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They are known by many names: ben wah balls, kegel balls, love balls, kegel weights. By whatever name it may be called, one thing that remains the same is that this simple and innocent looking sex toy is anything but that. Not only are these love balls designed to add zest and fire to your sex life, but at the same time, it can be used to improve your health.

The vagina is a muscle, and just like any muscle it needs its share of exercises. The ability of the vagina to clamp and hold a cock inside of it, most commonly known as muscle control, is one of the most unforgettable feeling a man could ever feel while inside a womanís vagina. But muscle control is not something that any one woman could do, but for those ladies who would love to surprise her man while in the act of making love, or add something new to their sex experience, ben wah balls would surely be a hit in keeping that sex life right and tight!

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Kegel balls are used by slipping one inside the vagina and by clamping the vagina walls tight, keep the ball inside as long as possible. This may sound easy at first, but it is a challenge. But by being able to hold and keep the kegel balls inside the vagina, this strengthens the vaginal walls, enabling a woman not only to exert muscle control when she wants to but makes it possible to experience multiple orgasms.

And thatís only the beginning.

In time, a woman would be comfortable with having one love ball inside of her, well, why not make it two this time? When a woman finally is able to hold two love balls inside, by controlling her muscle and making them move inside of her, she would not only be strengthening the pelvic muscle and walls of her vagina but at the same time the sensation of those love balls moving inside her can only lead to the wondrous feeling of pleasure.

STORY : Duo Eggs Ė Kegels Balled in Court

The present case Rachel was assisting with was just the usual stuff. No high profile clients or serious criminal charges, just one more day making sure the wheel of the law turned. It had been like that for the past couple of days now, long boring hours. It had also been some time since she got laid, and it was starting to get to her nerves. Thatís why she started wearing her Kegel balls to court. At the very least, it gave her something to do while waiting for the proceedings to finally get over.

Rachel was proud of how she could walk around with two love balls inside her pussy. It was a good concentration exercise, and because it was kinky! She found it arousing how she could sit there, crossed legs and all while listening to people or notice them gaze at her long legs and without any idea what her pussy walls were doing with the two ben wah balls inside of her. Itís not easy wearing kegel balls inside oneís pussy, and Rachel was proud of being able to do it as easy as breathing, not to mention it reminded her of a certain person who introduced her to the pleasure of love balls.

It was about the middle of the afternoon, and there she was, a few feet back from her bossí table, who was with the opposing defense lawyer and the judge in conference. Rachel was bored out of her mind, wishing for the day to end and for the weekend to arrive so she could go out with friends and have some drinks and fun. Oh well, at least she had her love balls, and she leaned down as if looking at her notes while busy moving her vaginal muscles.

Hey stranger. The voice was familiar. And Rachel took a few moments before looking at where the voice came from. And found a familiar face, with that familiar smile.

She and Stephen met when they were in college, and though they hanged out with different crowds, there was an attraction that blossomed to some naughty fun. They were both going with different partners, which added a thrill to it. And it just so happens that Stephen was the one who introduced her to kegels, and she just happened to be wearing and playing with not just one, but two balls today.

Rachel felt her pussy walls squish and squirm at the sight and nearness of Stephen sitting just beside her. They tried to catch up, in hush tones. Stephen explained how he just came back, passed by his uncleís office in the building and thought to take a peek at the proceedings just to kill the time when she saw someone who just looked like Rachel andÖ well, here he was. He would be around for the next few days before going back, just visit his folks and play catch up with some old friends.

But Rachel, who was facing Stephen, was not really listening. Feeling Stephen so close, the scent of him, and the memories of the naughty stuff they used to do made her play with her kegels as if on instinct . If she was bored before, now she was definitely turned on, and getting even more aroused. She must have been staring at him in a weird way that Stephen touched her hand and asked her if she was okay.

The effect was electrifying, as if she was jolted back to reality from her naughty memories. And the reality was, she was getting even more turned on, and the contact of his hands was like a spark that ignited something into a blaze inside Rachelís pussy that she felt she was getting even wetter, the knot in her throat and in her belly sending squishing motions to the kegels inside her pussy. Rachel knew that she just had to do something about it, getting this surprise was not what she had in mind, but she was not complaining. But the sensations and stimulations of being caught in this very moment was as kinky and arousing as she had felt in years, and having the kegels in her pussy only made her feel hornier that if only there were no people around, she would be on top of Stephen right there and then.

Rachel decided to go to the bathroom, to at least take off the kegels, before she could not hold herself in control and orgasm inside the courtroom, which may be kinky but definitely embarrassing. Rachel decided to excuse herself, and told Stephen she would just go out for some air and would be right back.

Stephen leaned over and whispered, his breath on his ears felt like kisses and licks, just like he used to, and he asked if he could join her.

