Heavenly Body Sauces

Ignite the senses and set fire to sexual desire as you and your lover experience and explore the naughty artist in you with Heavenly Nights Body Sauces and Body Paints collection. Express your sensual and artistic desire on a canvass unlike any other, on each other's bodies as you both lavish each other with strokes and brushes that are guaranteed to get you both aroused and eager for more. Made from the finest ingredients like real liqueur, and available in many flavours and scents to tantalize your senses, create a masterpiece of love and intimacy like never before with Heavenly Nights Body Sauces and Body Paints you can buy online right here from Australia's best online adult store for the naughty and intimate, ThatsNaughty Australia.

Since 1998, Heavenly Nights have allowed lovers and couples to create deeper and explore more fulfilling sensual and sexual intimacies with their selection of intimate essentials for lovers and partners to be playful and creative, to explore and celebrate the beauty of the male and female bodies. Nothing sends sparks of desire than with the naughty ticklish sensations of strokes and brushes, followed by delicious flicks and licks of one's tongue, perfect for setting the mood. Made from the best ingredients, some with real liqueurs and edible for some naughty licks and tastings, and you can shop online for Heavenly Nights intimate essentials right here from ThatsNaughty Australia online adult sex toys and sex essentials superstore!

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