it which made Megan beg to fuck it deep.

Seeing the two ladies on top of each other, strapped on dong joining them together was too arousing for Eric as he finally thrust his cock in, impaling it deep inside Meganís pussy. Megan moaned, followed by Naomi as his thrust sent Megan deeper into Naomi. Both women were still, enjoying the intimacy as Eric took charge, pacing his pumps slowly as the two ladies got accustomed to it and started humping and pumping to his pace.

For Naomi, the reality of this 2nd threesome night was more than she imagined as she felt the dong inside her pussy that felt so much like Ericís cock, and with the feel of Megan on her back only made her pussy muscles shiver and spasm with delight. For Megan, getting to finally give a good pumping was turning her even more, finally becoming the giver, as she was also being given a slow and deep fuck by Eric which sent her pumping deeper into Naomi, their bodies pressed closer that the added stimulation from the bullet inside her crotch buzzed its way, shooting Megan closer to her orgasm.

As for Eric, having two women in bed had always been a fantasy, and this fantasy he would like to make real over and over again. Both ladies were moaning now, calling out his name, each otherís name, the their voices was just arousing sex music as Eric felt his cock stiffen, making him ready to unload his cock juice that he picked up the pace, fucking Megan deeper and harder, both women enjoying the shocks of his pump that soon each one was moaning out loud, their orgasms finally reaching their peak and with a hard thrust Eric pumped Meganís pussy deep, and kept it there as both three finally came one after the other, three bodies joined as one.

As they entangled their bodies, Eric found himself between through gorgeous ladies, and the feeling was just exquisite as he felt their breast and their bodies close to him. He was basking in his fantasy made real, but was shocked to attention with the discussion the ladies were having.

Naomi: Next time I get to wear that strap on Megan.

Megan: sure, and perhaps we join together and let Eric have a taste of it.

Eric had a look of surprise in his face as he glanced from one woman to the other, wondering if they were joking that made both ladies burst out with laughter before snuggling close him.

They must be joking, right!? was Ericís final thoughts before letting sleep take him.

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