Strap On Strapless

The Art of giving and taking pleasure, at the same time!

When it comes to pleasure, being the recipient of all those erotic and arousing sensations, it’s only natural to be able to give the pleasure back, for a more satisfying shared pleasure experience. That is what pleasure should be always about, not just taking but sharing the joys as well. But wouldn’t it be better if you could give and take, all at the same time? Well, if you are looking toys to make the most of your sexual and intimate moments, where two people not only become as one but share together at the same time in all the possible pleasure fun, then we at That’s Naughty Australia have the perfect sex toys for you, so you can take as you give, and give as you can take all at the same time!

Stapless Strapons Australia

We offer you our collection of Strap on Strapless for a world of sexual pleasure where giving more is also about taking more. You might have tried other strap on before, and perhaps you found them at times getting in the way; well, not with these strap ons strapless! Enjoy and experience more of the intimacy of skin touching skin, of being connected more with your partner with our selection of strapless strap ons, guaranteed to bring you not only closer, but more connected in your shared sexual sensations.

The beauty about strapless strap on is not just about enjoying girl to girl or girl to boy action as close as possible without distractions in between: giving all those delicious and glorious pumps also means you are getting it as good as you are giving. These dongs have to be strapped in place somewhere, and with the absence of straps, nothing come close to giving a good grip than your vagina. Insert the other end inside your vagina and your strap on strapless is now standing ready to give all those exquisite pumping pleasure, and that’s just the start! The one inside your love box was not only designed so you can clamp on it, but with every pumping motion it also stimulates your g-spot, and the more you pump, orgasmic heaven becomes just a matter of a few more delicious pumps!

Strap on – Strapless Strap on your new dildo and Drive!

Nikki was all alone in the room. Her roommate Larah had to attend an out of town symposia and would be out for the week. The room was not the same without her roommate, not to mention not as naughty and fun. They had enjoyed hours and nights playing with their double ended vibrator, but there was something missing. Lacking. It would still be a few days before Larah would arrive, and so Nikki browsed on for some other naughty sex toys to make up for the boredom. And after some searching, she just found the sex toy that might just do the trick. When the package arrived, discrete and swift as promised by That’s Naughty Australia, she then decided to give it a test drive, and what a test drive it was!

Nikki knew she had the perfect naughty sex toy to give a surprise welcome back for Larah.

The day came when Larah finally came back, and the two roommates shared stories of how it was. Larah told her of the things during her trip, while Nikki gave her updates on what happened lately in campus, both which were not too exciting, much more like boring actually. Being away from each other meant both had no naughty fun at all, were both looking forward for some payback naughty action to make up for lost time. And so when Nikki said she would be taking a shower, Larah joined along, and the two shared a slow and warm shower that began innocently enough but ended with touches and caresses that both were moist and wet, not just from the water, but more so in their pussies.

I found us…something. Nikki told Larah as they were about to leave the shower. Seeing the naughty grin on Nikki’s eyes, Larah could only smile and asked Nikki to show her.

The two hot coeds left the shower room and Larah proceeded to go to the bed while Nikki went to her drawer to take out the new toy. Nikki had brought the Nasstoys Vibrating Strapless Strap-On 8" - (Pink). Larah’s eyes were locked on the new sex toy as Nikki showed it to her. Larah reached over and took the sex toy, curious at its shape and yet feeling the unmistakably hotness inside her at the discovery that was about to begin.

Hmmm, how does this work? Larah asked Nikki in while trying to contain the excitement in her voice.

Nikki took the toy back, lubed it, and slid in the bulb into her pussy. She gave it a good grip, imitated a macho guy pose, which made Larah giggle. Nikki had a great body, and seeing her looking like a girl who suddenly had a cock was weird, but Larah knew this was a new sex toy with promises of new naughty fun.

Nikki went to get in position in bed, her legs spread wide, the strapless strap on inside her as she slowly cupped the shaft and pumped it up and down, as if masturbating, sending the other end in her pussy tingling with pleasure. Larah got into the game, and took the shaft in her hand, experimenting. She slowly moved it to the left, then to the right, and both sent Nikki arching her back in pleasure. She tried slowly pumping the cock with her hand while Nikki gave it a good grip, the sensation of someone else stroking it was so much different and very much arousing compared to Nikki’s solo experiments. Nikki knew she would come if she let Larah played with it for long, so she slid it out, and told Larah it was her turn to try it.

Larah spread her legs, and let Nikki strapped on the strapless on Larah’s pussy. It felt weird, seeing herself with a cock, but Larah soon forgot the weird feeling as soon as Nikki started stroking and pumping her hand on the shaft, and now it was Larah who concentrated on squeezing her pussy to hold the other end inside her, the squeeze motion and Nikki delicate massaging of the dong sending her pussy even wetter.

And then Nikki turned on the vibrator.