There are kegel ball made from plastic, which is great for beginners because its porous surface helps in the ease of keeping it inside the vagina. Kegel weights vary, and heavier love balls are designed to take the vagina exercise to a different level. There are also duo tones kegel balls, ball that contain a smaller ball inside that when placed inside a womanís vagina, the movement of the inner ball sends a vibration that can only be pleasurable. Some ben wah balls have strings to facilitate the ease in putting it in or pulling it out. But for the ultimate in vaginal muscle control exercise, there are kegel balls made from metal that is a challenge to keep but definitely worth all the effort.

But these love balls are not merely for exercise, but also as a toy to fire up every love act. Start with one ben wah ball inside the vagina, and a visiting cock would find it a surprising but welcome sensation along its length. And if one is good, how about making that two kegel balls rubbing across a hard cock?! Now add a little tightening (thanks to the kegel balls themselves) and the experience can only be unforgettable.

If you are looking to shop online for kegel balls, Thatís Naughty has them for you. Getting these pleasurable love balls inside your vagina for a more pleasurable and healthier sex life has never been easy, safe, and best of all- private. Choose one from our collection, or buy one now to share with your partner so that the both of you can discover the new heights in sexual pleasures possible with these ben wah balls, only at Thatís Naughty Australia.

Rachel could only nod before she squeaked an okay.

Rachel could not believe what she was doing, but she was so horny that her mind was so focused on just getting her wet pussy and the kegel balls dealt with. She was planning on going to the bathroom, but now other naughty thoughts were in her head. She just remembered that there was an empty vacant office that she saw earlier this morning, and if that office was openÖ

It was. Looking back to make sure no one else was in the hallways, Rachel took Stephen hands and pulled him into the room.

Rachel was so horny that after locking the door she wasted no time in kissing Stephen. Stephen was also all over her. Stephen unbuttoned her blouse to revel her lace bra, and lowered it as his mouth went to suck and lick her breast. Rachel was fiddling with Stephenís belt, and Stephen helped her get it off, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. Rachel was so hot, she just had to feel his cock, and get its hardness and length inside of her. Damn him for showing up, damn him for introducing her to kegels, but fuck him yes, fuck him. She could feel Stephen sucking and biting her nipples, and Rachel made sure not to moan so that no one would hear them. She grabbed Stephenís cock, enjoying its warmth and hardness, and she just had to have him now.

Stephen positioned her to sit on the edge of the table, and raised her skirt to reveal her wet panties drenched with her pussy juices. He wasted no time taking it off and spread Rachelís legís as he positioned the head of his cock on Rachelís wet and parted her pussy lips, getting it lubed with her pussy juices. Rachel was on fire, and she was nudging her pussy closer to Stephenís cock, and Stephen obliged, giving Rachel a deep thrust as Rachel held herself close to Stephen.

The sensation was exquisite as Stephenís cock split her pussy lips and plunged its way deep into her hungry and horny vagina, and the sensation of the kegel balls as they moved around made her gasp. Stephen had a smile on his face as his cock felt the kegels and started pumping them slow and easy, just as how he used to do it. Rachel was lost in the sensations of the moment that she clung and embraced Stephen as she humped and rocked her pussy impaled on Stephenís cock. Rachel squeezed her pussy tight, which made Stephen moan and say something about tight her pussy was, and went on to fuck her deep, every sensation making both of them very much aroused.

Rachel found the time to whisper that she was near, and Stephen nodded and kept on fucking Rachelís pussy, feeling her tight pussy and the kegel balls bringing him closer to ejaculating. Stephen felt Rachelís fingers dig sharp on his back, her pussy squeezed tight that he increased the pace, pumping it deep as she felt Rachel start to shiver as her orgasm finally came for her, and Stephen unloaded his cock juice inside her pussy.

Felling her orgasm ebb, Rachel hurriedly took care of herself, wet fucked pussy, kegel balls and all as she prepped to go back to the courtroom, telling Stephen that she had to go back. She just came in time to see her boss looking at her while people were leaving. She was thinking of an excuse to make when her boss told her that they were off for the day, something about the case getting an extended recess but Rachel was not really listening.

Rachel took her leave and found Stephen waiting for her just outside the door, smiling that familiar smile.

Rachel smiled back, knowing that her weekend would not be boring, nor will it be spent with her friends.

(Big things come in small packages, and so it is when it comes to love balls, kegels and ben wah balls. These little balls of pleasure sure can be challenging, but the pleasure rewards are great! Get your pussy muscles some great pleasure exercise, and some muscle control between your pussy guaranteed to keep your lover in a good squeeze, turn your man on and on, to get every intimate moment rolling hot and wet with these twin balls of pleasure. Buy online for kegels, love balls, ben wah and other sex toys and sex essentials made available for you by Thatís Naughty Australia!)

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