For more pleasure as the pumper, we have strapless strap on that come with anal stimulators, rewarding you with more erotic sensations with every deep pump. We also have strapless strap ons with built in bullets, powerful modes of vibrations while pumping in and out, intensifying every delicious inch in or out. These twin delights are also waterproof, perfect for wet pumping fun. Pumping has never been as good as with these strapless strap ons, and you should get one today!

Shop online for strapless strap on only here at That’s Naughty Australia ! We offer you secure and easy modes for online shopping for strapless strap on and other sex toys through credit card, Paypal, or Direct Deposits. We guarantee discrete billing and fast delivery in plain box shipping, so you can enjoy being naughty all in the comfort of your privacy. Get strapped the strapless way, and discover so much more satisfying pleasure for two with every single pump, we offer that here at That’s Naughty Australia!

The sensation caught Larah by surprise as erotic vibes started sending waves of pleasure inside her pussy. Larah stretched on the bed in pleasure as Nikki leaned over to kiss Larah’s nipples while pressing her clit against the strapless strap on. The two young coeds sharing some naughty licks and sucks as the vibrations sent even more pleasurable and arousing sensations to both of their pussies. Larah basked in the attention she was getting: her roommate’s mouth in her breast, licking and teasing her nipples, while she kept her pussy flexing and squeezing the strap on tight as it vibrated. What a welcome treat!

Nikki knew that Larah was enjoying the sensations and erotic stimulations, and gave even more quick flicks and sucks on Larah’s nipples as she herself was getting even wetter from the vibrations of the strap on shaft on her clit. But the welcome back surprise was just beginning, and she leaned over Larah and whispered I wanna do you. Hearing the words, a surprised and naughty smile came from Larah’s lips.

Nikki slid down and took the strap on, rubbing her clit as she slowly inserted the bulb inside her pussy. Larah was quick to go down to lick Nikki’s clit while moving her hands along the shaft. She turned on the vibrator and the double pleasure combo of the bulb in her pussy and Larah’s soft tongue on her clit sent Nikki moaning and squealing. Nikki let her roommate tongue send pleasure and arousing sensations on her clit until she felt that she was getting wetter and hotter, and the real action was just about to begin.

Nikki took command, and motioned Larah to lie down. Nikki flexed and squeezed her pussy tight as Larah spread her legs wide. Nikki guided the shaft into Larah wet and waiting pussy, getting it slowly in and she could see Larah was enjoying taking the cock, just as each push send Nikki’s own pussy tingling with pleasure. She finally got the shaft inside Larah’s pussy, and slowly started to pump.

The two coeds started moaning in unison, Nikki so much aroused as if she was fucking Larah, and Larah from the sensation of getting a cock into her pussy unlike how they did it with the double ended vibrator before. Nikki leaned over Larah, getting into comfortable position, breast against breast and their pussies joined together. Nikki rocked her hips, feeling their pussy lips meet as both of them squeezed and flexed their vaginal walls into both ends of the strap on. Nikki gave then gave it a few more pumps, each thrust sending both ends deeper into each other’s wet vaginas, making them both hornier and very wet with pussy juices. Knowing that they were both close, Nikki pushed it deep inside Larah pussy, reached over, and pushed the vibrator function on.

The sensation rocked both bodies of the two hot coeds as erotic vibes began stimulating their pussies at the same time. Nikki rocked her hips, making increasing the sensation. Larah also started humping back against Nikki that made the shaft inside her pussy hit her g-spot, and the both held each other close as the sensations they were now sharing was more than they imagined. Nikki reached over, and pushed another function that sent even more powerful vibrations in their pussy. Nikki could hear in Larah’s moaning that her roommate was getting closer, as she was also close to her own, so she switched on to another vibration function, and another, and another, each one sending them moments closer over the edge.

Im near.. oh my goood… was all Larah could say as Nikki kept on humping and rocking the strap on inside their vaginas. Nikki knew she was also close too, and so she leaned closer to Larah, taking Larah’s open and moaning mouth in her own, and the two exchanged some naughty tongue sucking actions as they both humped and rocked together. The powerful vibrations on their locked and strapped on pussies continued to give both coeds increasing and arousing pleasure stimulations, and they stayed locked together, rocking as one, and finally both experienced orgasms right after the other.

Nikki reached down to turn off the vibrator, slumped on top of Larah who was dazed and delirious with their shared climax. Catching her breaths, Larah reached and squeezed Nikki’s ass, getting her attention and flashed a naughty smile at Nikki before speaking.

Next time I get to drive.

(Be it for solo pleasures, or for some hot girl to girl actions, these strap on strapless are prefect for some hands free naughty fun. Share the experience with your lover, with strap on strapless and other sex toys and sex essentials you can buy online here, and discover so much more naughty and satisfying orgasmic fun, all made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.)

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